President Obama Has Played His Hand Perfectly When it Comes to Syria

obama-syriaI find it interesting how quickly many Americans rush to judgement when it comes to President Obama.  While I often criticize Republicans for their attitude towards the president, Democrats are often just as quick to throw backlash his way whenever it seems he might be doing something they disagree with.

The moment a situation comes up where liberals don’t fully agree with his stance, they seem to freak out.  Like his budget proposal he made public a few months ago (which included a chained CPI that liberals did not support), and now more recently his comments about his desire to seek Congressional approval for military involvement in Syria.

On my page, Right Off A Cliff, I don’t mince words when it comes to “liberals freaking out” as it relates to the president.  While I haven’t agreed with everything he’s done as president, I have realized that there’s usually a bigger plan behind a lot of his actions.

A perfect example was his most recent budget proposal, which included the often Republican-supported chained CPI (well, Republicans supported it until he included it in his budget proposal).  Then, suddenly Republicans wanted no part of it.  But he did a masterful job at submitting a proposal he knew they wouldn’t support (which included key issues they had been pushing for), they rejected it, and at the end of the day Republicans were the ones left looking like the partisan obstructionists that have no desire to work with President Obama on anything.

Which is something most of us already knew.

But I’ll admit, when he publicly said he desired to seek military action in Syria, I was caught a little off guard.  However, I then started to look at the bigger picture.  Because I remember President Obama is a “big picture” kind of individual.

One specific fact most liberals are well aware of is the current Republican policy of simply opposing anything the president supports.  Except, Republicans are the party that claims to be “tough on terror,” so how would they spin this?  Well, they really couldn’t.  You had some Republicans supporting military action, some opposing it and a whole lot more left in the middle remaining “undecided.”

Heck, many of the Republicans who opposed Obama’s “plan” actually support military involvement in Syria.  They just didn’t support Obama’s plans for Syria.  But of course not.  No matter what the president would have come out and said, they would have either said it was too much, not enough or too late.

But, he played them like fools.

See, I don’t believe President Obama ever wanted to send our military to bomb Syria, but he couldn’t just sit by and do nothing when it comes to a report that chemical weapons were used.  Therefore he couldn’t continue as “business as usual” as if nothing was going on—he had to act.

And he did.  Going into this, he had to know Russia would be adamantly opposed to any kind of U.S. military strike in Syria.  So by openly saying he would push for just that, it forced Russia to finally do something.  Had he not made his intentions public, Russia most likely wouldn’t have offered the deal that’s currently on the table to remove all chemical weapons from Syria and put them under international control.

A deal I think President Obama will accept. Though he can’t just do it right away.  After all, it’s still a negotiation.  He has to try to get as much as possible before saying “we have a deal.”

Because while many liberals, and a lot of Republicans, want to paint Obama as some “war mongering president,” he’s sat in office during the entire “Arab Spring” (which is approaching 3 years now), two Egyptian revolts, the Libyan revolution and over two years of civil war in Syria—and has yet to start any new wars.

“Oh, but look at his use of drones in Pakistan!”  Oh, you mean one of the wars he inherited and promised to properly see out until the end?  Thousands had died before he was elected; he wasn’t going to just let those deaths be for nothing and pull our troops before doing his best to at least accomplish something those wars (specifically Afghanistan) hoped to accomplish.  And considering we’ve greatly weakened al-Qaeda and killed Osama bin Ladin, he seems to have accomplished some of those goals.

So the president has had ample opportunity to get us involved in another war—but he hasn’t.

And even with his comments on Syria, I don’t believe he had any intentions of getting us involved there either.

Because if he did, why didn’t he immediately request Congress come back early from recess and debate this issue?  He never did that.  In fact, he said that he spoke with Senate and House leaders and essentially told them to come back when they were supposed to, there was no immediate action needed.

Which is odd coming from a president that many feel is just itching to go to war.

Because I believe the truth is—he never intended to go to war.

He took the Republican talking point of, “Obama will unconstitutionally bypass Congress and go it alone,” flipped it around on them and made them look like a bunch of fools searching for answers.  Then he sat back, knowing it would be weeks before Congress even tried to address this issue, and seemingly went on a “war campaign” to stress how “serious” he was about bombing Syria.

Which has now prompted Russia to take the lead.  They’ve negotiated an initiative to have Assad surrender his chemical weapons to international control, and join the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Something that three weeks ago wasn’t an option.

And not only that, he has Republicans all across the country on video looking like bumbling fools, contradicting themselves in numerous interviews on their stance on Syria.  Contradictions that were spawned because of the continued Republican policy to oppose anything and everything the president supports.

Because let’s look at facts.  Obama does have the power to use our military, without Congressional approval, for a very limited number of days.  He didn’t need Republican support to stage a short bombing campaign in Syria.  And even had he said he was going to “go it alone,” he still could have pushed the issue how he has, allowing enough time for Russia to come up with a response.

Instead, he decided to turn this around on Republicans.  And by doing so, he’s gotten what I believe he originally wanted — an agreement to remove chemical weapons from Syria — and he’s made many Republicans look like fools trying to scramble to come up with answers to his public request for Congressional approval for any involvement in Syria.

Without a missile fired, bomb dropped or troop deployed, President Obama has managed to embarrass Republicans and get a possible deal to remove chemical weapons from Syria.

Well played, Mr. President.  Well played indeed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Vj Sleight

    I have said for a long time that watching Obama is like watching a master play 3 dimension chess against an opponent playing checkers.

    • ahatfl

      Hardly. If you think that letting Assad live and rule for another 20 years with Russian protection is great for America then you should live in Syria for a month to learn better.

      • pattyp

        Who said anyone’s going to “let” Assad live for another 20 years?…

      • jtnolan

        ….And we have God’s permission to kill him???

      • It’s unclear to me how God feels about the Rule of International Law and the International Criminal Court as a civilized method to regulate the excesses of state actors.

        But assuming it’s OK with God Almighty, I would not object to seeing the civilized nations of the world demonstrate how they regulate themselves under the International Rule of Law.

      • Scott

        yes “God” Obama said it was OK

      • Daddycool67

        So you want the USA (and specifically Obama) to decide which middle east leaders get to live and which have to die?
        Yeah, I bet you’d just love for him to do that! Then maybe you could try to impeach him!

        Or maybe you’re saying you’d like to go in on your own as a rogue agent and take out Assad single handed?

        No wonder every Arab on the planet wants to kill us!
        Because this country is filled with asshats like you who think we have the authority over life and death of the leaders of foreign countries!

        Muslims don’t like christians killing other muslims. Even if they happen to be the SAME muslims that they want to kill themselves! And the US doesn’t have the authority to just dispatch people at will. Neither do YOU!

      • duif73

        Exactly.. well said.

      • ahatfl

        So we stand by and allow 100 years of International Law to be unchecked. This man you protect so vehemently, just gassed a 1000 people. I have no love of politics but I do support a rule of law and conduct. You expound in your writings a dislike of insults and yet you resort to them to people you do not know. Nice.

      • Nicholas Kaioken Caljean

        So you want to start another war? Because that is exactly what would happen. Peaceful disarm solution is definitely the way to go.

      • fafhrd

        And 100, 000 before that with conventional weapons (if you believe all the reports). So, are these 1400 more reprehensible because of the way that they were killed? Or don’t all of the deaths matter?
        Not that I’ve seen any convincing evidence yet on just who used chemical weapons this time (Aug 21). Or who used them in March 2013?
        But we must take some action NOW!

      • brainmist

        If our stance is to be one of enforcing international law, we must do it with the agreement of at least some of the international community. We do have a body of international representatives, after all. Otherwise, we’re not the international police; we’re a vigilante. Which is cool on film, but not so much in real life.

      • William Carr

        This is really what the UN was founded for.

        Russia has been blocking ANY attempt to stop Assad for two years now.

        Don’t complain that the United States isn’t executing your enemies for you, complain that the UN isn’t doing their job.

      • janieliza

        We are not the police. We are the hostages who occasionally fall victim to Stockholm syndrome when we don’t agree with the nuances that Obama is trying to use to negotiate a better budget. The Repugnants who sold their votes to the Koch brothers are the terrorists in our world. They attack the poor, the old, the children, the women, the President, all in financial ways, and then they run to their money men and ask them what else they can do to please them. They find themselves not liked so they put together attack dog teams to take on every event this year whether there is substance or just innuendo… and as usual, there is only lies and misconstruction. SCOTUS is busy trying to add to our misery by making donations unlimited. We sit here not knowing how, with our resources being limited by the corporate interests and the higher taxes WE pay that the rich escaped thanks to these Koch minions, to stretch our limited dollars and to pay it out to those who are fighting the battles against Congress in the states. But we must decide which problems are more important and give until it hurts the Congressmen who are making US hurt so much and so often.

      • Patient Zer0

        ahatfl: I would tell you how silly, shortsighted, and just plain WRONG you are… but it seems everyone else has beaten me to it.

      • rick dalton

        That is not the U.S, problem it the people of Syria problem hell they have people on both sides that hate America and adding more everyday.Far as Russia and Syria goes if it goes bad than it Russia problem and not ours

    • Sam

      I don’t believe in this theory because the unintended consequences
      were just too embarrassing and fatal to play such a dangerous game. No politician would take such a risk with so much at stake. If he did, he
      is just a wisest fool!

      • Kirk welch

        You mean like the Sequester?

      • disgustedinKS

        If you are insinuating that the sequester is a result of Republicans. Don’t forget, the first introduction of the sequester came from Obama

      • rick dalton

        yes but it was the republicans who ate it up beside it not that bad.It put the republican in a corner this time around their approval rating is so low they can’t afford to set on their hands now they have to do something or lose the house in 2014 the America people is sick of them doing nothing

      • Kevin Kunkel

        From the eloquent way in which you voiced your opinion Husseins fans make perfect sense. They are illiterate and uneducated.

      • William Carr

        Right… because cutting $80 Billion in needed Research, family assistance programs, etc, is much more important than cutting the useless F-35 Fighter/Bomber program that cost over a Trillion Dollars.

        $400 Billion spent so far, and they’ve JUST gotten it to the point they can fly on cloudy days and at night.

        There’s $800 Billion left in that Budget; kill the useless piece of crap and restore the lost funds from the Sequester with money to spare.

      • Scott

        Why worry about all that , we build the fighters and Obama gives them to Egypt, where is the sense in that

      • Goober

        The republican congress is unpopular not because of it’s inaction. It is because of the Democrats in the Senate that are the cause of the rep’s inaction. They will not entertain anything that the House approves if it does not agree specifically with Obama’s Regime.

      • rick dalton

        Goober think you need to read the truth and stay away from Fox news. People of the U.S. is tired of the republicans games and holding the America people hostage for what to keep a black man from looking good.You mean the senate not going to let a republican house run rough shot over them don’t you?Obama has spent less then any other president of our time. The house been setting on bills that would have this nation back on good footing and would have created millions of jobs not the few thousand the republicans is trying to pass off. Get off the LSD and come out of that bubble world you live in and see the real truth

      • William Carr

        The Senate has had 428 Republican Filibusters SO FAR in Obama’s Presidency.

        Go check Google; find out just what an astounding record that is.

        The Republicans in the House, meanwhile, just keep voting over and over and over and over to repeal Obamacare.

        They’ve wasted over $50 Million in that futile effort so far.

        Of COURSE the Senate isn’t going to take up anything that ludicrous, nor would Obama sign it !

        Since the Tea Party ran in 2010 on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… what Jobs legislation have they passed?

        They tried to cut Social Security and Medicare. And CALLED that a “Jobs Bill”.

        But REAL Jobs Bills, the Republicans shot those down.

        You’re entirely wrong; the Republicans in Congress are unpopular because they only focus their efforts on obstruction.

        Unless you’d like to quote an actual Jobs Bill that would create jobs that got turned down?

        You know, actual FACTS ?

        No, I didn’t think so.

        You’re ignorant, but WE know what the GOP agenda is; do everything to obstruct and block the Democrats from rebuilding the Economy, because they know we can succeed at it.

        FDR’s policies are proven to WORK.

        Republicans shatter the Economy, and Democrats come along and fix it.

        And once the GOP loses their power in 2014, that’s just what we’ll do.

        And then the worst fear of the Republicans will come true.

        The bulk of the American People will simply turn away from their Supply Side Economics and the GOP will dissolve.

      • Lyola M Roeske Shafer

        OF COURSE Democrats are not going to do anything that is against the Obama Administration. Democrats are not crazt.

      • William Carr

        Of course, we have video of Paul Ryan talking about the Sequester, BY NAME, years before.

        The current situation arose from the penalty that was set up by Congress, to encourage the Super-Congress committee to cooperate.

        But of course, the Republicans turned down a Budget deal with $9 of tax cuts per $1 of tax increases.

        And then they walked away, knowing that they could LET the Sequester happen, and try to rescue their beloved Defense Spending budget piece by piece.

        Which of course, is what they did, re-enacting most of the the military spending that was cut.

      • Scott

        Sounds good to me!

      • William Carr

        Of course, we have video of Paul Ryan talking about the Sequester, BY NAME, years before.

        The current situation arose from the penalty that was set up by Congress, to encourage the Super-Congress committee to cooperate.

        But of course, the Republicans turned down a Budget deal with $9 of tax cuts per $1 of tax increases.

        And then they walked away, knowing that they could LET the Sequester happen, and try to rescue their beloved Defense Spending budget piece by piece.

