Crazed Radio Host Pete Santilli’s Rant About “Shooting Hillary in the Vagina” Has Done Two Things…

petesantilliRecently, my colleague Allen Clifton wrote an article in which he pleaded for moderate Republicans to take their party back. I know there’s some left, but then there’s far too many like Pete Santilli. If you’re not familiar with this guy, you can catch the back story on a number of sites, including Right Wing Watch.

In the wake of the embarrassment and anger Fox viewers found themselves dealing with after the results of the 2012 election, there was an expansion in the very profitable niche market of ultra-conservative media. No longer satisfied with the smug, self high-fiving sermons of Bill O’Reilly and the flawed predictions of Steve Doocy, the hate junkies have been looking for a new source of confirmation bias for their irrational conspiracy theories and bigotry.

In the race to pick up this small but passionately ignorant segment, right-wing radio hosts and social media personalities have resorted to shock-jock antics to stand out in the crowd.

I’ll give Mr. Santilli credit, he has done two things with the following statement (and I quote):

“I want to shoot [Clinton] right in the vagina and I don’t want her to die right away; I want her to feel the pain and I want to look her in the eyes and I want to say ‘on behalf of all Americans that you’ve killed, on behalf of the Navy SEALS,’ … the families of Navy SEAL Team Six who were involved in the fake hunt down of this Obama bin Laden thing, that whole fake scenario – because these Navy SEALS know the truth, they killed them all – on behalf of all of those people, I’m supporting our troops by saying we need to try, convict, and shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.”

First of all, he has brought attention to the horrific sentiment that a lot of the fringe element like to express in the company of trusted friends. This isn’t just the rantings of a madman on some 3 AM radio show heard only by lonely truck drivers in the middle of the desert — this is the voice of quite a few seething nutjobs who are just one missed dose away from going postal on government officials.

Second, by doing this, he’s also just set the GOP back another election cycle. Most of them won’t publicly denounce Pete Santilli or others like him because they don’t want to possibly alienate that small segment of voters. These are the rabid base, the ones who decide primaries and put people like Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann in office.

And besides, if Hillary Clinton and President Obama were indeed the malevolent assassins he claims they are, I’d imagine Pete Santilli would have been dead by now, or at least locked away somewhere worse than Guantanamo. Clearly, that’s not the case.


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  • When are progressives going to get smart about this and go after the FCC license of broadcasters who transmit this kind of physically threatening hate speech? It is illegal to threaten to kill someone. And it is a violation of the public trust for a broadcaster to use the public airwaves to threaten the safety of anyone, let alone a former Secretary of State and First Lady. Stations that broadcast this stuff must be held to account by having their FCC license to broadcast revoked come time for it to be renewed. I’ve been in broadcasting 40 years, and this will only stand if people don’t chase it down.

    • Randy…The problem is ronnie killed most of the FCC regulations that would have stopped this sort of thing, and allows stations like Fox to lie… and that is only for starters.

      • khjbcoupons

        and cnn dosnt lie.. nbc, cbs, abc..???. lies are not forbidden by the first amendment.. whats sad is that we the general public have to shift through the crap and try to find anything to hang our hats on that is not stirred by emotions, half truths, or plain deception.. and BOTH sides do it.. thats why we need a strong 3rd party.. we cant even trust one committee to fairly and honestly investigate another agency because they cant put their political passions aside… that is not the sign of a strong country… that is a sign of a country that is struggling to keep their heads above water..

      • Miguel

        We’re not talking about lying here, but about inciting to commit murder. That whole “the other side does it too” argument holds no water here.

        Sad that you can’t see that.

      • will rodgers

        isnt treason still a capital punishment?
        you lock up whistleblowers who expose murderers in the army and torture them
        brad manning is a certified hero
        but in amerika hes facing life in prison
        to expose evil and to suffer is just plain wrong
        and your country used to stand up for these principles
        now you just a bully on the world stage and hated by everyone

      • No, “Both Sides” do not do this. I’ve listened to the claims, and the few times a Democratic news outlet was accused of this, it turned out to be a simple difference of opinion, not the deliberate Swift-Boating that the GOP invented.

        You’re just a third-party promoter, preaching from your soap-box.

      • jwald1

        one side seems to do a lot more of it than the other, the few times Rachel Maddow spoke a mistruth, she was quick to correct it. Dan Rather lost his job after a long illustrious career because he did not have proof of a more than likely true story about George bush, Bill Maher was kicked off network t.v. for making an insensitive remark after 9/11, NBC,ABC,CBS are all big corporations, and their “liberal” bias does not exist, they just have not sunk to the infotainment depths of FOX (who went to court and won the right to lie), who’s only reason for being is the conservative agenda. you want liberal, there is LINK,MSNBC, and CRNT. But Miguel is right, that is not what is being talked about here.

      • will rodgers

        sanity at last in the comments
        well said

      • khjbcoupons

        EVERYTHING that you are accusing the other side of is the exact same thing that the other side is accusing the demos of.. so what are we left with .. NOTHING..

