President Obama Met in Arizona By Racist Protesters Singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep”

president-obama-is-not-amused-by-your-racismIn more of the same disgusting behavior by many conservatives, President Obama was met by a group of protesters today in Arizona who sang “Bye Bye Black Sheep” during his speech—an obvious and tasteless dig at the President’s race.

There was even a sign in the crowd that said “Impeach the half-white Muslim!”

But of course, the irrational hatred many people have toward President Obama has nothing to do with race, right?


This is just another instance, in a seemingly countless stream of them, where conservatives have openly attacked Obama’s race.

All while many Republicans will insist his race has nothing to do with the disdain many conservatives display towards the nation’s first black President.  Of course, anyone with any common sense knows that his race has played a huge part in the negativity he’s received from many on the right.

And I know this first hand.  Living in Texas, as I’ve said many times, I’ve heard people call Obama any number of derogatory terms far more often than I’ve heard him called “the President” or even his name.

But this wasn’t the only ridiculous thing that came from these protesters.  The Arizona Republic, which broke this story, interviewed one of the protesters and recorded their comments:

“We have gone back so many years,” Judy Burris told the Republic, arguing Obama had taken the nation back to pre-Civil Rights era levels of racism. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

The comments from Ms. Burris would almost be funny if she didn’t actually believe them.  Are you kidding?  President Obama has divided the country and taken us back to pre-Civil Rights levels of racism?

It’s not the Republican state legislatures which are trying to restrict voting rights which many courts have found targets minorities, or the tea party push that Obama isn’t a “real American” (something that is derived from his race), or the fact that major right-wing media sources like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have openly perpetuated racial stereotypes pertaining to the President.

It’s President Obama’s fault for taking us back to pre-Civil Rights levels of racism, apparently.

That’s as ignorant as those people who blame the rape victim for being raped as much, or more, than they do the rapist because of what they might have been wearing.

“How dare you become the first black President and bring out all of the racism from ignorant conservatives which has polarized the nation and energized our hateful and ignorant right-wing radical base.  It’s all your fault Mr. President!”

I guess Judy has a point.  How dare a half-black man run for President.  That is his fault.

Then we have the asinine remarks from 17-year-old Deanna Bartram, who claims she feels Obama supporters use the “race card” against her because she disagrees with his policies.  She then proceeds to say, “Obama is ruining American values. He is ruining the Constitution. He needs to go back to where he came from because obviously, he is a liar. I am not racist. I am part Indian. Obama’s half Black, half White.”

Ah yes, the “I’m not a racist but let me say something racist” line. Gotta love it, right? She starts by saying Obama supporters play the “race card” just because she disagrees with his policies—then goes on to say “he needs to go back where he came from.” Which, of course, has nothing to do with his race, right?

Oh, and she clearly isn’t racist because she’s half Indian.  Now what that has to do with being racist towards a half-black person, I don’t quite understand.  

It’s just pathetic how so many people that start down the “I’m not racist” path often follow that by saying something racist.  It reminds me of the time I met a girl who said she wasn’t a racist, she would just prefer that the President be white. But she had dated black guys before, so she clearly wasn’t racist.

Excuse my language—but what a couple of dumbasses.  I feel sorry people like Judy and Deanna even exist.  That level of ignorance should be shunned, not embraced.  Sadly, the opposite has been true within the Republican party for the last few years.

The events today in Arizona would be more shocking if this wasn’t the norm I’ve seen from many Republicans toward the President since even before he was elected.

And as someone living in Texas, I would be more shocked if racial epithets weren’t slung toward the President.

Which just shows how sad and hateful the Republican party and their base has become.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    Don’t you know? You’re a racist for even bringing this up!!

    • Matt N Jen Stewart

      Sarcasm? I hope so…

      • Pipercat

        With touch of pure cynicism!

  • davehorne

    I moved to the Netherlands 18 years ago. The news from the US is merely an interesting distraction.

    • lianneobrien

      You are lucky…Those of us who must stay here cannot escape these small minded, ignorant people who denigrate our President. It is sad. Good luck in the Netherlands. It is a beautiful place!

      • Anderprepperstein

        Give it 20 years and get back to me on how great it is there.

    • If you want to live the American Dream, move to the Nordic countries.

      • Anderprepperstein

        Yes, that’s what all the somalians are doing!

      • Matt N Jen Stewart

        I think I saw you commenting the same way on another article. You were using a different screen name though. Lol

    • Oh how I envy you. I’m half-British and half-Dutch and my parents and grandparents tell me stories of the homelands.

      I honestly can’t stand America anymore (I don’t stand up for the pledge or the national anthem) and would love to escape to either Britain or the Netherlands. You, sir, were smart to leave and hope that everything has worked out for you in the place of beauty you have relocated to.

      • oleladythatremembers

        You would escape to the very countries that have a longer history of hate and intolerance than the United States? Countries that collaborated with Nazi Germany, became occupied and then it was up to Canada and the US to liberate them. Sorry, I wouldn’t seek nervana in a country that offered little resistance to annihilating millions of Jews. Some that want to scoff at the US have no business enjoying the freedoms our forefathers, grandparents and parents fought and died for. What a bunch of ingrates. Noah, don’t bother envying anyone… move along and out of the US and leave those of us willing to fight for human rights here. We don’t want dead wait; that is no help.

      • Londontoad

        Living outside the US is, in many ways, a blessing. One doesn’t have to mingle with Republican idiots.

      • For one, it’s weight. Two, the UK but up QUITE the fight in both WWI and WWII. Hearkening back to The Blitz, how did they collaborate with the Nazis? If anything, the British were getting attacked almost as much as the Jews. And (this may be surprising) but the Netherlands wanted to lay neutral for the war, that was all cancelled out after the Germans invaded. Much like what happened with the Germans, you can’t blame the few Dutch civil servants or police officers that worked with the Nazis out of fear. Germany has moved past it and we don’t hate them now, because they learned from the mistakes they made. They’re not coming to bomb anyone else. America isn’t becoming free. If anything, America wasn’t ever truly free. While I do SUPPORT President Obama, I don’t want to live here when all the Republicans and nutjobs are trying to impeach and bring down the one guy that can actually help this country get out of the current Dark Ages that we seem to have regressed to.

      • kwkurtz44

        Yes, we are still fighting for human rights here, where most other civilized countries of the world already have them. We were at one time the best country in the world to live in, no so any more. We sold our country out to the corporations, they have even poisoned the Supreme Court.

    • Christine

      So, how difficult is it to move to the Netherlands… 😉 I am appalled daily by the sheer stupidity of people RE Obama. We’re not all fools in AZ.

      • Dude

        You all may not be fools but the ignorance that comes from so much hate is foolish to say the least.

  • paul

    What kind of garbage are you writing?

  • Maskedman

    Well, if that is the kind of people who live in Arizona, I will be crossing that state of the list of ones I want to visit. I’m ashamed to be white after that hatred.

    • 1EdMeadows83

      I wish there was some way we could move the Grand Canyon to a decent state like, maybe California?

      • alexis

        Make it New Mexico, California is big enough

      • Guile Williams

        Unfortunately, NM isn’t much better by way of people’s behaviour

      • Flocc

        Move it to Canada? Much nicer there.

      • David A Deal

        Canada has many advantages but too cold. And it is better to struggle through and improve one’s own State or Country than to run away.

      • Jose Pons

        If you have no idea of his war crimes go to pakistan and wave your arms to the drones and see what happens and by the way I am an injured war veteran of Nam what service did you preform, the boy scouts.

      • Guile Williams

        So Obama is the one piloting all the drones? Funny I thought he had better things to do. I guess being a Vietnam Vet would make you and expert on the current administration because they also used Drones in Vietnam…..I never was a boy scout but I wouldn’t insult them as they probably got a better education than you.

      • Guile Williams

        So Obama is the one piloting all the drones? Funny I thought he had better things to do. I guess being a Vietnam Vet would make you an expert on the current administration because they also used Drones in
        Vietnam….. I never was a boy scout but I wouldn’t insult them as they probably got a better education than you.

      • langranny

        So how much time have you spent in Pakistan?

      • moralcompass

        What you say Doesn’t make sense, having fought in vietnam (due respect to your service) doesn’t make you an expert in asymmetrical warfare. There are two different scenarios entirely.

      • Yes. And still performing service. Why insult? Boy Scouts also turn into men. This one is a Ranger.

      • and somehow you think this justifies the show of racism in arizona?

      • 1EdMeadows83

        No, then I’d have to travel through Arizona to see the Grand C anyon in New Mexico! —– Original Message —–

      • karasinger

        Went to Albuquerque High. Worked at Sandia AFB, LOVED it! Back in 1970/71

      • Anderprepperstein

        Hopefully plate tectonics will do that soon. I can’t wait to see CA drop in the pacific.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        I’m sorry Anderprepperstein, that ain’t gonna happen. California will continue to be the most progressive state in the nation for centuries to come. Long after racists like you are dead and buried.

      • Matt N Jen Stewart

        Sounds like you don’t know much about plate tectonics. Only a small portion of the state is West of the San Andreas Fault and the movement is North/South. It’s not sinking and California isn’t going to “drop” in the Pacific.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        he heard that in a tax free church

      • heh . funny and likely true

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        thank u!!! look up the video of a cone snail eating a goatfish— very cool and eerie

    • Christine

      We’re not all morons & they do seem to be everywhere now. Please don’t judge all of us by those mentally deficient idiots.