        Which of course, is what they did, re-enacting most of the the military spending that was cut.

      • Adam

        Perhaps you have never heard of the Cuban missile crisis.

      • GL

        Come to think of it, that was a Democrat pushing Russia into peace talks and negotiations and disarmament agreements too. Dang. So many parallels. I wonder if we can get Putin to legally change his name to Khrushchev so that there’s another one…

      • Nick Noble

        Sorry, Sam: it is classic Obama (and JFK, and FDR). “No politician would take such a risk with so much at stake” might, maybe be valid if Mr. Obama still had to run for re-election next time around, but in the present circumstances, it is a stroke of political genius. “Embarrassing” — I would agree, except that he has the Republicans around to cover themselves with embarrassment over this. It was a win-win for him. Actually a win-win-win. The current result is a win. Congress voting down his bid for a military response would be a win (their fault, not his; no one could blame HIM for being too soft), and Congress supporting him would be a win (look, the obstructionist Congress supported the President!). The last scenario is the only one which the Republicans could claim as a win as well, hence the (albeit qualified) support of veteran pols like McCain and Graham. But the extremists, by remaining extreme or, worse even, fumbling and dithering, gave Obama the win. Politics is NOT what people say (contrary to what extremists believe), and it’s not what doesn’t get done (despite John Boehner’s assertions). It is ultimately what does get done.

      • Joe

        A superb rendering of this slice of the Obama Presidency. Well written.

    • What you said would be funny if it weren’t so sad. You actually believe the sham agreement between Assad and Putin is real?? Say it ain’t so!

      Obama is acting like a first time tic-tac-toe player.

      Before long the outsider rebels will fire off some more chemical weapons while blaming it once again on Assad, btw. Then Obama will be back to where he started.

      • Dee Pee

        And if it turns out to be a Sham the whole world will know it and we’ll be back to a military response. Period. Don’t be an idiot.

      • The whole world already knows it is a sham except for a few blinded leftists. There are always a few people who don’t know what time it is.

        The world is going along with it because they prefer Obama being played for a fool to his starting WWIII.

        However when the terrorists are ready and repeat what they did and fire more chemical weapons, then Obama is likely to stumble into starting WWIII on the side of AlQaeda.

        So yes, if starting WWIII is your goal, then Obama has played it perfectly in your mind.

      • William Carr

        You’re deluded. Obama orchestrated a way to disarm Syria, and you’re still operating by the “the terrorists gassed themselves” playbook.

        Catch on soon, ‘kay ?

      • Obama didn’t orchestrate anything except to get us into a near war in a situation that isn’t over yet.

        Unlike you, I follow the evidence. There is evidence from MULTIPLE sources that it was the terrorists who fired off the chemical weapons in order to get Obama to bomb Assad. There is even video of a rag tag group not acting like a trained military firing off the canisters.

        Russia put out a 100-page report providing their evidence. If you don’t believe that report, why would you trust Russia to carry out the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons?

        Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry have presented nothing.

        When they are ready, the terrorists will fire off yet another canister which will put Obama back to where he was before – wanting to support Alqaeda with a missile attack.

        Rebels and terrorists are two different groups. The terrorists didn’t gas their own people. They gassed areas where the rebels live! The terrorists are from outside countries. They’ve murdered Christians and children, and they have no problem killing rebels either for their so called ‘higher cause’ of jihad.

        It’s laughable that you actually believe Syria will be giving up its chemical weapons when the terrorists have chemical weapons and have already used them.

      • Time takes care of your ridiculous comments.

      • “WHEN THEY ARE READY, the terrorists will fire off yet another canister…”

        Your timeline is obviously different from theirs. Since they will be the ones firing the canister, it is their timeline that matters rather than yours.

      • Scott

        Obama is Soooo smart, to put the US on the brink of war because He and only He knew that Putin would step in and save his butt, Yeh right!

    • toma kay

      If he had any balls he would have struck without approval…after the game is over all the chess pieces go back into the box.

      • Dee Pee

        This may be the most idiotic comment I’ve read so far

      • toma kay

        oh theres more…read his speech

    • Virginia Slim

      Hahaha! I have thought the same thing! Every time he does something like this, I think “Checkmate!” 😉

    • kimo

      except he is playing tiddly winks

  • cherie

    That’s what u get when u vote right people s Persident Obama ! Thank u Mr. Persident for hundred time u opening those nazi Radicals Assholes dirty criminals hands!

    • thechef


    • poppasweets

      I love all the Persidents! Except the nazi ones. Great use of the English language! Spelling and punctuation are amazing! What is really sad is that in the voting booth, your vote and my vote are equal and count the same. Then again, I have never voted for a Persident before.

      • Pipercat

        I just hope she wasn’t driving at the time she posted it…

    • Gershon Wolf


  • Tillmann Puschka

    yep- he is a chess master of the highest degree- he played the republicans like the fools that they are.

    • gailillly

      Oh I so agree with the two of you. The repukes always make themselves look like the fools for in reality they really are the ones that are foolish. Obama has played them more than once too. Just like you play a guitar. GOOD FOR PRESDIENT OBAMA

      • kimo

        Good that he made the U.S into a laughing stock..

      • Starting WWIII to help Al Qaeda is good?? This game of tic-tac-toe Obama is playing isn’t over. The terrorists will fire more chemical weapons when they are ready.

        The Obama will side with those terrorists, and thenSyria will strike back.

        Moreover, at the very least China and Russia will stop buying Obama’s debt. So in addition to war, the US economy will collapse.

        Russia is supplying Syria with devastating weapons while Iranian assets will commit all sort of terrorist attacks inside the US and at US embassies.

        And Obama will be responsible for it all.

    • Scott

      Blinded by the light

    • backpackwayne

      They are so predictable. All you have to do to get them to say no is to have Obama ask them to say yes. There is no way in hell they would have passed the resolution. He actually got about half of the republicans to come out as anti-war. My god no other man on earth could have done that. Obama played them like a cheap banjo.

      • Daddycool67

        And now they get to explain to their biggest donors at fund raising time why they took the opportunity for more war profits away from them.

      • Now we are getting down to the real nitty-gritty. That is, the money that will not be made because we didn’t go to war again. Boeing, Northrop, G.E., Winchester, General Motors, etc. War is their life blood.

      • Scott

        Obama was trying his best to make them some money

        Go Obama! and take your crony’s with you

      • William Carr

        Moron. G.W. Bush made the War Profiteers RICH.

        Obama has been a frustration to them, winding down the War Machine and then deliberately teasing them this way !

        The Bush “cronies” made a lot of money off the taxpayer, but they got evicted from power when McCain lost.

      • Scott

        That’s Mr. Moron to you!, I just love Liberals, They talk like this “winding down the war machine” meanwhile Their President is out starting conflicts all over the place, but that’s different!
        You guys are too easy to rile up!, this is fun!
        And BTW Obama’s cronies are making tons of money off his “War machine”

      • General Electric, Boeing, Northrop, Winchester, Colt, General Motors, etc. These companies support the republican party. The republicans vote for policies that lead to war. The money spent on war ends up in the hands of the ones that start the wars. Who can’t connect the dots on this one?

      • Scott

        and you think that they don’t have Obama in their pocket as well, I just love Liberals, “the mind- a terrible thing to waste!”

      • Bush II built a 11.3 trillion dollar deficit.

    • Daddycool67

      They’re a pretty predictable bunch.

      I think any solid minded person with a round table full of advisors could figure out a way to outsmart the GOP. It’s not like nobody knows what they’re gonna do next!

      Part A – Do something.

      Part B – Wait for the GOP response which will be to try and keep from drowning and make everything look like Obama’s fault.

      Since we know that the GOP’s first move will always be to help their PARTY survive rather than to help America … then it’s pretty easy to plan Part A accordingly.

      • Scott

        you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid

  • dancer61958

    Well said BRAVO….finally someone with some brains!

  • MelanieMariner

    The GOP is so predictable, it is almost child’s play to manipulate them.

    • It really hasn’t been that easy to manipulate the rebublikins. They get something in their head and you can’t knock out. So take off their heads?

  • Natalie39

    I’ll admit it, I’m flummoxed and should know enough not to state an opinion before the thing is over with. I was utterly stumped when I heard he was threatening Syria … utterly and angry too as this was the president I supported who did not want to wage war. I was so angry that I immediately blogged some very critical opinion. Mea culpa. I need to get out of the foreign policy assessing business as it is clear I am NO expert. At least I can admit it. Still it ain’t over til its over. Let’s hope he gets an agreement. I do NOT want war. The variable in my mind did he? THAT is what drove me NUTZ!

    • Kirk welch

      Don’t feel alone my friend and if I could offer the Prez a personal apology I would gladly do so.

      • duif73

        not yet at all…only reason he had to backtrack was because the UK vote surprised the war efforts, if the UK vote had gone for a strike and war then none of this would be happening in my opinion…. this is not over by any means.. Putin is the master class player here not Obama.. The evidence is still weak that Assad even did it… most likely the Rebels..alot more evidence points to them yet no stern words against the rebels who are actively butchering whole villages.. Obama got out played here and now trying to look like this was his play all along…. only thing to be happy about Obama is he realized when he was beaten…. now we see what happens to get round 2 on track.

      • Phil the observer

        He did not backtrack, he merely looked at OTHER options,,and they fell into his lap!!!

      • duif73

        Cool…you have your opinion… I have mine. 🙂

      • Daddycool67

        Yes but you can’t have your own facts!

        And the fact is that while Assad didn’t admit to launching the chemicals that started this whole thing … he DID admit to having bunkers upon bunkers filled with chemical weapons. (And he didn’t deny launching the last chemical attack.)

        Did you ever wonder what happened to the WMD that Bush was “supposedly” looking for?
        Where did they go? Did they ever exist?

        Well …. now you know.

      • Scott

        Bush was looking for the WMD’s in the wrong place he should have been looking for them in Syria where Saddam sent them

      • William Carr

        Saddam never HAD a chemical weapons stockpile.

        Except for what the American Government sold him decades before, of course. That stuff is useless now.

        It turns out, the people Saddam paid to start a chemical weapons facility just embezzled the money.

      • Scott

        Funny!, Saddam never, never ever , never never ever had chemical weapons, and then here it comes, EXCEPT! I just love Liberals, they make me laugh!

        and why is it that the other guy always embezzles the money , and Obama allows non-working people to embezzle monies from actually working tax payers and that’s OK!

      • Michael kimani

        Don’t Quit your Day Job !

    • Michael kimani

      It’s a Big Human Being, he/she who Apologizes Unconditionally, when they know they are incorrect !
      Bravo ! My Hat off to you !

    • Daddycool67

      I said it from the beginning …

      I said that I’d believe Obama wants to start another war AFTER he actually does it.

      I think I’ll just stick with that for the time being, Because I’m still not 100% sure what he’s gonna do. I don’t think anybody is except him.
      (Which is perfect.)

    • No war! “It’s a joke Boy, just a joke”! But you bit on it didn’t you baggers.

    • It was a scam all the way, he wasn’t going to go to war. But he got the repubs to vote for peace!!!!!!

  • “More state-sponsored violence in the Middle East is not the solution to the problem of too much state-sponsored violence in the Middle East.” ~Chad Gadya

    The UN Weapons Management Teams need to go into Syria with the consent and cooperation of all sponsor nations to secure all the chemical weapons munitions held by all factions.

    Moreover, having UN Weapons Management Teams deployed across Syria would make it impossible for the US to commit the tactical blunder that it was about to commit.

    And while there are there, they can collect evidence to confirm or refute the other hypotheses regarding release of chemical agents in the suburbs of Damascus. In particular, they can examine the rebel tunnels where, according to some accounts, the catastrophic release of toxic agents was the result of accidental mishandling of these munitions by untrained rebel factions.

    I’m especially eager to hear if Saudi Arabia supports a plan to let the UN Weapons Management Teams to secure all CWs on all sides.

    • Pipercat

      Thought provoking notion. Yes our friends, the Saudi royalty, are certainly behind the scenes. Most folks don’t realize this.

  • Angel Rivera

    Machiavelli would approve. I figured he had a plan but this is masterful and only seen on movies…

  • Josh

    Good to see the “let’s rewrite the last few week’s history” campaign is already underway.

    In all reality, Putin saved Obama’s ass from the shit he got himself
    into. He should hand over his Peace Prize to Putin in gratitude.

    • Cynthia K

      You josh!

      • Josh

        Unless Obama had a hand in the chemical weapons attack in Damascus, he planned nothing. The American people rejected his war in Syria, otherwise, we’d be in one.

      • Jiiri

        Enjoy your game of checkers.

      • Josh

        Enjoy your welfare.

      • Terry Knepper

        josh…enjoy your right wrist….

      • Jordan

        Josh, you totally missed the point didn’t you. The point of this article is that Obama played the Syrians by making it sound like he seriously wanted to strike at them for using weapons of mass destruction. By not using his authority to strike without congressional say so, he turned around everything repubs were saying about him. He gave the option to the public, knowing it would take time. This put pressure on Russia to put pressure on Syria, and it worked. Well, it will work if Syria disarms. All in all, it had nothing to do with the Russians taking the initiative, and everything to do with us prodding them behind the curtains, giving them no choice.

        The best idea is one that you think is your own. You never argue with someone, instead you manipulate their thought process and make them come up with your idea all on their own. Then they can’t argue about it.

