Pope Francis Responds to Rush Limbaugh and Ultraconservatives Saying He’s a Marxist

pope-francis-limbaugh-marxistPerhaps you’ve heard about Rush Limbaugh basically calling Pope Francis a Marxist for daring to point out the massive and glaring flaws in the conservative economic ideology known as trickle-down economics.

A laughable accusation considering what Pope Francis said is exactly what reality has shown us.  But the conservative reaction to his remarks shouldn’t really be all that surprising.  It just goes to show that when their cult is threatened, they have no problem attacking anyone — even the Pope.

Well, Pope Francis actually responded to these attacks levied by several conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh.  Though not mentioning any particular individual by name, while speaking with Vatican Insider La Stampa, Pope Francis was asked about those who’ve accused him of being a Marxist:

Some of the passages in the “Evangelii Gaudium” attracted the criticism of ultraconservatives in the USA. As a Pope, what does it feel like to be called a “Marxist”?

“The Marxist ideology is wrong. But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended.”

The most striking part of the Exhortation was where it refers to an economy that “kills”…

“There is nothing in the Exhortation that cannot be found in the social Doctrine of the Church. I wasn’t speaking from a technical point of view, what I was trying to do was to give a picture of what is going on. The only specific quote I used was the one regarding the “trickle-down theories” which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and social inclusiveness in the world. The promise was that when the glass was full, it would overflow, benefitting the poor. But what happens instead, is that when the glass is full, it magically gets bigger – nothing ever comes out for the poor. This was the only reference to a specific theory. I was not, I repeat, speaking from a technical point of view but according to the Church’s social doctrine. This does not mean being a Marxist.”

To me, the most important part of this comment is where he points out the fatal flaw in the theory behind trickle-down economics.  Once the “glass is full,” wealth is supposed to start trickling from it and benefitting the poor.  Except that’s not what has happened — as he points out, the glass just keeps “magically” getting bigger and nothing ever overflows.

And if you think about it, that’s what the Bible warns us about.

Greed is perpetual — it’s never ending.  The more you feed it, the more it wants.  The “cup” will never overflow, because the more the richest among us get, the more they’re going to want — without fail.

And that’s exactly what’s happened.  Just think about taxes for a moment.  If trickle-down economics worked, we wouldn’t be talking about tax hikes for the rich — ever.  There wouldn’t be any need.  The rich in this country (and around the world for that matter) aren’t struggling. In fact, they’re doing better than ever.  If the success for 98% of people matched that for the top 2%, most of us would be doing much better off.

Which is basically all Pope Francis said with his comments.

But, when all is said and done, the Pope did the one thing that you’re not allowed to do in the mind of conservatives — he dared to doubt their propaganda.  Which, to them, basically makes him the enemy.

I can’t wait to see the right-wing response to these latest comments, as I’m sure they’ll continue to dig themselves into a hole that they’ll eventually never be able to get out of.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Oooh, confusing a Republican with what’s actually in the bible or the word of Christ might not be such a good idea. They have spent decades, after all, convincing themselves that the bible (and Christ) say what they want to hear.

    • David A. Carlson

      Not all republicans. In fact, most republicans I know follow the word of the Bible instead of trying to twist it to mean what they want it to mean. It’s funny how you say this when most liberals democrats I have heard try to use the Bible for their own agenda are the ones twisting the words to mean what they want them to mean. It’s also funny how many liberals I have talked to who don’t believe in God or the Bible or Jesus will sit there and tell Christian republicans how they (republicans/Christians) misunderstand the Bible or try to use passages out of context to twist the Bible into lies.

      • Rita M Nicholson

        David, having grown up Catholic, attending a Catholic University, I have witnessed many so called Republican Christians wielding their Bible for their own monetary agenda. One example out of many is “for profit” Christian churches and Universities as well as T.V. evangelicals (who incidentally lead a pretty good life while jetting around the world) to witness the phenomena. You are ignoring the fact that most Corporations own “Christian Republicans” and have done so through the manipulation of the Bible.

      • David A. Carlson

        Maybe, but I feel that they do not represent those Christians who only wish to follow the word of God. And, like I said, I have had atheist liberals try to use the Bible against me by taking parts of the Bible out of context and twisting it to their own meaning, just as some republican, so called, “Christians” do. Maybe it is time for everyone to stop twisting their own and others religions to push their own agenda. If you have an agenda, use your own philosophy, even if your philosophy is based on your religious beliefs. Do not try to twist the truth to make your own lies seem valid.