      • Irene49

        We are left with the truth…. Too many on the right are malicious, lying, hate-inciting people, including members of Congress. The left is not as rabid and I hope that they never will become so. Our President may (in his own words) look like a sap for trying to work with Republicans, but he is setting the example. This man Santilli should be booted off the radio. We don’t need more hate in this country, we need a Congress of grown-ups who work for the good of the country and not their own political party who have no bottom as far as low low they will go.

      • Serena

        The GOP has their marching orders from a group called “The Heritage Foundation”…this conservative “think tank” is behind all of this scandalous behavior, In fact, Boehner was specifically told, by the Heritage Found. to not worry @ legislation, worry @ finding & creating scandals. If you go back in recent history, this group started in the 1970’s & welled up during the Reagan Years. There is evidence that Heritage was behind Bush Sr. war strategy. The Koch Bros. are a big part of this group.

      • will rodgers

        and cnn doesnt
        god you so called learned people are stupid

    • will rodgers

      what happend to free speech ?
      you knucklehead
      while i disagree with you
      i would defend your right to have an opinion
      even if it is a stupid one
      change the pic you look like a retard

  • Dawn

    wow embarrassing

  • What we should do is take these clips, put them in every campaign ad from here to forever, and hang these bastards around the neck of every Republican running for every office everywhere.

    Let them explain to people why murdering the former SoS is OK, or why calling Navy SEALS traitors is OK (they did, after all, come back and say they shot Bin Laden — something this guy says didn’t happen). Let them explain to their voters why this stuff is OK.

    • deckbose

      The problem with that idea is that Santilli is no GOP pal. He’s called for the execution of both Bush Presidents as well. This is just another extremist ass looking to make a name for himself.

      • lindylou

        So we can still play their game, and do it better.

  • khjbcoupons

    what i find interesting.. and i consider myself a conservative … is that the garbage that you spew about the republicans is the exact same thing that the republicans spew about the demos.. its the pot calling the kettle black..when the tit for tat from both sides cancels each other positions out we are left with nothing.. what happen in the case of ronald regan is that he showed us what he had that was above the garbage that both sides spew out.. thats when you get to the good stuff… what am looking for is a person who can be open accepting and supportive from both sides and does not promote this divisiveness that is running rapid …. i am just dont think hillary is that person for the demo side..

    • mmp

      Please do show me a radio/tv clip from a lieral source that spews THIS kind of garbage!! None?? Oh what a surprise. And for the record, this site is not ‘spewing’ garbage . . just showing the general public that this kind of thing is happening. Not twisting any facts, just proving how ugly the right has become.

      • greenearthman

        You said it! The sides aren’t even close in the craziness of the rhetoric. And I’m beginning to think we should hang these guys, not just the fringe Santillis, but their “mainstream,” like Gohmert, Bachmann, Inhofe et al. around their necks like albatrosses! If they won’t speak up and let people know what they think(?), we need to expose them!

    • The FACTS are not “garbage”. This is simply reciting facts.

      Don’t confuse US with the loon saying he wants to shoot the former First Lady and former Secretary of State in the Vagina.

      I note, BTW, that you didn’t join in the wave of people reacting with disgust to his statements.

    • Irene49

      Yes, please show us the Democratic members of Congress who call GOP members Nazis and Fascists and who have colonial Kenyan world views and pal around with terrorists and don’t see America the way you do and are forming black armies who will go door to door to take your guns away and put you in concentration camps – the list goes on and on from day 1 of his administration. It is infuriating and disgusting. Please, don’t even pretend that this is an equal smear campaign. Like the Terminator, it’s what the consrvatives do, it’s all they do….. They certainly don’t govern or even try.

    • So you’re looking for someone who can be open, accepting and supportive (punctuation added for you) from both sides and you’re supporting the Republicans, the group that in the last 4 and a half years has epitomised political partisanship and an inability to compromise?

      What’s the weather like on your planet?

  • Pete Santilli is not a republiclan, as a matter of fact he voted for Obama in the 2008 election! Pete is now fully awake to your phony left right paradigm, and he is exposing everyone, from the Reagan admin, to the Obama admin!

    • greenearthman

      You are sadly mistaken if you think the left right paradigm is a lie. Sure, plenty of lawmakers on the left take the lobbyists’ money and succumb to their influences, but with few exceptions, those fighting against those influences come from the left.Senators Brown, Franken, Sanders for instance. Progressives are, by definition, leftists.

      • will rodgers

        i can prove to you paradigm of left right is false

        tell me where on this scale would you put anarchy far left ??

        no, far right ?

        wrong again,

        in the middle perhaps?


        you cant

        and yet this is a legitimate political belief

        far left is no government…anarchy

        far right is fascism socialism communism and all the other suffocating governments people endure

        and the middle is a limited government

        called a republic
        so before you give an opinion
        research !!!

    • You fell for that, huh ?

      • papabear1789

        As someone else said here, “…it’s called passionate ignorance.”

    • Irene49

      Pete Santilli is a effing nut job who does not belong on the radio inciting other nut jobs who probably have many, many guns.

