Police Watch Dog Group Busted Trying to Slander Officer with Blatantly Edited Video

sherman-floridaA recent video has gone viral pushed by a supposed watch dog group calling themselves Florida Cop Watch.  Their Facebook page champions them as a group out for “peace, justice and accountability.”

In this 31 second video it allegedly shows a man being unlawfully arrested and tasered by two Florida police officers.

And I’ll admit, if this was the only video you saw, it’s quite alarming.

Except that’s not at all what happened.  What this group did was blatantly edit a video to push a false story about what actually occurred.

The full dash cam video shows the officer making a routine traffic stop for an individual who was allegedly speeding.  Around the time when the officer was wrapping up the routine stop, another vehicle pulls up behind the officer.

Without hesitation the officer tells the vehicle to move on.  Well, as it turns out, this individual in the other vehicle, Roy Sherman, happened to be the father of the individual the officer had pulled over for speeding.

Sherman continued to ignore the officer’s request to move on, shouting at the officer that his son is autistic.

I’m not really sure what that would have to do with someone being issued a speeding ticket.  If someone is legally able to drive a vehicle, then they’re required to follow traffic laws.  Even though the driver is autistic, everything seemed routine and normal up until the father shows up.

Well, after Sherman continued to refuse to move on as had been requested, he was finally told by the officer that he was under arrest.  At that point the officer goes over to Sherman’s truck to place him into custody… when Sherman hits the gas pedal. 

It’s at that point the officer calls for back up and spends around four minutes trying to get Sherman to get out of his truck so that he can be taken into custody.  During the exchange this individual begins cussing at the officer, going as far as telling the officer “motherfu**er shoot me.”

During most of the exchange Sherman was completely belligerent, at one point even calling the officer, “You fu**ing fat idiot.”

After the back and forth and the officer’s attempt to get Sherman out of the truck, it was at that point that the officers eventually used a taser to subdue Sherman so that he could finally be taken into custody.

Throughout this entire exchange, in my opinion, the officer maintained a strong level of professionalism.  The only “stunning” part was when they were finally forced to taser a continually belligerent Sherman.

Which is basically what the edited version of the video showed.  The initial part where the officer told Sherman that he was under arrest, the officer trying to remove Sherman from his vehicle and then it ends with Sherman being tasered and arrested by two shouting police officers.

With the bulk of the 4-5 minute exchange being clearly edited out of the video posted by this group.

Apparently some people did call them out for their outrageous editing of this video, prompting them to post this message:

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.02.23 PM

Essentially they doubled down on their blatant fabrication of this story.  Not only that, but they claim that they were on the phone with this man all week, suggesting that they have a first hand account of what really happened.  The problem with their story is the dash cam video clearly portrays an entirely different situation altogether.

This is appalling and embarrassing behavior.  A group which portrays itself as one that’s standing up for justice, caught in an obvious attempt trying to slander a police officer and incite more hostility toward law enforcement officials.

I’m not sure how anyone could trust anything this group posts again.  It’s one thing to make a mistake concerning a story.  It happens to everyone from time to time.  But it’s quite a different thing to edit videos, then double down on a lie after being called out on it.

Not only that, this outright lie they were trying to perpetuate could have put this officer’s career at risk.  Going by the unedited video, this seems to be a good cop – at least he was in this situation.  He seemed fair, respectful and he behaved exactly how a police officer should in a tense situation such as this.

This is what’s dangerous about the new world of information in which we live.  It’s far too easy for unscrupulous groups like this to unethically manipulate or fabricate stories to push their own agenda.

Which is exactly what this Florida Cop Watch group did.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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