      • Christopher Rioux

        You don’t have to take parts of the bible out of context or twist them in order to demonstrate how asinine it is to live your life according to a Stone Age text full of magical explanations that, while certainly suitable for the time in which it was written, have been demonstrated to have much more reasonable explanations that don’t involve magic now that our intellect and knowledge base have expanded (well, some of us) beyond that of a 3000 BC goat-herder…

      • $85804262

        Pretty sure it’s NOT atheists twisting passages of the Bible around, dude. That is BULLSHIT. It is the conservative Christians who constantly twist the Bible around for their own gain.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        if the BIBLE is TRUTH then stop eating shrimp and kill all women NOT marrying as virgins,,,, and stop wearing certain fabrics,,,,,,, and why is RAPE NOT in the “10 commandments” but using a fake f*cking GODS name –in “vain” — is??????????????

      • anonymous

        I was raised a republican Methodist minister’s daughter and it’s true what the liberals are saying about right-wing Christians. I am now an educated liberal grandmother and don’t need to twist words.

      • Kieth Brackett

        What you need to do is research Dominion Theology and Christian Reconstructionism and then you may understand why we Liberals “attack” a particular type of “Christian Republican”. These people don’t care about the teachings of Jesus, they only care about power and wealth and control, their goal is to remake America into a Theocracy worse than what we saw Iran experience in 1979. We’re not attacking Christians who are Republicans because we don’t hear from them since they’re not yelling at the top of their lungs things we know not to be true. They’re actually living their lives by the teachings of Jesus and not intentionally misinterpreting the Bible to suit any agenda.

      • momjones

        Democrats do not care about your personal beliefs. Not one piece of legislation has been inspired by a democrat to block the civil rights of any individual. Republicans on the other hand have a long history of tampering with the individual rights of every citizen. 2000 bills launched against a woman’s autonomy in less than 3 years is demonstration enough. Cutting safety nets for children, starving them through sequestration and planning to double the amount is all republican inspired. Republicans launch attacks against the weakest in society and when we remind them of what they’ve done, the bible is held up in defense.

      • MaBriggs

        You must be living in Bizzare-O-World because I bet no one here has seen these “most republicans” that you speak of?
        You did start your post with, “not all and most Republicans”.
        That clearly shows you to be in the midst and therefore most likely to be a GOP’er yourself. I wonder why Rs feel so threatened by this man of God who happens to be the head of the largest Christian church in the world? ….Maybe because real Christians tell the truth and help those less fortunate.

      • $85804262

        Um, NO. And since so many right-wingers bastardize the Bible anyway, of course an atheist would be able to point out their idiocy. Although not all liberals are atheists- we just don’t parade our religious beliefs around in public and try to govern the country based on those beliefs. We feel religion should be a private thing.

    • Wait wait wait- WAIT! I thought Christ wanted us all to buy guns and pickups … was that wrong?

  • sfwmson

    It’s difficult to separate these words of common sense from the leader of a church that has done so much harm for thousands of years. I give the man props for trying to breathe some knew life into he old ways.

    • Judith_Priest

      What he is preaching is the Oldest Way of All: what Christ actually preached before Christianity figured out a way to turn Salvation into a Cash Cow. (“Only through OUR organization can you be guaranteed eternal life!”)

      What he’s saying IS the closest approximation I’ve heard to Jesus’ own values, ever, in my entire life, from ANY preacher.

  • Rush

    The drivel coming out of this cess pool has all the journalistic integrity of the National Enquirer. If this garbage was printed on paper at least I’d have something I could wiped ass with.

    • Jonathan Hiestand

      It’s cool, just use the Weekly Standard instead, I’m sure you have plenty of copies to wipe the excess shit coming from your lips.

      • Rush

        Yea that great Johnny. When I’m done with them. I’ll give them to you so you and the trst of the chimpanzees can entertain yourselves by throwing them at each other. Your just mad the Weekly Standard is above your comprehension level. Get back to your bananas, cartoons, and moms basement.

      • Jack

        Are you really going to rag on someone’s comprehension level when you can’t even properly formulate a grammatically correct sentence?

