It’s Time We Put an End to the Republican Lie About Their “Christian Values”

It’s rather comical that the party that champions itself as the party of “Christian values” just elected Donald Trump. It goes to show you the ignorance and hypocrisy that exists among so many on the right who consider themselves beacons for “Christian values.”

The truth is, Republicans are only remotely “Christian” when it comes to two topics:

  • Abortion
  • Homosexuality

The ironic thing is, Jesus Christ never once spoke about either issue.

Not. One. Single. Time.

So, how can you base your Christian faith on issues that were never once discussed by the person upon whom the faith is actually based?

Even if you’re not a Christian or a religious person at all, you probably understand the concept of what faith is supposed to be. In short, you adhere to the values and beliefs of the person, religion or deity in which you believe. Christians are supposed to build their life around and adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ. You know, that whole “love thy neighbor,” don’t judge, be giving, live with hope and generally just be a good person thing.

However, if you listen to most conservatives, you would think Jesus Christ would be a gun-loving, war-mongering, immigrant-hating advocate for greed who spent most of his time telling everyone with whom he disagreed how horrible they were.

You know, like he did the adulterous woman who was about to be stoned to death. Wait, no – he actually defended her and told others not to judge her unless they were free of “sin” themselves.

Again, that whole “love thy neighbor,” don’t judge people thing.

But the truth is, there’s almost nothing Christian about the Republican party; Trump’s ascension to the top of it proves this whole “party of Christian values” is nothing but a myth.

Of all the candidates who vied for the GOP nomination, the least Christian one is the person they overwhelmingly chose as the person who best represents their true, deplorable values.

Aside from his blatant pandering to “Christian conservatives” who are naive enough to believe his drivel, what’s even remotely Christian about Donald Trump?

This is someone who has a massive ego; is comically insecure; belittles women; has committed adultery at least once that we know of; is on his third marriage; is a huge narcissist; lies constantly; and bullies anyone he feels he can get away with bullying.

I’m pretty sure that if Jesus Christ were around today he wouldn’t be too thrilled with supporting a billionaire (Jesus sort of frowned on the whole “greed” thing), who’s cheated on at least one of his wives, is on his third marriage, has vilified immigrants, pushed hate as a core of his campaign and tries to use his power to bully people.

In fact, based on what I know about Jesus Christ, Donald Trump is the exact type of person I’m almost certain Jesus would have warned people not to follow and viewed as an enemy to actual Christian values.

Meanwhile, none of this is really surprising; “conservative Christians” have been hypocrites for decades. These are folks who once argued that segregation and bans on interracial marriage were supported by religion and have often used “Christian values” to justify their ignorance, bigotry, racism and hate.

Even now, many are still trying to use religion as a “justifiable” means to openly discriminate against members of the LGBT community, control women’s bodies or oppose free access to birth control.

As a progressive Christian (yes, there are millions of us out there), I’m sick and tired of people labeling Republicans as “Christians.” I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve encountered in my life who either left Christianity or view it negatively, solely based on the ignorance of these “right-wing Christians.”

Most of those who are fleeing Christianity aren’t doing so because of atheists, Muslims, science or liberals. They’re leaving because the faith has been hijacked by people who’ve distorted its true meaning for their own small-minded hatred, racism and bigotry.

That’s why we need to put an end to this lie that Republicans are the party of “Christian values.”

I’m not arrogant enough to claim “Jesus was the first liberal,” or that he would be a Democrat today, but I will unequivocally say one thing with absolute certainty – Jesus Christ sure as hell wouldn’t be a Republican.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Donna

    If Jesus were around today, these “Christian” Republicans would call him all sorts of disgusting names and would probably want him tarred, feathered, and run out of town. They are nothing but a bunch of f’ing hypocrites who use religion to cover for their hatred of everything they don’t agree with.

    • Amyrking4

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  • HSans

    The Republicans had a choice between religion (Ted Cruz) and racism (D Trump). They chose racism.

    • noah vail

      if you think the bullshit that cruz was spewing is religion you truly need to go back and read the book…cruz thinks god made a mistake by choosing jesus instead of him…

  • Adam

    As a Christian, I would like to apologize for the non-Christian behaviors shown by so called Christian republicans. I will vote for Trump, not because it is a good choice, but because it is the closest possibility to upholding the values I live by and am deeply convicted by. We all have our issues around which we are profoundly passionate. For me, based on Biblical principals alone, I weep thinking of the humans tortured and extinguished without a single word of defense. Unable to give their point of view, and completely defenseless, their lives are taken, for the sake of convenience and some sort of greater good. All people are made in the image of God and deserve the dignity to be heard.
    I don’t mean to judge anyone that supports these views or has had an abortion because I am a sinner with the worst of them. I am in no position to judge. I have been saved by grace alone and continue to be forgiven on a daily basis. I can love you while disagreeing with you.

