Progressive Hero Russ Feingold’s Rumored Return Has Republicans Losing Their Minds With Fear

russ-feingold-1Republicans are nothing if not predictable. It’s rare that I meet a conservative who actually surprises me. I watch enough Fox News to pretty much know what they’re going to say about any given issue before they even have to say it. Republicans are typically very paranoid, driven by conspiracy theories, petty and angry. It always amazes me to see these people who claim they’re “the party of Christian values” be so full of hate.

Take for instance the recent attacks former Democratic senator Russ Feingold is currently experiencing – even though he hasn’t publicly made any statements regarding his possible desire to return to Wisconsin to run for the Senate seat he lost to Republican Ron Johnson:

Russ Feingold has yet to say a word, publicly, about the possibility of a rematch with U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. But Republicans aren’t wasting any time in launching attacks against the Democratic former senator.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent a press release on Tuesday calling attention to Feingold’s role in passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, enacted six years ago today.

“With Russ Feingold plotting his return to power, it’s worth remembering that when he voted for the failed $830 billion stimulus he claimed spending programs would balance our budget.” (Source)

Amazing isn’t it? Here we are, coming off the best economic year this country has experienced since the Clinton presidency, and Republicans continue to try to claim that the 2009 stimulus package was a failure. Not to mention that the stimulus didn’t just help create jobs, it also aided in saving millions of jobs that might have been lost without that desperately needed funding. And while they don’t count toward the number of jobs created under Obama’s presidency, in my opinion, a job saved is just as important as a job that was created.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans have forgotten just how bad our economy was when President Obama first assumed office.

I’ll never back down from my assertion that history will look back on President Obama as one of our nation’s greatest presidents. And someone like Russ Feingold should be proud that he supported the 2009 economic stimulus package that was the trigger for one of the best periods of economic growth in U.S. history.

The truth is, Republicans are terrified of Feingold. They know he’s someone who would instantly become a favorite to win back his old seat, especially knowing that Johnson is considered one of the most vulnerable senators up for reelection in 2016. Republicans are going to do everything they can to try to drag Feingold through the mud, even if that means waging attacks against him well before he’s really shown any public interest in reclaiming his spot on the Senate.

But these tactics are nothing new. It’s basically what the GOP has been doing to Hillary Clinton for years. With the former First Lady all but a lock to run for president in 2016, Republicans have been trying to slander her even before President Obama was re-elected in 2012.

Will Feingold run? Who knows. But there’s one thing that’s for certain – Republicans are terrified at the thought that he might.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    “the 2009 economic stimulus package that was the trigger for one of the best periods of economic growth in U.S. history.”

    That’s just blatantly false.

    Looking at the economy in 10-year increments starting from 1948 (when declines from wartime spending had ended), averaging GDP’s annual growth percentage shows the following:

    1948-57: 3.80%

    1958-67: 4.28%

    1968-77: 3.18%

    1978-87: 3.15%

    1988-97: 3.05%

    1998-2007: 2.99%

    2008-2013: 0.73%

    • Old Top Kick

      Way to cherry pick facts. Since when is 2008 – 2013 a 10 year period? Considering how rapidly the economy was collapsing in 2008 and 2009, a positive result for those FIVE years ckearly shows that the stimulus worked. Crawl back under your rock.

      • Jim Bean

        Think you’re good at math? Then tell me. What will GDP have to average during 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 to bring that 0.73% average up to the low bar of 3.00%. And, if you are really sure no one can identify who you really are, tell me you believe there is a chance in hell of that happening. The author fed you a lie. If you’re content with the taste, then enjoy your meal.

      • Peter Mrozik

        Cue the Repugnicons claiming credit for the recovery from the economic collapse their inane policies and decisions caused.

      • VictorPWiley

        Can you do me a favor? Just shut up?

      • Peter Mrozik

        Um, no. This whole Freedom of Speech thing really bothers you Repugnicons unless one merely regurgitates the Goofy Old Prick party line.

      • Jim Bean

        Wait! You said Pubs were about to cause another economic collapse with sequestration. But things got better instead. And now the Left wants credit? Do I have that right?

      • Peter Mrozik

        Not surprisingly, no.

      • Old Top Kick

        Quarterly Real US GDP numbers going back to 1Q08 kill your claim and show that we would need to throttle back on growth to average only 3% annual Read GDP growth ending with 4Q17.

        Sep 30, 2014 2.43%
        Jun 30, 2014 2.59%
        Mar 31, 2014 1.89%
        Dec 31, 2013 3.13%
        Sep 30, 2013 2.26%
        Jun 30, 2013 1.76%
        Mar 31, 2013 1.72%
        Dec 31, 2012 1.60%
        Sep 30, 2012 2.73%
        Jun 30, 2012 2.32%
        Mar 31, 2012 2.65%
        Dec 31, 2011 1.68%
        Sep 30, 2011 1.18%
        Jun 30, 2011 1.65%
        Mar 31, 2011 1.89%
        Dec 31, 2010 2.73%
        Sep 30, 2010 3.08%
        Jun 30, 2010 2.72%
        Mar 31, 2010 1.60%
        Dec 31, 2009 -0.24%
        Sep 30, 2009 -3.28%
        Jun 30, 2009 -4.06%
        Mar 31, 2009 -3.46%
        Dec 31, 2008 -2.77%
        Sep 30, 2008 -0.31%
        Jun 30, 2008 0.84%
        Mar 31, 2008 1.11%

        Nice try. You lose.

      • VictorPWiley

        Hey douche bag- your facts are LIES. Just like Onozo.

      • Old Top Kick

        Who lit the fuse on your tampon?

      • Mary Dillon Galbraith

        not amusing

      • Old Top Kick

        I wasn’t addressing you.

    • BobJThompson

      Hmm I looked up GDP and got this from
      2005: 3.3
      2006: 2.7
      2007: 1.8
      2008: -0.3
      2009: -2.8
      2010: 2.5
      2011: 1.6
      2012: 2.3
      2013: 2.2
      Raw numbers don’t show context. Obama was given an absolute mess in 2009 and was able to get it back to normal the very next year. Without tax cuts. Although the stimulus wasn’t any less of a give away than most tax cuts are. Especially since the Obama administration allowed most of the people who caused the ‘crash’ to keep their cushy, extremely high paying jobs.

  • VictorPWiley

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  • strayaway

    I want to thank Russell Feingold for being the only Senator of either party to have voted against the Patriot Act. He was right about its possible overreach.

    • VictorPWiley

      Nobody ever responds to you so I will. You aren’t going to hurt yourself, are you?

    • Di Kelley

      The Patriot Act was a Bush baby, but that is one thing you and I heartily agree on.

      • strayaway

        In this matter, Feingold stood a notch above all other senators. It was Bush’s baby and the baby of everyone who signed it. It must have been written before 9/11 by persons unknown. Hillary was one of the Senators who voted for it. The Patriot Act was brought to the floor of the House of Representatives on October 23, the same day it was introduced where it passed 357-66. It was voted on in the Senate the day after it was introduced. President Bush signed it October 26. No one had time to read its 326 pages. Everyone has had time to read it since but it keeps getting passed every five years. Senator Rubio want to make it permanent.

      • Di Kelley

        I actually, for the most part, with as financially and socially liberal as a lot of my views are, have very firm beliefs that the government needs to stay out of homes and not start the police state shit.