      • Rush

        Why yes jack I am. When the author uses words like “basically”. You and the rest of the chimpanzees seem to believe that means factually. Btw, do you really think “can’t even” was a good choice of words in formulating a proper sentence?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey small dicked rush loser: im a self employed chef living in south FLA ( self employed since 1989) who averages 112K in past decade ( tax free income; cash be KING) and im very physically fit with an attitude towards crybaby white trash regressives such as U— lets meet!! I wanna have U “throw” some of your knuckles in my direction ,,,,,,, pleeeeez??? ( NOTE: Im white)

      • Rush

        Sure thing tits. I’ll head right over. Thanks for the biography. With all that cash maybe you can buy the Koch brothers out. Oh and the IRS called. They want to know why you haven’t paid your taxes in years. I thought you libs were all about paying your fair share. Hypocrite! Yet typical. Speaking of knuckles. Dont yours chaff dragging them so close to the ground? Anyway I got to run. Don’t you have some cookies to bake or something?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        I am well versed in the monetary ‘formula’ the IRS uses to calculate a persons “taxes” due. Evidently U aren’t as U are much smarter than lil’ol’ knuckle dragging meeeeeeeeeee!! I pay taxes with my CAPITAL GAINS accrued with ( A) stock/option profits,,,(B) income reported with my commercial (one) and residential( two) properties. My BUSINESS income is my PLAY money and as my HOME and THREE cars are PAID for I do NOT fear the IRS as they get a nice chunk from me with NO PAPER trail to attempt to audit me ( was audited in 1995; learned the rules of THEIR game) I do enjoy the transposition of your lucripetous jealousy here in this archetypal post from your crybaby assholiness. Im not a pastry chef. My forte is sauces and ” garde manger” IE presentation. Im not wealthy enough to play with the KOCH white trash elitists. Im just financially well off enough to have my passive residual income exceed my bills,,,,,, and my INCOME allows me to do whatever I want with my ( see: photo) 5’6 133 lb naturally large breasted American indian/ French girlfriend ( like the jaunt to the keys last weekend as we live in broward county FLORIDA),,,,hows your weather?? MMMmmmmmm,,,,,, hows your flatchested and/or overweight lady doing? I luv maggots such as you

      • Rush

        Thats quite the biography tits. Am i suppose to be impressed?… -Yawn

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        nope–we just want U to keep crying and start pouting over Hillary 2016-2024; Elizabeth warren 2024-2032

      • Christopher Rioux

        “Your” point about comprehension level is ironic when “you’re” failing to use the correct word. Toolbag.

    • Karen Mitchell

      You could wipe your ass with your bible. I know mine is printed on some nice thin paper making it a suitable substitute for TP.

      • Rush

        That’s great Karen but taking your meds should be your top priority right now.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        meds? that’s what many of your overweight a-sexual heroes take ( rush Limbaugh/ Hannity/ Huckabee ET AL)

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      which means U cannot afford anything to wipe the constant flow of yourself leaving your rectum

      • Rush

        Thanks tits. I think I covered this with Karen^^^.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        yep– and now we see how “close” U actually can come to a woman in reality. please enjoy Hillary 2016-2024 and Elizabeth warren 2024-2032

  • Andy Kinnard

    I feel confident this will be the most troll-free comment thread ever at ForwardProgressives.

  • asconn

    First, who is Rush Limbaugh to question the Pope? Secondly, similarly to Tea Party assertions that the U.S. Supreme Court is not the “ultimate” authority – judicially – this sort of challenge smacks of what it is: ignorance of a more global perspective. Obviously Rush doesn’t see the big picture of the world’s less fortunate and the Tea Party (plural) can’t read. Whether the Pope’s writings are or are not to Rush’s liking isn’t important to anyone, except Rush.

    • Christopher Rioux

      While I’m no fan of Rush Limbaugh, who the hell are you to tell somebody they can’t question somebody? You know who should be entitled to question the pope? Everybody.

  • bill

    Greed is perpetual and in my opinion very sin full, and rush is full of greed

    • Karen Mitchell

      But it is selfishness that is the root of all evil…………

      • Tom Eiseman

        The darkness of fear that obscures compassion and blights out humanity, is the result of a divided house. This universe, divided into parts, is the cause of our selfishness, fear, greed, injustice, conflict and war. The cause of our divided house are our ideas, thoughts and stories that we eat, believe in. A mind without a heart is like an intellect without intelligence.

      • Judith_Priest

        Jesus said “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

        Money, in and of itself, isn’t evil.
        LOVING money is evil.

        And the GOP/TP sure loves money, and the Koch Brothers love it more than ANYTHING. They’ll blow this world apart, they’ll impoverish billions while they buy media to tell those billions that somebody ELSE is their enemy.

        And they’ll sit and smile about it.
        They don’t seem to “get” that THEY will have to live with the unholy mess they’re creating, too. Walls around the house only last so long, guys.

  • dan bogan

    I think the Pope would be offended to know that his words are being used as a weapon to try to defeat, hurt, mock, and otherwise point a judgmental finger at a group of people.

    • boganbogus

      You’re funny.

    • Keith

      Who are you? One of the Koch brothers?