      • Bobbie

        I am certain you are not all morons and that there are really good people living in the State of Arizona – but the fact that the majority of the voters elected some really awful people to office makes one believe that the majority of the citizens are just not good people.

      • Benjamin Eggleton

        The majority of Americans consistently vote in horrible people. Two examples come to mind: 1.) George W. Bush 2.) Barack Obama.

      • Michael

        George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush belong in your comment Mr. Eggleton. POTUS Obama does not belong in your comment. The only reason that conservatives are targeting him is because they don’t want to take any of the blame for the lack of work that isn’t being done in Washington due to the likes of Boehner and McConnell! I cannot wait until 2014 when we can kick some of these racist do nothing idiots of office and get this country moving again. Too be honest, you need to rephrase your comments by removing Mr. Obama from your list of “horrible” people elected to office.

      • Jensational

        Sorry, Michael, in case you haven’t noticed, Boehner IS doing the bidding of the president – he’s not stopping the funding of Obamacare, immigration reform, spending sprees, etc.. He’s done more to help Obama than any other conservative leader with the exception of Lindsay Graham and John McCain, two of the biggest wanna-be dems in the history of conservative congressmen. And yes, Obama IS a horrible president because of his violation of his oath of office, his ignorance and shredding of our constitution and the rights it protects. Those two things alone are impeachable offenses but the House wont’ start the process because they are stupidly afraid of being called racists because the president is black. I wish people like you would forget about the left/right paradigm and see that they are all together in this and they are all causing the problems that we face. A just president would NEVER spend more than we take in, spend without even a budget or put our soidiers in harm’s way by sending them out to not one, not two but 5 illegal wars. Pull your head out, pal. This president is not the man you think he is!

      • Fr. Mark Poirier

        Bush bought us two wars that he didn’t have money for, one of which was based upon a lie, as well as an unfunded Medicare prescription pkan, bur Obama is theonly president that spent money he ddidn’t have? What planet are you living on?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        mississippi / Louisiana/ texas

      • Jensational

        I don’t think anyone here made that assumption, Fr. They both sucked

      • lundc2

        You are an idiot…

      • maxfabien

        How is President Obama “shredding” our Constitution and the rights it protects? What an idiotic statement.

      • ndaa . nsa

      • Jensational

        Hmm…let’s see….he passed HR347 (violates the 1st amendment), he is using executive orders to make new laws when you can only use it to change existing laws UNLESS it violates any of the Bill of Rights, he has signed into law the NDAA, the TSA and NSA are both highly unconstitutional, he has no regard for ther 10th amendment which protects states’ rights….do you need more proof or was that enough? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, pal!

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        so; by extrapolation the bushs and Reagan were UNJUST presidents………( see: spending VS income)
        obamas ignorance of US constitution? hes a constitutional lawyer and TAUGHT it in a big name college,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wanna try crying again?

      • Jensational

        So, since he’s a constitutional lawyer makes everything that he’s doing legal and constitutional? I can guarantee you don’t even KNOW what our Bill of Rights are and how Obama has effectively violated all but the 3rd amendment so far, LOL. I cry every time I think about it, Mighty!

      • white trash religious teaparty

        hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then why WHy why hasn’t the regressive white trash tea party scum thrown him in jail; or at least impeached him????
        Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, keep crying and enjoy Hillary 2016-2024

      • Jensational

        That’s a VERY good question and I call them and ask them all the time – especially my own house representative. Problem is, we have a democrat senate that will not even discuss impeachment because they’re on his side. Now, turn the tables and think back to Bush. Did you not want Bush impeached for the things he did? Yes, and rightly so! Obama continues the same policies and adds a whole bunch of other unconstitutional BS and you’re ok with it? Think about it, White Trash. Neither the House or Senate are doing their jobs and they are ruining this country. And how can you even think of Hillary being our president after what she did to our men in Benghazi? It’s just sickening to see such blind support for a woman that has zero respect for the lives of innocent people and then pretends that it doesn’t make a difference how or what happened at this point. Just like the president.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        what SHE did? congress denied trhe needed funding for more security— and if its a TRUE coverup why why why is FOX “news” suddenly quiet again?
        because its a non issue unless they need old rhetoric to fire up the shrinking base as they fear the Hillary coming presidency.

      • Jensational

        The senate voted to decrease funding, my dear. Hilary had the power to send in help. She didn’t do it. I don’t watch FOX news so I can’t answer that question. It’s not a non-issue, my dear, and I dare you to say that to the families that lost their loved ones in all of that f*ckery. Hilary has blood on her hands – they all do. I’m sorry you can only see one side of things.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        when U assuage the families of the OVER FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED DEAD–and thousands more MAIMED— by the republican useless war in IRAQ then I will hold the hands of the 4 dead in Benghazi. hows that for one sided sight?

      • Jensational

        Bush was wrong in what he did and I have always felt that way but that has nothing to do with Hilary or Beghazi or anything else right now, LOL! This is about Obama and Hilary and the policies and issues of the last 5 years. You can’t blame Bush anymore and you have just lost the argument. I’m really bored with this thread now so I’ll be leaving you with one more thought: We need to hold ALL of these bastards accountable and that means your liberal heroes, too. They have ALL ruined this country and they will ALL continue to do so until we elect people who are will to stand up for our rights, protect and restore the constitution, stay out of everyone else’s business, stop the illegal wars and get this country back in shape. good day.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        so——————–whom do U vote in? what policies do U ascribe to? I blame Reagan and his cronies for the start of this “trickle down” lie– outsourcing manufacturing JOBS and selling our debt to asia.
        dems silly and stupid; repubs deadly and PRAISE JEEEESUS

      • Lilacgypsy

        And then you woke up…..::yawn::

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and watched FOX and “friends” to get the daily poison

      • white trash religious teaparty

        doubtful———————– its near impossible to awaken from oligopheniality

      • lindylou

        Where the HELL do you get “Boehner IS doing the bidding of the president -“. More recently Boehner did attempt to grow a pair and remove himself from the thrall of Norquisling. Additionally: ” his ignorance and shredding of our constitution and the rights it protects” …considering his education, which you don’t have, that statement is again indicative of how you have trained yourself to repeat bullshit you hear from some of our better dropouts, Free Patriot (!), World Nut Daily …. Try balancing a red ball on your nose, like the trained seal you are.

      • Jensational

        I don’t read WND or Free Patriot, what I do read is what both sides are doing to this country and if you knew ANYTHING about the constitution you would have shut the hell up by now. Boehner didn’t grow anything! He gave the president everything he wanted – and now he’s going to do it with immigration “reform”!

      • Maleka Giovinco

        you mean continue on with the wars started by bush right?! if boehner is doing the bidding of the president; hell i’m white. if that was the case why repeal the healthcare act 40 times. that’s 39 other times they could have been doing something for the american people. but he is a Man and he needs to be respected like one. i can’t wait. i will be that little black woman shouting out whenever i can and speaking ill if and when we get another republican president. see how fast my ass goes to jail!!!

      • Jensational

        wtf are you talking about?

      • Jensational

        Melaka, this is no longer about Bush. Did you not hear the president say he was going to stop these wars? I sure did. Not only has he not stopped them, he’s got us involved in 5 “conflicts” (illegal wars). We are still in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Mali and now we’re going into south Africa soon. How do you feel about that? You’re not seeing the other end of things.

      • Anderprepperstein

        Yes, remove him this instint because mikey no likey.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        “there u go again…………………… irritating regressive republicans with FACTS”

      • mcquestion5000

        You may hate them both but you can’t pretend they’re much alike

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        john boehner? michelle bachman? rick perry? paul ryan?

      • Jensational

        All RINO twits that need to be replaced

      • Anderprepperstein

        Wow, an entire religion are “mentally deficient idiots.” That’s not bigotry…

      • Christine

        Mentally deficient idiots are everywhere, unfortunately. All Muslims are not bad. All Christians are not good. ALL generalizations are not accurate. Some of the aforementioned mentally deficient idiots cloak their nasty bigotry in the guise of “Christianity.” If they were truly Christians, whatever that means today, they probably shouldn’t be behaving like racist assholes.

      • Christine

        no, just the mentally deficient idiots are idiots; however, religion, unfortunately, often does have the unintended effect of magnifying the degree of idiocy

    • Celestial Sojourner

      I apologize for the State of Arizona. Difficult as it may be to believe, we are not all like these asshats, nor like that incompetent harpie Jan Brewer either.

    • Akinyele Sanchez Brandley

      No reason to be ashamed!! You just don’t share the same sentiment and ideology as them!
      You’re better than them!

    • Michael

      My parents live in Arizona south of Tucson and I’m not so sure I even want to go back and visit them for a holiday should it arise.

      • Anderprepperstein

        Perfect, snub flesh and blood over a non related nursery rhyme…… SHEER LOGIC. Spock gives you mad props.

    • David A Deal

      Those kind of people are everywhere just in greater concentration in the south, Arizona, Texas. I live in NE Indiana and know plenty of them.

    • Maleka Giovinco

      stopped thinking about moving there when announced there will be no MLK day and of course daylight savings time. can’t live somewhere like that!!!

  • sfwmson

    don’t for a minute think the main stream media will cover this, either. i doubt msnbc will either.

    • bluesky71

      Oh kind of like the mainstream not covering black on white crime?

