“President Hillary Clinton”: The Final Nail in the Republican Coffin

hillaryclintonPresident Hillary Clinton has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  If she held a press conference tomorrow, announcing her intent to run, I would love to be in a room full of 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls—the reaction would be legendary.  Every Republican in that room would instantly know they stood no chance.  It would be the first strike to the final nail in the Republican Party—at least as we know it.

But let’s face it, the demise of the GOP began with the election of George W. Bush

Looking back, that election was a perfect foreshadowing for the following 8 years of President Bush’s “leadership.”  It was controversial, it was polarizing, it was full of blunders and that’s exactly what Bush’s Presidency was.  That and an epic failure.

However, he did do one thing—he destroyed the Republican Party.  He expanded government, spent unheard of amounts of money, erased a balanced budget and ushered in the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

But it was the election of President Obama that really helped speed up the destruction of the GOP.  With the election of our first black President (yes I know he’s also half white), two sections of the Republican Party quickly merged together (the racists and the radicals, often one in the same) and formed the Tea Party.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Tea Party was planned well before 2009 by billionaire GOP supporters (it is not a “grassroots movement”).  They just needed to wait for the right moment to exploit fear and irrationality so their radical austerity, which solely benefits the rich at the expense of everybody else, would be more widely accepted.

And it worked–for a little while.  The Tea Party ushered in a new breed of Republicans in 2010 as they took back control in the House.  What followed was the Republican strategy to do absolutely nothing until 2012 in hopes that they could stall any kind of economic growth and get President Obama out of the White House.

Well, we know how that turned out.  Not only did President Obama win easily, Tea Party Republicans are more unpopular than ever.

Now they face a paradox.  They’ve created a base that’s so radical, moderate conservatives seem more like Democrats than Republicans—but you can’t win general elections pandering to your base.  However, your base is often what selects which candidate runs in the general election.

So they have a base pushing for more radically right candidates, but a general population which is shifting away from these far right ideologies.

What was meant to be the savior of their party, is in fact–tearing it apart.

Since last November you’ve seen this Civil War within the Republican Party grow as Karl Rove has battled with Sarah Palin, Republicans who know they must shift towards more moderate ideas have battled these new radical Tea Party favored members of Congress and even House Speaker John Boehner has struggled to get enough Republican votes to pass compromises on bills he’s worked out with Congressional Democrats.

Now they’re hoping in 2014 they can stop the hemorrhaging, hold on to the House of Representatives and keep filibuster power in the Senate.  Then they’ll hope to push a candidate for 2016 that can usher the GOP back to prominence and control of the White House.

Oh, Hillary, that’s your cue….

Imagine this if you will: 8 years of our nation’s first black President followed by 8 years of our nation’s first female President.  That’s 16 years of historic Democratic control.  16 years where Republicans can’t take credit for anything that was signed by the Executive branch.  16 years for them to either adapt and become more moderate, or shift so far radically right that there’s no coming back.

So, if Hillary decides to run, the Republican Party as we know it is over.  Sure, there will still be Republicans, but they damn sure can’t act like they do now.  Because if they do, the American people will grow so tired of their nonsense, the only group who’ll back them is their base—and you don’t win general elections with just your base.

If she runs, it will be a moment that history will reflect back on as a turning point in American politics.  Because trust me, if it happens—she will destroy whoever Republicans decide to sacrifice.

So, does “President Hillary Clinton” sound good to you?  Because it damn sure sounds good to me.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Your forgetting one important thing, the unhappy people in this country that are not happy with our tax dollars turned into charity, the people who love god, and the people who are willing to walk away from this government, there are entire states that the people are at the breaking point, and there is no force that can keep these people and there states from walking out and forming there own nation. The Military won’t do it this time, they are republican’s for the most part, and guess what they are tired of the names people like you label them, racist, retard, moron. These men fight to defend the Constitution, but for a lot of them they do not fight for your safety or most of your parties safety. Remember this the Military is comprised mostly of Southern people, we make up over 80% of the armed forces, and we are quickly growing tired of the bullshit your party and your ideals throw around. And seeing your from Texas you should know just how much movements like the Texas Nationalist Movement are gaining traction. You are an embarrassment to your state, and I as a member of the State Guard if ever called up to protect my state and its people would gladly except a slight friendly fire incident if you where in my cross hairs, you give Texans a bad name.