    • Judith_Priest

      Sounds like the Pope would judge them, and Jesus would judge them, and like he’s actually urging us to recognize them and not fall for their schemes.

      Is this conflicting with your Tea Party Anti-Woman dreams, Bogan?

    • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

      He never mentioned our Country he was speaking about the World! He never mentioned the Tea Party! Just the trickle down theory which occurs all over the world. What small mind you must have to think that Pope just represents America! Why did the Tea Party get so angry??? Because the statement landed too close to their doorstep. The guilty always gets defensive and as always they respond with childish name calling!

      • asconn

        Dawn: I included the Tea Party specifically because when they can’t find a way around an issue, the tendency is to ignore the law and try to steamroll the law. Case in point: The Tea Party’s leadership with respect to the Supreme Court of the United States “not being the final judicial authority”. When I say the Tea Party can’t read, the above is the the source of my angst. FYI.
        The Pope represents a constituency of Roman Catholics worldwide, not just American Catholics.

  • Butch1

    Limbaugh should be careful who he calls names; that hypocrite has lied his way around this country, yet he cannot get a speaking engagement in Canada on the airwaves or he will be arrested for lying to the public. They have laws against spewing lies and disinformation over the airwaves in Canada. So, people such as Limbaugh and others of his ilk cannot have their talk shows broad-casted in this country because of their lying all the time. He is a slimeball and couldn’t hold a candle to the torch this Pope holds and he knows it.

    • Suzie

      Then we need to take a lesson from Canada and find a way to stop the continual lying here in America. We criticize other countries for spewing propaganda, and it is going on all over America’s media sources everyday. We want the truth!

      • Butch1

        Exactly, but will it happen? I doubt it as long as the media stations are owned by rich conservative moguls who own both progressive and conservative leaning stations. They allow the left to get away with only so much and then they are removed from the airways. You don’t see them leaving on the right stations no matter what they say. I think that is interesting and revealing. Our news is censured. If you want to know what is happening in the world and especially in this country you need to read it or watch it from European sources not affected by our own censures.

        We know nothing about what is happening to us in our own country. We are glued to “Dancing With the Stars”; every single sports you can think of, “Lock Up”, which will get you used to a heavy handed police state, tractor pulling contests, race car rallies and so on. Plus, you get “Entertainment News” with talking-head experts giving you their opinions on the latest happenings. All we get are the latest shootings, and the follies and Kabuki Theatre in Washington D.C. in the Congress instead of them actually working for us as Representatives and Senators. Meanwhile, we have never ending wars going on and a Pentagon with Obama at the helm looking for more to keep the War Industrial Complex well fed.

        Washington D.C. still thinks we are asleep and they can get away with this. Not anymore. They saw one Occupy Wall Street Movement. We know who runs this government and now they know it as well. They are afraid of us, hence all the spying on us and extra military like police against us. They are afraid of what we can and will do if and when we have had enough of them.

        The correct way is for all of us to ban together and quit fighting democrats v republicans. This is what these 1% people want us to continue to do. Divided we are nothing. This is actually a class war between the rich and the rest of us. All three branches of this government are full of the 1% ers. They continue to write laws protecting themselves. This is why you will never see them “Tax the rich.” Never.

        Both parties have been compromised by Wall Street in my opinion to the point that donating any money to them goes to the Fat Cats. Sorry, We need to starve these people out of office once and for all. I only wish our middle class and poor could see who has been destroying our nation and us. If we could only ban together, work together to drive them out of office and vote new people into office, perhaps new parties, we could break this corporate stranglehold on our government and us.

      • Glenna 7

        Sorry to say that we have a current sitting Prime Minister who has swallowed the Republican Kool aide. Lying, cheating, voter fraud, anti women’s rights, anti abortion, Pro Corporation, anti poor, anti sick, anti children’s rights, anti freedom and democracy. The Koch Bros are alive and well in Canada right now. 30 % of our populace still supports this aggressively regressive government. Evangelical Christians walk the hall of our Parliament buildings meeting with Members of Parliament for prayers in their offices. Kool aid is flowing through our countries Capital like tar sands runoff, polluting everything it touches.

      • Susie

        Seriously? Wow, that is not good news for Canada. I am wondering if there are problems in Canada with income inequality growing, like we have in America? Can you answer that?

      • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

        Once deregulation occurred and capitalism entered the equation, income disparities occurred all over the world not just the U.S. London, Spain, and Africa are really suffering the consequences. The best cotton in the world comes from Africa yet the pickers have to have their children work just to eat. The amount of children actually going to school is very low and of that amount only like 20% maybe even less make it to University. Republicans want to Privatize everything so that they can get their greedy paws into it. As soon as they do, only the wealthy will be able to afford it. Do some research on what I am saying. Yes, less Government is good but there has to be a limit. Example, in London an American investor purchased the railway system, the money he purchased it for went back into the market, where London never saw a penny, now London has to pay the investor money to rent the system. Money never went into the economy, in fact, its costing them. Trickle down and privatization is not the answer.

    • Stephen Brayton

      Butch1 – I suppose you’re one of the drones who also think that Criminal Obama has never lied to the American people, that only Fox news and the republicans are liars. If we had Canada’s laws most of government would be shut down because of the amount of lies told every day.

      • Butch1

        What makes you think I’m a fan of Obama? Don’t assume anything because I go after Limbaugh. Obama is a pathological liar. He happened to be an elected official. Limbaugh isn’t even in his class.

        You should also keep this debate on the subject and not make it a personal one.

      • Stephen Brayton

        Good for you Butch. And I didn’t get personal. I assumed something without proper evidence. I stand corrected.

      • Keith

        Oh now you’re all contrite because he doesn’t like our President either. Give me a break.

      • Butch1

        No worries, and thanks for the correction.

      • Glenna 7

        I’m Canadian and I can tell you the lies being told here in our Parliament would make you sick. Biggest liar is our Prime Minister, followed by his minions with their scripted ‘talking points’. The lies that cause our government to be shut down are told by our government when they want to shut it down and start over with refreshed lies. Truly sickening. Koch Bros are heavily invested in Canada and our current CONservative (Republican North) governing party. Democracy is being shovelled out the window and buried in a Tar Sands pit as we speak. We have a complete sell-out operating in our nation’s Capital.

      • Butch1

        It’s obvious that money can work its wonders into any government and the Koch brothers are determined to get their oil product into the United States by hook or by crook no matter who they have to pay off. Can we prove it? No, they donate money to candidates to run for offices and help them win elections. It’s all legal, but when you have loads of rich men like these ruining the election process with their money, the common man loses out each and every time. The 1% run our government because of this and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing is happening in Canada and we are helping it to happen.

      • Suzie

        Don’t you think that by America’s recent complete rejection of the Tea Party movement that things are changing here in America? They are laughing stock material here now. We are so “on to them and their Koch Bros. connections”. We need to run to the polls and get rid of them in the next elections. I feel that the tide is turning.

      • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

        With all of the money that is being poured into the Tea Party and their ability to mask the truth, too many believe them. Lets just hope that people really open their eyes and see that they do not represent the people just the Koch Brothers interests. It amazes me how no one has broken down their key issues and compared the benefits of the people versus the Koch Bros. I think it may open some eyes.

      • Butch1

        I would hope that is true, but they are safely tucked away in gerrymandered districts so it will be hard to get rid of them.

      • $85804262

        I DO think the tides are finally turning. Gay marriage is legal in like 16 states now, and I believe marijuana is on its way to becoming legal too. And like you said, the Tea Party movement is old news, and Romney did NOT win the election. I don’t see Repubs occupying the White House any time soon.

      • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

        It’s happening all over the world! The World Bank does not help matters any. Watch the Documentary “Lets Make Money”, Netflix has it, it is sickening what the greed is doing to the world. Which, I believe the Pope is really addressing, not just the U.S but all over.

      • Butch1

        Wall Street has controlled our three branches of government for some time now. That is what truly bothers me. Most people in our country do not know that yet.

      • The fact that most people in our country do not WANT to know that is what truly bothers me…


      • Butch1

        Exactly and when they lose most of their freedoms and start whining about it, that is when I will not want to hear about it from them.

      • At least then they’ll know who to blame…

        …Bomb Kenya!!!


      • Butch1


      • $85804262

        “Criminal Obama”…… lol, you guys never fail to amuse me.

      • Stephen Brayton

        Well, he’s certainly no president. And what else do you call a person who has committed so many crimes, violated so many laws and the Constitution which he swore to uphold? He’s a criminal who has yet to be held accountable.

      • sj D

        you are a bagger. I don’t trust baggers. If you aren’t one then you buy their ideology. sorry but I just can’t accept your ideology.

      • Stephen Brayton

        sjd – Let’s see, the ideology of common sense, smaller government, reduction of the debt, reduction of the deficit, real cuts in spending, ridding the government of fraud and corruption, lower taxes, upholding the law, less government control, more personal responsibility…you’re against that ideology? Because that’s what i believe in.