      • Boogie Down Producer

        Dipshit please… something like 85% of all violent crime with a white victim is perpetrated by a white attacker. The reason it doesn’t get covered is because it just doesn’t happen very often. Also… this isn’t just some black guy. We’re talking about THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He’s not a Muslim, he wasn’t born in Kenya and he’s not a freaking Communist. He’s a moderate to conservative Democrat who’s signature achievement is to offer a market-based solution for the crappy health care system in this country. The exact same program was proposed by the Republican nominee for President in 1996 and signed into law by Mitt Romney when HE was Governor of Massachusetts. You need to be fitted for a helmet and bib before you hurt yourself.

      • Actually, if you look back a couple decades, some Political Science majors could associate Obama’s views with that of the Republican party circa 1965-1980. Honestly, he’s very centrist. I believe the only reason he’s even IN the Democratic party was because that would’ve been the only party to give him the candidacy for President.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Like you, bluesky, like you!

      • Pam_L

        Uh, dude? You really need to worry about WHITE ON WHITE crime, because there is absolutely NO shortage of it. Just read some newspapers, watch local news, and check out various news stories on the web and you will hear about it every single day. The rightwing has an agenda that it hopes the average one of you will fall for, and that is to demonize black people by slanting the news to make it appear that ALL the violent crime in this country is committed by blacks, which is statistically impossible. They know that the average person doesn’t use much common sense, especially the racists.

      • Sivol Black

        Spoken like a champ!

      • sfwmson

        really bluesky? I see that on the news every freakin day in CT. in fact they rarely show a white guy who robs a store or beats up a kid. where do you live?

  • Pam_L

    What a bunch of pathetic, ignorant brain-dead rubes these racists are. This group should have been arrested and hustled off to jail as a potential threat to the President.

    • Christine

      FYI, I was there yesterday protesting the KXL pipeline. There were probably 40-50 GOPturd racists there total, so keep that in mind before judging all of us. I just stand dumbfounded daily at the dumb I see sometimes. I just cannot believe people are really that ignorant & gullible.

      • ReadMore

        Fear has quite a bit to do with the ignorance and gullibility going on today. Fear of change, fear of not fitting in, fear of having to learn to read…it’s all there in the over-emotional chants and signs.

    • Debbie Lass

      Pam, you cant haul people off to jail for saying ignorant things because 1.) then wed be having way more people in jail than not and 2.) the rest of us would be forced to pay for their care in jail with our tax dollars and 3.) the constitution allows for freedom of speech…..singing bah bah black sheep while racist, ignorant and just shameful, doesn’t provide enough evidence of potential threat……

      • Patzilla

        Can we deport them to Mexico?

      • Anderprepperstein

        No that would be racist.

  • rick dalton

    This come from small minded people who thinks they are intelligenent

  • lillapoyka

    My hatred has nothing to do with race. The guy is a douchebag and he is destroying the country

    • deckbose

      Care to elaborate? I mean, just so you don’t sound completely ignorant.

    • Debbie W.

      And exactly how is he doing that? Can you give one real, specific answer?

    • Osito Coqui

      Are you talking about the president before Obama?

    • 1EdMeadows83

      lillapoyka, you haven’t been keeping up, have you? Maybe you should read the newspapers or watch television other than Fox News.

    • randi

      Lillapoyka? You were asked to elaborate.
      Hello? All I hear is crickets.
      Cat got your tongue?
      Or are you just a jerk that has no idea what truth is.

    • spiccillo

      lillapoyka, you are seeking truth. Hatred is blinding and makes you believe lies.

    • crazypieces

      Nobody can hate as much as you and not have subliminal reasons. Hate is a very harsh word. How about you “hate” what he does. Try not to hate anyone. Just hate what they do. You are very misled in many respects and I can only hope that you “wake up and smell the coffee” otherwise you need some one to get your attention like you get mule’s attention. Ask someone if you don’t know what that means.

    • Gipper1015

      Oh Bullshit… your Hatred has everything to do with Race and being a Rightwing Teabag Loser. I bet your stupidity also tells you the same BS that only ONE news channel (Faux Noise) is telling the truth and the other SIX are all Liars, Right? What a stupid Moron you truly are…

  • Sarah M. Hart

    I am ashamed to say that I live in AZ and believe me this state is the state that loves to dig their heels in the sand they dont want any progress or anything good for the residents worse mistake I have ever made was to move here! And its starts with McCain and goes on down the line. Wont be living in this upside down state for long! Once i leave I am never coming back! Bunch of hillbillies and idiot racists period!

    • Miguel

      Not hillbillies, Sarah. Teabillies.

    • 1JudgeNotLestYeBeJudged1

      I know how you feel. I moved to North Carolina eight years ago and I can’t wait to get the hell out. Unfortunately, I lost my job and apparently have been deemed undesirable and unable to get a job. I’m now diving into insurmountable student loan debt to get credentials that might help me get a job…as soon as I get some paychecks under me, I’m gone! hahahaaaa.. Oh…my home state of Virginia has gone nuts too! I’m looking for a sane state. I may need to expatriate.

      • Christmas Cloud

        Come to NY. Aside from the stupid stop-n-frisk, we’re pretty sane…

      • Patzilla

        LOL. You must live in the urban area of NY. In the hills here, racism and neo-Nazism is alive all over.

      • Eva King

        I think all of the states are a bit “nut-butt”…..but some are more sick than others! Good luck, and may you find silly-crazy in liue of psychotic crazy.

      • pandapal

        Wish I could offer KY as an alternative but we’re nutso here too. First, we have Mitch McConnell and Rand Raul representing us in the Senate. That should tell you something. Second, we have an ultra conservative State Legislature who has voted against same-sex marriage as well as gambling of any sort except horse racing. Third, Louisville’s Metro Government has just convicted one of its Council members of unethical conduct and misuse of government funds but the same group of 13 of 20 voted to retain her on the Council. It’s just plain embarrassing.

      • pandapal

        BTW, the Council member was black and 5 of the 13 were also black. Guess they forgot what they swore to when they were installed as Council members–so much for the good of the City.

      • I’m sorry – what did race have to do with what the Council did? Please explain.

      • Anderprepperstein

        Every once in a while a liberal has a Freudian slip and either reveals there own racism or defeats there own argument with facts. Like my very liberal friend who uses the N word all the time and complains about people who don’t speak english but he calls the right racist. Honestly, who here does not know an extremely racist democrat? It’s all smoke and mirrors (with lines of shitty stepped on coke on them)

      • Tracy Rowe

        “Them” being who? This liberal has never used a racial slur and will call out anyone in my presence who does. I have very many liberal friends, and have yet to experience extreme racism in any of them. And are you implying that to be a liberal means to be a drug addict? Speak clearly, not in Atwater dog whistles. Talk about “smoke and mirrors”…

      • Donna Delgadillo

        It seems that all the elected forget what they were elected for.

      • karasinger

        Right!! pandapal played the race card. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHAT COLOR THEY ARE? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY PANDAPAL? I’d Love to hear your response. I wait with baited breath, pleas don’t let me die . . .

      • Jensational

        They were sworn to uphold the constitution of the united states and the state of Kentucky. Kinda like Rand Paul. Funny how you expect them to uphold their oath at the city council level but not at the federal level.

      • Kimberlee Bell Gasper

        Augh. Did they convict her, then? I haven’t watched the news in forever — it depresses me too much. (I’m down in Elizabethtown :))

        And if she was convicted…how the hell is she still being retained? Gah.

        There are parts of KY I really love…and parts that I can’t wait to be quit of, if I ever get the chance to get out of here.

      • Rochelle A. Bradley

        Would you have said all the council members were white if that was the case? They were wrong no matter what race they were.

      • Anderprepperstein

        SHHHH… white liberals cannot be racist… ask LBJ.

      • Frito_Bandito

        You already admitted that they are your friends!

      • Jensational

        Yeah, Panda, Rand just keeps talking about stupid things like the 4th amendment and the constitution and how a pesky thing like liberty and freedom are being taken away from us. Isn’t that just horrible???

      • Donna Delgadillo

        And yet, he keeps trying to pass laws which will restrict freedoms even further! Yes, it is horrible!

      • Jensational

        what laws would those be that would further restrict your freedoms, donna?

      • Greg Bailey

        yes do share Donna, what laws,

      • Greg Bailey

        get the teabag out your mouth and share with us what laws….

      • Donna Delgadillo

        Rand Paul? He trying to restrict women’s right to safe and legal contraception. Trying to force invasive procedures on women who want abortions. Maybe you don’t care about women’s rights, but I do. There’s also voting restrictions and other onerous laws the republicans are trying to enact. Having a problem following the conversation Greg Bailey?

      • Jensational

        Rand Paul has NEVER tried to restrict women’s rights to ANY contraception at all. He has also never talked about forcing any woman to go through any invasive medical procedures. What planet have you been living on? btw, is there a problem with having to show ID to prove you are a citizen to vote in our elections? I don’t think so and neither do the other 240 countries on this planet. I think you are either repeating the lies you are being told or you have to make stuff up to get other people to go along with you. That’s a shame!

      • Donna Delgadillo

        It seems Rand Paul is just like his father, all over the place. One can find quotes which support each and every argument to be made. And I did find many. As for showing ID, how come an accepted ID is an NRA membership card, but a student ID is not? I’ll tell you why, one is more apt to vote regressive than the other. Why don’t you do a little search to see what you come up with on your demigod? Rand Paul is a flake.