      • will rodgers

        irene you simply terrible at the written word
        go play with your mobile phone obama bribed you with

    • JonesMatthew

      His evidence is lacking for his campaign. He’s a shock jock, nothing more. And he did threaten to kill our former Secretary of State, and former first lady. He’s in big trouble, and deservedly so. And nothing that he is claiming as evidence, is remotely true.

      • will rodgers

        hahahhaa thanks i needed a good laugh

    • Bob

      Well then, it’s simple.

      We need to kill Pete Santilli.

      He doesn’t have near the protection that our leaders do so let’s just murder him.

      Done, problem solved. We can play this game, too…and we can do it MUCH easier.

      • will rodgers

        gee bob i thought my father fought in a war to stop people like you
        guess when gods on your side its all hunky dory
        f ing retard!

    • will rodgers

      well said people are waking up all over this planet



  • Lies may not be forbidden by the first amendment, but they are grounds for suit. “Two torts that involve the communication of false information about a person, a group, or an entity such as a corporation. Libel is any Defamation that can be seen, such as a writing, printing, effigy, movie, or statue. Slander is any defamation that is spoken and heard.”

    • JonesMatthew

      Yeah, Santilli is bold face lying. And his evidence is just more rhetoric.

  • Actually- will allow you to file a complaint exactly about this and the FCC has to take action in some form or another. If enough people complain then they do lose their license. Spread the word and the info Rush and all others like him could be off the air in days!

  • I was shocked and stunned (not awed) when I first heard about this comment. there is so much hate coursing through our great nation, and it is worsening. At what point does such incendiary rhetoric result in some wing nut actually acting out on it? If or when that should happen, the talk show host who inspired it should be brought up on equal criminal charges. Frankly, if such harsh, hateful and heinous language had been used toward GW Bush, Cheney, Rice or Rumsfeld you can bet your sweet patooty that person would have been brought under very severe scrutiny; possibly even interviewed by the Secret Service or the FBI. We have witnessed the rise of the ugly in this great nation and it is not getting any better or milder.

    • papabear1789

      Take heart…It will all change once the angry old white guys get that uppity-ass black guy out of the white house.

  • Janet

    I have tried to contact the FCC re this jerk but couldn’t find anyway to contact them regarding him. Any ideas about how to complain effectively about this?

  • This man is the best I have ever seen for speaking truth. How’s the “change” going in your economy???

    • Great! The Dow just set another record, the deficit is lower than it has been since Ronald Reagan took office, and unemployment is declining for the tenth straight quarter! Do you even look at the numbers, or do you just believe the bull that they tell you on FOX?

    • JonesMatthew

      Just log on to CNN money for that answer. Pay attention Dum-Dum.

    • Housing Market is up, Stock Market is running hot enough to justify putting a tax on transactions to slow it down a bit, Job Growth is up; it’s good to be back !

  • Did it ever occur to you who are quick to dismiss an alternative view as a “conspiracy theory” (which has become an overused phrase that many are onto) that a number of conspiracies have been proven TRUE throughout history? Obviously, you carry water for those who are protected by calling awakened Americans “nuts, crazed, and conspiracy theorists.”

    • JonesMatthew

      Do you think for a second that if there was a breath of truth to the crap Alex Jones and Santilli are saying that the GOP wouldn’t jump on it? They are nut jobs, trying to get ratings. Nothing more.

      • The scary bit is that they *do* jump on it. Don’t you remember Rand Paul asking about Arms to Turkey in Hillary’s Benghazi hearing, and Hillary’s reaction?

        That Rand Paul got elected says more about Kentucky than it does about his ability, obviously, but there are some real crazies in the Congress. (Bachmann’s obviously another).

      • will rodgers

        i am sure you never listened to him and are forming an opinion based solely on this article written by a retard
        go and live blissfully in ignorance while the reputation of america is destroyed around the world

    • will rodgers

      well said brandon
      its obvious only two bit crims hatch conspiracies never those in power

  • Gold Light

    This is like making ghee–clarified butter. As you raise the temperature the crud and impurities begin to rise to the surface and can be skimmed off until you are left with a clean, pure product. These freaks like Santilli, are the scum that is rising to be skimmed off bit by bit. They just can’t help themselves because they can’t be a part of the rising consciousness. It’s simple quantum physics–as coherence increases, that which is incoherent or chaotic cannot exist in that field of coherence. So all these crazy people are being pushed to the surface more and more until they simply do themselves in. If it weren’t so sad, it would almost be fun to watch. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Santilli and others like you. Before long, no one will listen to you, much less even know that you exist.

  • will rodgers

    your a joke pal seriously you are a pathetic journalist
    i studied journalism and i can tell you finding the truth and publishing it is what matters here and santilli is right she has committed treason
    who cares about vagina i thought you were a progressive liberal.
    you are so predictable
    attack the messenger and ignore the message
    btw i dont own guns
    i am an athiest
    and i love animals
    pigeon hole that
    only the most ignorant people believe in main stream news
    as someone who was in a debating team at uni you tactics are transparent
    and laughable
    you wouldnt last 5 mins in a real debate
    i suggest you get a new career
    your woeful

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    FCC is for airways, his show is on the internet, best you can do is slander, and assault ,and inciting sedition or treason or violence in civil court.

  • CCleverly

    Just vote!