Poll: Many Americans Believe President Obama is No Different Than a Killer Whale

presobama-whaleRecently, the Sheridan Heritage Endowed Endeavors Publication polled Americans on a few questions related to President Obama.  And as it turns out, about 20% of the respondents polled believe President Obama is no different than an orca—more popularly known as a killer whale.

How is it that such a large percentage of Americans believe President Obama is no different than a killer whale?  Well, many cited the fact that they are both mammals.

It’s true. Both President Obama and killer whales require oxygen to survive and are warm blooded.

Another popular answer from those polled is that they both enjoy the ocean.

Another fact.  Obama, on his vacations, has frequently been seen in the ocean—the same habitat as most killer whales.

A third reason why many of these respondents feel both mammals are exactly the same is due to the fact they both eat fish.  Well, you can’t dispute that.  Fish has been served to President Obama at many of the functions he’s publicly attended.

But the most popular response by many was probably the most obvious.  Both President Obama and the killer whale have an outward black and white appearance.

Staggering!  Until I found this poll I never realized just how many similarities there are between President Obama and killer whales.  It’s no wonder why many Americans fail to see any differences between the two or believe that they’re exactly the same.

But of course, there was never any poll done by the Sheridan Heritage Endowed Endeavors Publication where Americans claimed that they believe there’s absolutely no difference between President Obama and a killer whale—because it doesn’t exist.  Nor was there any poll done where 20% of the people that responded believed President Obama and killer whales were exactly the same.

I made it all up.

Why you ask?

Well, because I’ve grown tired of the shallow argument that’s been made by many that President Obama is no different than former President George W. Bush simply because he supports some of the same policies.

Just because two things are similar on some levels does not make them the same.  If that’s the case then a cow and a wolf are no different because they’re both mammals covered in hair and apples and oranges are the same because they’re fruits that grow on trees.

Yes, there are some policies President Obama supports that are the same as his predecessor.  Yes, he’s continued the Patriot Act, and he’s sustained (though he’s winding the wars down responsibly) our military presence in Afghanistan.  And yes, he supports some of the same NSA surveillance programs Bush passed while he was President.

Hell, there are even some economic policies he supports.  For example, I hate to break it to these people, but the tax cuts he kept for 99% of Americans are still the “Bush tax cuts.”

But President Bush didn’t:

  • Improve our economy—8 years of his policies crashed it
  • Find, and order the killing of, Osama bin Ladin
  • Save the American auto industry
  • Reform student loans
  • Pass landmark health care legislation which gave Americans with pre-existing conditions coverage (some for the very first time)
  • Reform credit cards
  • Pass Wall Street reform
  • Bring our country out of one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression
  • Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • Publicly endorse marriage equality for same-sex couples
  • Expand stem cell research
  • Pass the Lilly Ledbetter Act
  • Pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act
  • Do more to push this country toward green energy alternatives than any President in history
  • Preside over the largest reduction in year-to-year deficits since World War II
  • Create nearly 7 million private sector jobs in his first 5 years in office

Just to list a few of Obama’s bigger accomplishments.  There are many more.

So when these people rant on and on about how President Obama and President Bush are exactly the same, I just shake my head at their narrow approach to policies and what Obama has actually done.

These are often the same people who believed in 2008 Obama would be elected president, wave his “magical liberal wand”, and make the United States into some left-wing liberal paradise.  These are also the same people who seem to lack the understanding that no matter what he promised during his first campaign (which these promises were made by a man who had no idea what it was like to be the president yet) he still had to deal with Republicans in Congress to get a lot of what he wanted done.

And, of course, they’ve blocked much of what he wanted to accomplish—unless he gave in to some of their demands.

So while it makes for a great talking point for some of these people to stand up and shout, “President Obama and President Bush are exactly the same!  There’s no difference!” (while sharing these images around the internet of a photo that shows a blend of both Obama and Bush together to look like one man), these people only prove with these kinds of comments that they obviously don’t know much beyond a small section of issues that they’ve decided to obsess over.  Showing just how narrow-minded their political views are.

Because while both men might be similar on some level, and share a handful of similar policies, anyone who thinks they’re exactly the same is simply putting their ignorance on full display.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Taylor J

    While I agree with the meat of this message, I don’t think we should keep from criticizing Obama. If progressives don’t criticize him, then it’s just left to the crazies on the right. Massive use of predator drones overseas and now over our country, along with the passing of NDAA both show that Obama has strayed away from the progressive camp. I’m a big fan of his, and while we should continue to push and advocate for each of his successes and positive work, let’s keep hoping his stance improves on some of these very important issues.