      • Jensational

        he’s not my demigod and I am glad Rand is like his father! his father was the ONLY ONE in that presidential race that was talking about YOUR RIGHTS and the other real issues facing this country like the debt, the spending, the monetary system, the federal reserve, the shredding of our constitution and our individual liberty. Seems Rand is the only one talking about these issues as well. Maybe you’re ok with letting our rights be taken away from us but I am not and neither is Rand and he’s doing what he can to stop this insanity! I don’t think an NRA ID is sufficient to use to prove your identity to vote and I haven’t heard that it’s accepted anywhere. Not all states have the same voter laws, you know. Rand isn’t perfect but he’s 99% in my book. But for you to make sh*t up to make him look like a bad guy or bad senator is ridiculous. I would turn your comment back on yourself to do more research and this time, stay off the liberal vomit sites or you won’t get ANY truthful information on anything.

      • Donna Delgadillo

        Debt? Spending? You mean like the spending Congress allows for obsolete military ordinance just to bloat the military budget while they want to cut any and all social programs–especially Social Security which does not contribute AT ALL to the debt because it is paid for through payroll deductions? Rand Paul the optometrist would said he would fire Hillary Clinton–for what? She told Congress it was a mistake to cut funding for embassy security, but they did it anyway and then tried to pin everything on her. You want to curb spending, the House writes the spending bills. If you’re okay with corporations being people, go ahead and support the idiot, that’s your right, but don’t tell me that I am uninformed. You should change youre screen name to “delusional”.

      • Tracy Rowe

        You’re fighting a losing battle with this one…

      • emc

        Colorado, we are a red state that voted blue in the last two elections. It is called being educated!

      • Sivol Black

        I love Colorado. My hometown..It was one of Americas best kept secrets but immigration has made it not so much of a secret anymore. It’s still a great State, and the IQ is definitely higher on average. You can hold a decent conversation with anyone, unlike TX. Where you’ll be met with prejudice, racism, stereotypes, broken english, or no english at all… :/ I am definitely U-Turning from the south soon as I graduate lol

      • Mamie Vanwinkle Guy

        Yes, no English at all…..from south of the border.

      • BadKitty

        Good grief! How can you complain about racism in Texas, and then make that extremely racist comment “broken Engish, or no English at all”? People deserve dignity and respect regardless of their fluency in English.. It’s bad enough living in Texas without having to deal with folks who hate the immigrant Spanish population because some of them “don’t speak English right.”

      • Jensational

        I don’t see how saying someone cannot speak English is considered racist. If they can’t speak the language, they can’t speak the language! How is that racist? It’s more like a fact you don’t want to deal with. NOW, if someone had called them a spick or something or a wetback, THEN it would be considered a racist remark.

      • Susan Frost

        It’s their attitude toward the fact; not the fact that’s racist.

      • ElfinYeti

        and they conveniently forget we stole Texas from Mexico!

      • Jensational

        Sivol, and we’ll sure miss you, too.

      • Jensational

        It’s also being called economically unstable and people can’t find a job there! Now they’re raising the state income tax on top of that. If that’s what you call educated, you need to go back to school, LOL

      • Donna Delgadillo

        That and raise you–the natives here never spoke English or Spanish either until the bearded ones got lost and washed up our shores.

      • Karen Hayes

        in Arizona they call it ” edjumacated” …..

      • 1EdMeadows83

        California Welcomes You!

      • czam59

        Come to Connecticut….beautiful shoreline, gorgeous woodlands, one of the best edu systems and people who care about the environment and the health and welfare of others. Lived here my whole life and NEVER intent to leave.

      • Rochelle A. Bradley

        Yes I live in New Haven and it’s not bad. But some of it’s true colors came out when I was protesting the ted nuttgent concert.

      • czam59

        It’s not perfect, but it’s better than most places. Ted Nugent is a moron. Decent guitar player, but a complete dangerous idiot. I haven’t been a fan of his for years. The fans outside Toad’s that night, fortunately, are a minority here. A large amount of them, but still the minority.

      • Anderprepperstein

        Yeah, funny how mad people get when you go out in opposition to the first 2 rights in the Constitution…. pick and choose amendments that suit you. Stand against rights that others cherish and wonder why whitey is getting all pissed off… really?

      • czam59

        The protest was opposition to the spread of hate talk, not constitutional rights. Protests are free speech also. This “whitey” is appalled by his comments.

      • sheila

        come to texas

    • Debbie Lass

      I had a friend in Arizona who is libertarian. I told her that it seems to me her rage and others rage at our president seems to go much deeper than just policy difference and that I feel much of it comes from underlining racism. She defriended me and continues to spew her hate on her page which basically is a bashing Obama page and saying how crazy liberals are. She is mean and those I have known like her also libertarian or conservative are not Christian behaving at all. Extremely hateful…..good riddance…but scary if these type people get in office….

      • ReadMore

        I had one of those ‘friends’, too, only she was from the Arizona of the Midwest – Ohio. She said the most hateful things about President Obama and then tried to justify her nastiness by falling back on her self-proclaimed Christian patriot status. She’s mean, she’s unemployed for the 5th time in the past 10 years (yep, GW years, folks), and she is not just defriended, she’s BLOCKED. Craziness is everywhere but it sure seems to prefer Red States.

      • rdwybldr

        vote democratic 2014-2016

      • Anderprepperstein

        Yeah, thank god the left wing does not stoop to that level and go on ad hominem tangents or set up websites that make personal attacks on people they disagree with.

      • Matt N Jen Stewart

        The difference is, many of those “bashing” President Obama, do it based upon his ethnicity. They claim ideological differences, but when you really analyze what they’re saying, it boils down to “I hate him because he’s (half) black.”

        I know so many people who say it has nothing to do with his skin color, but then, I hear them use words like “nigger”, Muslim (as if it’s a dirty word), and many other racially motiviated epithets.

        Some people love to fall back on your argument, but it has been my experience, that the people using that argument, are the first to use “ad hominem” attacks.

    • Patzilla

      Sad to say that even NY is filled with the same type of racists – brainwashed inbred zombie trolls.

      • Anderprepperstein

        You mean the democats?
        -Bob Hope

    • Michael

      Let us not forget the racist sheriff who has continually broken the law by targeting Hispanics, Blacks, other races, and other minority groups just because he doesn’t like them. It’s people like him that make me as a white man who happens to be gay be very ashamed of my own race. God help us all!

      • Anderprepperstein

        You just happened to be gay? What a coincidence… Actually who cares what your sexual orientation is? (As a libertarian, I don’t care what you do… yeah bigotted thinking). Hang your head in shame for your race? (which according to liberals is a social construct and does not exist). Confused yet? Yeah… libertarians are white supremacists… that makes sense… people who stand for everyone’s right to do whatever they see fit so long as it does not oppress another… wow what a racist concept. You people are amusing and but kinda sad in a way.

      • Tracy Rowe

        And yet you obviously hate liberals. Contradictory much?

      • Glenda Autry Taylor

        Well your race is ashamed of you too, you are just as big a racist as the other people you are talking about, people have a right to their opinion just like you do and just because theirs is different than your does not make them racists. And by the way, no one cares if you are gay or not, that is your business so there was no reason that you mentioned it not unless you are trying to pick up someone on here. Everyone should be treated equal no matter their race, sexual preference, religion and political views.

      • Amy Engelhardt

        Can’t believe I’m having the same discussion two days in a row. Racism is not an “opinion.” It’s ignorance- based hatred and should NEVER be lumped in with statements of opinion like “Vanilla ice cream is boring.”

      • Christine

        If your opinion is racist, you are racist.

      • Matt N Jen Stewart

        How is he as big a racist?

    • Jensational

      Umm..McCain has actually been on the side of the president for the last 4 years. Have you NOT been paying attention? He’s doing exactly what Obama and the dem senate are doing? Man, you’re kind of dim on this subject, aren’t you?

  • Anonymous

    I apologize on behalf of the people who live in Arizona that aren’t total morons. Ugh

    • laura


    • retardian

      Thank god you are there to defend them… lol.

      • Frito_Bandito

        Wrote the commenter with the offensive screen name.

      • Donna Delgadillo

        There is a reason the Frito Bandito no longer exits as an advertising icon.

      • karasinger

        Right! Frito (the pot) calling Retardian (the kettle) black. Very funny.

  • Rose

    Keep them nuts out with your vote

    • Anderprepperstein

      Put your nuts away, thanks.

  • shear

    Clowns, all of them.

  • Glenna Norlin

    The linked article states Ms. Deanna Bartram was holding a sign stating “Impeach the half-white Muslim”. Not a racist for sure./sarcasm
    Her only excuse is that she is still a teenager, and I am sure she is simply parroting the hate she has heard from her family. I am a native of Arizona and I am so ashamed of the ignorance of some in this state.

    • Suckitup And Dealwiththefacts

      Well it seems to me that it is an accurate description of his status as a human…he is half white and he is a Muslim. I personally believe he should be impeached.

      • Linda J Glick

        Obama is not a Muslim…..

      • Londontoad

        And being a Muslim does not make a person a non-American. In The USA, one has the right to choose what ever religion one wishes to follow.

      • gvb

        Speaking of dealing with the facts–at least you got one right. He is “half white”. But the ones you missed: he is not a Muslim. He is all American. And although you are entitled to your opinion about impeachment, it is not based in any logic or facts and, in terms of how our government works, it is just ignorant.

      • Sonny Saenz

        Dont hate it really isnt good for you it makes you live in fear.

      • Glenna Norlin

        So you believe a President should be impeached based on their “status as a human” aka their race and supposed religion? I thought impeachment was a punishment for violating the oath of office.
        Funny how calls for impeachment of previous Presidents were based on actual wrongdoings and the slogans were “Impeach the Liar” or “Impeach the crook”. I don’t recall anyone touting “Impeach the Baptist!” or “Lose the white Methodist!”

