Pro-Darren Wilson Group Gives Absolutely Ridiculous Public Speech (Video)

pro-darren-wilsonWhen it comes to the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri I’ve maintained a simple (and I think rational) mindset: Let’s let the facts come out and I hope whatever those facts conclude, that justice is ultimately served.

That’s it.

Far too many people almost seem to be “rooting” for one side to “win” over the other. As if this is some kind of sporting event where people are choosing their favorite “team.”

No matter what the ultimate outcome, whether Wilson is guilty or innocent, all anyone should want is for the truth to come out and justice to be served.

That being said, I just watched a pro-Darren Wilson group’s public comments regarding their position and they might just be the most ridiculous, stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

The person giving the speech started it out by stating that the media has shown a “clear bias” against Officer Wilson.

It’s not helping Darren Wilson that it’s over two weeks later and there’s almost no evidence that supports his side of the story. In fact, the “best” evidence to support his claim that he was assaulted by Mike Brown turned out to be a completely fabricated story that was soundly debunked by the blog Little Green Footballs

Then she goes on to emphasize that these people are not associated with any hate group.  Though she does state that many of the pro-Wilson supporters have received death threats. Which is something I don’t doubt at all.

I don’t care what “side” of this you think is right, absolutely nothing justifies sending death threats to anyone.

Though what she said next was slightly comical, “We will not hide, we will no longer live in fear.”

Says the group who waited two weeks to make this public statement, long after most of the protests have drastically shrunk in numbers. So “courageous.”

But the most outrageous part of this entire speech came at the end when the woman said, “At the end of this statement the media will inevitably ask for my name. You want my name, my name is Darren Wilson – we are Darren Wilson.”

I don’t know what the heck that even means. I literally laughed when I got to that part.

They are… a cop who shot an unarmed man six times from over 20 feet away? Because even in a “best case scenario” for Wilson and his supporters, those facts are indisputable.

And the sad part is people erupted into applause when she said it.

These comments were just completely absurd. They claim to be based on “facts,” but I’d like to know what “facts” these individuals seem to know that nobody else seems to.

Because, so far, I’m not seeing much of anything to support Wilson’s side of the story.

This entire thing reeked of nothing than a “white” response to protests that have mostly been comprised of African Americans.

Watch the comments below via CNN

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • ixzist

    Won’t someone PLEASE think of the White people?

    • John Hickman

      It’s NOT about black and/or white. It’s about whether or not a cop killed another human being unjustifiably. As the article points out, “Far too many people almost seem to be “rooting” for one side to “win” over the other. As if this is some kind of sporting event where people are choosing their favorite “team.” That’s the problem; everyone is rooting for their own team while the problem is the playing field. And if we don’t see the real problem, we’ll never have a permanent solution.

      • ixzist

        I was making a joke suggesting what the Black community feels about protests like this. I do agree with you, though. Justice must be served blind.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Maybe it is the lack of sleep and watching a lot of Simpsons episodes (thanks to one heck of a marathon), but read this in the shrill voice that is used in the “won’t someone think of the children?! “

      • ixzist

        Yes that would be Mrs Lovejoy’s voice. You are spot on.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Thank you good sir. I read this and chuckle (which is much needed this evening.) Mrs. Lovejoy usually says it, but in one episode Moe says it. (Insomnia and Simpsons marathon, what a mix!)

      • Julius Roberts

        Really, if a black cop shot a white man like this story, it would NOT be on the news, so it is about race

      • Jean

        You’re probably right because the black man would have immediately been arrested, booked, and given a life or death sentence, and that would be that. Case closed. Either way, it IS about RACE.

      • Jason

        Your correct. If a black cop shot a white man who was unarmed and had done nothing wrong but walked down the street this wouldn’t be news. The black cop would be in jail with no bail. What we have is a white cop who won’t even be charged and if he is the trial will be thrown out due to bias in the preliminary stages. That’s not equal my friend. It’s easy for us white Americans to mistake this for something it isn’t. We have not been treated the way these people have for centuries so we don’t understand. I for one will not tell someone they are overreacting to something if I have never walked in their shoes. That’s not right.