      • jazzychow

        Josh is one of the right wing sheep who’ve done nothing but cried wolf since Obama was elected. As such, they are no longer taken seriously. When you have something bad to say about every little thing you lose credibility when it comes to your critiques being taken seriously. Let them continue to live in their faux “news” echo chamber while the rest of us continue to move forward.

      • Josh

        Uh, you don’t know me. How wrong you are is unknown to you, and I forgive you for it.

        Both parties are broken. Suck on that.

        I’m not one of the “sheep” who are anti-war with one guy and NOT with another. I hated both Bush and Obama cause I’m one of the only consistent, principled people in here.

        Go fly a kite.

      • Harbinger08

        I’ve read the page. Dude, you are a total horse’s a55, seriously. You need to take a step back, evaluate, and stop making yourself look like an arrogant idiot.

      • Josh

        You need to watch the speech Obama gave at 9pm est, where he doubled down on the military strike and threw the whole “getting those weapons” thing out the window.

        I’m not a name caller, or else I’d respond in kind.


      • Josh

        Perhaps you were watching Forever Tango instead?

      • Harbinger08

        LOL you are such a dope. thanks for the giggles. man you are clueless. what are you, about 24, maybe? am I giving you too much credit? that’s probably flattering you more than you deserve, don’t let it go to your already grotesquely swollen head. have fun trolling the Internet!

      • Josh

        Polls show only 1 in 5 Americans full understand Obama’s position on this and the events leading up to it.

        With those odds, I was bound to run into one.


      • Harbinger08

        I do understand the issue better than 80% of US Americans, to be sure, but that’s not much. I wouldn’t think that even 1% have a clear grasp of what is happening, but I still appreciate your admiration in the spirit intended, however misguided.

      • Josh

        You’re one of the majority. Don’t kid yourself. You fit in like a rat in a meat packing plant.

      • Josh

        You failed to address Obama’s speech tonight where he doubled down on military strike too.


      • Harbinger08

        Sweet. I’ve reduced you to fumbling insults. Just illustrates my original comment about your incompetence. Dance, monkey, dance!

      • Josh

        I said I’m not a name caller, and I’m not.

        Simile: a comparison using like or as.

        I’ll be here to relay you word definitions all day.

      • Aimee Barfield

        -1000 points for the word ‘sheep’. Ah, third wayers and conspiracy theorists, they’re just so darn entrenched in a world of make believe, it’s almost ‘cute’.

      • Pipercat

        I’d say adorable…

      • Josh

        Hmm… Perhaps you should look to the guy I was responding to. Turns out he called me a sheep.

        Are you on his side?


      • Aimee Barfield

        Mea culpa about the sheep comment. I did misread it,

        I’m not on his side, I know you’re not a Republican but a third wayer, I’m pretty politically adept, I do understand the nuances of divisions between the two major political party’s and the varying factions of the third wayers.

        Your glorification and stance on Putin is way off the mark. It’s pure drivel.

      • Josh

        Ah, I saw you say it to someone else. So it’s your thing… subtracting points for using a word and all.

        Don’t worry though. It doesn’t make you look like a douche at all.

      • Aimee Barfield

        I’m sorry but bringing up the Rothschild’s is pure CT, and you know it and you’d admit it also. Unless it’s your bag too.

        You can’t even accept an apology, sheesh. That says a lot about you. As does your ‘douche comment’.

      • Josh

        And it says a lot about you that you’re a walking bag of unthought comebacks; that you will jump down someone’s throat for using a word, one that I had to respond to.

        And no… You don’t look like a douche at all.

      • Josh

        I also never once brought up “the rothschilds.”

        You’re making uninformed comebacks again. Trying to jump down my throat AGAIN for something someone else said.


      • Aimee Barfield

        Hot damn. I never said it was you. You mentioned something about someone else I was responding in kind about someone else. Goodness.
        I am not jumping down your throat.

      • Aimee Barfield

        Hot damn. I never said it was you. You mentioned something about someone else I was responding in kind about someone else. Goodness.
        I am not jumping down your throat.

      • Charles Elias VanPoppen

        And how is this place not an echo chamber circle jerk as well? Just saying, this IS a liberal site. Kinda calling the kettle black here, aren’t ya?

      • ahatfl

        forward to what? no jobs, no homes, no hope, no chance……….

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        “forward to what? no jobs, no homes” Where the hell are you?

      • ahatfl

        Russia didn’t pressure Syria. Putin just gained control of Syria without firing a shot. He now holds a naval base for the next 20 years, Obama failed our country by letting Kerry give an opening to a bloodless coupe which keeps a dictator who gassed his own people in power for another generation. Maybe you should move there for a week to get a grip on reality. This is a disaster for our nation.

      • Scott

        boy, someone tried that trick on you and it worked

      • Scott

        you thought all this crap up on your own?

      • Scott

        right wrist? I’m confused

      • sunny



      • Eric Goberman

        He could have – and then the repubs would have screamed he’s a warmonger and acted w/o congress.

        No arms containment – no solution.

        Saying ‘bomb syria’ screwed the repub;’s They LOVE war – but if Obama is for it then they have to be against it. McCain doesn’t know what stupidity to say next !

        If they vote FOR bombing Syria then THEY are the bad guys for starting another war.

        THey lose or they lose. Like or not, Obama handed them the paint and they painted themselves into a corner

      • Scott

        That is probably true, but don’t you think that is a childish ploy for the most powerful man on this earth
        Don’t you think that he should man up do the right thing regardless of what he thinks should backfire on the Repubs and try to make them look stupid, shouldn’t he be more the more responsible and Presidential.

      • Jude Rodriguez

        and that’s democracy! no, wait..

      • Charles Elias VanPoppen

        Josh, I don’t think these people understand that theres other political parties/ideologies besides the D and R. Or I should say, they don’t like acknowledging it because their arguments only work on dipshit republicans. I’m not going to defend republicans so your argument is invalid. I’m not a republican. Or a democrat. I’m consistent. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t care if its “ok” because republicans are hypocrites. Man if I could count the times during the last election when I criticized Obama and people started ripping Romney. The confusion on their faces when I started ripping Romney too and said I wasn’t voting for him either…priceless. They didn’t even know how to proceed after they realized I’m not going to argue about Romney. Their only strategy was “And then the republicans did this and they’re going to do this!” Yeah, what a bunch of dicks. I agree. You should check this thing out called “ditch the party allegiance and use your fucking brain” Oh and by the way, I hate Republicans as much as I hate you self proclaimed “Teabagees”.Obama’s bought and paid for by the banks, just as all the presidents before him. If you libs want to be such good little sycophants then look up the Rothchilds, Go suck THEIR slavemaster cocks.

      • Aimee Barfield

        We have a winner! Mention of the Rothchilds! Come on friend, can I get an illuminati or a Bilderberg thrown in for the win? Maybe a reference to the Bohemian Grove to make it to final round CT Jeopardy?
        Third wayers and Conspiracy theorists say the darndest things.

      • Pipercat

        Does Austria or Austrian count for anything?

      • Aimee Barfield

        In what way Pipercat? Austrian economics?

      • Pipercat

        Why yes! Seems to be all the rage with the Any Rand Book club…

      • Aimee Barfield

        It depends on where he’s coming from, if he’s coming from the Alex Jones third way column, insofar as I know they never get as far as discussing economics. It’s the same way with the third wayers on the hard right of the Libertarian wing. They are mostly concerned with ‘the fed’, their economic platform is simply de-regulation. Why? Because Liberty and shut up, if you ask for more details.

        Austrian economics seems to be a Paul Ryan philosophy more then anything. It tries to come across as ‘intellectual’ but it’s clearly not.

        At any rate Ms. Rand was a hack writer of fiction, not an economist and not a real philosopher of any sort.

        However one thing that is horribly clear the ‘tea party’, is fully financed and created by the Koch’s. They also took over the Libertarian party in the 70’s and finances that too. They have one goal, de-regulation because its clearly in their interest (the Bicher connection is really interesting too).

      • Pipercat

        It all goes to the conspiracy surrounding the Fed and all that nonsense. Many Nouveau Libertarians are followers of Murray Rothbard via Lew Rockwell. All that rubbish that an Act of Congress (Federal Reserve Act of 1913) was somehow negotiated in secret on some island is proof of something or another. Mr. Poppen here let that cat out of the bag in his post…

      • Charles Elias VanPoppen

        Nope, just the Rothchilds. If you think their power and influence is a Conspiracy then you’re just an idiot. I suppose math is a conspiracy theory too because its just a little too convenient that it all adds up. I love it when people cover up for their inability to grasp large ideas by calling them conspiracies. That and its an easy out when you have no argument as was proven by your complete lack of contesting anything I said. Predictable.

      • Scott

        I hope those chemical weapons don’t say “made in the USA” on them

    • Pipercat

      .. or perhaps he finally got Vlad off his ass to prod ol’e Bash. Regardless of who did what, and if it prevents intervention, who gives a shit?

      • Josh

        In case you are unaware, this article gives Obama all the credit. I’m responding to this.

        Did you leave the same comment for the authors of this page, or are you just trying to bash someone who’s anti-war?

        Didn’t watch the live speech given an hour ago by Obama where he doubled down on military strike, did you?

        Thought not.

      • Pipercat

        Well forgive me for looking at the big picture. You know, being anti-war is being anti-war. I know this may astonish you, but any intervention by the United States is an automatic escalation. That scares the shit out of me. Besides, what did you expect the President to say? He’s making his case. Golly, what a surprise. Then again, he’s allowing things to go on in other venues and in the background. Make no mistake, he’s stalling. Oh, and Allen writes like this because he’s a provocateur. So that we can have these enlightening exchanges.

      • Travis Pizel

        Remember, We’re not the world police. But……the world is a better place when we get involved and enforce the rules. Sound like double talk to anyone else?

      • Pipercat

        Sounds like stalling.

      • Scott

        I don’t think he’s stalling , I think he Stalin

      • Craig Sherman

        And Josh, we all appreciate your pacifist stance. You’re a great American.

      • Scott

        It’s not that it got done(that’s great)- but this guy takes credit for everything

      • Pipercat

        Is it possible, for even a nanosecond, that you really couldn’t care less for the current situation and are just totally consumed by your intense hatred for one individual? Stalin, really? Do you even have the slightest clue as to who Jojo was, pray tell?

      • Scott

        sure do, and this guy is in sheep’s clothes

      • Scott

        Care very much in the current situation, killing is killing and this peace loving President likes killing. there are many similarities between Obama and Stalin, Obama has not been able to nurture all of his possibilities yet

      • Pipercat

        Well, I can see the red herring catch of the day has been plentiful! Grats!!

    • Aimee Barfield

      Putin is a POS ex-KGB agent who has journalists murdered in the streets and controls the press in mother Russia (he’s also known to have murdered a few ex KGB agents living abroad, but what’s a little bit of polonium-210 in some soup?) . His country is an aged tiger w/ no teeth. Turn off Russian Propaganda RT and grow up, you silly little child.

      • Travis Pizel

        Obama said he “favored” a diplomatic solution….so why did it take the Russians to take all of 24 hours to suggest to, and get the Syrians to agree to giving up their weapons? Why didn’t we suggest it? I can just envision Obama and his band of clueless fools sitting around the table. “How can we get Assad to stop using Chemical weapons? Anyone have any ideas?” Answer: “How about we ask them to give them up?” <— Said NOONE???

      • Aimee Barfield

        Oh Travis…your lack of geopolitical affairs are so far gone it would literally take me hours to explain anything to you. And if I did, you would still not acknowledge it.

      • Travis Pizel

        “geopolitical” <- wow, that's an awfully big word. I'm so impressed that I almost forgot to notice that you didn't actually present any facts. And no, I wouldn't acknowledge it because you're just an Obama sheep. Everything that goes wrong is Bush's fault, everything that goes right is because Obama is a Jedi Knight. Laughable.

      • Aimee Barfield

        -1000 points for the word sheep.

        I didn’t say anything about Bush. You brought him up. I could be wrong but since you brought up Bush I can but guess you may have voted for him (I acknowledged I could be wrong already). Bush’s own relationship cooled dramatically with Putin towards the end of his tenure and for good reason.

        And man, why should I actually explain anything to you when you point blank said you would not acknowledge it? It would be the equivalent of one bashing their head against a wall.

        Think what you will but if you defend Putin as if he’s some great hero, regardless of your political affiliation or even lack thereof, maybe it’s time to question your attack mode of debating (and your thinking). Putin is a thug, a POS thug.

      • Scott

        wow you libs are so hateful

      • Aimee Barfield

        Just brewing with it, did you follow the conversation at all Scott?

      • Scott

        too much Kool-aid going around in here

      • Aimee Barfield

        This ‘group’ seems to be eclectic.

      • Scott

        that’s what this country is all about.. is it not?

      • Aimee Barfield

        There are many different factions amongst the two main party’s alone. There are different faction amongst the third wayers. It is what it is.

        This site is clearly partisan, I am shocked when people think otherwise, it’s in the title. It would be like me going to the Daily Paul and being astounded by the fact that the group there shares the same philosophies, more or less.

      • duif73

        more drivel….

      • Scott

        please explain

      • Aimee Barfield

        The former Soviet Union had strong ties with Syria, it was one of it’s only allies in the Middle East. As the Soviet Union crumbled, Russia took it’s place. Putin, a life long KGB agent, rose to power, a power he is loathe to give up. Syria is one of the last remaining military bases Russia has outside of the former USSR block.