        I also find it interesting that liberals, which you are one sjd, speak of tolerance, yet when you disagree with someone, you start insulting them. Now, above, I admitted i was wrong in assuming Butch blindly followed Obama. I can admit that. I’ve never heard a liberal admit a mistake even when proved wrong. I also find it interesting that part of the liberal crowd includes the homosexuals who want to be accepted. However, you just used a term that is derogatory to homosexuals and for some reason, the liberals don’t get mad. It’s like when Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, two of the most profound racists still getting attention, speak slurs, nobody gets upset. The liberals didn’t mind when attention was brought up about Obama listening to Reverend Wright for all those years, but if the republican candidate had listened to that type of garbage, the liberals would be in an outrage.

      • $85804262

        Generalizing. Many of us DO admit mistakes, and many of us don’t like the use of derogatory terms. Alec Baldwin did NOT get a free pass from me. If you are going to generalize like that, then we get to say all Tea Partiers are all dim-witted, ignorant, racist, dumbfucks.

        And what is it with you baggers always applying the term “racist” to BLACK people! Just yesterday I was on a conservative site and Oprah was the biggest racist on the planet. Then Obama was a racist. Now Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Let me guess, Rosa Parks “ended” racism and it doesn’t exist anymore amongst whites, and whenever it’s brought up today, it’s a DIVERSION or it’s PLAYING THE RACE CARD? Good God.

      • Stephen Brayton

        I’m not sure what you’re saying here. Generalize how? I’m saying sjd and now you called me a name that is derogatory to homosexuals and I just mentioned that I haven’t heard anybody object to it. Why not? Why does that term and others seem okay to you but what Baldwin said is wrong? Racism from anybody is stupid. But it does seem as if blacks do get a pass for many of their racist comments from the media and the liberals. I don’t see a lot of objection from those two parties but they’re quick to point out the white republican racism. I don’t understand your last statement about Rosa Parks.

      • $85804262

        I did NOT call you a derogatory term, as I am homosexual myself. And no, blacks don’t get any sort of “free pass” either- racism is racism, no matter who it comes from. And Republicans recently said racism ended with Rosa Parks, which is a spectacularly stupid statement to make.

      • Stephen Brayton

        Yes, it was not the correct thing to say because obviously racism hasn’t disappeared. But I don’t see Sharpton or Jackson or Farrakhan (sp?) getting hammered by the media or the liberals for their racist comments. So, now I’m confused. What did you mean when you called me a bagger? Is it not a ridiculing reference to the Tea Party? Does it not imply something bad? Or are you calling me a homosexual?

      • $85804262

        Well, I have seen them be called racists before, although I think that’s bullshit. Funny how in conservatives eyes, it’s Oprah and Obama and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are all the racists in the world.

        I called you a TEABAGGER- that is not a derogatory term for homosexuals, it’s a derogatory term for TEA PARTIERS. Yes, it IS ridiculing them, because they are downright embarrassing- I’ve seen our local “Tea Party”, and trust me, they are the joke of the town. And no, I am not calling you a homosexual. I’m the gay one here.

      • Stephen Brayton

        Well of course they’re called racists for the racist things they say. My point is, that I see hypocrisy in the reaction. When white people make racist statements they’re lambasted into submission by the liberals and the media. When the blacks you mentioned say racist remarks, they may be called racist, but nobody else makes a big deal about it and they just go on their merry way. You don’t think Jackson’s term hymie-town for New York is racist? The others have said just as bad. I’m saying racism is stupid and there are stupid people of all races, creeds, and backgrounds.

        Too bad you think (again, I mention the list), common sense government, reduced spending, reduced bureaucracy, less government control, lower taxes, and wanting leaders with principles is embarrassing. That is a lot of the what the Tea Party is about. Yes, there may be radicals as there are in every organization, but there’s also a lot of common sense in this organization and the above aspects are what I believe in and if you want to ridicule that, fine, but you’ve lost credibility because by ridiculing it, it makes it seem as if you want the opposite.

      • $85804262

        Nobody wants the opposite. But it’s convenient how nobody had heard of the Tea Party UNTIL Obama took office- not a peep during Bush! Spending has been reduced under Obama, but you are too blinded with hate to see that. Taxes are lower- yet you fail to see that. Obama DOES have principles- tell us, which “principles” does Sarah Palin have? Or Ted Cruz? Or Rand Paul? Please. Those dolts are embarrassing to the US- the world laughs at those idiots. Paul Ryan? Donald Trump? Michelle Bachmann? Darrell Issa? These people are representing you, and we are supposed to be IMPRESSED? Yeah, approval ratings for the Tea Party are practically non-existant at this point, so good luck with that.