    • noah vail

      bless your heart…

    • time4sense

      “I weep thinking of the humans tortured and extinguished without a
      single word of defense. Unable to give their point of view, and
      completely defenseless, their lives are taken, for the sake of
      convenience and some sort of greater good.” These could be the exact words used about a nuclear World War III that Trump is likely to start because he’s someone who says things like “I love war,” is totally un-selfcontrolled, is thin-skinned, is easily provoked, has an itchy trigger-finger which will be a grave danger near the nuclear button, has said he thinks even MORE countries should have nuclear weapons, including Saudi Arabia, he has said he supports TORTURE – and we all know that means torture of SUSPECTS – not people tried & found guilty of anything – and did you see Republican Joe Scarborough tell a panel of people that an international-affairs expert who advised Trump said that 3 times within 1 hour Trump asked ‘if we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?’ The look on ALL the tv-show hosts’ & panelists’ faces was one of serious, shocked, grave concern. Btw, it’s refreshing that you’re someone who is reasonable in a discussion & Christian in your attitude in discussing with others..

      Anyways, our country killed *hundreds of thousands* of human beings including men, women, & children *needlessly* in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. I think it really is an extremist position to take to say that out of all the issues on planet Earth that a President has to deal with – which is every issue on Earth – the only one that supposedly matters is abortion. Don’t get me wrong, I think abortion should only be legal up til the fetus can survive outside the womb or until the fetus can feel pain – whichever comes first – but have you ever seen photos of a severely abused child whose parents didn’t want him or who was born to people who hate kids or just are extremely unfit parents? Would you compare one moment in time that happens to a blob of cells against a lifetime of agony for a child who winds up tormented & abused to death over the course of years, etc or would you compare it to the horrors of torture that Trump came right out & said he supports & the sickening horrors of war against hundreds of thousands of people when Trump said “I love war”? It seems to me that since an infant is an innocent soul, then IF there is a soul already associated w/the group of cells that makes up a fetus before it can survive outside the womb, then God would allow that soul to go to another fetus, so it would not be the same as “their lives are taken.” In other words, why would it be the end of a ‘life’ – once a fetus is at a point when it could survive outside the womb, that’s when I would think it might receive its soul – and in any case, God could allow a soul that’s either waiting to go into the fetus or already is in the fetus to go to another fetus to have a life w/people who want to be loving parents. I’m glad that you at least say you’re not in a position to judge. All have fallen short of the glory of God. I too am a Christian & am glad to see love remembered, & glad to see honest, sincere dialogue possible between people. 🙂

    • time4sense

      So I posted a reply to your comment yesterday & now it has disappeared. Hmmm. Is there censorship here?

    • Michael Horvath

      you are just the kind of an ridiculous christian bs artist this article is about apologize for your self stupid you say oh the poor people tortured yet you believe the man who wants to legalize torture is your best fit,get a grip scum bag.

      • Adam

        Hi Michael, I can’t say I’m up to speed with the legalization of torture issue… Call me uninformed. But Stupid? Scum Bag? Hate speech doesn’t quite reflect the pinnacle of enlightenment you are implying you have become. I get the anonymity of a user name: I have said things online I regret. No offense taken.

        Don’t take my care for the unborn as a rejection of the marginalized in other areas. I long for healing and reconciliation in every sense.

        That said, I can confidently say that I am part of the problem in a broken world. Can you? Shouldn’t you? Or are you just looking to place blame to make yourself feel better?

  • DPK

    The “christian” support of Trump IS the death of the Christian church in America. If you cannot see this you are already condemned.

    • time4sense

      Well, support of any people who consider themselves Christian or call themselves Christian will harm Christianity in the eyes of people who aren’t Christian, but Christians like me certainly did not vote for Trump or even vote Republican & there is no death of our church. I always disagree w/ the use of the phrase “the church” or “the Christian church” when it’s used this way, which sounds like there’s only 1 church. There are different denominations & congregations.

