President Obama’s Best Weapon Against Republicans to Explain the Truth About “Obamacare”

bill-clintonWhen it comes to the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), Republicans have spent the better part of the last four years lying and slandering the law as much as possible.  See, they’re smart on one thing.  They understand that they don’t have to be right about the law, they just need to create enough doubt about it to where Americans are so confused they don’t know fact from fiction.

And when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, it’s been an endless stream of ridiculous fiction coming from Republicans.

So who’s best at deciphering fact from fiction?  Congressional Democrats?  President Obama?

No, not really.  Both are tied to time constraints and an overload of other issues that are constantly going on in this country.  While the issue of “Obamacare” is important, politics prevents these individuals from really having the time to breakdown the truth about the law in the wake of the overload of Republican myths.

Enter former President and “Explainer in Chief” Bill Clinton.

Clinton is planning a host of high profile events this fall to go around the country explaining the actual truth about the Affordable Care Act.  Which we’re going to desperately need.

With Republicans seemingly having but one focus over the next few months — a relentlessly slanderous attack on “Obamacare” — Clinton will be the exact sort of counterpunch President Obama and Democrats need to trump the mythical fairy tales Republicans are certain to unleash on the American public.

Clinton, seen by most Democrats as a great President (though many Republicans would of course disagree), does have one skill which is largely unquestioned: His ability to clearly, and simply, explain his message.

He has a way about breaking down information that might otherwise seem complicated in a way that speaks to Americans.  He explains things in layman’s terms without talking down to the average person, and with a finesse that’s clearly unmatched even by a speaker like President Obama.

For a great example of this, look no further than his speech at last year’s DNC where he not only stole the night — but the whole week.  It was quite possibly one of the best political speeches I’ve ever seen.  And apparently many Americans agreed — his popularity following the speech reached new highs.

This is the man President Obama has intelligently picked out to take to the “campaign trail,” if you will, to explain the truth about the Affordable Care Act.  The man who can say things President Obama might not be able to say and be places President Obama can’t be, to take on this right-wing fear mongering that’s being unleashed against the health care law.

So while Republicans will put Senators like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio out as the face of the “anti-Obamacare” posse (pushing for a government shutdown even most Republicans think is asinine), President Obama and Democrats just need one man—Bill Clinton.

Yeah, I like our odds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Michael Miller

    Reagan-crap economy

    Bush Sr.-crap economy


    Buch Jr.-17 trillion spent of IMAGINARY WMD’s

    Obama-left holding the bag.


    • gemma liar

      I hate repubs but be true: Reagan did fix the economy short term,,,, by OUTSOURCING many jobs- he STARTED that crap en mass– and but SELLING OUR DEBT TO ASIA,,,which is NOW a wild source of concern (??) by our “friends” in the tea party. However I do agree that all things considered he was an average ( American policies) president. Great speaker; well loved,,,good looking but as a politician he was average

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      Was he forced to take the job?……NO. You can’t volunteer yourself and yet still whine and cry like a sissy when things don’t go your own way. The economy is bad….the debt is higher than at any point in the entire history of america. Business has moved out by the thousands…and now thanks to Bobo care……7 out of 10 jobs are part time Minimum wage McJobs.

  • Sammy

    Go Bill,………………………. and while you’re out there speaking to the masses, please put in a good word about Hillary, our yet to be, first woman President of the United States!!! 🙂

  • Dman

    Wow Mr Miller where did you get your facts. I think you need to go back and look at real facts not those made up! Now I truly understand how this crap continues. How about Obama has had the bag for 5 years and still no budget just threats of what will happen if they don’t increase the debt, but it does not matter this was written by someone who wanted to slant things to make Affordable Health Care look good. Facts are there…..less people are on insurance, even the Unions are saying that the Affordable Health care has rocked the staple of 40 hours a week to meet the 32 hour minimum and if this was so great why do they keep back tracking on their own agenda. All this tour is, is a oh crap its falling apart and we need to figure out how to manage the damage

    • Sammy

      Looks like you have been listening to Fox News a little too often, Dman, and you are the one with the skewed facts. Get the real facts, not the “faux facts” with the right wing spin you get on Fox News, then you might know what the real truth is. I think the right-wingers are very, very nervous about the real truth getting out there to everyone, as they should be.