      • Stephen Brayton

        Spending is lower is why he’s amassed more debt than all previous presidents combined. Have you done research into the Tea Party? I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that when they saw Obama and what he stood for decided enough was enough. But who cares when they started? Principles for Obama? Let’s see, advocating a second doctor come in and finish a botched abortion when the baby is actually born (uh, by doing that is murder, by the way), bowing to world leaders, apologizing for America, learning under racist Wright, numerous violations of federal and constitutional law, hiring tax cheats to be in his cabinet, his own staff not paying taxes, allowing the IRS to target people based on politics, hires an attorney general who has proven to be a criminal, has a veep who can’t stop insulting people…shall I go on? And you should be loving Ryan. He and Boehner and other traitorous rinos voted to increase spending for the next two years. They went right along with the liberals on this because they have no guts. Shall we compare principles of Hillary and the crimes she’s committed? Wrangel and his shenanigans, I’ll bet you were a Rostenkowski fan back in the day. Reid is a liberal’s liberal and certainly no leader.
        Look, we have a bunch of self serving @$$e$ on both sides and that’s my point. We need to demand accountability from our politicians and be willing to admit that so and so is a crook. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen liberals do that to their own. Congress’ approval rating is in the toilet and Obama’s ain’t pretty either. so jump off your high horse about individuals who may or may not have principles and look at reality, which is government sucks and it’s time for a major change in politics. going down the same path with the same liberals and the same wishy-washy republicans-who-are-really-liberals isn’t going to solve anything.

      • $85804262

        Um, the debt is reducing. Taxes are the lowest they have been in 50 years. Get a clue.

      • $85804262

        Oh PLEASE. Of course he’s a president who has accomplished much in the past few years.

  • Stephen Barlow

    He also forgot to mention that the Rich keep DRINKING OUT OF THE ENDLESS FOUNTAIN OF PUBLIC WEALTH, which keeps the glass just less than full most of the time.

  • MLR

    I don’t think the Pope should have to defend himself from these disgusting people. It makes me sick to my stomach that they will attack even the Pope! They are hypocrites who cherry-pick from the Bible and the Constitution only what suits their ideology and apparently they will attack anything and anybody that doesn’t nicely fit into their narrow ideology. To attack someone who has devoted his life to God and who lives his life pretty close to the teachings of Jesus, well that’s just downright despicable!

    • Christopher Rioux

      Hypocrites who cherry-pick from the bible… …only what suits their ideology? Oh… you mean… “Christians”?

  • Stephen Brayton

    How did the Catholic church get built? The Catholic church thrives on capitalism. If the church wants to enter the political fray as it has for centuries, then make them pay their damn entrance fee with taxes. You liberals bash the rich? Look at the gobs of money the church has and I still see inner city Catholic churches struggling, still see the poor. You guys are perpetuating your own arguments that the glass gets bigger but the Catholic church keeps raking in the money. Let’s see the church set an example and start distributing that wealth a little more freely. And if you people think socialism and marxism are so great, feel free to live in those types of countries and stop trying to turn America into one of those disasters.

    • 65snake

      Well, the pope did shut down that one guy and turned his mansion into a soup kitchen….
      Sounds like you think the church has too much money and should spread it around, but the ultra-wealthy who destroyed our economy are a-ok? No one is “bashing the rich”, but aware people ARE bashing those who base their entire lives on nothing but accumulating more and more, with no end in sight, at the expense of everyone and everything else.
      Oh, and maybe you could visit a “socialist” public library, after driving there on a “socialist” public road and look up the meaning of the words socialist and marxist before you start casually flinging them around.

      • Stephen Brayton

        No 65, I just find it hypocritical of people who want to go after the wealthy and find something about the wealth wrong don’t realize the Catholic church has accumulated vast amounts of wealth, some of it through ill gain throughout the centuries but because it’s a religion, somehow, that’s off limits. And as for those ultra rich who you think destroyed the economy, you know, there are some people who are bad, but don’t classify all the wealthy in that category. Punish those who do wrong, but class warfare is playing right from the liberal handbook while they cheat and lie themselves. There’s nothing wrong with wealth. help those who are in need, but don’t automatically tax and harp on the rich just because they are.

      • Suzie

        In case you haven’t heard the income gap in this country keeps on growing. Countries where you have the rich, and nothing in the middle, and then the poor, have the most serious cases of poverty, crime, war, etc. Do you want America to become one of those countries? Those who have grown their wealth by the people who work for them should be giving more back to make others in this country also do well, instead of hoarding it, which many of them do. Greed is a perpetual thing. I see it in the wealthy people that I know, and who I myself have worked for. Of course, some of them are generous, and want to share their wealth, but many, many more of them don’t. Example: Bill Gates shares his wealth, the Koch Brothers, not so much. You need to look at the facts, and the facts prove that this country thrives when the middle class has thrived, and that is not the case for the middle class now, and look where all the money in this country is……..at the top, with the very wealthy.