    • “When you have nothing else….attack your opponent.” Typical, nothing but name calling and threats. Enjoy the demise of your party, cause we sure as hell are. Pace yourself…..you have a long, frustrating time ahead of you.

    • Thank you for exhorting exactly the kind of rhetoric that does not represent the Electorate, Philllip.

      The Southern/Red States benefit the most from the tax dollars of the blue. Why these States constantly shoot themselves in the foot by electing Representatives who do less and less for them is beyond me.

      That “Republican Military” you are counting on is a pipe dream. If it were going to rebel it would have done so long long ago, perhaps while getting shot up in one of the two unpaid for wars the GOP got America into.

      Loving God has nothing to do with anything. You are encroaching upon the First Amendment with statements like that, Phillip. If you are going to piss all over the First, then don’t bother bringing up the Second.

      And Texas. Ah, Texas. Rick Perry said God would look after that beautiful state while he ran for President, remember? So naturally, it burst into flames. Perry boasted his state didn’t bow to regulations. Days later, you had the fertilizer plant explosion. Turned out it hasn’t been inspected since the mid-eighties.

      You are not even close to being in the majority, Phillip. You are just part of a screaming minority that is trying to use hysteria and threats to make it seem like there is more of you. The Election showed you that America is in fact, sick of YOUR bullshit. Wait and see what the mid-terms do.

      But please, keep ranting away. Unlike you I support the First Amendment, and the more you rave on the more you will show this great nation why people like you should never even be within shouting distance of the reins of power with your traitorous divisive rhetoric.

      • KB

        From a progressive in Alabama (born and raised), I’ll tell you why so many decent people in the southern red states vote against their own interests: Fear. Lack of education. Organized religion. Racism. Greed. Those are sad but true facts, and almost everyone I know and love is affected by one or more of these reasons. It will take several more generations before the south begins to rise above it’s past.

    • mel

      Keep telling yourself that. Do you even know that the majority of our tax dollars go to the military. Only 1%-2% go to your so call charities. If their was no food assistance programs have you ever thought of the people it would hurt. The grocery stores, farmers and anyone with an affiliation to those things. State of Texas you speak of.. Rick Perry the man that voted down help for Sandy victims is now asking for help for the victims of explosions.

    • “the people who love god”

      Here’s a hint: Go to church. Religion and politics have no business being involved with each other. That’s why it’s called separation of Church and State. The United States was not, and never has been founded on christianity. And if you believe it was, you are delusional and should seek medical care. I hear the Affordable Care Act may be what you are looking for 🙂

    • So basically, what you’re saying is that you speak for the entire American Military, and that they will be willing to illegally rebel against the United States of America, if Hilary Clinton becomes President? That sounds really patriotic, and in line with the oaths that are sworn when one joines the Armed Services. You’re also talking about being happy to commit murder and pass it off as an accident, which is also illegal not to mention morally repugnant. You, sir, are a credit to your uniform.

    • you frighten me, I see other countries blood shed and thank God that we can elect governing officials and not have a riot, or a rebellion…this is the USA where we used to agree to disagree but now I see hatred and anger…history has shown us that everything cycles and due to these cycles we have become a great nation, but only through courage, integrity, kindness and compassion…in the civil war brothers rose up against brothers – and where did that get this nation…oh and by the way history shows us that the mega millionaires of that time went South and stripped the natural resources and kept the South in poverty for decades…for every one person that shouts a bad name, or label there are many more who work hard, donate time, vote in every election and support their schools and communities…

      • You must have missed all the tweets and threats of violence if Dear Leader didn’t win last year, huh?

      • Bob Ibbitson

        Obama’s win was a definition of a clear mandate.

    • Obviously you’re Republican. We label you as retards and morons because people like you cannot use the proper form of the word YOU’RE. Let Texas leave, then see what happens when another of their fertilizer plants explode because of their blatant lack of allowing government control (the government takes care of zoning and with proper zoning, there wouldn’t have been a city close enough to be blown to hell.)