    • mojones1

      Lets see your sources Dman. If they come from the Heritage Foundation, Newsmax, anyone on Fox News, or Limbaugh, Beck and the other clowns on right wing radio, you will understand why reasonable people don’t buy the crap you are peddling.

      • Don Maison

        Damn! Didn’t the ACA come from the Heritage Foundation in the first place? This was a Republican plan!

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        Why not the economic stimulas same from Soros’s foundation……so did many of Obama’s employees

      • gemma liar

        Hannity is GOD (OK,,,I lie a lot)

    • jchastn

      The budget is predominately Congress’ responsibility.

    • dafacts

      First of all the economy has improved since obama has been in office, I agree it could have improved more but you got to blame your right wing nut jobs for constantly refusing to work with obama. Not once since Obama been in office have your party tried to pass a bill for jobs. Why because their employees are overseas. Second I am a union worker and my company is going to increase my pay by two dollars and they embraced the affordable health care act plus I still can get well over 40 hrs and the minimum wage there is 14hr while continuing hiring new people. So dont speak for the union we’re fine. And for research how about you research obamacare deeper you might be surprised what you find and use real sources not a news station that was on trail for lying to the people about there news and won there right to do so but lost there accreditation as real news called fox news.

      • gemma liar

        don’t U go dissin those hard working repubs,,,,they LOVE America ( circa 1927)

    • gemma liar

      and,,,,,I suspecft U have no viable replacement– of EQUAL or GREATER value– to the obamacare….. which is EXACTLY akin to the crap all the smarmy rightwing crybabies propogate

  • Dman

    Ok so much ignorance so little time! I go straight to government sites that only give factual information. I don’t listen to the Lame stream media…..that’s the problem with the ignorance in here. Your information comes from a media site!! And you answers only prove that… as your told and only believe what your told from a media site….so sad!

    • mary

      “Government sites”, you say? Name a few, please. People who use the term “lame stream media” are overwhelmingly right-wing conservatives, so you pretty much gave yourself away there, Dman. We know the REAL sources of your mis-information!
      By the way, it appears you don’t understand how the passage of a budget actually gets done. Hint: It is not primarily the President’s responsibility. Also, I believe you might have been referring to the debt ‘ceiling’ which you appear also to not understand. And yet, you wasted no time accusing everyone else here of ignorance.
      So typical of the right wing…. tsk tsk.

    • gemma liar

      would that include the CBO stating how our deficit is shrinking? ( as NOT seen on FOX “news”)

  • elucid8

    If anyone can make this work, it’s Clinton. Thankfully, Obama knows it and doesn’t have a stupid ego to stop him from asking for and/or taking the help. Thankfully, Clinton still cares so much about this country that he’ll stick his neck on the line for it with the wonderful skills that he has. Glad I share the same birthday as him! lol … Leos RULE! (but I don’t follow astrology, really …)

  • Tranquility7

    I hope Bill can reach the nay-Sayers of Obama care and not just preach to the choir. It is sickening to hear the brainwashing going on by the likes of the right wing media like Fox News, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc. In our area there has been overwhelming plethora of advertising by the “American’s for Prosperity” organization which is nothing but a front group for the oil billionaire Koch brothers. It is sickening to hear those ads knowing that their oil-polluted ill-gotten gains billions are spreading mass media lies attacking this President and his Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Koch brothers also contribute to NPR, and when the documentary was going to be shown/heard here in Detroit, NPR, pulled back because of pressure from the Koch boys. Just sick with greed those people are. I trust Bill can shed some light on this. Hope so anyways.