      • Matt N Jen Stewart

        He is half white, but was it necessary to put it on a sign? His race should be the last thing we’re worried about. Where is your proof he is Muslim? How are either of those impeachable offenses?

  • Debbie Howell Tuosto

    It always cracks me up when someone like lillapoyka posts, “My hatred has nothing to do with race. The guy is a douchebag and he is destroying the country” It starts out with ‘hatred’. Then, it’s name calling – douchebag. Then, wrap it up with ‘he’s destroying the country’ All that’s missing is any logical, rational explanation accompanied by an example of HOW HE’S ruining the country. All flashing lights and noise…. no substance.

    • CC

      It really disturbs me when people don’t know their government. Any bill passed has to be sent to the House of Represenatives who can change and okay all bills. Only way a bill is passed is by the House of Represenatives. Even the Presidents bill has to be approved by the House of Reps.

      • Teri Hairston

        Amen! CC that’s what I’ve been telling people for the longest time. You would think they’d know that by now. If you don’t know or understand your government and how it works, then look it up!

  • Miguel

    Well, at least nobody poked a finger in his face this time.

  • Conservative racial bigots are the black sheep of the white race.

    • Anderprepperstein

      And racist left wing white people are the giant elephant in the room.

  • William H Clarke

    Before you echo ‘Amen’ in your home or place of worship, think and remember…a child is listening.”

    ― Mary Griffith

  • openlyblack

    Clearly, racism makes you stupid.

    • Melanie LaPoint

      Stupid makes you stupid. 🙂

  • wtvr

    Not “half Indian” — “part Indian.”

  • warriorwolfgirl

    All right, so I agree that people shouldn’t be singing something so inappropriate, but to blame it all on the “disgusting…conservatives” is ignorant. I and my whole family are conservative Republicans, and while we disagree with Obama, it has nothing to do with his race. It has to do with the fact that he is running this country into the ground by increasing the national debt and forcing people to buy his health-care. And while we may disagree with him, we aren’t so “disgusting” as to sing a song that mocks his race. But none of my opinions are because of his race. My two best friends are both black, and I trust them more than anyone. Also, that woman who said that she disagreed with Obama was simply stating her opinion of our president, and because she happened to dislike a man for his policies, she becomes racist, just because he’s black.

    • JDS

      Hey Dummy we have the biggest deficit reduction since world war 2….You need to stop watching FOX NEWS LIES they are killing you REpublicans and making you all look DUMB

      • warriorwolfgirl

        I’ve never watched any Fox News in my whole life. I prefer to do my own research on the internet.

    • Anna

      I don’t care that you disagree with his policies, that is your right to do so. But can you please stop spreading lies for your reason of disliking him? He isn’t forcing you to buy his insurance. You can keep your own. He’s only mandating that you must have insurance. And this plan has been calculated to decrease the deficit. As far as him increasing the deficit, you do realize that Reagan and Bush increased the deficit as well. So unless you were angry when they did it, you have no reason to be upset with Obama.

    • crazypieces

      Well, listen to news someplace beside where you are listening. He is not increasing the debt and you don’t have to buy insurance. You do have a choice in that matter.

      • warriorwolfgirl

        His national debt is much higher than any other presidents’. Also, his health care mandates that everyone buy insurance before 2014.

      • gvb

        You do realize that our national debt is so high because of GW Bush’s TWO unfunded wars, right? And while the idea of the ACA is that if everyone buys/obtains insurance than the price goes down for everyone and levels of coverage go up, still you are not forced to buy it. You may instead choose to pay the tax penalty. Your choice entirely. As the healthcare “system” in the US has been for years, if you didn’t have insurance and got injured and went to the emergency room but couldn’t pay, everyone else picked up your medical care cost through increased hospital costs and taxes. In 2014 if you can’t afford insurance, you will get a subsidy/tax break to buy it, it will be cheaper because more people are insured and insurance CEO salaries are capped. OMG! That is just terrible….

    • Boogie Down Producer

      Um… the national debt has DROPPED the last two years and as I pointed out before the ACA is *exactly* the same program as that approved by his flip-flopping opponent in last year’s election and *exactly* the same program that Bob Dole proposed in 1996 and *exactly* the same program proposed by two Republican House members in the late ’90s. So explain to me how it’s a good thing when put forth by the “Grand” Old Party but bad when passed under an African-American Democrat.

  • Thomas Daniels

    People are idiots. The bye bye blacksheep reference had nothing to do with his race.
    Black sheep have been referenced in songs. It is a reference to a bad guy, not race.
    Gin Wigmore, actually has a song called black sheep. The Black sheep bye bye is a play on a children’s poem that has been analyzed multiple times as a reference to pushing back evil. Just because he is black doesn’t mean people are being racist. If your educated enough to look for the true answers in books, you will find out what I am saying is true. Or for heavens sake, Google Google Google…………Oh wait, people will probably start saying Google is racist.

    • LC

      And I suppose it’s just a coincidence they chose this particular song…You’re an idiot.

    • crazypieces

      If you believe that there is no racism in the choice of that song, I have a bridge to sell you.

    • FoxValleySpirit

      Oh no you don’t. The poem is “Baa baa black sheep”, not “bye bye black sheep”. If they were singing “bye bye black sheep”, you can bet they weren’t reciting nursery rhymes together.

    • Michael Siever

      If it means “bad guy”, why not say “bad guy”? Or pick a different song title altogether? I have never seen this level of hatred towards a President until Obama came along. The most offensive thing he did to them was he got elected. Were these same people this upset when Clinton was President. I don’t recall they did, even during the Lewinsky scandal.

    • Artisticlady

      @Thomas, you have just proven the point of the article!!! Religious white supremacist believe that “all black people” are bad and evil and have a thug genetic gene! You need to do more research on the poem Bye Bye Black Sheep and the reason why blacks have never like the poem or the song, go all the way back to the plantation, Vaudeville, minstrel shows & Samboo story! This is why the rest of the world calls Americans dumb because so much of its real historical facts has been covered up by white sterilized propaganda to fool the masses about the truth concerning the ugly history of racism in America. You are dumb when the rest of the world knows your history better then you! Those racist at this event knew what they were saying because their parents raised them on the same racist beliefs they had been raised on and they know the history of this country and its racist stereotype labels given to the slaves and their descendants. I don’t find what they are doing sad it just shows the truth in what they believe- “that blacks are evil and have no business holding political office in America!

  • monkeecmonkeedoo

    I love my President.

  • jonathan

    It is funny how the state that fought not to honor Dr.King is talking about someone dividing the country. These people are sick and an embarrassment to any decent American regardless of race, or gender. Well at least we know where they stand and how they feel. This is the republican party going forward and they will have to own their actions towards this president. This will go down in history as an embarrassment to the Republican party, something they will never be able to explain away.

  • Melanie LaPoint

    The people who sang make me ASHAMED to call myself an American. How disgusting and vile those people are!

    I try to live my life through compassion and love, but people like that make it hard. Part of me feels sorry that they have chosen to live a life filled with HATE. The other part of me feels like the world would be a better place without people like that in it.

    “Hatred, jealousy and excessive attachment cause suffering and agitation. I feel that, again, it is compassion that can help you overcome these to move into a calm state of mind. Compassion is . . . realizing that the other person is also just like me. That recognition is the basis on which you can develop compassion not only towards those around you but also towards your enemy. Normally, when we think about our enemy, we think about harming him. Instead, try to remember that the enemy is also a human being. He or she has the right to be happy, just as you do. ~Dalai Lama”

    Maybe someone should educate those people.
    I don’t have the compassion within me for them.
    I am still a work in progress. 🙂

  • Raymond Deavitt

    I live in Texas too, and I’ve never seen this kind of racist hatred toward a politician. I hear this crap daily at work and out in town. I mean I totally understand if you don’t like Obama’s policies or are not aligned with the Democratic platform. But enough is enough already.

    • Sivol Black

      Haha You live in TX and you’ve never seen this kind of racist hatred!? Are you real life right now?! TX is one of the most racist places everrrrrrrrr! I currently live here and can’t wait to move back to Colorado!

  • Donald Kucsmas

    Not all people in Arizona have hate in their hearts like those people do.They are ignorant.

    • LadyeCatte

      We know. I’m a native Texan and know the pain of being associated with the hordes of rightwing fruitcakes.
      Thank goodness for Gabby Giffords and Wendy Davis!

  • Roland Olson

    You are right….you don’t get it…you choose not to understand that “where he comes from ” is Chicago…. where he was a senator that voted absent on over 120 votes…..a man is known by what he does…not by what he promises to do.

    • KiKi

      Actually, he voted ‘present’. You can’t vote absent, because…that doesn’t make sense. You can’t vote not here, if you’re not there. Voting ‘present’ means that you ‘abstain’ from the vote because of a part in the bill that you don’t agree with, but know that you are the minority. For example, if you believe a bill came about in an unconstitutional way, but don’t necessarily disagree with entire measure. This keeps you from alienating your voters–something the GOP has not yet mastered.

      1 in every 31 of his votes were voted this way, (129/4000). That’s about 3%. That’s a very small number. Also, that was in his State Senate, not the US Senate. Yes, I just went look all of this up.

      So what you’re saying is that he didn’t bend rules of the constitution to achieve what he wanted, and/or he didn’t go to the extreme just to look good politically. (As in voting for a total abortion ban, regardless of the life of the mother, as many Republicans have done.) Either way, both of those are compliments.