    • literate07

      Phillip, your poor grammar, offensive as it is, is perfectly legal. HOWEVER…your threats of violence against civilians is NOT legal. This social medium is a platform for DISCUSSIONS, not for threats of violence that can be prosecuted under both federal and state laws. Please, be considerate of this fact in future posts. Thank you.

    • Tired of being labeled racist, retard, moron? Stop acting like that then. Really quite simple.

      And your “factoid” (resembles a hemorrhoid) that “80% of the armed forces are made of Southern people”? Which body orifice did you pull that one out of?

      Did you not observe the force displayed at Boston? So go ahead, revolt, you moronic cretin. For the most part, we’ll all be happy to be rid of all of you.

    • Nikki

      I’m assuming when you are talking about entire states getting sick of this and wanting to leave and create their own nation you’re speaking of the south. Well sugah I’m from the south and I have yet to meet one person who actually thinks that’s a good idea. The people who want to leave are looked at as radicals and quite frankly stupid. And their numbers are so low the fact is its never going to happen.

    • Very Christian attitude there. You’re wrong however. I come from a military family, and most of them are moderate to liberal in their political affiliations. There are some of the more moderate conservatives, but even they weren’t stupid enough to vote for the teabilly republican assholes this time around. Not just family, but most career military I know are moderate to liberal. You know why? Because they’re not stupid rednecks. They know that the current infestation of teaparty republicans don’t speak for them, and they know that the republicans are NOT looking out for anyone’s best interest, their constituents included. The only interests they’re for are themselves and corporate America.

      You know, the south does have a lot of republicans. But guess what else we have a lot of? LIBERALS. Yes, I and many people I know are gun owning southern liberals. There are a lot more I don’t know as well of course, all across the south. So, before you go shooting off your mouth about how you might send some friendly fire to a liberal, you just watch your back, because I’m sure that with your attitude, there is a southern liberal just itching to pop a friendly cap in your ass, you ignorant douchenozzle.

    • Guest

      Sorry, but service personnel are also leaving the republican party. Good luck to the texas nationalist movement too, aren’t they busy lobbying for disaster relief from the federal government after the explosion in West anyway? How’s the guvmint deregulation working for you guys btw?

    • sara

      aaaaaaah ha ha haaaaa ha ha haaaaaaa aaaaaaahhhh ha ha haaaaaaaa!!! omg lol…can’t type…haaaaaa ha ha…dying. thanks phillip you made my day.

    • If y’all don’t wish to be called morons, perhaps you should work on your spelling and grammar.

    • Daddycool67

      Yes please!

      Please leave OUR country!
      And take all of your Kentucky fried friends with you!

      If you don’t …. we’re probably going to end up putting you in the ground, Because you’re a menace to America.

  • Blair

    This Guy Phillip MUST be Delusional. I bet he Believes Republicans are looking out for HIS best interest. lol. Name the last bill or law a republican has passed that actually helps others? smh. When will you realize that when your not a rich donor, the republicans are just using you to get what their rich donors want. Imbecile.

    • Phillip may be one of the 1% in this country. The greedy wealthy idots.

      • He is just scared because his party is evaporating. Their number hover around 18% of the population, down for 24 4 years ago and 31 8 years ago,

        a guy like this supports things like FOR PROFIT health insurance companies that suck up trillions of dollars in high premiums all the while they lobby congress for laws that allow them not to pay for anything. He doesn’t know why he supports this he…. well… just does… Perhaps because he is told that he should.

        I want to know how they conned a people to believe that there should be gazillionares sitting around a board room table getting rich off of our misery.

        I want to know how even after being shown the number that he hates safety-net programs despite the fact that 40 times that money goes to private and profitable companies every year… for no reason… just because they lobbied for free money.. How is that (OK) in the mind of people like this???

        He believes in deregulation because he is told that he should. You can show him a million blatant, sickening, reckless, things that formerly regulated companies do with total disregard for the public, but he still thinks that companies should self oversee and self regulate… because after all he is told that it will be good for the country.

        he believes in the second amendment and the constitution in general except where it comes to his leaders wanting to violate the 4th amendment and drug test people on unemployment and those who need temporary food assistance in these dark times…

        Somehow destroying the 4th amendment is ok?