      • nerv33

        Suzie, would it surpise you that the Koch Brother’s have given more than $600 million in pledged or donated money to arts, education, and medical research, including (but not limited to):

        New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell: $15 million

        M.D. Anderson Cancer Center: $25 million

        The Hospital for Special Surgery: $26 million

        Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: $30 million

        Prostate Cancer Foundation: $41 million

        Deerfield Academy: $68 million

        Lincoln Center’s NY State Theater: $100 million

        Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $139 million

      • Suzie

        No, it doesn’t surprise me. They always have a selfish motive for whatever they do. $600 million is pennies to them! Gee, does one of them have prostate cancer? How sad for them. They are wrecking our environment and killing future generations for their own sinful greed. They disgust me trying to buy everyone off. Obviously a lot of people, will sell their souls for money. Sick, sick, sick.

      • Sj D

        Yet they spend billions lobbying to keep the poor from being insured. Hence all of this will mostly just benefit other rich people.who can afford healthcare. They do not give a damn about laborers or poor. How many poor or disadvantaged will ever benefit from this.? They are just gonna starve them to death as it is currently going. After all, their ancestors ran forced labor camps in Germany during the war. The Kochs are the epitome of all that is truly Christian. There is nothing about them that remotely resembles the Jesus in the Bible. The Bible says to give to the poor, not other rich people.

      • Sj D

        correction above is they are the epitome of all that is truly un-Christian.

      • 65snake

        Well, that is why I specified the ones who DID destroy our economy, and who DO base their lives on accumulation, rather than saying ALL wealthy people.
        At this particular point in time, however, that happens to be a rather large chunk of them. And they have been waging class warfare for some time now, but no one actually callid it that until the rest of us started fighting back.
        Punish those who do wrong? That would be great, too bad they used their ill-gotten gains to ensure THAT didn’t happen. And it won’t, until and unless the populace makes it happen. We the people, ya know. Call it “class warfare” if you like, I call it exercising our constitutional rights. The problem rich have rigged the game, and that simply isn’t OK.

        I agree, religion/churches should absolutely not be off limits. It’s ridiculous.

  • snakeguy

    Conservatives in America have made an idol out of gold.

    • Judith_Priest

      And power! Don’t forget power. They probably love the gold because they can buy Power Over Others’ Lives with it.

  • mfidelman

    I can’t wait until the Pope starts excommunicating some of the yahoos. 🙂

  • Charlie Bucket

    i like how Rush is on here trolling everybody. what a douche. seriously rush, you have no life. your one of the most hated men in America, trolling readers of an article about how bad you suck. way to go.

  • asconn

    in reply to Christopher Rioux: My reasoning is this. Respect. Feel free to think, speak, even preach as you see fit, but keep in mind that leaders earn respect for a reason. Rush is only respected by those who follow him out of ignorance (I’m not saying you follow him). The Pope is followed by people who respect what he says and does (at least Pope Francis gets respect in this manner). You can snipe at him from a distance (like the gonad-challenged Mr. Limbaugh) or you can respect his position and consider his points without needing to take a swipe at his “politics”.

  • Hannah

    The glass analogy reminds me of the song “billionaire”. It’s like, you’re a successful musician who already doesn’t have to worry about finances yet all you can think of is how much more you want to be making?

  • John

    Headline of article: “Pope Francis Responds to Rush Limbaugh and Ultraconservatives Saying He’s a Marxist”

    Quote from Pope: “The Marxist ideology is wrong”

    The headline is utterly false. The Pope never said he is a Marxist, and furthermore, said Marxism is wrong. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • studebeker

    I agree with what Pop saying, but one quote from this article really bother me: ” It just goes to show that when their cult is threatened, they have no problem attacking anyone — even the Pope.”
    Are you implying there are some people who is “untouchable”? Who can not be criticized? Who’s words can not be questioned? That is a CULT. I don’t care where such thought coming from Left or Right.

  • Beth

    Ok, as far as I can tell, the Bible is written word. This meaning that everyone interprets it the way that they see it. No two people will feel the meaning of those words exactly the same way. People tend to treat written words with what they feel in their heart. So whether you are “right wing”, “left wing”, “cnservative”, or “liberal” doesn’t really matter, it is what is in your heart that brings truth and meaning to the words that you read.