      • Christine

        BAM! 🙂

      • gvb

        What an awesome, fact-based, reasonable, thoughtful response. Sadly, Roland probably didn’t read past the first few words–to where he realized you were presenting facts that disagree with his world view and therefore are not acceptable to him. Wouldn’t want to confuse himself with the facts, would he?

      • Cervantes Palmer

        Thank you so so much for explaining that….I’m so grateful that a person has the mindset to look up facts, instead of looking at (fox news) yes I put them in small caps. I would doubt if they know the difference nor is there anything right about broadcasting network anyway. Tea Party members just might learn something if they could bypass rush limbaugh and fox news. These folks have small minds that prey on even smaller minds. The kind of folk that you could sell Cherrios to them as doughnut seeds.

  • Whodathunkit

    As someone who does not live in the USA, I find it hard to believe there is still “race” issue. Jeez, folks – there is but one “race” – the human race (and we appear to be losing it). The USA has a way to go in stamping out this silly nonsense!

  • Harmonizer1

    What really saddens me is the anger and hatred coming from the perceived left. Ok, so we have a few people, in both radical parties….Democrats and Republicans and both think they have the distinct god given right to tell other’s how to live. Well, that is why there is a Constitution, to avoid that type of polarization. There were about 4 major parties in 1856 to 1860. It was not until the Election of Andrew Jackson that the country began this road down polarization. However, looking at the Democrats then, they were the party of slavery and segregation. Today, what we have is hatred and vitriol coming from both sides. I am grateful I belong to neither. All this talk about black/white , race et…. People Really!? First, no one is a color. Second, about the black-white divide in politics uhm…there is the grey area where most should start living…that’s called moderate and sane. As for skin color, the more you harp on it and keep referring to yourselves or others as a color, rather than an ethnicity (not race) the faster we all move on away from hatred. The only race here is the HUMAN race. We are all just a pile of genetic material tossed together my the random nature of our ancestry. You didn’t choose what genes you are made up of, nor the color of your skin (it you wish to identify that way), so why choose to believe there is no middle ground of negotiation and sane, humane, kind behavior. All of it on either side causes this divide, not just one or the other. If you continue to acknowledge the face of hatred and be the body of the victim you can’t live the life of the peaceful winner. Good luck with the idea of color and race. As you see it hasn’t worked out so well. Other countries in Europe have long gotten past this, isn’t it time we did too? Try another approach, the old one isn’t working, for any one.

    • Matt N Jen Stewart

      Well said!

  • doesntevenmatter

    Congratulations Obama! Looks you’re plans to start a race war are actually working!

    • Michael Siever

      Yes, as Allen pointed out, it’s all Obama’s fault that racist idiots don’t like him or even exist for that matter. The most offensive thing he ever did to them was get elected. I never saw this level of hatred towards a Democratic President from the Reich-Wing even during the Lewinsky scandal. You cannot tell me these attacks, which were and have always been started by those on the right, are not motivated by race, and that it’s being made up by the media.

      • doesntevenmatter

        I am not telling you that at all. I voted for Obama. I wouldn’t vote Republican if my life depended on it, well, maybe then…

        I was being facetious. President Obama making the statements he made during the Trayvon Martin media frenzy only fueled the fire started by race baiters like Al Sharpton and racists like the New Black Panther Party. It was the Liberal media that altered the 911 call to make Zimmerman seem racist (CNN & NBC) and edited juror interview,when Obama made that statement “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin” all of the facts weren’t in and he never, ever should have interfered with judicial matters.

        After the verdict came in, the nation that was already in an uproar needed it’s leader to bring us together. His words just divided us further apart. THAT is what infuriates me.

        I guess I should have elaborated in my comment, I apologize if I offended anyone.

  • Racists = losers.
    And sore losers at that!

  • LadyeCatte

    ““He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

    I just figured out who these people remind me of: My ex-husband. Every time he’d raise his hand to me, he’d say, “See what you make me do? This is YOUR fault!”

    And, yes… he “hates Obama”, too.

  • Michael Siever

    They just can’t stand the fact that there’s a non-white in the White House, because it diminishes their falsely-perceived “white privilege”. Being white was a status symbol to them, and now that a person who could be denied membership from their country clubs is the leader of the country that club’s soil is located upon, they feel that their status symbol is threatened by trivialization.

  • Respect4thePOTUS

    The best part of it all is that it doesnt matter what they call him, he is still the POTUS and its eats their guts out that our first black president is a two term guy! I wish we could elect him for a third!

    • ReadMore

      Yep, you nailed there. Everyday they wake up knowing that pandering to rich white guys didn’t work for them – twice 🙂 Puts a smile on my face just to think about it.

    • Anderprepperstein

      YES YOU WISH YOU COULD … screw the term limits, you found your hero. Make a muppet of him and sleep with it… lol


    The message that these protesters forget is that you can only bring yourself into being a racist. You do not need another excuse to be racist!

  • hope4humanity

    Obama is the biggest racist of them all…Wake up!

    • Michael Siever

      Your username and post really go hand in hand…/sarcasm

    • Guile Williams

      Prove it.

  • Renee_FL

    Tactless, childish, backward, moronic racists. And to think children are learning their future habits from them. Is this what Arizona really wants to be remembered for? Evidently so, because I know none of us will forget it anytime soon.

  • Debi Biderman

    Makes me ashamed to be white and American

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    So disturbing on so many levels.

  • Erin Beebe-Romero

    I never knew my state was this absent minded because I was raised by my father (A progressive independent) and not my mother (Tea Party wannabe-the worst kind)…. once I realized my own mother was one of these dimwitted idiotic hypocritical self-centered ignorant idiots I found myself saying “That level of ignorance should be shunned, not embraced.” on a daily basis. To the point that I’ve accepted that right wing idiots will not change or go away (Gee Wiz how things would change for the better if they were open minded and accepted humility with honor) … so what do we do to protect our sanity. Arizona is a beautiful state, it’s the hypocritical republicans that make it look ugly. I feel bad that there’s no hope for them or their family, they will forever be trapped for generations in webs of lies. Just thinking of this idea, create a building that benefits people and the environment Republican Insane Asylum: Enabling Republicans in a safe and secure virtual environment from now on.

  • Zach

    I love living in AZ… its a beautiful state! Unfortunatly I share it with a bunch of redneck uneducated individuals that do things like this. So dissapointing but not surprising. Vacations to blue states are very nice I must say…

  • Guile Williams

    It’s sad to see people are so closed minded and hateful. I’ve been to Arizona and it is a beautiful state. I wouldn’t judge a whole state on the actions of a few misfits because that wouldn’t be fair to the people who have a good head on their shoulders. I feel sorry that their are people who can’t get passed where someone is from or how they look because really that isn’t something that should even factor into how you treat others.Really though, if you want problems to go away people need to drop the hate and start thinking about the future because ultimately we are all on the same planet and way of life really should be a lot better than it is now.

  • CC

    Thank you everyone on this page for your wonderful comments. It’s people who don’t go with the masses who makes the difference. I don’t judge people for their color I judge their hearts and everyone her has one.

  • SusanB

    I am afraid that the “average American” is represented by these people. The average American is pretty ignorant and doesn’t even know it. What is most pathetic is that these people each get one vote, as if they could comprehend what is actually going on or that they would even try to learn or understand.

  • Jose Pons

    I voted for Obama two times and right now I say IMPEACH him for War Crimes

    • Guile Williams

      Please state which war crimes to impeach him for and show evidence to back your claim. Else you can close your mouth, or in this case, stop posting nonsense.

    • gvb

      Do you even have any idea what constitutes war crimes? What branch of the military did you serve in and for how long?

  • ohiolibrarian

    Ummm … did you notice that the song is supposed to be Baa, baa black sheep”. Teh stupid, it burns!

  • slidin’robbie

    It’s bah bah Black sheep have you any wool?
    Yes yes sir three bags full.
    And so on.
    You can’t fix stupid. Racism is taught in the family. Period.

  • AbleThinker

    Was this article written by a nine year old?

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    I’m so glad that President Obama is so much larger and more mature than those pea-brained nitwits!!!

  • Tammy Castillo

    You know whats sad about the whole situation ???? This countries Forefathers came here from wherever they came from, to get AWAY from persecution,
    taxation, and misrepresentation. And ALL our Country is about anymore is Republicans twisting the issues. Politicians have stomped all over our Constitution and apparently have completely lost their minds and forgotten what it means !

  • DEE

    Sad i expect nothing less from the State of AZ …. granted not all are like this but its really sad now the world really know how’s America feels..DEE

  • Elizabeth Costales

    Even white-blue eyes’ Hispanics are embarrased of the color of our skin when we hear or read comments of such racist nature. Since Hispanics come in all colors, members of an extended family can have very white, somewaht white, light brown, darker brown, black, family members. We are all great families, with no hate for other races in our hearts. This President has the control and patience of a saint. I could never endure the humiliating language, the looks of hate, the baseless birther insults and jokes, etc. He is so much better than me.

  • What a bunch of uneducated buffoons! They make me sick. President Obama is really a wonderful person. He does not let stupid people ruffle his feathers. He is a gentleman and a genuine person. I am so proud to call him my president. I can not stand racist. They make me want to puke.

  • Pattyb

    Can you imagine what would have happened if a protestor said and/or did something like that to President Bush? The Secret Service would have crushed like a bug, faster than you could say, “Evil Doer!”
    Too much!! 🙁

  • grannj

    Judy Burris is TRENDING VERY, VERY HIGH on Twitter & Facebook. She could become the next Kardashdkian.