  • Daniel Moore

    I hate it when white people have to: “We will not hide, we will no longer live in fear.”
    You know, hide and live in fear. After all, the black man was jaywalking.

  • CE Lee

    Some people supporting Bundy regretted it when they found out the truth. Let’s wait for the facts.

    • Jim Bean

      Ditto Trayvon Martin.

      • Julius Roberts

        F&^k Trayvon Martin, another thug is all

      • Sue Roediger

        even thugs have civil rights

      • judi

        Yes, Yes…you do.

      • Sue Roediger

        Oh – that is SO funny, I see what you are trying to do there……………lame

      • lewiston59

        he wasn’t a thug, he was a teenager with skittles and tea, walking in his father’s neighborhood, accused of being guilty while being a black teen walking through a gated community.
        look up definition of thug

      • Raina

        he got within 30 feets to his dad house turn a round and confronted GZ…. HIS MISTAKE… THUG

      • lewiston59

        I wonder if you were walking down the street and someone was walking up on you.. What would you do? He still was just a teenager..not a threat he had no weapon, he did not deserve to die, and neither would you if could fight
        someone walking up on you

      • Andy Kinnard

        That’s a conclusion based almost entirely on assumptions. There was conflicting eye witness accounts on what happened at that juncture or the incident; so, no definitive conclusions should be reached about who was last to instigate a confrontation. Moreover, a single act does not a trait (like “thug”) make. Your racism is showing.

      • Sue Roediger

        I was responding to Julius Roberts who said “Michael was like Travon … a thug.” I meant to say “even if he had been a thug he deserved civil rights”. I don’t think Travon was a thug and I don’t thing Michael was either. I used to teach in school for kids who were “kicked out” of school. I have known many young men like them. They can be sensitive and gentle and obnoxious and angry all in the same hour. In both cases young black men were killed by white men. It seems to me there are a lot of people (some of them cops or wanna-be cops) who are scared to death of black males…………so they shoot instead of using other techniques. As a teacher I had to control my students without the use of force. There are techniques to restrain a belligerent person without even leaving a mark on them………… I don’t understand why cops can’t be trained to use them— why do they have to always shoot?

      • judi

        Back to Fox please….

      • ackridgek

        F##k you coward, just like Darren Wilson, cowards are bullies. The whole Ferguson police department are a bunch of cowards that needs to fired ASAP for their extreme racist attitude. Towards the people who pay their fucking salaries

      • Raina

        you do know it your fault sent 73% of the ppl are black VOTE

      • lewiston59


      • kennyddd

        even if he ws a thug which is debatable he was a thug MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS Had that idiot just left him alone NO DEATH

  • D2dmoore

    CE LEE, the police dept. got rid of the facts. It took them 10 days to provide a police report that didn’t have anything in it. They have nothing to show the police was justified in shooting an unarmed teenager.

  • Johnl.102

    I’m wondering how many riot police showed up for this little demonstration of theirs? How many teargas canisters were fired into to the crowd to break it up? Funny how these people get a special news conference, but others get teargassed and threatened.

    • Raina

      If they didn’t get it they was going to get beat up by the black.

    • meg

      They weren’t looting and throwing bottles at cops

      • Johnl.102

        I didn’t see any cops there , that’s the point.

      • meg

        They still could have been there though. I don’t know.I am glad things have settled down for now.

  • Bob

    White people: making a name for ourselves since 1492!!

    • Julius Roberts

      What month is white history month again?

      • Dove

        Every month is white history month to ask that question you must not have attended school in America.

      • adcbeast

        Julius … EVERY MONTH is white history month .. has been from the beginning …

        Have any more easy questions?

      • Julius Roberts

        No it’s not one month is dedicated to learn about black history, in which for that month all I did was learn about that, all other months I never learned about whitr history

      • Andy Kinnard

        Wow, utter failure to understand the answer.