        For the past two years Putin has been blocking any facets of diplomacy that may have taken place via the UN. When ‘shit got real’ and Putin began growing antsy about losing it’s only port in the Middle East over a real threat (I disagree with the author, I do believe the President intended to strike militarily all along against Syria), he decided to persuade Assad that the threat was very real. Keep in mind only days before Assad had gone on PBS and flat out denied owning chemical weapons. He also threatened the US and it’s allies with ‘retribution’. Putin owns Assad. Assad knows it. (Iran itself is weary of getting involved in any conflict. As a State actor it would not have.).

        I am still not convinced that Putin, most assuredly Assad, is an honest actor in this situation. Now, I will be happy if Putin provides otherwise regardless of how he spins it at home.

        Truthfully I trust neither of these men. I would like to be proven wrong.
        But in the end, I’m amazed how both the left and the right believes they were in on negotiations or actors in the situation room or in the closed doors of both the UN or G20 summits.

      • Scott

        correct me if I’m wrong but Russia pre-dated the Soviet Union and re-emerged as Russia in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union

      • Aimee Barfield

        Of course there was a Russia before the USSR. I am talking in terms of more recent history, post WWII. Russia predating WWII and before that was as varied as the spectrum of a rainbow.

      • Aimee Barfield

        They are actually called the Russian Federation now Scott. It was late last night/early this morning when I replied, I’m on the East Coast. Apologies for not adding this correction last night.

      • duif73

        Better to rather spend those hours getting a clue.. amazing that yo have the cheek to suggest Travis knows nothing when he is one of a handful on this blog who actually seems to see the bigger picture and not get lost in the propaganda like you… your post is so naive its laughable.

      • pattyp

        1) Obama and Putin discussed this very plan over a week ago at the G20.
        2) John Kerry made the offer public when he “gaffed.”
        3) It’s highly unlikely Syria would have accepted the offer had it come from the U.S., which had already threatened military action. But with Syria’s ally Russia making the offer, Assad would have been very hard-pressed to turn it down.

      • Rick Catdaddy Blankenship

        Are you retarded? Who is Syria more likely to listen to, the U.S. or it’s ally Russia? You people amaze me with your outrageous stupidity. What is more likely to have been said was “Who will Assad listen to and how can we get them to do what we want?”

      • Travis Pizel

        Yeah, that’s why they waited a week to even ask the question. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself expending all your brain power on your useless comment.

    • Gershon Wolf

      are you kidding?

    • Dubs

      I’d believe that Obama didn’t calculate a thing…but only if he hadn’t handed the decision to take military action over to Congress. He didn’t have to do it. He could have taken the unilateral action that right-wingers said he would…but he didn’t. Instead he made them look like idiots

      I believe the “long game” theory because its painfully obvious that this was planned out, at least in part (maybe they got lucky with Russia)

      • Scott

        he wanted a way out, so he could blame Congress if it failed
        what a putz!

    • Nancy Hall

      Actually, Obama called Putin’s bluff…the one in which he kept insisting that Assad didn’t have/wasn’t using chemical weapons. That’s the story he’s been spinning since the US, UK and France started making allegations four months ago. So now that it looks like a bombing threat is imminent, those weapons suddenly materialized and Putin is going to monitor them…or whatever.

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      You poor poor thing…

  • Dario Alvarez

    ” Oh, you mean one of the wars he inherited and promised to properly see out until the end? ”

    Nonsense, there was and there is no war in/with Pakistan. The article is quite all right except for this part; the drone attacks are still mostly murder.

  • Never doubt Obama’s long game…

    • Scott

      where was he for the last 3 years and over a 100,000 deaths?

      • Aimee Barfield

        SOS Clinton was at the UN speaking of this issue publicly and privately. Whatever she did was at that UN was at the behest of the President. He’s been pretty upfront on the issue in the beginning and the devastation the Civil War was taking.

        One thing that is clear, is that the initial protests were very peaceful. A little freedom, some bones of democracy was all that the protesters were asking for. Assad tried to do the same thing his father did in ’81, the consequences just proved differently for the son then it did for his father. These were the grandchildren of those slaughtered in ’81.

        Chemical warfare changes things. As it should. As it should have all along.

      • Scott

        conventional or chemical warfare is still killing

      • tabaqui

        And, what, we were supposed to step in and stop it by force? If President Obama had interfered in Syria before this, the screams of ‘war monger!’ would have raised the roof. Can’t have it both ways.

      • Scott

        for the President to run his campaign on stopping the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, sitting down with his adversaries and talking, he surely has done a lot for attacking other countries, either by threatening to do so ( Syria- so far ) or doing it (Libia) escalating the war in Afghanistan, sending Drones to kill people all over the Middle East ( a lot of innocents are killed in these attacks)
        I’m not saying I oppose some of these responses, what I am saying that for a peace loving , anti-war President there is a lot of killing going on!
        and btw, He does appear to be a war monger!

      • Phil the observer

        War is politics, when talking does not work..

      • Daddycool67

        UK and France led the military effort in Libya. The US had a very limited role. Qaddafi was killed by his own people.

        If by escalating the war in Afghanistan .. you mean setting the stage so we can get the hell out of there … yes , he did THAT.

        Drones? Oh … you mean one of the 2 wars that he inherited? The one that he DIDN’T already put an end to? I’m sure sorry about that! And I’m sure that the President would gladly apologize to you in person for not ending BOTH of the 2 RAGING wars that Bush handed him in a timely enough fashion to suit your sensibilities.

        Aren’t you leaving out somebody else that the “war monger” killed? What about poor Bin Laden? I’m sure that you’re making Bin Laden and his virgins extremely proud with your anti Obama bumper sticker speeches. After all … Obama IS the President of the imperialist USA. And seems to be a common enemy that you and Bin Laden both share.

      • Scott

        I noticed one thing in this rant, it was that Obama killed…killed…killed.. not bad for a peace loving liberal

      • He has not escalated the war in Afghanistan, that is a lie. The war mongers were Tricky-Dick, Ronnie ray gun, shrub I and shrub II, true mongers and mass murderers, Obama doesn’t come close. Your so funny with your little rebublikn lies!

      • Phil the observer

        one is retail, the other is wholesale

      • Phil the observer

        Wondering if it was worth 1 American death

      • Daddycool67

        Well he’s got this other thing that kinda keeps him busy.
        It’s called The USA!

        Unlike the adolescent cowboy from Texas … president Obama doesn’t feel like he needs to ride into town and shoot up the place (using taxpayer money) EVERY time some idiot in a sandbox does something ugly.

        He won’t have us occupying and rebuilding other peoples sandboxes (using taxpayer money) for 10-12 years either.

      • vwbtl99

        Avoiding bringing the world into a civil war.

      • Scott

        so why now?

  • Debi Lovell

    He is a master chess player, and while the republicans are always spouting their ridiculous rhetoric, they totally miss when he puts them in checkmate, I love Obama he is awesome!!!!!!!!

    • ahatfl

      Get some education. This is the worst way to lead the greatest nation in the world. He let a tin pot dictator stay in power after gassing his own people and running behind Russian skirts. How can allowing Assad to stay in power be good for any one other than Russia which gets a Naval base in the Mediterranean Sea?

      • Jeff Blanks

        Um, how do they get to Syria in order to have that naval base?

      • Londonian

        From the Black Sea, through the Bosphorus. They already have a facility in Tartus.

      • Diana Baskin

        If you take Assad out you have another Iraq. We can’t afford it. We break it we fix it.

      • Phil the observer

        Yeah, like we fixed Iraq and Afganistan.

      • duif73

        I urge you to get that education you speak of…. Putin orchestrated a way out for Obama after his childish red line rubbish… And It certainly is not the greatest nation in the world… pretty cool for some not so cool for others.. ranked quite far down for many basic services.. and I also urge you to do some real research before you throw out terms like tin pot dictator… in fact learn to use the internet to find all sides to the story and then think for a while before attacking someone else for their supposed lack of education as that just makes you look stupid.

      • Phil the observer

        Really, other than Israel who gives a cows poop about Syria…te Russians, because it gives them the ONE thing they need,,a Warm water port outside of Cuba and Danang.

      • Daddycool67

        “The greatest nation in the world” ……


        Maybe once upon a time.
        Until Ronnie Raygun got a hold of it!

      • kimo

        All Ronnie did was dismantle the communist regime, and break the Russian’s backs…

    • kimo

      He “handled” Benghazi well too, don’t you think?? Left Americans to die.. What a guy..

  • I do believe it is time to get this page off my FB. YET ANOTHER asinine piece making no sense, and almost as bad as any far right nuttiness out there. “Yeppers, it was Obama’s master plan all along, he fooled everybody, he just KNEW what would happen from the git go, he’s better than Kreskin.”
    Gimme a break. Obama was playing the standard military force response that has been used by many presidents both dem and repub when it comes to foriegn offenses that don’t merit outright military intervention, but do require some sort of punishing immediate response. Putin and Russia pulled this one outta the hat, not Obama. I supported Obama and still do, but on this he has been dead wrong. The only good outcome has been that the threat of force did unexpectedly open up an alternative, one that had Russia not intervened and made it possible for Syria to accept without losing face, would not have happened.
    I’m done with this partisan fluff of a site.

    • Adam

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • Pipercat

      You know, stalling works..

    • Terry Knepper

      is that a promise?

    • jazzychow

      See ya! Go back to your faux “news” echo chamber. Enjoy living in your alternate reality while the rest of us move the country forward. Here’s your ball. Take it and go home.

    • Gershon Wolf

      I thought the article was good. A pretty likely analysis of the situation.

    • ahatfl

      You are correct!

    • Keys121

      Spot on, Paul68!

    • LOL. Gotta love the witty replies full of thoughtful consideration and astute observation. Let’s see, we have “neener neener” replies, and I automatically must like “FAUX’ news and be some kind of conservative because I find a progressive article ridiculous, because as well all know, a good progressive agrees with everything another progressive says because unlike those right wing lunatic sheep, we don’t simply toe the party line like good little partisans who can’t think for themselves. Er, uh, wait………..
      Yup, ignoring Forward Progessive is the right decision.
      And to screw up further “neener neener’s”, I responded through Disqus;)

  • Sadlycynical

    Master strategy or not, while I’ve supported him throughout, playing this game with Congressional Republicans and others (i.e., the media) is still playing a game. We deserve better than have grown children at the helm. Give us straight talk — I’m tired of hyperbole and b.s.

    And if you think Russia leading the withdrawal of Syrian chemical weapons is actually going to achieve much, you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Mario Junior

      Politics is the cool kid at school on the grandest level… ‘Merica!!

  • Jason Bolton

    People who believe there is any difference between those two awful parties are the real fools. You are divided, conquered, bought and paid for.

    • Duncan McNeil

      And you’ve managed to feel superior to everyone all at the same time.

      • Jason Bolton

        I don’t feel superior at all. Maybe more aware? Certainly not superior in any way. Who has it better? The person asleep that never even knows the fatal crash happened or the one looking out the window at their impending doom?

      • Pipercat

        I suppose, since the outcome is the same, it doesn’t really matter!

  • Delbert Quilsak

    Obama’s reasoning for going to Congress is very simple. If Congress approves it, and it goes to H***, then he is off the hook. If Congress turns him down, he can say “Well, I tried.” Either way he does nothing and still wins. Sure, he is a “master manipulator” with a heart of clay. As far as Putin is concerned, he certainly saved Obama’s a** this time. And we won’t even mention Kerry…

    • Gershon Wolf

      Your 1st 2 sentences is alnost word for word what I said 2 days ago to my wife. Wow!

  • Shadow Knuckle

    If you truly believe Obama has any type of true power please kick yourself in the ass because it’s pretty obvious who’s running the game here.

    You know what Syria is? A DISTRACTION.

    It’s funny how everybody jumps on the news bandwagon about the “current issue” or “current event”. What happened to the Edward Snowden case? Chris Dorner anybody? Or Sandy Hook? Or about Korea bombing us? Oh you didn’t think about those past most RECENT issues did you. Keep being distracted by your television your helping the man deploy his plans successfully.

    • Duncan McNeil

      You’re soooo stupid.

      • jazzychow

        Agreed, Duncan McNeil.

    • Gershon Wolf

      Syria is a distraction from our domestic problems. But that is a coincidence. Just because it gobbles up the headlines does not mean that everyone forgot about about all of our favorite progressive issues. My FB feed is still full of fight against the GOP domestic onslaught of sludge and death.

    • Mario Junior

      Interesting viewpoint, I feel you, but Syria is a very real issue. What did happen w/all that fraud bout Sandy Hook and that other explosion?

  • Thank you. I hope this was the plan all along. I’m shocked how few people are upset that all those children and other civilians have died and at the hand of Assad and his minions. The world, yet again, allows a genocide. Obama spoke against this from the start. Who opposed? Russia and China–because they are making tons of money–as per usual in this horrible game–someone is always making a lot of money off tragedy.
    Whatever all the other motivations of any of the other world players at the core is the use of chemical weapons and others on a people that (in the beginning) were asking for basic human rights.
    As the world ignored the problem and people grew desperate the whole thing got so horrible.
    I know USA has often done horrible things, made huge mistakes..
    can’t the world, and the US try to get this one right?
    Stop Genocide.
    How do you stop it?