  • Julie Costanten

    I am embarrassed by the conduct of some of the people in my state…Not all Arizonans are like those idiots.

  • GOPhater

    Guess I’ll never root for U of A ever again…BASTARDS!

  • Lia Salem

    It’s that kind of attitude that makes me ashamed of humanity. I’m not saying all humans are cowardly, racist, classless bigots. There are some very, very fine people out in the world. But those kind of people, the ones in Arizona that sang that song, need to be slapped HARD with a sense of respect, dignity, humility and politeness. Now, I’m not saying that anyone has to LIKE Obama, or automatically agree with his policies and beliefs just because he is President. We all have a right to like/dislike/agree/disagree whomever we choose. That’s just human nature. But it’s acts like this that truly disgust me. Now, MAYBE Arizona is a nice place to visit. And maybe it isn’t. All I know, is that these kind of people are turning me off from wanting to visit, and I’m sure a lot of others are turned off too. Once again, nobody has to like or agree with Obama. And nobody should be forced to, or forced to feel like they should. But for God’s sake, would it KILL these kinds of people to show a little respect for once in their lives? I bet you all ANYTHING, that if democrats (or pretty much anyone for Obama) starting saying racial or disgusting slurs/songs at one of THEIR (Anti-Obama) candidates for whatever, they’d be all butt-hurt and crying about it.

  • Bob Larson

    and how is asking for an id a slight against the poor, can you cash a check without an id? Can you apply for social services without an id? can you do much of anything without an id?

  • Bob Larson

    actions of FEW DETERMINE THE FEELINGS OF A MAJORITY, sounds like liberal bs again

  • sansooman

    This crap never ceases. White Presidents since 1732 and people go nuts with the election of the first Black POTUS. People will look back at this moment 20-50 from now and shake their heads.

  • Mike

    Sickening. Why can’t they just leave and form their own country and leave us alone?

  • Benjamin Eggleton

    I’d hardly say that is the representative of conservative thought. Race is important. It helped him get elected. It is why many dislike him. It is why many more like him. I personally despise him for what he actually does. What is his foreign policy? How has he helped relations with any of our allies? How has he damaged us in front of the world? What good thing did he ever do for America besides show the world that we could elect a black man?

  • Sherry

    Oh well when Hilary wins in 2016 we will then only hear from the male chauvinists all of the racists will go back to their caves…..

  • sick of the whining

    I think that woman meant that he needs to go back to Chicago. But I guess if you are complaining about race from your point of view, I can see how that can be twisted to mean what you want it to:) I guess what we can do is gather up everyone who doesn’t want to be politically correct and burn them at the stake. Maybe that would make everyone feel better.

  • gravit013

    Arizona should be ashamed of it’s self, although not too surprising considering the fact that the state did not celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr day for so long and fought not to celebrate it. Even McCain voted against it the first time around. Such a shameful fact Arizona. Get it together down there.

  • chigbo.obienu

    I’m not a racist either. But as a christian, and black, it kills me Jesus Christ was(is) white. Yet I want to make heaven not hell.

    • Jensational

      he wasn’t white, you dolt! He was a middle eastern JEW! What bible are you reading from???

  • republicanindetox

    So, Arizona has become ground zero for stupid.

  • Darron Jacobs


  • Rosita Swinton

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    Absolutely unreadable.

  • Lieke O’regan

    Yep, I even heard people on a base say horrible things about the President. They blame him for everything! They do not know the facts, or only know the facts they like to know to make him look bad. I may not agree always, but he is still our President and people should show some respect and we all should be united to work for a better America.

  • Boaz

    He’s not black, he’s half-black.

  • Keep it classy, Arizona!

  • Mark

    Remember that one of their governors didn’t want MLK Jr day. What did you expect

  • Spider

    Really, really stupid people mock the president per what is portrayed in this article.

    Read the responses in chat, however. Hate filled, vitriolic drivel. A small group of morons at an event is extrapolated to the entirety of the Republican party, Tea Party, etc., not to mention the people of the State of Arizona. I probably should read further to discover the slams on Christians too.

    You all demand behavior from those you mock and deride that you yourselves aren’t willing to display. What I read from the comments is that the ONLY reason someone might find the current POTUS as awful is race. Clearly republicans are incapable of pensive disagreement.

    • Matt N Jen Stewart

      I agree with what you’re saying. Too many people make broad generalizations. A small group of ignorami, does not mean the majority of people associated with a political party are like them.

      Unfortunately, it seems many of those speaking the loudest are the most offensive ones. More of the educated and thoughtful “conservatives” need to speak up. Let us “liberals” know you’re not all intolerant, bigot, loud mouths.

  • 1laughman

    Any time someone says “im not a racist, I have a black friend” They are absolutely 100% racist…

  • fox-news-47664765c4e8d323a4ace1e734b7ceae

    They have no shame.

  • James Martin

    1)All while many Republicans will insist his race has nothing to do with the disdain many conservatives display towards the nation’s first black President. 2)Of course, anyone with any common sense knows that his race has played a huge part in the negativity he’s received from many on the right.> It is entirely possible that both of these statements are true because for “many” Republicans it has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his policies and perceived agenda. For “many” it is about his race. 3)“he needs to go back where he came from.” > It is possible that this statement indicates that Miss Bartram doesn’t know where he is from and doesn’t know what to believe. It could mean; where ever he is from, be it Hawaii or Kenya or the moon he needs to go back there. For Allen Clifton to state with certainty that a less than fully self explanatory comment has a particular meaning(for the person making the statement) would require Mr Clifton to be a mind reader. I don’t believe that President Obama does, with intent, seek to stoke the fires of racism but it does SEEM at times that he is race baiting. REFUSE TO HATE

  • Jensational

    How is “he needs to go back where he came from” considered a racist comment? Seriously! That can mean ” he needs to go back to Chicago” or “he needs to go back to Hawaii”. What else could it mean? Maybe the writer of this story thinks Obama came from Africa? Indonesia? Why else would the writer say that going back to where he came from is racist? I am a conservative and a constitutionalist and I am no racist towards this president. He absolutely has divided this country, not racially, but economically. The media and congress is who has racially divided this country. I belong to many tea party groups and other conservative liberty groups and we have never had anyone affiliated with us call him the N word or refer to him as one – and I live in Texas, too! This article is trash – plain and simple. For those that shouted by bye black sheep to the president, they ought to be ashamed and I hope they will refrain from doing that in the future.

    • Matt N Jen Stewart

      While I don’t agree with everything you say, you make some good points. We need to stop focusing on the nonsense getting media coverage and look at the facts.

  • enochmubarak

    Long live the Obama nation!

  • Anderprepperstein

    Way worse than beating a white kid nearly to death on a bus. Isn’t it “bah bah”? And he is half white but I don’t think he’s muslim. Convenient how everyone ignores mixed race people depending on how it alligns with their position. Look at Ben Jealous, he looks less black than David Duke. People are getting pissed off for obvious reasons. People used to have a sense of humor. I’d say god help us but I don’t believe in god so I guess we are all going down the same toilet. I myself cannot wait to get out of this purple fading cesspool and into a rural red location. Less rape and murder and all I need to do is put up with more quasi-offensive nursery rhymes? No brainer.

  • redone2422

    Shameful. Just shameful. He is our Commander in it or not. The ignorant will remain ignorant until the Tea Party is disposed of. We as a nation have a civic duty to make this happen in the next election. Hate mongers breed hate mongers..Let’s do the right thing and get rid of this despicable element in Congress and the Senate.

  • Derek Snow

    Arizona, the Mississippi of the West . . . . Whatever you expect, lower the bar three notches and you have the average Arizonian mentality pegged.

  • carrie

    So ridiculous all the people saying that there is no such thing as racism anymore and using the fact that the president is black as proof that there is no racism. Then look at how this president has uniquely been treated in such racist ways. He has shown so much restraint. It is funny that when he talked about Trayvon Martin and race he brought up being discriminated against before he was president. He could have just as easily discussed the lack of respect shown to him as president for things that were clearly based on his race. This country is becoming absolutely absurd.

  • Politically Offended

    Odd that all the stories I’ve read about this say the supporters out numbered the protesters yet not person got a picture or video of one of these signs or comments. News crews were there getting video but strangely they didn’t capture one of these offenses. I don’t doubt it could happen but I’d like a little proof.

  • Dante Latra

    He’s just as white as he is black. He was raised by his white grandmother. We are all on this planet together. Wait until the Anunnaki return.

  • Laurie Chapman Landis

    They are an embarrassment to America and the Human race! I am ashamed of the way the right wing conservatives are representing America. They all need to be sent back to Kindergarten, because they apparently haven’t learned how to play well as adults…Pathetic!!!

  • GeneralSoreness

    aww c’mon racism is the IT thing right now!.. if we elect a female president…. Will people attack women based on female stereotypes?

  • Ted Truslow

    Most, if not all, Black Americans know that the resentment from White Americans toward President Obama is racially motivated. As a people, we still have a very long way to go when it comes to racial harmony. It’s hurting America more than anything. The sooner it stops the better.

  • Dan

    I agree that plenty of Obama supporters pull the race card to shut down opposition, and I do believe that he is destroying the Constitution. But she lost me at “go back to where he came from”.

  • Elliot

    Minus the whole he should go back where he came from bit, the 17 year old is right. The author is just as big of a “dumbass” for saying a child shouldn’t exist, A.