        Just plug your ears, squint your eyes shut and say, I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU!

        Our country has drifted far far right policy wise. the further right we drift the worse things get, but he cant see this…. he is told that there are dangerous liberals out there worse then ever. lol!

        We have gotten away from regulations.. thats what caused the banks to screw us all. How can anyone know this to be a fact and still cry deregulate??? Banks pay republicans to push legislation that allows them to do things that were previously illegal. That is a fact. THEY DONT EVEN HIDE IT ANYMORE!

        He must not read… He must not be able to comprehend …

        Its a mystery.

      • Daddycool67

        It’s not really a mystery!

        He’s just an imbecile like most conservatives!
        Nothing mysterious about that.

  • Don Berry

    Can’t wait for 2016, and a Clinton/.Warren ticket. Then load up a few (thousand) Carnival Cruise Lines boats with these self-proclaimed “patriots” (traitors, in my book) and send them to their “small gubmint, big guns” Valhalla…in Somalia.

    • That is the best ticket yet but it should be Elizabeth/Clinton

      • President Clinton is beautiful and then 2024 President Warren

      • ekaneti

        Warren will be 75 in 2024

    • I would like to see that ticket but i think warren can do more for the middle class in her current role.

  • This would be as bad for the dems as Palin is/was for the repugs…
    This would unite every republican in the country to come together against her….

    I hope that Dems know this…..

    • Mj M

      Oh that’s right!! I never thought of that, just like Palin, Clinton has a vagina. They must be exactly alike.

    • facepalmleftist

      So every republican in America? All 18% of you? All the Republicans may unite, but you will never get back the independents you lost and these independents will vote D b/c they don’t like republican policy. Plus your party of stupid will run sexist ads(that your party will not understand as sexist) that piss off women voters and drive them towards Hillary Clinton. When it comes down to it the Republicans have nothing to offer women, independent voters, the youth, minorities, or anyone else with half a brain when it comes to their own well being. Sarah Palin is a sad sack of crap next to Hillary Clinton, and a testament to your sexist, idiot republican voters. The only reason any Republican male would vote for Palin is because she has legs, tits, and an ass and no brain; exactly how Republican establishment folk see women.

    • Jeff B

      Obama was supposed to be the politician that united the Republican party. Look where that got them: lost seats in the Senate and no White House. By 2016, there will be too few moderates willing to vote Republican to unite against Hillary, if the GOP continues to follow their path of self-destruction.

      • Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, have been the destruction of the GOP. Rand Paul, Rubio, Cruz, are not helping your cause either. GOP has “that deer in the headlights look”. You have Rush and Huckabee and Trump, so all is not lost, yet. The only Rep. worth anything these days is Michael Steele.

  • BostonStrong

    Chuck Schumer should be her running mate…nothing will drive the right crazier than a woman and a Jew running the country.

    • facepalmleftist

      Isn’t it funny that the republicans(political zionists) can be pro-israel and antisemetic at the same time? They support the Jewish state b/c they don’t want them here and because doing so will put them in good graces if a Biblical doomsday does happen. People who vote Republican b/c they are afraid/want the world to end should not vote at all. It is neither compassionate or christian, it is self preserving and evil.

      • ekaneti

        Anti-Semitism comes from the left today, not the right.

      • Bob Ibbitson

        Actually the biggest source of anti-semitism comes from Israel and it’s foreign policies and how they themselves behave.

      • Daddycool67

        Who controls Hollywood?
        Is Hollywood left or right?

        Get a clue!

      • Fukushima_Is_Here

        there’s a big difference between anti-semitism and anti-israel (anti-zionism).

      • edwardchamberlain

        A new study finds that more than 80% of Ashkenazi Jews are not ethnically semites. Ironically, zionism was started by Ashkenazi, culminating in the displacement and ethnic-cleansing of actual semites… palestinean arabs (many of whom, probably have ancient jewish heritage) by non semitic jewish european whites.

        What relevance does this finding have in the current Israeli/Palestinean context if any veggiegrrrl?

        About 80 percent of Ashkenazi
        maternal ancestry comes from Europe, not the Near East,
        according to a study that suggests a mass conversion of women to
        Judaism may have occurred in Europe more than 2,000 years ago.