    • Gershon Wolf

      It’s hard to stop a genocide. Saddam will no longer gas people and Bin laden will do no more 9-11s. But there are always more killers to step up and take their places. It was wrong to try and “nation build” in iraq but killing Saddam was the right thing to do. So I hope someone kills Assad, too.

      • Scott

        wow and you guys say the republicans are bad people

      • Kirk welch

        Scott, don’t mistake kindness for weakness.

      • Scott

        sorry , don’t see the kindness in this room

      • duif73

        Fully agree with you… this article and blog is so typical.. Russia saved the US from having to start WW3 (to save face after threats) and now Russia and China are being touted as the greedy ones and in the eyes of these people Obama is the hero… this is a joke… can’t believe the folks here think attacking a sovereign state who is fighting a civil war has anything to do with them… especially when the evidence in the international community says it was the Rebels who used the chemical weapons..this news though does not get much airtime in the US….The Syrian war is getting out of hand only because the US is backing Jihadists from outside Syria who have nothing to do with the actual conflict and instead are turning this into a Sunni and Shiite war for the whole region to get embroiled in… amazed at how gullible these people are… red line wow.. after 100 000 have been killed already by both sides.. Jihadists dismembering young girls on camera and slaughtering christian villages… but hey perhaps Assad used chemical weapons so lets take him out… pathetic.

      • Pipercat

        Well, hate to break it to you, but this is already of a proxy war between the Shia and the Sunnis. Guess you missed the memo that Hezbollah joined in the fun some time ago and things started to go Bash’s way. Subsequent to that development, the various Sunni organizations have called for Jihad. The country is now filled with foreign fighters from both sects. Your straw man aside, this war will continue no matter what we do. Any action on our part will be an escalation of hostilities; moreover, any action by any outside force will be an escalation of hostilities. But please, go ahead and blame one man for everything! Never mind the fact the two major sects have carried on a blood feud since the Battle of the Camel in the seventh century…

      • duif73

        Read what Is said properly before trying to belittle comments… What I have seen with blogging here is that most believe the propaganda and will stand by it as fact… it is a real pity that so many have been dumbed down – no doubt the Fluoride in the water.. if you support the strike or Obama’s point of view then I sincerely hope you will be in the front line to fight when the shti hits the fan… got to love all these pro Obama and Kerry wardogs who are blogging while in line for their Frappacino. PATHETIC… disgusted that only 200 protested the Strike in Washington.. Country over run by reactive Twerkers instead of pro active thinkers…yet the few are able to be real thought provoking leaders and these few are labelled in derogatory ways and cast aside by the trash that film themselves jumping into a cactus and post it on youtube as entertainment. What a great country the US could be.

        Berlin had a march the same day to protest NSA and spying – 20 000 arrived… done with this rubbish…what ever happens will not be the will of the people anyway… so why bother caring about all the lies and the loss of human life for Oil/Gas/Pipelines and puppet western regimes.

      • Pipercat

        I guess, my mind isn’t quite twerked enough to understand how all of this, from fluoride to frappucinos, has anything to do with chemical weapons in Syria or Assad’s mustache for that matter. Regardless of your intention, your execution, sucked. Sorry, but perhaps you should try a third person narrative instead this extremely tiring mark of the beast shit. Oh one last thing, opinions, even provocative ones, are not propaganda just because you disagree with them.

      • duif73

        I would say it is twerked enough or else you would realize what is being said… Chemical weapons is a pretense to install a pro US regime… that’s it… By all means disagree… the current opinions are exactly that…opinions without any evidence.. both sides are committing atrocities but no proof exists that Assad used the chemical weapons.. plenty is coming out strongly suggesting the Rebels did.. So label me a conspiracy theorist, which I am not, but hey… no doubt most will support your opinion as that is what you are fed.

        Good luck…

      • BillMFreeman

        Where is this proof? I can find many reputable news organizations citing the US and UK governments reports of Assad’s responsibility but only blog posts asserting the rebels. And those all seem to track to a Russian claim that rebels used chemicals last March to kill 2 dozen people.

      • duif73

        The most recent evidence is 2 reporters that were kidnapped by the rebels and recently released after the Pope got involved who testified they over heard one of the rebels on a skype conversation in broken english talking about having done the attack to someone else speaking very good english… Then another is a highly respected Nun in Syria presenting evidence to the UN that this was false flag operation by the rebels to get the US/Israel/UK etc an excuse to attack… Most reports don’t make it to the mainstream US media.

        I suggest you read your news reports but also out of interest sake and the sake of variety you also follow Russia TV news reports as they have become known for their impartial excellence and then also have a look at Al Jazeera.. then compare all of them and think about what you want to believe as the most plausible… or simply watch Jon Stewarts daily show for thought provoking content.

        And the US and UK have never once said anything with certainty…its all the same old political speech, the same way the Republicans and Fox news spoke about What IF Obama had done this or that…but trivialize the IF and tell the story that never existed.

        This whole situation has been created to enable a strike based on IF. This strike in my opinion will be a catastrophic mistake…

      • Pipercat

        Oh, so let me see if I get this. Blogging is propaganda because of the flouride in the water; which obviously means I should be in the front line because of waiting in line for a Frappacino; that in turn, means that impaling oneself on a cactus is proof that Germans are more outraged over the NSA than the 200 who protested in Washington over airstrikes; which ultimately leads to oil and gas production, somewhere. Wow, I need a breath. Furthermore, dubious allegations are now absolute proof of the US wanting install a puppet government in Syria. Gotcha!!

      • duif73

        Sarcasm has never been all that interesting.. so if you have nothing to offer other than trying to incorrectly belittle what I have said then….have fun and goodbye.

      • Pipercat

        Are you mad? You make it too easy! Consider this an education of sorts. If you are going to make such grandiose assertions, you might want to bone up on logical fallacies; moreover, a single point of reference can be a handy tool for presenting an argument. Bloviating all sorts of non sequiturs as proof of something in fact, proves nothing. The only glue to your straw is the finger pointing towards Obama.

      • duif73

        You have the internet.. put it to use and come chat to me once you have varying points of view to consider…. and the only Bloviating here is being done by you – unless you don’t actually know what it means… you the only pompous *&^%&% at present.

      • Pipercat

        Actually I did in the first reply, which of course you poo-pooed with the whole fluoride plus cactus equals Assad’s mustache nonsense. I know, let’s do a word, count shall we?

      • duif73

        I guess the dumbing down thing bugged you since you are forced to drink Fluoridated water… :-)) you need to actually realize that we would probably actually have quite a laugh with this conversation while having a beer…but instead tone is not present and you seemed to get insulting over my right to have an opinion which in your view was delivered poorly but it is not groundless, perfectly plausible, just like yours….if you had offered one of course…but instead you chose to attack..
        I have simply been disappointed by the apparent lack of interest in what may or may not be the truth regarding this whole situation.. and if it were to end in a Strike on Syria which is most likely it will be a very big deal that will influence all of us directly

        The US has disarmed and then attacked Libya and Iraq, saying that some part of the disarming agreement was not met.. itching to get in their.. so perhaps the New World order rubbish is at play..or controlling interest in important territories.. or of course the Petro Dollar being on the verge of collapse…if it does then the US dollar will be done and dusted…

        So plenty at stake here.. and I reckon you actually agree with me on most of it..but I irritated you with part of my delivery.. Anyway… what will be will be I guess…

      • Pipercat

        I love you man, you called me pompous! I think I’ll have a plaque made!

      • duif73

        Bloviating is a great word, where if you accuse another of bloviating it means the accuser is in fact bloviating… as the very use of such a word is in itself Pompous or Bloviating… Keep that plaque close 🙂 and have a cool day.

      • Daddycool67

        Don’t forget about the strike!

        The one that hasn’t happened … but that the group who never met a war that they didn’t have a torrid love affair with … says we should all be fauxraged about!

      • Rick Catdaddy Blankenship

        Who the hell is feeding you bonehead?

      • duif73

        The earth.. no doubt you being fed by Monsanto…. and with the Catdaddy thrown in the middle – their is only one Bonehead here and it aint me….

      • Daddycool67

        Support the strike?
        What strike?

        You mean the one that HASN’T happened?

      • Scott

        No I believe he is speaking about the one Kerry is still threatening and appears to be imminent, let’s see what happens when Assad doesn’t give up all his chemical weapons and Obama has to strike to save face

      • And when was the first Crusade? 300ad. 1713 years fighting in the middle east over Jerusalem. That was 325 years before Mohammed was even born. There were no Muslems at that time. I think it’s time to get out. The Jews wanted to resettle Israel, Only problem was that the Palistineans had been living there for 10,000 years. We do not have the money or the inclination for anymore of these shit-pot wars that start up again as soon as we leave. The middle east has to figure out it’s own solutions. There are many religiously deluded people there and it gets nasty with the in-fighting, but guess what? It’s none of our business.

      • Pipercat

        Icing, indeed!

      • Daddycool67

        Maybe when someone actually DOES attack the sovereign state of Syria …and interferes in their civil war …. you might have a valid argument.

        But since the only thing that has actually happened has been TALKING about it. (And Assad admitting that he has boatloads of chemical weapons) … it seems that you’re just talking out the side of your neck like a fox news parrot. ….. AGAIN.

        That’s one thing the level headed side of planet earth has definitely noticed throughout this whole thing. We’ve noticed that team Fox and their viewers really have a huge problem. And it’s getting to the point where liberals can actually exploit it and use it. The problem is that fox viewers cannot always distinguishing what has actually happened in the world outside their little bubble … from what the heads on TV are saying MIGHT happen. Or COULD happen. Or has happened BEFORE (50-100 years ago.)

        There’s a huge disconnect there between bumper sticker slogans and reality. And people like President Obama have figured out how to take advantage of it!

      • The people that want to kill people and blow things up are mean. The ones that don’t are kind

      • Scott

        for a bunch of Liberals there is a lot of talking about killing in here

    • Almost all wars are fought over religion or race. To get rid of wars we must first rid ourselves of religious and racial hatred. That I am afraid will be a long hard road. The right hangs on to racism and religious bigotry with a fervor. It leads to a very profitable endeavor.

  • p.s. and if I hear ONE more person say, “those people are always fighting” I think I’ll scream. I’ve heard people who consider themselves progressive spewing that…. WHO is always fighting?

  • patriotpaul2

    Regardless of any strategy, a question that should be asked of all Presidents before entering war: “Mr/Ms. President, we recently invaded another country based on false information resulting in the murder of thousands of innocent civilians. If you do the same based on false information will you immediately resign from office and subject you and your Cabinet to an International War Crimes Tribunal?” If he/she can’t agree to this then we should not invade/drop bombs, etc.

    Paul Harris
    Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”

  • Jeffrey

    Where was this “genius” in Libya?


  • bribriny

    Does anyone else think that the..oh President Obama said this..Then I’m against it by the republicans is getting old..and is really harming the country?
    Get them out!!! Clean out congress..they are pointless and killing this country!

  • Donovan Bock

    Wow, you leftist idiots really think that lying snake is some kind of brilliant tactician. Nope, just another corporate whore and another tool of the Military Industrial Complex.

    • Pipercat

      Oh, you’re so 1950s. Don’t you know the MIC has been replaced by Speculative Banking Cabal?

      • Donovan Bock

        Just remember, if you’re with Obushma on this, you’re with asswipes like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. You partisan retards are total morons. Both parties are full of thieving, murderous liars. Keep worshiping government, you blind sheep. “My blue dictator is so much different than your red dictator!

      • Pipercat

        I’m with anyone who’ll keep us from sticking our noses into a fucking proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The rest is all self indulgent bullshit…

      • Donovan Bock

        How is he going to keep us out of a proxy war with Iran when he is always spewing republican talking points about Iran? He is a purveyor of war propaganda just like every piece of shit before him. You people have really bought into a total fake and a puppet.

      • Pipercat

        Well, I’m rootin’ for Putin! As a consequence, your automatic finger pointing and stuck thumb syndrome is not serving you very well. By the way, how does bringing you up to date as to who is running the show behind the scenes prove I’m supporting anybody?

      • Donovan Bock

        You didn’t bring me up to date on anything. Banking cartels are a part of the issue, as is the military industrial complex with all their lobbyists. Both of them are war profiteers and both of them are destroying this shitty country.

      • Pipercat

        Hey dude, did the last Treasure Secretary work for Boeing? Did Benny come from Lockheed? Nope! Both are Goldman Sachs alumni. The defense industry are tit suckers. As long as they get their boob time they’re happy. You better do some looking into the non-sovereign debt out there and how that forces guys like Jamie and Lloyd to keep their employees, most elected officials, in line and keep the money supply flowing. War profits are chump change compared to Quantitative Easing and wealth extraction…

    • ahatfl

      This is a complete International embarrassment for America by a dysfunctional foreign policy of abandonment. Putin did not do this out of the kindness of his heart he needs high oil prices for a Russian economy which is 1/3 oil export dependent. So with this idiot president now stepping to the microphone tonight and telling Congress to “pause” the votes so another country can make us dance to their tune is despicable. Oil prices will now sit at $108 a barrel for the next month or two while we see if this president can worm his way out from his asinine “red line” comments from 6 months ago. Obama is not even good at hiding his incompetence in foreign policy and this article is pathetically written to cover the ass of a complete failure to American prestige.