    Many african americans in this country have been ridiculously overusing the race card concept for the past 5 years. If you haven’t been exposed to it, then you’re lucky, but just as “ignorant” as the “educated” folk commenting on here. Both you bleeding blues and the most right wing minded conservatives are equally to blame for allowing racism to explode like it has recently. Liberal policy has made it so easy to critique on the lives of the lowest class now, which again is what all this racism bs is in response to. Maybe take care of the ridiculous student loan debt instead of living off college educated 22-26 year olds, and stop handing out free phones at every McDonalds in Illinois.

    I live in Chicago and I see it everyday. The ignorance of the MAJORITY of obamas supporters here is astounding. Ask any African American in the area and they’ll tell you they’ve voted 2 times in their life. And won’t vote again unless there’s another “black” candidate.

    Shit like this is why he gets greeted that way in AZ. Not his fault, at all, but not some one sided racist regime by conservatives either. The people are to blame.

  • Man from Modesto

    While spreading hate, calling the ENTIRE class haters and racists because of the -alleged- action of a small group, this author pretends to be on the side of tolerance, peace, etcetera.

    Where is the video of this singing? Recall the early Tea Party days when Obama’s group employed a “Rules for Radicals” tactic- accuse your opponent of being racist and/or criminal. They fabricated stories of lawmakers being called nigger- which never happened.

    A reward was offered for the proof- in video form. $100,000 was NEVER claimed- because it was a lie.

    So, bring a video supporting this allegation, or go down with your name on the list of those who irresponsibly increased the division Obama and the Chicago crowd are working hard to build.

    The further this nation moves away from God, the worse it is going to get.

  • Man from Modesto

    You Obama lovers need to read the collection I compiled of prophecies that this president will be the last for America- LONG BEFORE anyone knew who (or what racial mix) he would be.

  • just trying to be fair

    I don’t think I’m racist but at the recent outcome of the Zimmerman tr, quite a few of the black leaders made it known that they objected to the verdict and the press and entire news media ignored the jury’s decision and attacked Zimmerman. A few weeks later in California, a woman and her very young son were driving thru a racially mixed neighborhood when two young blacks, apparently in retaliation to the verdict, shot and killed both mom and son.

    • Matt N Jen Stewart

      You should have posted links to back up your claims.

  • just trying to be fair

    continued: there was no Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to speak for them, and the media gave the incident very little coverage, so tell me, who’s the racist here?

  • andre smith

    he also is the ni99er who stole all the wool.

    • Just Axin

      Stop insulting your people. You are Black!

  • mcquestion5000

    While I’m sure this is true we can’t paint the entire state with that same brush. The author is a Texan and proud liberal. Yes, there are plenty who think Obama is a Muslim/Kenyan/Communist/Nazi/Blackzilla but there are apparently more who disagree, considering that he’s still president.

    Some genuinely think this is true, others are just brainwashed by FOX, Beck and Limbaugh. The problem is, the republican party is being led by people like Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity now, not to mention the racist, radical tea party folks. To get elected, they feel they have to play to that ignorant, racist base, rather than try and forge a new, more progressive (Old Republican) style. They are politicians, after all: slow to evolve and afraid of any change. They are being led by conspiracy minded, racist, ignorant men who don’t even hold public office and instead are paid to rile up the likewise ignorant masses.

    When the republican party cuts ties to Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Palin and forge a new, more moderate path, there will be a return to sanity. When will that be? Who knows? The sooner they stop playing to mass of old, white hillbillies and CEOs, the better.

  • Guitarzan

    Just took a tour of your comments. Sorry didn’t realize that you support marxism are anti-free market and are too ignorant to believe that someone such as I can strongly disapprove of 0-bama due to policy not race. It’s a shame my candidate didn’t win. What then would you lefties be saying about President Cain.

  • Bernie Gill

    I’ve said for years that 90% of the reason for the anti-Obama agenda was based on race. THIS confirms it!

  • langranny

    I can’t wait to see how they will all behave when a woman is running the country. I wonder what derogatory names they will call her…

  • langranny

    Dear Mr. President: These people do not represent the intelligent and educated of America. We believe in you and know you are trying to do the best for all Americans in spite of their disgusting behavior. The divide that has become so obvious is the intelligent v/s the stupid sheep who follow whatever faux news tells them. Hopefully they will soon be led by their masters to the slaughter and those of us who know better will remain.

  • langranny

    These people may feel superior now, but if there really is a God, I have a feeling that when they reach the “other side”, their final destination won’t be the place they think it will…

  • moralcompass

    Makes me sick to my stomach when they scream he’s shredding our constitution and limiting our liberties, half these people don’t know the constitution and live in an echo chamber. Get out of the sound vacuum and get some knowledge, use your brains and stop being so gullible. What’s liberty if you keep being so ignorant? Your so called conservative and libertarian leaders only want people who are smart enough to work the machines and fill in paperwork. If that’s the American dream you hope for then stay asleep.

  • lebaby

    ALL Republicans are like rabid animals, uncouth and degenerate. Even if they don’t walk around in public and say these things, you know they think them, they HAVE to, to be a part of this gang of ignorant cavepeople. I despise all of them and what they have done to America. Traitors!

  • califcowgirl1955

    Amazing the discussions around the dinner table these days. President Obama did not MAKE anyone do or say ANY OF the hateful bigoted BS coming out of their minds and mouths. These folks seem to think it is okay, because the media has done it from day one, the Tea Party, Politicians, and Mr. John McCain with his “that one” remark started it all. It is seems to me, the election of our President Obama has brought out the worst “the people.”
    Now it is up to “the people” to correct it.
    I personally believe that anyone, ANYONE, other than a Republican, would have received this same treatment, cause this has brought out the “angry white guy” in them. Now not only is Our President a target so is Pope Frances from the same group of anal retentive “Christians”.

  • Marty Cox

    From what I can tell, most people in Arizona are hateful but they are too dumb to know and glory in their “senses of importance” at teaching and swallowing useless nonsense all the while considering themselves Patriots and Christians when the verge on the edge of Treason and worship of things and ideas that are NOT Christian.

  • Ryan

    I live in AZ and while many many people are voting Republican, there is hope in that we have 9 U.S. Reps and 5 of them are Democrat, so ever so slowly this state is becoming blue. Thankfully the TEA Party hasn’t infected the AZ state government yet otherwise we’d really be in trouble. As a Dem I’d rather have a Centerist and resiliant McCain than a extremist obstructionist Koch funded Ted Cruz type, but I still vote Dem every time, just hoping the 77 year old McCain is forced to retire.

  • David Starkey

    What do you expect from the state that brought us Sherriff Joe Arpaio & Governor Jan Brewer?
    [I expect racism, bullying & humiliation.]

  • Rusti

    Ignorant people like Judy are teaching young people like Deanna to hate and I can think of few things sadder. It’s sad for the young people who are learning so well to hate and it’s sad for this country that we are displaying so much of what we thought we had passed 50 years ago. These people are forcing us back a hundred years at a time when we need progress. Sad for them; bad for us.

  • lindylou

    17 year old Deanna Barton is repeating what her parents have been saying. Let’s interview her again after she gets a job that doesn’t cover her living expenses out there in the real world!

  • Maleka Giovinco

    bottom line….they are all disrespectful toward the president. but if that’s the rule of the new game; i’m down. when and IF another republican gets in the white house; trust and believe; at every turn this little black woman will be shouting out derogatory statements. how fast can you say…go to jail!!! i was in the military; i had no choice for my commander in chief but i never disrespected any of them!

  • J valenzuela

    Racism is a wonderful prop in lieu of “smoke and mirrors”. Racism is not the issue, but the distraction. The issue is, the guy that lives in the white house is a pathological narcissist, dilusional and he despises the principles in which our country is built. what a horrible place! Being from Texas, you have heard Obamavaddressed as president less times then he should have? He doesnt mind, he doesnt believe it matters one bit what something is called. Powder puff politician is hust fine… and maybe someday JV! He isnt a real American. Therebyou go again, geez… you seem ti bring up race more then anybody. You may want to have that looked at. I may have to try your healthy, kind, and compassionate way of dealing with differences in opinions, and ignorance. Deanna and Barbara really rocked your world. especialy the child Barbara, yes 17 is a child. the anger she provoked in you is alarming. At least you didnt handle your rage like the state of Arizona, right handed people, and the ones in Texas (yes we know where you live) NOT saying President. No racism for you! No way! You are an example to us all! Your way of handling differences, and percieved dumbassness? YOU said ” I feel sorry that people like that (barbara) even exist” Uh??? SO, if your kid dislikes Wed. School lunches, Pizza Wednesday… and says something dumbass, like Wednesdays are racist, and only for Italians,vand I dont like it, it is acceptable for me to wish he never existed. You are good with that? Too bad you do not use your writing space to make a positive difference, rather then an angry babble, topped with a new, and even less humane way of dealing with differences, from a teenage girl no less. Yes I know, you are from Texas.

  • Steve Ayres

    I never liked Obama. A weak and ineffective President that blamed anyone, everyone else for his astounding lack of ability. I read that the Democrats have lost more House, Senate, state legislative and governors seats during the Obama Presidency than under any other president.

    Back in 2010 Obama admitted that the Republicans had given his party a severe beating – or as he termed it, a “shellacking”, after the worst Democratic midterm election defeat in 70 years.

    He admitted he ‘may’ have been out of touch with the mood in the US. He was unwilling to compromise. The Democrats rushed to secure the presidency of an African American and paid the price.

    I don’t know if the Democrats are stupid or naïve but they really seem to think ‘WHY would anyone NOT want to vote for us?’