        The findings come from studying mitochondrial DNA, which
        passes from mother to offspring, in about 3,500 people, the
        authors wrote in a paper in the journal Nature Communications.
        About 80 percent of the maternal linages of Ashkenazi Jews came
        from Europe, the scientists found.

        The Ashkenazi are the most common Jewish ethnic division.
        Previous efforts to trace origins of Ashkenazi Jews have been
        spotty and controversial, the authors wrote. The latest research
        used a larger database than in previous attempts, allowing them
        to unravel the entire mitochondrial genomes.

        “A detailed genealogical history for every maternal
        lineage in the Ashkenazim is now within reach,” wrote the
        authors, led by Gil Atzmon of the Albert Einstein College of
        Medicine in New York. “In fact, it should soon be possible to
        reconstruct the outlines of the entire dispersal history of each

        The four major female founders of the Ashkenazi show roots
        in Europe 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. So do most of the minor
        founders, the study found. Only 8 percent of the mitochondrial
        DNA shows signs of being from the Near East.

        There had been some evidence of mass conversions,
        especially of women, to Judaism throughout the Mediterranean in
        the past, the authors wrote in the study. That resulted in about
        6 million citizens, or a tenth of the Roman population, who were

    • Except perhaps….two women? =)

      • grafvonbraun

        Make the second woman Jewish and there you go!

    • Castro from San Antonio, would put them over the top. The GOP would freak out about a ticket with a Women and a Latino.

      • Susie Maxwell

        See, I think a GOOD Texan would be a great choice! Yes, Clinton/Castro would be a ticket I would stand in line, show proper id AND a voters registration card (bs) and vote for…I would ALSO support a Clinton/DAVIS ticket!!!

      • becca

        totally agree Clinton/Castro..

    • Unless Hillary moves she cannot pick Chuck Schumer as VP. I believe Hillary’s legal residence is in Chappaqua, New York. Schumer is Senator from NY. Under the 12th Amendment, a Presidential Elector may not vote for both a President and VP candidate who is a resident of the same State as the Elector. That means the New York cannot award it electoral vote to both Hillary Clinton and Sen. Schumer. Since NY has 29 electoral votes, unless Hillary wins in a landslide, Schumer may lack the 270 votes he heeds, and the Senate will choose the VP. IF the GOP regains control of the Senate, Hillary could wind up with a TeaPublican VP!

      • Your post is way to erudite for this venue.

      • Susie Maxwell

        We have another Texan that would sure fit the bill!!! HER name is Wendy Davis!!!

    • Paul Burke

      ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! lol

  • I am backing this great women all the way…

  • Clinton/Warren 2016! Now that sounds great to me! 😀

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Make it so!

    • I think Warren would be in a better position to help the Nation in the Senate than as VP.

      • I guess I could give you that one 🙂

      • She’ll become President of the Senate and will lead them toward prosperity. Screw the majority and minority leader, the VP needs to take charge as required by the constitution.

      • Brian

        Warren should be President. Wendy Davis for VP. This nation does not need another Center Right Clinton in charge of anything.

    • Susie Maxwell

      I totally agree! However, if Ms Warren prefers not to run, we have a gal in Texas that would sure be able to handle ANYTHING those people would want to throw at her! Her name is Wendy Davis. Clinton/Davis works just as well for me!

      • Brian

        Warren/Davis is the ticket this nation needs.

  • KM


  • Go Hillaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we need a radical change! 😉

  • GOOD

  • Elizabeth Warren would be my choice.

  • I like the idea of a Clinton/O’Malley ticket. Or a Clinton/Castro ticket.

  • Forward Progressives. Hillary Clinton. Does not compute. Both Clintons and Obama are about as progressive as Ronald Reagan. I’ve had enough of voting for the slightly less offensive option.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      You got an alternative, wiseguy?

  • jenmae21

    Please do correct me if this is wrong, but I had the feeling that she stepped down as Secretary of State due to health issues? Does she have the strength/energy or rather the PERCEIVED strength, in the eye of the public, to be POTUS? I’m not so sure–as I have this image of her as tired of public life and not energized for the job. But I don’t know if that is media driven or not.