  • Jeffrey

    President JUST gave a live speech doubling down on the military strike.

    How retarded do you guys feel?

    • Donovan Bock

      If it was Bush pushing for this they’d be foaming at the mouth. Instead they’re just making excuses for Obushma. Turns out they were never anti-war, just anti-Bush and anti-Republicans. As far as I’m concerned, both evil parties are just as responsible for destroying this country. Republicans and Democrats don’t have any goddamn principles, they’ll do the exact opposite of what they claim to believe in every time, as long as they’re the ones in power.

  • Dude

    You write a lot about how good Obama is at outsmarting the Republican Party, giving him endless kudos on doing so. Not a whole lot, however, about how what he’s doing is the best thing for the country or the right thing for his job. We can all agree that Republicans are bad, but the partisanship that oozes out of your writing is just as unproductive.

  • Aimee Barfield

    Honestly I think you give too much credit to the purity left. They are as big of a part of the problem as any Republican.

  • Jeff Barber

    No war mongering here.
    Leave that to the the Republicans!

  • Gershon Wolf

    The republikkans were acting like fools contradicting themselves and bumbling? I hardly noticed. You mean that The President gave them an issue and they did the usual stupidity and blathering bafoonery with it.

  • Ellen H.

    Well-played, Mr. President, well-played.

  • Kelly Speaks

    Totally agree with that assessment.. I agree that he was more interested in getting Russian involved with the negotiations instead of always taking a back seat, complaining.. Also makes the communications a little bit better between the two nations, that if they do try hard, they can find ways to compromise…

    • Pipercat

      There may be some proof in that pudding. Notice how this conveniently happened after St. Petersburg..

  • Tim

    Its really good that he ’embarrassed’ republicans… as if that’s an important objective. When human lives are at stake, and the real question is whether this war is JUST or not. This article said more about republicans or democrats than it did about what justifies an intervention from a country that is nowhere near the country in question.

  • Jack7

    Not buying it. I just see a man of conviction. He believes in both humanism and democracy. His desire to act in Syria, and the stagnation of congress, did not allow him to bypass his respect for the democratic process. He set an example by going to congress for approval. It doesn’t have to be a Nolanesque plan for it to be important and intelligent.

    I feel that the people buying into this are merely the ones who refused to believe that Obama was willing to go as far as necessary and now they’re trying to conform the man into their ideal of him by portraying him as a Batman villain level mastermind. I find the simpler alternative much more noble.

  • Rick

    Like Saddam played all the fools in the world about showing all of his aspiration and weapons… will Bashar Hafez al-Assad since basically he is using IRAQ’s weapons..This will be concluded with the NEXT matter who it is..just kick the can down the usual..hide and seek with weapons will make a MOVE NEXT to IRAN..and so it goes…

  • bryant chriss

    He is like a jedi knight playing mind tricks with the replubs. Now he is sitting back in the oval office laughing whilel the hatters come with lies on why they think he is the worst president. #mypresidentisacoolazzmuthafucr

  • RickG

    You all are blinded if you think he planned this. John Kerry’s sarcastic remark caused the backpeddle. Russia called him on it.

  • Jeannie Phillips Morgan

    Oh yes Obama played it all so well..Lmao u dumbass Obama lovers typical all of u make up lies to make ur chosen one look GREAT! cant help buet, laugh at how dumb about him u are smh!

    • Pipercat

      You, you, your and you again, respectively.

    • Craig Sherman

      I love it when people speak of intelligence, name call and then look so darn intelligent themselves! Thank you Jeannie. That was entertaining! Hope your trailer doesn’t blow away.

    • Were you home schooled by an idiot? Candy Crowley and Obama sure pointed out Romney’s lies right on tv. Do you watch the tv?

  • Csafro

    Wow, you’re retarded. Forgot to mention Benghazi first and foremost. Funny how you can turn everything into positive examples. You are just as blind as every other liberal and make up stories and reasons behind all of the actions of YOUR president. Pathetic, truly pathetic

    • Craig Sherman

      What a thoughtful comment. We need more people like Csafro offering such coherent, grand ideas. Thank you!!

  • Eileen Susa

    One thing is for sure, the world was watching , and the country was against it, Obama knew this, he too was against it, but his conscience was hounding him, he had to act , let Assad know he meant business, I feel Obama’s meeting with Putin was the point at which the master plan took place, even the UK could have been in on this one, It is a brilliant plan, praying it works out exactly as we hope. The fact that this president was allowing time for the country to think hard and unite against war was even another grand plan I would say, In my whole life I have never seen a republican politician against war, so that in itself spoke volumes. No troops on the ground is a blessing, we are seeing a great history lesson unfold, maybe the one lifetime lesson we will ever witness . Similar to the bay of pigs and Cuba with Kennedy. If Assad hands over the weapons to the UN , this will be maybe the start of some kind of peace we are all looking for eh? my hat is off to Obama for his patience and desire to do what is right for this country. Just my take :O)

    • ahatfl

      Your giving way too much credit to a man who is truly lost on the world stage. Putin just used this man and our country to keep a military base in Syria and a president in power who just gassed his own people. How would you feel if it was your family killed? Obama just embarrassed this country in the eyes of all nations.

  • Awakened

    Your joking right?????!!!!!!! If being made to look like a fool by the Russian President is “playing right into his hand” then I suppose a congratulations is in order!!!! Otherwise, wrong!!!!! And to see all these comments on here ? you people are so sad eating up this man’s ridiculous nonsense time after time!!!! I am not a Repub and think they are for the most part just as worthless as he is. You guys really need a wake up call, maybe you should try looking outside of your Demotard party for a change and try thinking for yourselves!!!!!! OBAMA IS THE BIGGEST JOKE THIS COUNTRY HAS SEEN, EVER!!!!! I used to think that about Bush Jr, but the difference is that Bush was actually that dumb as to not see how what he was doing was wrong, he was just a puppet. Obama on the other hand, he’s not dumb, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s doing it willingly because it’s what he believes in. Shame on him and shame on all of you who blindly follow him and help in supporting the inevitable destruction of our own country!!!!!

    • Pipercat

      You know, if you walk like a duck and quack like one…

    • ahatfl

      Ignore the children here who have never held a job or their own child. You are right in everything you said.

  • Travis Pizel

    This could be, hands down, the stupidest article I’ve ever read. Obama asked for congressional approval because he couldn’t issue a military strike on his own without being a hypocrite. (remember back in 2008 when he said that the president has no authority to do this sort of thing without the backing of congress?) With the backing of congress (even though the American People systematically OPPOSE military action) he could go ahead with his strikes and if things went poorly just point the finger at congress just as he and the entire liberal movement has been blaming George Bush for everything that has gone wrong in the last four years. The sign of a great leader is one that can bring people from opposing sides together and make them work together. heck, he even PROMISED that in his campaign platform. But he hasn’t been able to get it done in congress. Don’t blame the Republicans for simply roadblocking all his initiative (especially when the democrats had FULL control of congress for a time), blame his poor leadership skills and piss poor ideas that are driving this country straight into the ground. We’re on a train going in the wrong direction, and unfortunately the next stop is 3.5 years away…..God help us all.

    • ahatfl

      Your fighting the good fight Travis. Keep at it. When the “progressives” realize the regression it will be too late to change things.

    • David McCluskey

      Right on Travis!!!

  • Libtards

    Wow. Lots of lockstepping sheep. Good lord people. THINK for yourselves!!!! This man doesn’t know what he is doing. He’s been lost Day 1 and continues to put this nation in danger because of his inept “leadership”. Leading from behind…that is his legacy.

    • Travis Pizel

      he does find playing president fun though….his golf game has improve immensely. His goal is to never have unemployment get below his handicap.

    • ahatfl


  • Phearless

    Oh, but it’s called a “flip-flop” when ANYONE else does it?

    Make no mistake… your “dear leader” wanted to start a war with Syria just as badly as the Republicans’ “dear leader” wanted to start a war with Iraq (and Sudan, and Egypt, and Somalia…). And after he gets told “NO”, his response is “HA! I KNEW YOU’D SAY NO! GOTCHA!”????


  • Evan Schwartz

    I blogged this idea the moment he turned to a congressional vote… He has never been a war monger. These last 2 weeks were a beautifully choreographed dance. John Kerry deserves an Oscar for his performance. Still there will be those that can’t believe it. They can’t see how somehow can see three or four steps ahead…

    • David McCluskey

      Baaaaa, says the sheep.

      • Craig Sherman

        David, you are very good at childish name calling and ridicule. Curious. Do you bring anything else to the table?

  • Sam

    A very well written article that can be summed up in a few words, “Turning the tide – A retrospective analysis”

    I don’t believe in this theory because the unintended consequences were just too embarrassing and fatal to play such a dangerous game. No politician would take such a risk with so much at stake. If he did, he is just a wisest fool!

  • Denis F

    So when the Mafia demands people to do as it demands, under the threat of violence, that is wrong.

    But when the President does it, that is a political master stroke ?

  • jason rubino

    I would say that playing his hand while inadvertently getting Russia to intervene in a diplomatic solution was excellently well played (if that was his actual intention), but I think this article, teeming with partisan nonsensical falsities and assumptions is laughable. Praising him for sitting though the Arab Spring is just a joke. Did he forget that the US intervened in Libya? And whether or not he inherited a war in Iraq and Afghanistan does not justify murdering civilians in Yemen and Pakistan. I felt the need to make a comment after reading the previous commenters who do not realize that they sound like a bunch or mindless Conservative yahoo news commenters. It’s just sad when people cannot think for themselves, and have allowed an article written by an uninformed hack to perpetuate celebration and victory for the Democratic party and our president. HE WAS GOING TO REIN FIRE DOWN ON SYRIA….the bottom line is, whether you are Republican or Democrat, that this is wrong.

  • Brenda Porter

    So does anyone else think that having our forces camped outside the door, so to speak, had anything to do with Russia’s “apparent” willingness to help broker a deal for it’s ally? While I believe it would be incredibly difficult for any UN groups to successfully corral the now admitted WMD’s, the threat alone may be enough to suppress any further use of gas. Great move. Check, but not mate, yet.

  • tunes33

    Are you kidding? There’s about 50 miles between sitting idly by watching Syrians do things and making the USA the laughing stock of the world after Putin humiliates Kerry and bails Obama out of the stalemate he’s placed himself in. If he wanted merely to act, he could have officially condemned the action, cut off foreign aid, and made some talk about other economic ramifications. Or any of 50 other things I don’t even know that don’t involve us engaging in yet another Middle East conflict with no exit strategy. If he truly did just “jump” to this course of action in order to not look idle, he’s impulsive at best and reckless at worst. I thought this man won the Nobel PEACE prize.

    • Keys121


  • erinkellycody


  • Greg

    This article is laughable.

    The convenience of it all is perfect, if more than a little naive. Now that the situation has the outward appearance of making President Obama look slightly better after weeks of overwhelming opposition from the American public and Congress alike, Clifton pulls a “this was Obama’s plan all along” angle. The president still wants to go to war in Syria. And yes, it’s very likely true that the Republicans (who are every bit as bad as the Democrats) would be on board with the strikes if it weren’t for a Democratic president. It’s all just more of the same partisan nonsense. The president has done a great job of making Republicans look like complete idiots (as if that’s an accomplishment). That has been his real plan the whole time. It’s less about sound foreign policy and more about making his political adversaries look foolish.

    But to say that the current negotiations in progress were all due to the president’s admirable leadership and cunning is simply trying to stop in time to claim victory for Team Blue. These negotiations are not over; this situation will get a whole lot worse before it gets better (if ever). The president largely fell into these circumstances because he had neither congressional nor media nor public support for his plan. If he had only one of the two, we’d be discussing how many civilians our bombs had killed in Syria. The reason the president appealed to Congress for approval before striking (something he didn’t do in Yemen, Somalia, or Lybia) is because it would have been a bad political move, and he knows it.

    This entire article reeks of partisanship and blind loyalty to Team Blue. Clifton makes no argument as to whether or not this all has been based in sound foreign policy. Rather, he relishes in the fact that is has shown the Republicans to be hypocrites as if that were something a child couldn’t do. This victory lap is as premature as Bush below a “Mission Accomplished” banner on an aircraft carrier. The irony is that Clifton begins the piece by chiding Americans for “freaking out” when President Obama begins a campaign with which they disagree. Here, he is lauding the president way too soon and for reasons that should not be credited to Obama.

    • David McCluskey

      I agree with you 100%, Greg. What a bunch of sheep.

  • I can just see a bunch of black guys setting around just laughing their asses off. This man is “Street” and Harvard. Don’t try to bullshit the bullshitter!

  • Keys121

    I have to agree. Well played, Obama. Played right in to the hands of Russia’s Mr. Putin. He is not finished with Obama yet. And you sheeples still don’t see the big picture! I hope your Russian is good.

    • Keys121

      And what say you about the report that five US generals instructed Obama to play nice or he would be arrested for treason??? This is about Obama wanting to aid his Muslim brotherhood in supporting the same terrorists who attacked the US on 9-11-01. He has lost all credibility in the common sense world and made our country weak and divided. Just like any terrorist would desire.

  • FistOfDissent

    hey remember all the people whining about obama saying that they had him beat, that he was going to lose in a landslide, that he was clueless about the election?

    yeah. how’d that work out? fool you once, shame on you. fool you twice, you’re an idiot paulbot.