      The Catholic church calls itself “the church” because they actually teach that their denomination is the only valid one, which it’s not. {In fact, imho, it seems to me that a lot of people raised Catholic are the least likely to ever receive the actual Holy Spirit or to even turn out truly following Jesus because of the formalistic ways of the Catholic church for one thing. The Catholic church seems to me more likely to produce people who think being Christian is just a formalistic matter of being on some church’s ‘roll’ or member-list & going through the motions – and anything goes – as long as you say you’re sorry later in ‘confession.’ (Not that that’s what the Catholic church necessarily teaches, but it too often is the effect it has & the way it leaves people thinking.) Those things don’t make a person Christian. They make a person ‘Catholic.’ Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying there aren’t any true Christians in the Catholic denomination & I don’t mean any offense to Catholics.} Besides, Christian church really can be even a small gathering of people – a building isn’t even required. Anyways, this Trump ‘thing’ that has been happening has a lot to do with hate-radio & political propaganda media such as Fox FakeNews & the brainwashing & extremism it has created w/too many people. Hate-radio & Fox FakeNews politically-motivated propaganda, which is disguised as journalism, has just become dangerous. They seriously need to be boycotted.

      • DPK

        Time4sense, while I agree with much of what you say it is still necessary to address Matthew 16:18 and the use of “ecclesia” which means a “called out company or assembly”. The scriptures make no mention positive or negative, about “denominations. I would say that
        “some vessels are for holy purposes and some for common” and the connection of the holy to politics … speaks for itself. I continue to maintain this “unholy”alliance is end of the so called “Christian Church” in America. The Bible’s prescription has always been the same. “Repent.” Listen or not… and if I stepped on your sensibilities in my original post it was not intention. I apologize if so.

  • msha

    Christians are wholly evil and a detriment to every society in which they rear their ugly heads. They are every bit as evil and pernicious as Islamics.

    • time4sense

      Please take this comment into sincere consideration. Yours is a sadly uninformed, extremist statement. Jesus taught people to love one another, and love others as you love yourself, and help each other, and he taught the brotherhood of mankind, etc. The founder of Christianity, Yeshua/Jesus, is called ‘The Prince of Peace’ for a reason. The founder of Islam was a warlord. Some people who call themselves Christian or consider themselves to be Christian don’t really understand Jesus’s teachings and many of them make mistakes by still living by the Old Testament when I really think they should live by the New Testament which is Jesus’s teachings. Please don’t judge Jesus and his teachings according to the way some people are who call themselves Christian. There are a lot of political leaders who call themselves Christian & do bad things but they’re not really Christian. They just say they are to get elected.

      • DennisT

        The fact that if jeebus existed he was a minor figure at best seems to be a detail that xtians overlook. There is no proof that he even existed except for the bible, which is nothing but a poorly written novel. The “teachings” xtians seem so fond of are nothing more than stories from ancient camel herders.

      • time4sense

        If your opinion is that dismissive of ancient writings and chronicles, that’s your business. They don’t belong to any group – they are a heritage of mankind. I hope you never have something to say that you think is really important to share or to pass on to future generations in your family that you took the time to lovingly preserve to be sure it would survive you (outlast you) because w/that attitude, your great-grandkids would take 1 look at the cover & throw it away in contempt w/out ever even reading it or looking at it to give it a chance.

        Anyways, I think it’s a form of prejudicial-thinking to dismiss ancient writings as if it can’t contain any time-tested wisdom-of-the-ages just because our ancestors didn’t what – drive cars? And what will people 200 years from now think of us just because we didn’t use their mode of transportation, whatever it will be, etc. It seems to me like a form of some kind of arrogance to consider our own generation as if the entire world before now only existed to lead up to our own existence – as if our generation is the best one planet Earth has ever produced – why – just because we have some technology that wasn’t around 100 yrs ago – as if you or I invented the technology we use now anyways? And what will we & our times look like to people 200 or 500 years from now? Just because they might have technology we don’t have now, etc, does it mean they should look at us as if we were Neanderthals in the year 2016?

        Also, it almost sounds like prejudice against middle eastern people too – a very similar language to people who make fun of middle easterners dismissively by calling them things like “camel jockeys.” Hey, to each his own, but no one’s forcing you to read anything. It’s just not a wise (or kind) thing to be so dismissive of mankind’s history & heritages. Most relevant scholars agree Jesus probably existed. Anyways, people don’t find what’s at the top of the hill w/out traveling the path to see. There is a spiritual side of life that is very real, & most people would never discover it unless they actually travel the path laid out by those who have been there before. Peace out. And happy holidays to you. “Seek & you will find.” Matthew 7:7.