    • Joe Vanmeter

      The president and NSA do not use predator drones over the U.S. There is a difference between surveillance drones and predator drones. There is also very little difference between the drones they use vs, the old spy satellites they have been using since the 70’s

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        “The president and NSA do not use predator drones over the U.S…”

        …yet. Wait until the next Republican president.

    • Perry Constantine

      Well said, Taylor. And you’ve perfectly summarized why as of this article, once I see Allen Clifton’s name in a byline, I will stop reading.

      • Bendwat

        Nice of you to keep an open mind Perry.

      • Perry Constantine

        Tell that to Clifton. Dismissing any criticism of Obama out of hand because of some good things he’s done is exactly what we criticized the right for doing during Bush’s tenure. And it’s also far from keeping an open mind.

    • Dontae

      Joe’s right. Predator drones and surveillance drones are not the same. Predator drones are used by the United States Military only and is used only in combat and in conflicts. Surveillance drones are used in the United States, deployed by the government. They are not armed, they just only have a camera, and some of them have the plane like feature while others have the helicopter like feature.


  • Cemetery Girl

    I do not agree with everything that has been done, but that does not leave me comparing him to W. I knew there would be some disappointments because that happens with politicians. You aren’t going to find one that you agree spot on with all their views, and even if you do realistically we have only had one (yes, a single one) President that has fulfilled every single campaign promise. The expectation is for them to fall short. With Obama I did not expect the massive political games that has practically shut down the productivity of our government, but who would imagine elected officials would refuse to work with others? Although I do not fault the President for this. The Capitol needs to be power washed though.

    • Linda Smith

      Expect this: He is a smart, intelligent, loving, caring family Black man.
      The Capitol did not expect this. They were and still are waiting for a scandal to happen. They met on the day of his Inauguration in a (secret place) to make this happen. It has not. It will not.
      I do expect war criminals to stand accountable for their evil crimes by entering us into a war we never should have entered into only to get richer. Unlike you, I did imagine elected officials would refuse to work with him because he is a Black man. I never imagined how graceful and courageous President Barack Obama has remained. He is focused and loyal not only to his family, but to this country. The Capitol sure was not expecting this. He did not come to play their games and attend their phony cocktail parties. He keeps moving forward with or without them.
      The Capitol needs to stop taking so many days off for recess and earn their pay. If not, send them packing in 2014.

  • Marvin P James

    some things are just nuts and you are laying it on us now. slow news day? no one has a tooth ache? roids? nose boogers? get real. the human mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • L. Marie

    What is this, the onion?

  • Alec Stevens

    most of the stuff obama passed was a fig leaf to keep the masses happy while he continued bush’s 3rd and now 4th term. YOU SUCK AS A JOURNALIST.

  • Kevin Carroll

    8 years of Bush policies crashed the economy? You’re delusional, the root cause of the economic crash was the dems meddling in the mortgage market. Why not cite those policies of Bush’s that crashed the economy?

    • Sean Jones

      So when the current congress does nothing, its Obamas fault. But something done by the last congress is not Bushs fault. Makes perfect sense………….

      • Kevin Carroll

        Can’t come up with anything? What did the “Bush congress” do? Allen Clifton can’t come up with anything, why don’t you give it a try?

      • Garrick Mitchell Hendricks

        Two unpaid for wars, didnt help anyone after the housing bubble popped, the tax cuts which greatly decreased the tax pool and still do needed to run the government, weakening of wall street oversight, shall i continue?

      • Kevin Carroll

        BS, tax revenues went up after the Bush tax cuts. Weakening of Wall St oversight? Clinton passed deregulation not Bush. And the housing bubble was created by the glut of sub prime mortgages created by the dems manipulation of the mortgage industry. Yes continue, try to be factual next time.

      • Kevin Carroll

        Oh and BTW Sean, to show how dishonest Clifton is he also says Bush didn’t save the auto industry but any honest person will acknowledge that the auto bailout began under Bush, Obama just continued it. Fact. I’m still waiting for those Bush policies that crashed the economy.

      • I Once Was Andrew

        You’re still waiting for those Bush policies that crashed the economy?

