Powerful Words from Father of Fallen Navy SEAL on Republican Hypocrisy

Powerful words spoken by the father of the Navy SEAL who died in a botched raid in Yemen a few weeks ago called out the hypocrisy of the Republican Party when it comes to Trump and the GOP, in general.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to see him,’’ William Owens said during an interview with the Miami Herald. “I told them I don’t want to meet the president.”

“Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn’t even barely a week into his administration?,” he added. “Why? For two years prior, there were no boots on the ground in Yemen, everything was missiles and drones, because there was not a target worth one American life. Now, all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?’’

While I’m not going to insinuate that this was entirely Trump’s fault, there are certainly questions that need to be answered. This was a mission that had been planned before Trump took office, but I agree with Mr. Owens that the sudden urgency to order it so quickly after assuming office does seem more political than strategic.

Though what’s most disconcerting are reports that came out prior to all of this that Trump had been skipping intelligence briefings and he wasn’t even in the Situation Room when the raid was taking place.

Imagine what Republicans would be saying if Clinton had been elected, skipped intelligence briefings prior to ordering a failed military raid resulting in the death of a Navy SEAL, then we found out she wasn’t even in the Situation Room while all of this was going on.

People like Trump, his fellow Republicans, and their supporters have lied about her being asleep when Benghazi happened. It’s been falsely repeated that she was asleep when the attack took place, even though it was mid-day in Washington — not the “middle of the night” as many on the right have said it was. Furthermore, she wasn’t the president at that time — yet Trump was when this Navy SEAL was tragically killed.

“Don’t hide behind my son’s death to prevent an investigation,” Owens said. “I want an investigation. The government owes my son an investigation.”

While Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has called for an investigation, that’s something Trump criticized.

As I’ve been saying for weeks now, Republicans need to hold Donald Trump to the same standards they did Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But a majority of them won’t, because they seem determined to put politics over country every. single. time. 

They spent years investigating Benghazi even though the late-Ambassador Chris Stevens’ family openly spoke out against the GOP politicizing his death. So I don’t see any logical or ethical reason why any member of Congress (especially Republicans who, very recently, seemed to be big fans of investigations) would oppose looking into a botched military raid ordered by Trump, who skipped intelligence briefings and wasn’t in the Situation Room when it took place.

I can guarantee that had Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton been in charge when this happened, that’s exactly what Republicans would be pushing for.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    Benghazi is just an expression on Hillary/Obama’s disastrous mid-east foreign policy which contributed to the expansion of ISIS, hundreds of thousands of dead arabs, and millions of refugees. Republicans who looked the other way when Obama was perpetrating executive ordered wars couldn’t very well criticize e.g. bombing Libya so all they had was Hillary/Obama’s questionable responses to the incident in Benghazi. Let’s hope that trump doesn’t fall into the same interventionist trap as Bush and Obama and at least confined any interventionism to squashing ISIS instead of overthrowing governments.

    • Gnome

      You truly are a sheep in a world full of wolves.
      ISIS wasn’t formed because of Obama or Clinton, or even expanded.
      The roots of the movement actually go back to when Raegan armed the Taliban to help defeat Russian trying establish a strong hold for their natural resources.
      On the other hand, America put military bases on foreign land equipping the militia with weapons, basic training, and established a stronghold where there are hundreds of Oil fields owned by Americans in the middle east.

      Solution: Let them fight it out. The winner be held accountable and tried for crimes against humanity.
      With that said, I don’t think America can be Pontius Pilate and wash it’s own hands of the horrendous decisions it’s made while policing the world.
      I’m just saying, if we as citizens want to stop seeing our military people abused, and used as tool in world economic warfare. We need to stop with the warmongering in all together.

      ISIS doesn’t own Jets, Subs, or anything that can go up against a 1st world military power.
      We are only acting on Economic interests of America, and Trump’s cabinet has ties to these oil companies.
      I can agree with you about overthrowing government part, but if the wrong person comes into power it may spark a World War, because of the history of war in the region, and who has all been involved.

      • strayaway

        Undermining Assad by sponsoring and supplying ‘rebels’ did help ISIS in at least two ways. Weapons supplied to these anti-Assad rebels often wound up in the hands of ISIS. Some of these anti-Assad rebels groups joined ISIS and others sold or abandoned their Obama supplied weapons to ISIS. Assad had to fight a better provisioned ISIS. “Mar 27, 2016 – In mid-February, a CIA-armed militia called Fursan al Haq, or Knights of Righteousness, was run out of the town of Marea, about 20 miles north of Aleppo, by Pentagon-backed Syrian Democratic Forces moving in from Kurdish-controlled areas to the east. (LA Times). Who can top the absurdity of that piece of Obama interventionism?

        Otherwise, I agree that we should pretty much get out and let Sunnis and Shiites have at it. Because of the mess we made “we broke it”, the US should also generously help support local UN refugee camps so the refugees can return home to rebuild their countries when the shooting stops. It would be a good idea to pursue domestic energy supplies to lessen our need for mid-east oil and our consequent dependence for that oil.

      • Roger Ganas

        “Solution: Let them fight it out. The winner be held accountable and tried for crimes against humanity.”.. tried?..where & how & by whom? (let alone- to what end) – with news sources exploited & compromised.. we’re all screwed.

    • Mensa Member

      >> foreign policy which contributed to the expansion of ISIS, hundreds of thousands of dead arabs, and millions of refugees.

      You perfectly described Bush’s disastrous, bungled Iraq war, which conservatives cheer-led the whole way.

  • Brian

    Soldiers die. Maybe he shouldn’t have let his son enlist.

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    • earthmother

      “Let” his son enlist? One has to be 18 to enlist in the military – the age of majority (for most things, 18 year olds can vote but not legally buy alcohol). I know from experience that when an adult child chooses to enlist in the military, parents don’t get to veto their decision.

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    • Mensa Member

      >> Soldiers die. Maybe he shouldn’t have let his son enlist.

      Your compassion is awe inspiring.

      • kit

        He’s a troll. Let him pasture in the oil soaked lands for free.