Poll: Many Americans Believe President Obama is No Different Than a Killer Whale

presobama-whaleRecently, the Sheridan Heritage Endowed Endeavors Publication polled Americans on a few questions related to President Obama.  And as it turns out, about 20% of the respondents polled believe President Obama is no different than an orca—more popularly known as a killer whale.

How is it that such a large percentage of Americans believe President Obama is no different than a killer whale?  Well, many cited the fact that they are both mammals.

It’s true. Both President Obama and killer whales require oxygen to survive and are warm blooded.

Another popular answer from those polled is that they both enjoy the ocean.

Another fact.  Obama, on his vacations, has frequently been seen in the ocean—the same habitat as most killer whales.

A third reason why many of these respondents feel both mammals are exactly the same is due to the fact they both eat fish.  Well, you can’t dispute that.  Fish has been served to President Obama at many of the functions he’s publicly attended.

But the most popular response by many was probably the most obvious.  Both President Obama and the killer whale have an outward black and white appearance.

Staggering!  Until I found this poll I never realized just how many similarities there are between President Obama and killer whales.  It’s no wonder why many Americans fail to see any differences between the two or believe that they’re exactly the same.

But of course, there was never any poll done by the Sheridan Heritage Endowed Endeavors Publication where Americans claimed that they believe there’s absolutely no difference between President Obama and a killer whale—because it doesn’t exist.  Nor was there any poll done where 20% of the people that responded believed President Obama and killer whales were exactly the same.

I made it all up.

Why you ask?

Well, because I’ve grown tired of the shallow argument that’s been made by many that President Obama is no different than former President George W. Bush simply because he supports some of the same policies.

Just because two things are similar on some levels does not make them the same.  If that’s the case then a cow and a wolf are no different because they’re both mammals covered in hair and apples and oranges are the same because they’re fruits that grow on trees.

Yes, there are some policies President Obama supports that are the same as his predecessor.  Yes, he’s continued the Patriot Act, and he’s sustained (though he’s winding the wars down responsibly) our military presence in Afghanistan.  And yes, he supports some of the same NSA surveillance programs Bush passed while he was President.

Hell, there are even some economic policies he supports.  For example, I hate to break it to these people, but the tax cuts he kept for 99% of Americans are still the “Bush tax cuts.”

But President Bush didn’t:

  • Improve our economy—8 years of his policies crashed it
  • Find, and order the killing of, Osama bin Ladin
  • Save the American auto industry
  • Reform student loans
  • Pass landmark health care legislation which gave Americans with pre-existing conditions coverage (some for the very first time)
  • Reform credit cards
  • Pass Wall Street reform
  • Bring our country out of one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression
  • Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • Publicly endorse marriage equality for same-sex couples
  • Expand stem cell research
  • Pass the Lilly Ledbetter Act
  • Pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act
  • Do more to push this country toward green energy alternatives than any President in history
  • Preside over the largest reduction in year-to-year deficits since World War II
  • Create nearly 7 million private sector jobs in his first 5 years in office

Just to list a few of Obama’s bigger accomplishments.  There are many more.

So when these people rant on and on about how President Obama and President Bush are exactly the same, I just shake my head at their narrow approach to policies and what Obama has actually done.

These are often the same people who believed in 2008 Obama would be elected president, wave his “magical liberal wand”, and make the United States into some left-wing liberal paradise.  These are also the same people who seem to lack the understanding that no matter what he promised during his first campaign (which these promises were made by a man who had no idea what it was like to be the president yet) he still had to deal with Republicans in Congress to get a lot of what he wanted done.

And, of course, they’ve blocked much of what he wanted to accomplish—unless he gave in to some of their demands.

So while it makes for a great talking point for some of these people to stand up and shout, “President Obama and President Bush are exactly the same!  There’s no difference!” (while sharing these images around the internet of a photo that shows a blend of both Obama and Bush together to look like one man), these people only prove with these kinds of comments that they obviously don’t know much beyond a small section of issues that they’ve decided to obsess over.  Showing just how narrow-minded their political views are.

Because while both men might be similar on some level, and share a handful of similar policies, anyone who thinks they’re exactly the same is simply putting their ignorance on full display.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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