    • Keys121

      Politics on both sides are crooked. Elections can be bought and fraudulently cast by both parties. He won because he is a good speaker, had the funding and is black.

  • Bunny

    Sorry, I can’t approve of the drones.

  • Qb2Qr3

    It was 99 years ago this month that WW1 began, largely because no leader from London to Moscow actually believed it world. Just 3 weeks before hostilities began, Kaiser Wilhelm II declared “I don’t believe we are heading for a great war. France and Russia are not ready for war.”

    One thing the Cuban Missile Crisis taught was that you delay, delay, delay until you find a diplomatic solution that allows all parties to save face.

    Kudos to the President.

  • Blair Burrill

    A solid read, thank you for this. I would have dearly appreciated links to relevant examples and articles in the article itself though.

  • David McCluskey

    If you believe this nonsense about Obama, you are a fool. Putin is playing with him like he is his own little lap dog.

    • David McCluskey

      So, in your imaginary “grand scheme” he didn’t make republicans look bad at all. He strengthened the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, giving a voice to Rand Paul, all while showing that Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, and many more are not partisan when it comes to policy, they are actually war mongers, wanting to attack and kill innocent civilians.

      If this was his grand plan, (it was not), he made so many in the democrat party look like fools, he should be embarrassed. The flip flop in chief just showed how indecisive he is on foreign policy, and has single-handedly made Putin relevant, and the leader on the world stage.

      I am amused by the blind love you all have for Obama. Sad.

      • David McCluskey

        I will thank God that Bush, Clinton, Bush, McCain, or Mittens were not in office during this time. A military strike would have happened with any of those losers. It is sad that it took a Russian President to explain to Obama what was going to happen.

  • BD

    Supporting military action in Syria is not being “tough on terror”. Which side are we going to support? Islamic extremists with links to AQ from the Sunni Gulf States are flowing into Syria in support of the rebels. Iran and Hezbollah are supporting Assad. There are NO winners as far as we’re concerned and neither side are really our friends. We have absolutely NOTHING to gain by meddling.

  • Craniac65

    Haven’t read all 194 comments, so this may have been answered. What does putting chemical weapons under International control entail? Will these weapons be safely destroyed? Thanks.

  • Janegrace

    I have written the same thing about President Obama as he is a master at chess and congress is struggling with checkers.
    President Obama is a brilliant, passionate leader who will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.

  • as flores

    well played, now fire congress

  • jennie

    wow you couldn’t be any more wrong if you tried!

  • barbaralee12


  • LizzeeWhiz

    Props to the POTUS. Brilliant!

  • Janegrace

    I find it interesting some of the posters give so much attention to Putin and the power he might hold. In real life he is a thug who mistreats his own people everyday.
    He is a small man with delusions of grandeur and I see no goodness in him. It is like a country ruled by mafia.
    I suggest you who doubt it live there 2 years and find what really goes on in Russia.

    Be grateful we have a president of great intellect and compassion. President Obama defines civility.

  • Michael kimani

    This Article Sums it All up Pretty Well, I Say !

    The President Gets the Proverbial “GOP/Tea Party Republicans’ Lemons”, and Makes Great Lemonade Out of it ;

    He is Like a “Peacock”, Who Feeds on Poison, Which Makes him Come Out “Pretty, & Beautiful”, and Smelling Like a Rose ;

    He is a “Master Jujitsu Player”, a “3-Dimensional Chess Player”, with Opponents ( I Mean Obstructionist Haters), Playing Checkers :

    And Yes, Contrary to his ” Haters’ ” Propaganda, President Barack Obama is Perfectly “Human”, with Flesh, Blood and Feelings, with an Insatiable Commitment to Making a Difference, in the Quality of “All Human Beings”….Yes, All Human Beings, the Most Intense of his “Haters” Included ! ?

    That is Who the Man is, I Say ! ?

    BTW – I Recommend Reading this Entire Article – A Thoughtful Article, Though it doesn’t Even Tell the Half of it, About the Man’s Commitment for Humanity, and What he is up Against, on his Path ! ?

    • Shaneequa

      Why Do You Spell Every Word With A Capital Letter? Because You Are Only Semi Literate?Go Back To School And Learn To Write.

      • Michael kimani

        Mmmm….Talking About Going Back to School, I am Sorry, you Won’t Understand, if I Told you !
        If you Went Back to School, you Would Perhaps Know How to “Stay on Topic at Hand”… Phew ! Sorry, Did you Get that, or it Went Over your Head Pal ! ?
        But I Say you are Okay by Me, Just as you are !

  • Zarathustra

    This is the biggest joke of an article I’ve read.Your statement is completely asinine: “considering we’ve greatly weakened al-Qaeda and killed Osama bin Ladin, he seems to have accomplished some of those goals.”

    Al-Qaeda isn’t some centralized organization, killing bin Laden was nothing more than a symbolic victory for the US it didn’t weaken AL-Q. With the old man now out of the way, all of the AL-Q affiliated groups and lone wolves are free to carry out terrorist attacks in the name of of the ideology without having to answer to a central AL-Q. Ansar Al-Sharia, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al Shibab, Al Nursrra, and various other Jihadi groups are very much active and committed to killing Americans. They are active in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan,Somalia, Yemen, Waziristan, Pakistan and now Syria, the influence of these groups is spreading across the Middle East. The policies of this administration and the previous administration have not made us any safer, if you really think so you are deluding yourself. If you want sources read the combating terrorism center’s declassified memos retrieved from Bin Laden’s compound in Abottobad, additionally Strafor has published numerous intelligence reports on this subject as well as Wikileaks.

  • Zarathustra

    My second comment is Obama got played for a fool. We are an Empire and this is power politics, we are in a proxy war with Russia and China over who is going to influence the Middle East. Russia was waiting for Obama to blink and he took the bait. Congress is now backing away from military action because the President is no longer pressuring them for authorization as hard since they are buying the Russian proposal. I don’t think we need to use military force in Syria and any desired outcome would be for a stalemate which keeps Iran occupied and Al-Qaeda linked militants occupied. We need to keep military force as a creditable threat for the outcome we desire. The President should have asked for authorization 5 weeks ago, this would have put strikes on the table rather than being kinda on the table like they are now. Under this scenario we could strike at any time putting the screws on the Russians and Syrians to comply with the French UN resolution for disarmament. Now this is a game of wait and see and we have very little cards left to play.

  • Phil the observer

    Okay, here’s the deal. somebody got somebody to give up weapons of mass destruction…I don’t give a rats A#$ who done it. it’s done..Okay that being said, no U.S. Men and Women have o go and shoot at people they don’t know…I think that this whole pissing session is a waste of time, and we should be happy for the way it turned out!!!!

  • NDR

    I’m not sure why anyone would applaud and encourage a someone who is playing the American people and deceiving other branches of government. We as Americans are sup[posed to be a united front, not purposefully trying to make people “: look like fools.” Why would anyone think its clever to push or support the bombing of Syria if the president has no intention of doing so? This is just another example of how corrupt and faulty our government has become. Shame on both parties, and shame on us as Americans for continuously putting up with it.

    • He played you for the fool. You baggers have been pulling stunts to stop government cold and make Obama look bad. He ‘s got you this time. Do you baggers want war? We always want war, O.K. we’ll go to war….wait Obama’s for the war?? Then by god we’re against it. But we can’t be against war, that’s how we make our war bucks and control the country with fear. Figure that one out ndr.

      • NDR

        Sir, don’t assume I’m a republican and don’t assume I’m against whatever Obama is for. I voted for the man. But you are continuing to prove my point that we as Americans are not untied but rather too busy pushing agendas of the Republican or Democrat. I’m still confused why you would applaud a ruler that “plays” his nation, but looks a little bit to me like the jokes on you considering you can’t read an opinion without making completely inaccurate assumptions.

  • fafhrd

    “Perfectly” played?
    First proposes unilateral military action (Unconstitutional, since Congress gets to declare war. But the Constitutional law professor doesn’t seem to know what powers he is limited to.) Unconstitutional declaration of war.
    Under pressure from Congress and public, backs up to say he’ll ask Congress. (Doesn’t say what he’ll do if Congress turns him down, still pretends he can do so without Congressional approval). Still unconstitutional…
    Says it will be extremely small bombing, just to send a message. (No recognition of the message that Syrian allies would send to us.)
    Says use of military force is in our national security interest (little recognition given to committing an act of war {no UN approval, or Congress}, and retaliation by Syrian allies) National Security?
    Russia trumps Obama by offering diplomatic solution. (Perfect for the winner of Nobel Peace Prize).
    Perfectly played, indeed.

    • Craig Sherman

      Yeah, you said that already. Repeating fiction doesn’t make it non-fiction.

      • fafhrd

        I’m sorry that I posted it again, since it hadn’t shown up the first time.

  • My name is my name

    I’m very amused how this article was nothing but a republican bashing party. How you made many statement’s of “republican contradictions”. Does Obamas “red line” not ring any bells for you? He has contradicted himself over and over in this whole Syrian crisis and it’s on tape. Your theory is just that, a theory. It’s not factual but merely an assumption. The facts show that Obama has talked himself into a corner and now he either has to let his pride consume him (by going to war) or let it go and make America look even more weaker then he already has.

  • PureCrap

    Progressivism is a mental illness combined with a faith-based cult

  • Mitchell T. Harter

    And, the President has turned the GOP into Commies as they heap praise on Mr. Putin and derisions on President Obama.

  • fafhrd

    “Perfectly” played?
    First proposes unilateral military action (Unconstitutional, since Congress gets to declare war. But the Constitutional law professor doesn’t seem to know what powers he is limited to.) Unconstitutional declaration of war.
    Under pressure from Congress and public, backs up to say he’ll ask Congress. (Doesn’t say what he’ll do if Congress turns him down, still pretends he can do so without Congressional approval). Still unconstitutional…
    Says it will be extremely small bombing, just to send a message. (No recognition of the message that Syrian allies would send to us.)
    Says use of military force is in our national security interest (little recognition given to committing an act of war {no UN approval, or Congress}, and retaliation by Syrian allies) National Security?
    Russia trumps Obama by offering diplomatic solution. (Perfect for the winner of Nobel Peace Prize).
    Perfectly played, indeed.

    • Craig Sherman

      Wow, you made up your first two points. Couldn’t read beyond that since your agenda was sooooo transparent. LOL.

      • fafhrd

        Yep, I made up what was reported on most national news agencies (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN).

  • Carol B

    Finally, someone who has some common sense about the President and what he does. If the people who oppose him would just be quiet and try to understand his point of view, they might find they agree with some of what he says and does. Instead they oppose any and all his ideas without even giving them a chance. Please listen and think before you talk people, you may find you agree with Obama more than you know.

  • Anonymous

    You know, had Mitt Romney been elected president, he would’ve went at this all by himself and ordered the strike on Syria…by attacking Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and any other Muslim country (most of which he probably can’t locate on a map). He’d avoid Syria altogether. Yeah, that’s Romney’s foreign policy, and Republicans would be patting themselves on the back for a job well done. We thank the heavens Mitt Romney was NOT elected president, and we hope Romney never runs for president again in anyone’s lifetime. He would’ve been a gigantic disaster for the world, never mind the United States.

  • Anyone who naively thinks the agreement between Assad and Putin is anything other than a sham deserves Obama.

    PS. The chemical weapons were fired off by the invading ‘rebels.’ You can be sure they will secretly fire more and once again blame Assad. That will kind of throw a monkey wrench into the whole charade.

  • Will Gray

    Well said and he did an outstanding job as our President! Our Nation our President!

  • disgustedinKS

    Oh yes play the game our President does. And plays it to perfection. The only problem is: Americans are not pawns on a game board. The ideas put forth in this article are of course in awe of such a wonderful man (that would be Obama in case that description is a joke). Why on earth is it so terrific to be lead by a master manipulator? What happened to the honor of the office of President. BTW my comments are not the sour grapes of a racist, heartless, or uninformed citizen. They are the comments of a truly concerned American who questions the integrity of anyone who believes our country benefits from such underhanded tactics of the very people elected to protect our interested.

  • Diddler

    This author is a complete moron, punch drunk on the koolaid. Good LORD, get a clue!

    So, he intended to destroy his own credibility with the entire world just to trick Putin into telling Assad to disarm. Assad “promised” to do so. Obama is a hero. What a fool you are Allen Clifton. Go back to your college apartment, break out the bong, and dream of a magical land where people like yourself ride magic dragons through the enchanted forest.

  • Tony Mena

    So Obama’s ploy was to make Republicans look like fools and to threaten Syria with a Missile strike so that the Russians take action. But, it sounds like the Russians aren’t acting like they’re suppose what? And why not just use some good ol’ fashioned Diplomacy in the first place? Too straight forward I guess.

  • Dupont D

    Talk about a spin job! Obama is hoping for a way out a mess he’s created. Hoping the Russians Are Coming to his rescue…..

  • Trellis Usher

    Well played indeed!

  • toma kay

    Yep…he’s fooled many

  • Bill Rubin

    I suspect it wasn’t quite as simple as you outline, but I do believe that Obama didn’t want to strike Syria–but felt he needed to do so or at least make the threat in order to effect positive change and results in Syria. For sure, use of chemical weapons and any WMD cannot go unpunished in my opinion.

