“President Hillary Clinton”: The Final Nail in the Republican Coffin

hillaryclintonPresident Hillary Clinton has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  If she held a press conference tomorrow, announcing her intent to run, I would love to be in a room full of 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls—the reaction would be legendary.  Every Republican in that room would instantly know they stood no chance.  It would be the first strike to the final nail in the Republican Party—at least as we know it.

But let’s face it, the demise of the GOP began with the election of George W. Bush

Looking back, that election was a perfect foreshadowing for the following 8 years of President Bush’s “leadership.”  It was controversial, it was polarizing, it was full of blunders and that’s exactly what Bush’s Presidency was.  That and an epic failure.

However, he did do one thing—he destroyed the Republican Party.  He expanded government, spent unheard of amounts of money, erased a balanced budget and ushered in the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

But it was the election of President Obama that really helped speed up the destruction of the GOP.  With the election of our first black President (yes I know he’s also half white), two sections of the Republican Party quickly merged together (the racists and the radicals, often one in the same) and formed the Tea Party.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Tea Party was planned well before 2009 by billionaire GOP supporters (it is not a “grassroots movement”).  They just needed to wait for the right moment to exploit fear and irrationality so their radical austerity, which solely benefits the rich at the expense of everybody else, would be more widely accepted.

And it worked–for a little while.  The Tea Party ushered in a new breed of Republicans in 2010 as they took back control in the House.  What followed was the Republican strategy to do absolutely nothing until 2012 in hopes that they could stall any kind of economic growth and get President Obama out of the White House.

Well, we know how that turned out.  Not only did President Obama win easily, Tea Party Republicans are more unpopular than ever.

Now they face a paradox.  They’ve created a base that’s so radical, moderate conservatives seem more like Democrats than Republicans—but you can’t win general elections pandering to your base.  However, your base is often what selects which candidate runs in the general election.

So they have a base pushing for more radically right candidates, but a general population which is shifting away from these far right ideologies.

What was meant to be the savior of their party, is in fact–tearing it apart.

Since last November you’ve seen this Civil War within the Republican Party grow as Karl Rove has battled with Sarah Palin, Republicans who know they must shift towards more moderate ideas have battled these new radical Tea Party favored members of Congress and even House Speaker John Boehner has struggled to get enough Republican votes to pass compromises on bills he’s worked out with Congressional Democrats.

Now they’re hoping in 2014 they can stop the hemorrhaging, hold on to the House of Representatives and keep filibuster power in the Senate.  Then they’ll hope to push a candidate for 2016 that can usher the GOP back to prominence and control of the White House.

Oh, Hillary, that’s your cue….

Imagine this if you will: 8 years of our nation’s first black President followed by 8 years of our nation’s first female President.  That’s 16 years of historic Democratic control.  16 years where Republicans can’t take credit for anything that was signed by the Executive branch.  16 years for them to either adapt and become more moderate, or shift so far radically right that there’s no coming back.

So, if Hillary decides to run, the Republican Party as we know it is over.  Sure, there will still be Republicans, but they damn sure can’t act like they do now.  Because if they do, the American people will grow so tired of their nonsense, the only group who’ll back them is their base—and you don’t win general elections with just your base.

If she runs, it will be a moment that history will reflect back on as a turning point in American politics.  Because trust me, if it happens—she will destroy whoever Republicans decide to sacrifice.

So, does “President Hillary Clinton” sound good to you?  Because it damn sure sounds good to me.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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