        Let’s take a little trip through time.

        1993: Bill Clinton is inaugurated. The U.S. runs a $255.1 billion deficit in ’93 on the heels of the failed financial policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, who raised the deficit to new all-time highs in just four years.

        2001: Clinton leaves office, leaving behind a $127.3 billion surplus for 2011. George Bush is inaugurated. This was the last time America ran a surplus.

        2003: Just two years into Bush Jr.’s term, thanks to the Iraq war and an enormous tax cut, the surplus has been turned into a new all-time-high deficit, $377.6 billion.

        2008: Bush’s last full year in office, with the recession in full swing, sees another deficit to rule them all, $459 billion. Bailouts begin.

        2009: Obama is inaugurated, and is greeted by a $1.4 trillion deficit.

        Just… to be clear:

        The Iraq War’s direct cost has been $1.7 billion. (That’s not even counting the benefits owed the veterans — just money spent on it to this point. When you factor in the rest, with interest, it looks more like $6 billion. But hey, we’ll stick with the small number for now, just because it’s still so… illustrative.)

        The Bush tax cuts cost the government about $900 billion in revenue from 2001-2009, most of that coming from the top 1%.

        That’s $2.6 trillion. The Bush administration’s total deficit (counting 2009) was $3.5 trillion.

        So. Even with a worldwide economic downturn (which, of course, was largely caused by careless American economic policies under both Clinton and Bush), simply by not going to war for nothing and not cutting taxes for the wealthy, Bush could have run just a $900 billion total deficit spread manageably over eight years.

    • Alec Stevens

      8 years of bush nearly destroyed this country and obama kept up 90% of the same fucking shit he did

      • lockewasright

        Middle class stimulus, ending the war in Iraq and winding down operations in Afghanistan, raising minimum wage, equal pay for women, increased top marginal tax rate, payroll tax holiday, extended unemployment, increased SNAP budget… Yup, JUST like Bush.

        You are completely clueless because you’re enraged that the president didn’t deliver a glitter farting unicorn to your back yard on Jan. 21st, 2009. Grow up.

  • Howard Matthews

    Hi Mr. Clifton…you probably don’t realize that most people with political opinions listen to their favorite politicians. Since the vast majority of politicians are narrow minded and ignorant, they can only convey narrow mindedness. That’s why their simple minded followers have narrow minded views…baaa baaa baaa 😉

  • Ron

    Hmmm…I see my post is not showing. What’s up with that?

  • Alec Stevens

    wall st. “reform” student loan “reform” medical “reform”
    These are CONSERVATIVE ideas! My gawd you are insanely stupid and/or brainwashed by the obama kool aid.

    “Progressives/Liberals/Democrats that blindly followed Obama will realize in a couple years that they got NOTHING Progressive from Obama, it was all conservative ideas he got passed.”
    –Cenk Uygur, earlier this year

    • Kevin Carroll

      Remember when Bush and the repubs were screaming for Fannie and Freddie reform and the dems said no? Things might have been a whole lot better had they listened.

  • Linda Smith

    WTF is a Progressive? Progressive what? Why do you feel the need to critique anything and anybody instead of running for office yourselves? Better yet, why don’t you offer solutions and work with this magnificent human being, President Barack Obama. It is so difficult for some to even say that out loud. It really pains them.
    There is no one on God’s green earth that GWB can be compared to……no one. He was and still is an embarrassment.
    Is it in your DNA to critique because you feel you are privileged, entitled? Are you under cover Republicans? Hippies who cleaned themselves up and realized they are the establishment after all? If your soul purpose is to find fault, what was it that you liked about President Barack Obama at first? Did he disappoint you because he did not do what you liked? Or you could not and would not like what believed because you had that right?
    WTF is a Progressive?

  • kaydenpat

    Great article!! You should link it at Daily Kos.

  • I Once Was Andrew

    As someone who voted for him twice, let’s not pretend that Obama is a great president. Anyone would look good next to Bush, Romney and latter-day John McCain. Like those before him, Obama is a corporate-approved president. The corporations in this country have been making out like thieves under Obama, almost more than they ever have. Meanwhile, the drug war continues, domestic spying is out of control, we’re jailing whistleblowers, Guantanamo is still open, Obamacare falls well short of the promise of a single-payer system… all in all, I’m still waiting for my liberal president.