Power Rankings #3: The 10 Most Pathetic Conservatives of the Week

rick-perry-txWelcome to another installment of my weekly power rankings.  It’s pretty easy to understand.  I take the worst conservatives of the previous week and rank them accordingly based on whatever nonsense they said or did, with links so you can check it out for yourselves.  Though this week features one non-conservative for the first time.

Again, this isn’t based on everything every conservative said as that would be nearly impossible to follow. Typically these rankings will included more “mainstream” conservatives.

Let’s get started.

10: Jeanine Pirro: You know, I had never really paid much attention to her on Fox News before this previous week.  But wow, she is something else.  This week she comically claimed that President Obama planned the immigration crisis on our border to change the demographics of the United States.  For someone to honestly believe that, they’d have to be a complete idiot.

9) Ken Ham: Possibly the most well known creationist.  He recently stated that if space aliens do exist, then they’re headed to hell – because they never heard the word of Jesus Christ.

8) Marco Rubio: The Florida senator whined this week that conservatives who are intolerant of other people… should stop being treated with intolerance from those who’ve grown sick and tired of dealing with their willful ignorance.

7) Northeast Texas Conservatives: When tea party Republican David Simpson dared to suggest at a town hall meeting in Longview, Texas that as Americans we should treat the immigrant children at our border with compassion, attendees erupted in anger and hostility.  Essentially what these people said was that these immigrant children are nothing more than disease carrying criminals who hate Christianity.

6) Ted Cruz: Pretty much every week he could probably make this list.  But this week he earned his spot after claiming that a temporary FAA ban on American flights into Israel, following a Hamas rocket landing a mile from the airport, was some kind of dastardly plot by President Obama to cripple Israel economically.

5) John Boehner: There’s been no shortage of propaganda from the right trying to blame President Obama for the immigration crisis at our border concerning the thousands of undocumented children from Central and South America.  Well, on Twitter, John Boehner actually admitted that this situation was caused by a law passed in 2008 by George W. Bush and President Obama has been trying to fix it.  What took him so long to admit it?

4) Sara Hellwege: Who’s Sara Hellwege, you ask? Well, she’s a woman in Florida who’s suing a clinic that wouldn’t hire her because she admitted during her interview for a position as a nurse-midwife that she wouldn’t prescribe most forms of birth control to patients. Being that the clinic requires those who work for them to base their treatment on science, not religion, they chose to not to hire her. Well, now she’s claiming she was discriminated against because of her religious views.

3) Rick Perry: He got busted this week blatantly lying about the number of homicides committed by illegal immigrants in Texas since 2008.  Essentially he tried to claim that just about half of all homicides committed in Texas over the last six years were done so by illegal immigrants.

2) Mike Adams: He’s a super radical conspiracy theorist who is essentially batcrap crazy.  This past week he basically hinted that those who doubt his insane conspiracy theories are equivalent to Nazis and should be rounded up and killed.  Because nothing says “I’m sane” quite like suggesting that anyone who opposes you might need to be put to death.

1) Stephen D. Foster Jr./Addicting Info:  This writer/liberal website fabricated not just one, but two blatantly false stories against Ted Nugent this week.  And I’m not talking about using click bait, or sensationalized headlines.  I mean they literally took two different interviews he gave and outright falsified two different stories.  Now I couldn’t care less about Nugent.  I think he’s a scumbag.  But this was easily some of the most unethical “journalism” I’ve ever seen.  It’s the kind of garbage I expect to see on Breitbart and Drudge.

An honorary “pathetic” mention goes out to those liberals who responded with comments like, “Who cared that they lied?” or, “Republicans lie all the time, we’re just giving them a taste of their own medicine.”  Here’s my response to those individuals.

Well that wraps up this weeks power rankings.  Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Avatar

    Ted Nugent deserved to be cancelled on. He is true sub-human mongrel who spew out sick hatred of non whites. That being said, I agree that liberal websites should avoid becoming next Breitbart and Drudge because it’s not how liberals operate. We should be more afraid of lying than truth.

  • Julie Echo Tyler

    As I have said before, Thank You, Allen Clifton – we need to be the party of truth; let them get outed for lie after lie, we should be above that.

    Nugent gets what he deserves; the truth about him is awful enough, there is no need to lie.

  • Stephen Barlow

    ALiens were created BY God for Jesus to play with on the third day!!!!! Unless jesus ISN’T REALLY the Alpha and that he is only human.

    Isn’t it tTHE Christian claim that jesus was her before everything and will last after all is destroyed?

    I get the latter part, because some Christian cockroach is sure to survive the apocalypse and ‘spread the good word” like a disease.

  • OldCowboy

    I really hate it when liberals resort to lies. This makes them no better than the right-wingnuts they are trying to refute. Liberals/Progressives should be above lying.

  • Donna Davenport

    Great article, Allan! The Addicting Info Nugent debacle was in addition to Jezebel publishing the totally fabricated story about the interview with a racist on Sarah Palin’s new “channel”. About a month ago Mother Jones published some shady information about which party Donald Sterling belongs to. This misinformation from liberal news websites is really starting to piss me off. That’s the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives will suck up a false story and swear on their mother’s graves that it’s the truth. Liberals will not.