    • Tranquility7

      Sorry, clarification. The Documentary was about the Koch brothers. They didn’t want it aired.

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        Is that the one narrated by “Van Jones” the self professed communist. Just the fact that’s he’s the narrator destroys any credibility that the communist documentary might have had.

    • Achim

      Thumbs up! To me ,it may be a bit strong, but all americans are Idiots listening to any of that! Why do you need someone to tell you if it’s good or bad? You’re probably gonna get fed lies both ways! You all need quit let someone else think for you! you know you need Healthcare, you know it needs to be affordable. It needs to be regulated what a Dr. can charge for his service, needs to be regulated how much a bed per night in a Hospital and so on. Or do you believe they gonna be nice to you and shave a couple Bills because of your blue eyes?

      I make a certain $ amount per hour in my Job, and my Boss don’t give me more just because…! Also , don’t pamper the filthy rich Pharma-companies. I never understood how they can waiste so much money on TV ads for their products. meds probably would cost half.And you can’t even buy the darn things anyway, so whats the point?
      Can’t you see that most Republicans wanna repeal just so they screw you a bit longer?
      AND MOST IMPORTANT: All around the World they have a good healthcare system and it works very well. And don’t give me that Bullshit of Socialized medicine, that was Germany had after WW2 ’till 1956 …these days all the Healthinsurance Companies are privately held corporations but regulated through the Government. You might see an increase in premiums one year of 2% the next year go down 1.8%. depending how they balance their budget.
      …uff i need to stop, but i could go on and on!

  • PaulJmsn

    I just read the latest issue of the AARP Magazine. This man has gone vegan! I’m a meat-eater, I’ll admit, but I deeply respect him for that.

    Mr. Clinton, sic ’em!

    • Pipercat

      He probably ate enough cheeseburgers for all of us!! One chest crack is enough!

  • Karla Ibsen

    What the right wing is most worried about is the likelihood that the American public is going to like the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is really a very good thing. They know it. They also know that they’re going to get blamed for wanting to stop it. Their currently making a last stand play in the desperate hope they can avoid letting the public know they’ve been lying the whole time. This is a big problem for the Republicans.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      The vast majory of American’s oppose Bobo care….even the Unions want out.

  • Derek Nadolney

    All im worried about is this anual tax/penalty for not haveing enough coverage. If It will fine or tax me. And rates climbs every year.. I dont want it!

    • Mark Lanza

      If you, god forbid, have a serious accident or contract a debilitating disease and don’t have insurance then I end up paying for it…I don’t want that!

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        Welcome to Marxism.

  • Wise One

    I’ts about time someone expanse it to those people who listen to the news and not to the facts. The fact is people NEED to have health care. Most have to chose to eat or got to the Doctor. I’ve been there it not fun..

  • Bobee Padilla

    The GOP understands what is at stake in the long haul. The New Deal was so popular that Republicans actually thought they would remain a minority and never see the white house again. Mccarthyism came along and was their ticket back into power. They and the bankers have spent decades chipping away and eroding its regulations like glass steagall that would of prevented the crash. They understand that once AKA takes hold, it is likely to be very popular. You see them trying to use the same tactics now only substituting socialism for communism.

    • gemma liar

      very astute,,,,,, too bad FOX “news” will now have U deported as a communist martian with Vulcan political views

  • John

    Obama better wait until after the election to explain his train wreck otherwise Bill-job’s wife won’t have a chance.

    • Cindy Faulkner

      how is that working out there for you losing your tin foil hat and all

    • gemma liar

      if its a train wreck why are several RIGHTWING repub governors embracing it?

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      Bobo care has pretty much destroyed her chances….even the unions are opposing bobo care.

  • gailillly

    CLINTON ALL THE WAY. if anyone can do this, it is Bill Clinton. Look how he was at the DNC, He stole the dam show. He one of the greatest speakers ever and while he is at it, he might throw out a line or two about Hillary.

  • Cindy Faulkner

    go bill go