    • HamsterWrath

      Many of Said she has Stepped down to focus on her Campaiign

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Resting up for 2016!

    • No she only planned to stay for one term, from the very beginning. Going overseas so much took its toll, but she is rested now. Hillary is not the type to stay down for long

  • a reasonable person

    allen clifton is a fucking idiot

  • a reasonable person

    allen clifton is an idiot

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      You are an idiot and not a reasonable person by any stretch of the imagination, so get lost.

  • Sounds like a winner to me.

  • Clinton/ Castro is the winning ticket. a women and a latino

  • Is she running? Last I heard she said she wasn’t going to do it.

  • Hail to the Chief Baby. Can’t wait to see Bubba back in his old digs.

  • How about Hilary Clinton and Michele Obama? That would cause so much trauma.

  • HammsterWrath

    I hope not, She already said she will remove the cap on H1B Visa’s and IT guys like be will end up taking a 50% paycut because of the influx of Indians and Iranians workers. She is too far left, for her I would vote no.

  • Heavy sigh… I’m old enough to remember reading an article after the 1964 election (of course I was a small child at the time 😉 asking “Will the Republican Party Survive”? What followed was Nixon, Reagan, et al.

  • Frank Delgrosso

    I would love to believe this article. The Republican Party
    has gotten out of control and has become a truly destructive force. I do agree
    about the first portion that the GOP is experiencing a backlash from the Tea
    Party movement, and for the exact reasons that the author mentioned.

    However I am not so optimistic about the “end of the
    republican party as we know it”. There
    is a massive segment of the population who is deeply disgruntled with Obama.
    Granted that segment largely has no idea why they are disgruntled, but the
    right wing media is and will continue to be more than happy to appropriate reasons
    for them, and to fill their heads with it.

    It is from this disapproval of Obama that I believe we will
    have a difficult time getting Hillary Clinton elected in 2016 and almost
    certainly will not have the right wing viewing 16 years of Democratic presidency
    as a golden era. Their media will attribute any success to outside factors. It
    is more likely that 16 years of Republican rule (Executive and Legislative),
    that ended in total disaster is the only thing they might accept as proof that
    their ideology is hokum.

    A way must be found to open the eyes of the
    borderline Republicans, not just stoke the fires of us lefties who already see
    the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the right wing, and what ends their means hold
    for us all. The only thing I see transforming the Republican Party is the
    oldest and most stubborn republicans are reaching the age where there numbers
    are thinning.

  • LMFAO! Bring it!

  • Smith

    Hillary Clinton is a mass murderer. Look up, “The Clinton Body Count” You will be in awe, as to how many people she has had murdered, including a woman who was 8 month’s pregnant with Bill’s child, so of course, she had to eliminate her. Politic’s mean more to these people than life! Hillary and Obama are the ones who gave the orders to, Stand down” in the Benghazi attack.The truth about these people are finally coming to light. I’ve always said, What comes around goes around. People are finally realizing that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are a massive killing machine, together. Obama has had so many murdered just to become the President, and so people would not find out that he is a homosexual. The Democrat’s are not what they used to be, in the old days, when they had some honesty, and they were truly concerned about America and Americans. It’s definately NOT that way anymore.

  • ekaneti

    There is nothing progressive about Hillary Clinton. War Monger, War on Terror and War on Drugs supporter. She will be the most corrupt president since Harding.

  • skyesailor

    How about Clinton/Grayson?

  • Tired

    There should be no parties any longer. There are good and bad in each. Common sense has flown out the window in favor of name calling and intentional sabotage.

  • Susie Maxwell

    Ummm, correction….GW was NOT elected the 1st time…he was appointed by the Supreme Court! ‘member?

  • Brian

    No. The last thing this nation needs is another Center Right Conservative. We need a true Progressive. Elizabeth Warren for POTUS, 2016!

  • Carolyn Brunelle

    Oh I don’t think you’d want to be in the room when such an announcement might be made, the stench would knock you over with the shit that would be shat!

  • Tino Faygo

    There are so many more women out there in the democratic party that can do a great job as president not just Clinton. I think she would do great but I think President Elizabeth Warren has a nice ring too.