      • DennisT

        Actually, I was dismissing christianity, and organized religion in general. I don’t have a problem with either ancient wisdom or people in the mid-east, although I find their constant attempts to wipe each other out in the name of religion to be amazingly stupid. Jesus may have preached “love thy neighbor”, but there are very few people out there claiming to follow his teachings coming anywhere close to really doing so. At any rate, anyone wishing to believe in talking snakes and non-existent beings is welcome to, as far as I’m concerned. I just want them to keep it in their churches and homes, where it belongs, and out of our government, where it does not belong.

      • time4sense

        I agree w/ you about separation of church & state. Absolutely. I also have no problem w/teaching about evolution in public schools, btw. As far as talking snakes goes, that’s the Old Testament (OT), & while I’m not saying the OT has nothing of value or importance in it, I think Jesus was trying to evolve people past the OT or evolve people out from it. He spoke truth to power, which included the established church & its leaders where he lived, & he was trying to change people’s way of thinking – he knew it was a risk to his life but did it anyways, & he got killed for it. (If anyone reading this one day happens to be Jewish, I don’t mean any offense to Jewish people. It seems to me Jesus was the flowering of Judaism.)

        Dennis, you said “Jesus may have preached “love thy neighbor”, but there are very few
        people out there claiming to follow his teachings coming anywhere close
        to really doing so.” There are a lot who don’t, which is sad. A lot of people who call themselves Christian, such as politicians, are lying. But a lot of people who sincerely consider themselves Christian don’t actually understand Jesus. What they have is religion. What I have is Jesus & Spirit. There’s a difference. (Some loved-ones of mine are atheist & nonspiritual, so I realize how that sounds to people who don’t believe in spiritual possibilities or spiritual things.) My point is just that there’s a difference. As Bono of U2 says, religion is what exists when spirit has left the building. Anyways, a lot of us put ‘love thy neighbor’ into action in any way we can, such as shoveling elderly neighbors’ stairs & sidewalk, bringing food for food-pantries & shelters, sponsoring a child & his family & helping his village in a 3rd-world country in some way w/a monthly donation even if its a small amount because it’s all we can afford, speaking up for those who are bullied for being different, which for some of us includes speaking up for LGBTQA people, etc, but those like me are hardly ever covered on tv or in the media & we don’t have our own tv show or national organization, although they’re trying to start, at least on the internet.

        I’ve been coming to the realization for some time that all those who are like me – quietly living out our beliefs & not trying to force them on others & not trying to take away separation of church & state, etc – we can no longer let organizations that do the opposite continue to act like they speak for Jesus or continue to be most of the public organizations presenting their ways as if only they represent Jesus’s teachings in this day & age. I don’t like conflict, & my preference is for being at peace, but those like me who don’t want to be public figures & don’t like conflict are nevertheless going to have to stand up & speak out in organized ways against those such as Franklin Graham who is taking the nonpolitical organization his father built & is now using it for political purposes. (If his organization has a tax-exempt status, he should lose it for doing that!) Well, it probably won’t be easy, & no doubt we’ll be ostracized like Jesus was & called names such as “apostates” by others who consider themselves Christian, etc, but people like Franklin cannot keep promoting a political party as if 1 party is supposedly ‘the party of Jesus & purity,’ etc. It has to stop.

  • Ray von Wandruszka

    ‘Christian values’ come in two varieties. The first are values like ‘thou shalt not steal’ that existed long before Christianity did and were simply adopted by the religion when it was conceived. The second are a set of societal norms that change continuously and are, usually with considerable time lag, accepted by religions. Successful religions, like Christianity, are characterized by a certain flexibility, or multiplicity of views, that allows them to incorporate current views in their ever evolving manifestations. This does, of course, require that some previous concepts (like stoning to death folk who work on Sundays and the acceptance of slavery) be ignored. One way or the other, “Christian values’ generally run well behind ‘currently accepted values’, although they eventually tend to catch up. This is true for both ‘good’ values (e.g. rejection of serfdom) and ‘bad’ values (e.g. promulgation certain forms of racism). On very rare occasions religious values run ahead of societal values, but this usually simply comes down to providing a reminder of long existing standards that did not actually originate in the religion.

    • time4sense

      When what a lot of people consider to be “Christian values” runs behind the good ‘currently accepted values’ & doesn’t enough help to change the bad currently accepted values it’s usually because those are people who consider themselves to be Christian but they are stuck in the Old Testament. As a Christian, I am in the New Testament covenant & wisdom etc rather than the Old Testament, and I do think that’s what Jesus intended – to bring people out from the Old Testament. He spoke truth to power & got killed for doing it, and he was a hero. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents on the subject. 🙂