      • Steve Goetz

        Say what???

      • Pipercat

        Proofreading, is one more of those things that should reside in the “never learned” category!

      • adcbeast

        Julius .. so you never learned about George Washington or Abe Lincoln? I hate to break it to you .. they were white .. and we get taught white history instead of the history of everyone

      • Georgia Girl

        I believe that. It’s obvious you didn’t learn much of anything

      • Guest

        Every month??

    • Raina

      WHAT IDIOT .

  • fluffylucy

    From where I stand, this doesn’t look like it’s about Wilson or Brown. It looks like it’s about Americans mistrusting their system do much that they prefer investigation by internet and trial by public opinion rather than rule of law. And it’s also about an unhealthy kind of voyeurism. Like the article points out, it’s turned into a form of entertainment with cheering fans on the sidelines.

  • malibujimbo

    The story says that after 2 weeks there’s been no evidence to support his side of the story. Well, the only evidence I’ve seen to support Brown, was his accomplice, an eye witness, saying Brown was shot in the back, although no bullets entered his back!

    • Jean

      The witnesses did not say Michael Brown was shot in the back, they say it APPEARED as if he was shot in the back, them turned to face in officer with his hands up in surrender. The autopsy report says one of the inside arm wounds could have been made from the back while he was running flailing his arms. What person in their right mind while being shot at on the run would then turn and run towards the person shooting at them?…and yes, not even a black person would do something that ridiculous

    • Peace Flower

      Shots fired at his back missed, but he then turned and put his hands up in surrender and the shots kept coming. . . even as he went down. Reporting protocol was neglected and no EMTs came to attempt to save Michael.

  • Julius Roberts

    I support Officer Wilson and for doing his job

    • Andy Baker

      Hope he does “his job” on idiots like you next!

      • Sunnysmom

        Yeah, that’s really helpful to wish death on another person.

    • lewiston59

      His job is to shoot unarmed men to death? ignorance

  • kbace

    Why not just support the TRUTH and JUSTICE?

  • Pipercat

    I’m Spartacus!

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      No, I’m Spartacus!

  • Beanie Greens

    How many neighborhood stores where looted by these criminals ? How many fire bombs thrown or people shot during this protest ???

    • Andy Kinnard

      You’re deeply confused if you think those things that happened after the shooting in some way affect the rightness of the acts surrounding the shooting itself. That is the laziest of all illogical reasoning, and you should be ashamed that you wrote it.

  • rolo1124

    Funny how America works, a black “mentally unstable” guy with a knife gets within 10 feet of the cops and they shoot him dead. 30 white people with GUNS pointed at the cops (Bundy supporters) the cops leave, no one dies. Anyone that believes everything is “equal” in this country needs to look around.

  • Esteban Tellez

    Why are you wearing a hat and dark shades, one can’t help but wonder…

    • ldoone

      Not just dark shades, but shiny mirror shades… and blue war paint under her eyes, like a football player maybe? The whole thing was just goofy.

  • sherry06053

    I heard one newscast where a woman was interviewed (she supported the cop) and was complaining how unjustly he has been treated in the media. She said he was innocent until proven guilty by a court of law because that is how it was done in America. What about Mike Brown’s rights when they first accosted him for walking down the middle of the street in his own neighborhood? He will never have his day in court. He’s dead now, and it’s because of ingrown bigotry of a place that has the mentality of people in the 1800’s, but with arsenals of today.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    The first casualty of agenda is the truth.
    So many angles have been attached to this matter, it’s a wonder anyone can decipher the original point.

  • chizmad

    you can still be racist and want blacks dead but not be members of the KKK

  • Carl Popp Sr.