    President Obama’s master stroke in all of this was in asking for Congressional authorization. The GOP never saw that coming (even though they continued to request it). In one brilliant stroke, President Obama reiterated the precedent that had been lost in Congressional authorization for use of force AND put the issue up for national and Congressional debate–which ALSO allowed time to stir up a diplomatic solution in the interim.

    Let’s face it–George W. Bush would have just attacked Syria. (Well, there is a strong possibility he might have hit Lebanon, instead, not knowing the difference.)

    I agree that Obama does not want to strike Syria. But he recognizes the need to punish use of WMD in any and all instances. His threat to do so, with the delay in asking Congress for authorization, is what prompted Russia to intervene and allow for the possible diplomatic solution to unfold. Kudos to Obama.

  • Amy C Camacho

    This is why he is the only man I truly admire. Great job President Obama ^_^

  • Derek Pryor

    The man is brilliant. This is why the Republican morons will NEVER be able to impeach him or embroil him in scandal–he’s smarter than all the GOP and Tea Party Nazi put together.

  • Brittiany Urban

    So, at best, Obama is a liar. Good to know.

  • Maggie Alcantara

    so proud to be a volunteer for him

  • Carlos Danger

    Nonsense, complete and utter self serving Obamite nonsense. Lets leave Assad in power, lets allow Putin to take the lead, lets punt this to Congress so I have an out if things dont go well, lets use bleeding heart logic to punish Assad for bluffing my redline comment, lets make 50 revisions to our Syria plan before I sell the idea of military force to a war weary american public because we have no endgame, lets strike now before a complete investigation is done as to who used chemical weapons, lets support the Syrian rebels without finding out who they actually are and what their beliefs are. You are giving our commander in chief way too much credit. The only thing worse then blind arrogance is blind obedience.

    • Craig Sherman

      …and you again cut-n-paste the same response OVER AND OVER!

  • Carlos Danger

    Nonsense, complete and utter self serving Obamite nonsense. Lets leave Assad in power, lets allow Putin to take the lead, lets punt this to Congress so I have an out if things dont go well, lets use bleeding heart logic to punish Assad for bluffing my redline comment, lets make 50 revisions to our Syria plan before I sell the idea of military force to a war weary american public because we have no endgame, lets strike now before a complete investigation is done as to who used chemical weapons, lets support the Syrian rebels without finding out who they actually are and what their beliefs are. You are giving our commander in chief way too much credit. The only thing worse then blind arrogance is blind obedience.

  • Carlos Danger

    Nonsense, complete and utter self serving Obamite nonsense. Lets leave Assad in power, lets allow Putin to take the lead, lets punt this to Congress so I have an out if things dont go well, lets use bleeding heart logic to punish Assad for bluffing my redline comment, lets make 50 revisions to our Syria plan before I sell the idea of military force to a war weary american public because we have no endgame, lets strike now before a complete investigation is done as to who used chemical weapons, lets support the Syrian rebels without finding out who they actually are and what their beliefs are. You are giving our commander in chief way too much credit. The only thing worse then blind arrogance is blind obedience.

    • Craig Sherman

      And the only thing worse than blind obedience is posting the same comment in the same thread multiple times. Take your agenda elsewhere.


  • Carlos D.

    Nonsense, complete and utter self serving Obamite nonsense. Lets leave Assad in power, lets allow Putin to take the lead, lets punt this to Congress so I have an out if things dont go well, lets use bleeding heart logic to punish Assad for bluffing my redline comment, lets make 50 revisions to our Syria plan before I sell the idea of military force to a war weary american public because we have no endgame, lets strike now before a complete investigation is done as to who used chemical weapons, lets support the Syrian rebels without finding out who they actually are and what their beliefs are. You are giving our commander in chief way too much credit. The only thing worse then blind arrogance is blind obedience..

  • Major

    His advisors have definitely explained to him the endless possibilities. Its not that Obama wants to go to war, he truly believes its our responsibilities to stick up for the weak. Hence the reason he’s a president in the first place, he’s not a bad man and he’s dealing with many things on his plate. The last thing he needs is a bunch of people protesting the war, like Vietnam. Lets take this a step further , lets say Russia says “no, US will stay out of this or we’ll be forced to go to war” Russia would look like jackasses if they would say, “we are all for killing innocent women and children” It’s obvious that Russia is not going to go to war over weapons used on innocent women and children , its a no brainer.. Russia would support the US on a simple request. Alternatively if we moved into syria and not has negotiated with Russia we would repeat history once again making Obama a stupid ignorant assh*$#. I would say, not to speculate that Obama is making congress look like fools but in-fact playing it safe during sensitive moments.

    give me a thumbs up if you agree =p

  • Lloyd Revalee

    Excellent and well written bit of fiction. Like all socialists leaning authors, journalists, he knows and follows the party line like all well trained and experienced writers of fairy tales do.

    • Craig Sherman

      Said the angry Fascist…. What’s next? I know you are but what am I? Grow up!


  • RevolvingClown

    Oi. As much as I’d like to believe that this was all part of some master chess game by BO and his team, did you actually see the video of Kerry making this ‘scholar’s mate’ maneuver you’re lauding as so brilliant? It pains me to say it, but this was not intentional. Jon Stewart’s Mister Magoo reference was dead on. If it works, fantastic – anything that keeps us from bombing for peace is a good thing. But let’s not chalk this up to some brilliant strategy just yet.

  • Spokane

    This is why America is struggling both domestically and
    internationally. She is absolutely correct in asserting that a
    significant number of republicans would object if President Obama wanted
    celebrate sunshine. Any chance to say no. The flip
    side of this is the cult following that refuses to acknowledge that
    President Obama has failed to live up to his potential and worse that he
    has failed to keep even modest promises. This kind of unquestioned
    loyalty to a man regardless of his actions especially when those actions
    directly oppose the stated planks of modern progressive and liberal
    ideology, eliminate any accountability or compromise. As the author
    exemplifies the worst of the current partisanship. To the republicans he
    can do no right and to the democrats he can do no wrong. Accepting for
    arguments sake, that she is correct, and that President Obama possesses a
    magical 6th sense, that gives him the ability to foresee all possible
    outcomes and long term consequences, you have to question, why he failed
    to protect Americans, why fast and furious is still resulting in the
    death of many.
    make the argument that any President is all powerful or that President
    Obama had the ability to alter or prevent all tragedy is just naive.
    What President Obama enjoys is similar to what President Reagan enjoyed.
    The unquestioning loyalty of his party regardless of the fact that his
    actions violate the beliefs of most of them. I do not remember many
    republicans going nuts when Regan provided Amnesty, and while feigned
    outrage over the Iran-contra affair made for good TV, I do not recall
    any serious attempt to start an impeachment process. I guess having the
    unfailing support of the party is much more valuable than having the
    convictions to follow through on the very promises that got them
    elected. I have a very sensitive radar for spin (I happen to be pretty
    good at it) and the author of this article is terrible at it. I don’t
    even think this is a genuine attempt at it. To support the President
    irrespective of your values diminishes both you as a thinking person and
    the “oldest constitutional democracy” as a whole. which brings up my
    final point, the immediate reaction of most of the people that support
    President Obama when faced with a critical statement is to immediately
    say “Look at the alternative, Bush, Romney, Bohner, Blah blah blah”.
    While that tactic has proven to work time and again, are you proud that
    the best defense of a failed Presidency is “but he started it”?

  • mark

    People are stupid He has killed so many innocent people with the drones. Let’s just free all murders in prison. I mean its anly fair.

  • Rick

    Obama is an IDIOT!!!! He clearly has not set plan in all of this, more likely he’s following whatever suits him best. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about this country, on the contrary I think he wants to diminish America’s power and image.

  • gunfoxs

    War isn’t a partisan game. We’re talking about killing people and bombing nations. Have some freaking respect.

  • Patriot-

    This article is full of progressive “Troll” I don’t think anyone wants anything to do with a civil war anywhere. Allen, this is a ridiculous article to say the least. The fact your backing the Mac’N’Cheese simply proves you are part of the real problem with our beloved country. Enjoy your spew, because your days of spinning are coming to an end.

  • alconnolly

    The author makes this statement “he’s gotten what I believe he originally wanted — an agreement to remove chemical weapons from Syria” I would gladly put up a ten thousand dollar bet against this author that two years from now we will not have removed the chemical weapons from syria. There is no deal or implementation, but lying propaganda projests a “win” by claiming a victory witha non existent deal. You think the author would actually take that bet? No way he knows in his heart that that sentence was a lie.

  • Donna

    I am so not interested in this polical stuff most of the time , however the president is not having congress be on the side of Americans! There has to be a change to help this country and its people ! We are not looking at the things this country needs and deserves. Our children need hope our education system is a joke ! They are drones and nowhere is there creativity. Lets. Get inspired, lets get creative ! Lets not distrory hope! lets look at what is good. Not so much as prosperios. But actually good. Like creating envirmentally efficant energy and tranportation. Stop letting gas and the big gas companys rule our congress, stop holding our country to its old ways. Its a new world. Give back to our kids. Give them art ,music, put the parents in a better place of parenting. I know xbox and playstation have NO RULES. Parent need to rise up and get a class act law suit against the gaming companys to have the the game have parental controlls that actually work! It is a expencive devise that all the kids have. Even kids on welfare have these expencive devices and it seems to me as if giving a kid a xbox is so important! This is so irrational. The damn thing only hurts kids and makes them drone zombies. That shoot and kill . That is not creative.. Ask a kid what they want to do when they grow up! They mostly reply oh I want to make video games! It may not seem to conect to congress or the acts of this president . But in the great big chess game of the world! This country is loosing because. There are too many
    Pawns and the people that are the players of the big game want it like that, they want our majority not educated and to be alcoholic and drug induced, that way they can controll them! Its to controll free thinking creative people,

  • facepalm4usa

    what a circlejerk

  • John Maltese

    Syria is to Russia what Israel is to the United States. Do we really want to start WW3 ?

  • Carlos Danger

    KGB Colonel vs Community Organizer….what could possible go wrong?

  • Ferg

    These unfolding events are not and were not intentional, if they were the President wouldn’t have sent his top diplomats to the UK to rally support after being denied it. If you pay attention, it was only after the UK parliament voted against support in a militaristic role that Obama decided to have congress take a second look at Syria. I think it’s fair to assess that President Obama wanted to go into Syria for good reasons, but lost his nerve with wavering support from our closest allies and malicious threats from Iran and Russia. Now, instead of any other adversary’s hand being forced, Obama’s is. Unfortunately, Putin seems to be the ring leader of this Syria circus.

  • MissSeattleD

    He’s so smooth, Repubs don’t know they’ve been cut until they see their heads rolling on the floor! What an awesome president we have.

  • carbonated_turtle

    A good leader does what’s best for their country, not what’s best for their image.

  • AJBinthe313

    Allen, Yours is “progressive” thinking? Obama is not a progressive, period. When he’s doing something right, support him. When he’s wrong, he should be called on it. It was wrong for him to call for unilaterally bombing Syria. That would have been a violation of International law and a furtherance of America’s perception that it is the world’s policeman. You can try to pass off the events of the last few days as the result of Obama’s Grand Chess Masters strategy. The truth is that saber rattling is always a dangerous, slippery slope tactic. Not the strategy of a progressive statesman.

  • alvermack

    Argh! The whole internet is written by high school dropouts! I gave up half way through. Take this to a writing lab or hire an editor, then repost it.

  • Dee Pee

    Most people, quite frankly don’t know shit about the intricacies of foreign policy and I don’t really care that 90% of know-nothings are for or against proposed military action. It’s laughable that people actually expect the President of the United States to do a brain dump and expose to friend and foe alike what he’s thinking with respect to Syria and expect him to reveal the sources and methods used to gain intelligence. Left-wing talkers have been the worst! They’ve been doing their best to rile up their audiences under the guise of “holding the President accountable”, as if he cares two hoots about what they have to say. Smart people have held their powder throughout this crisis and going forward, those are the people whose opinions I will listen to.

  • Kevin Kunkel

    YOu are all idiots. He fully intended on defending his brotherhood and anyone with a drop of intelligence knows that. I can’t believe that you still give this moron any credit at all.

  • Goober

    I don’t think Obama can play with himself perfectly in ANY crisis.

  • yyz

    All of you are so stupid to realize that Democrat or republican…. WE ARE ALL SCREWED HERE EITHER WAY! Our system has failed the people long ago!

    • Laughable

      Hear hear!

  • Laughable

    Could someone tell me where’s the proof of who used the chemical weapons? And why the US is supplying the rebels with weapons, for their own civil war? Not our war, folks. There are many other countries at war, with people dying. Oh yea, Mr. Obama doesn’t want a war. Open your eyes.

    • William Carr

      Obama doesn’t want the US to struggle through another war of Occupation.

      Quick strikes, though, that’s his style. Cripple the enemy, take out his leaders, pull back with zero casualties.

      Blood samples retrieved from Syria tested positive for Serin; the UN is doing their own independent testing as we speak.

      The US is supplying the Rebels in Syria, because we don’t like Assad and want to keep him distracted.

      We also don’t like the Al Qaeda affiliates in the Rebels.

      So keeping them killing each other is a good, cold blooded solution.

  • LittleD

    I am loving this conversation. Especially the fact that the same people who were, swallowing whole, all of the Republicans outright lies during election time, are the same people who STILL can not see what is plainly right in front of them. We have been living with this president for almost five years, and you still do not get how he operates. It is astounding to me just how blind, short-sighted, and closed -minded some people are.