    I heard the comment “knock on our doors” I remember something in the news about other citizens having police do house to house searches without warrants. Was their a knock first? Then I heard about how evidence supports the officer was justified. I still have not seen clear evidence one way or the other. I will wait for the investigation to be concluded, and read the summary. However I will say this. Six bullets were fired at 1 individual. Night stick used? Taser? Mace? any other form of LE took used? NO. Now try to picture this. Imagine shooting someone once. Why fire again? because they are charging you? ok shoot #2. Are they still coming? ok #3… Wait they are still charging you? ok #4…..Still this boy is charging you with no body armor, 4 shots to the body, and still a hostile threat. POP #5. Nope this boy is still coming at the officer at a rate the officer can do nothing but unload #6. OK, now it is safe. Now the officer is safe from threat. How many bullet holes did the officer find in the door he was crouched behind as a shield to protect himself as officers are trained to do? What did his back up units find from their position? What threat did this target pose to officers trained to use the LEAST deadliest force necessary. I have the highest respect for law enforcement. More importantly, I have a great love for Americans, and our way of life. See the word? LIFE. If it is found that it was necessary to shoot 6 times, then I will support the officer. However I do not see with current facts that case being accurate. Well what makes me an expert? I was law enforcement in the military. I know something about using force. Military is trained to kill. Police are trained to protect. Never should these lines cross.

    • Andy Kinnard

      What’s worse is the audio recording recently reported by CNN clearly indicates at least TEN shots fired (with six or more hitting Brown). There is no excuse for that kind of recklessness (and endangerment of the surrounding neighborhood and its inhabitants).

  • Sharlon Chatman

    You know the thing that I do not buy when people say that an armed
    person or Policemen is afraid for their lives against an unarmed person
    is ~~~ first of all, any Policemen that is afraid of unarmed people has
    no business being a Policemen. Seriously, there are more unarmed
    citizens walking around then, armed citizens so, does that mean you are
    scared of all citizens? And, How is it that you are armed with enough
    weapons to defend yourself yet, afraid of someone who has no weapons? I
    just do not buy that.

  • Name

    His name is Robert Paulson….

  • Wiccy Shackleton

    Yeah where was the tear gas? Where were the death threats from.the police? This woman is sick in the head for supporting a murdering scumbag.

  • Dave Lanson

    I bet these people wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the cop’s side if he had shot a white teenager.

  • adcbeast

    Will the [email protected]#$$ apologize when the VIDEO showing Darren Wilson murder Michael Brown is shown ? Yes there is VIDEO of Wilson pulling Brown into his squad car .. and Brown pulling away .. running away .. then the angry Wilson murdering Brown

    Nah …. can’t admit they were wrong

    • Raina

      Wilson maybe 200 pounds Johnson 290 brown pulling away .HA HA HA after he beat the shit out of Wilson and he did not run he walk 35 feets and Wilson got out of his car and told him to freeze Johnson ((turn))around and throw his hands in the air and say What you going to do shoot me and the bun rush Wilson…

      • Romantic Placebo

        All of what you just said has been contradicted by the majority of witnesses. Not too mention that no one has spoken with Wilson’s medical staff to ascertain the nature of his injuries.

      • Georgia Girl

        You are so uninformed. You should really learn the facts before trying to comment on something you don’t understand. There was NO orbital fracture or broken jaw. Wilson walked around the crime scene for 45 minutes after the murder in no obvious discomfort or apparent injury. You are making this shit up as you go – and you’re not very good at it.

  • mms

    Not for nothing, but I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. Until some people, that are not on a “side”, people that can think and analyze without emotion, states the facts, neither Brown nor Wilson should be held innocent or guilty.

    You know, balanced justice.

  • dellhewey

    “We will not hide, we will no longer live in fear.” People like this will ALWAYS live in fear. It is what they do

  • Stephen Barlow

    Propaganda plain and simple. Cops don’t kill people, Guns kill people. Not this cops fault for missing 5 of 11 shots. That’s probably WHY he didn’t kill the witness, Brown’s friend, he ran out of ammo.

    I noticed the cop and racially biased DA didn’t call an eyewitness to the grand jury.

  • Raina

    they got teargas and threaten for rioting 50 difference places and would not leave .

  • oscar

    Fuck mike brown , dam worthless nigga

  • oscar

    Get a fucking job u lazy ass fucking dirty monkeys