We Should Put Trigger Warnings on Conservatives

radiation-warning-on-shutterstockTrigger warnings for conservative points against the use of trigger warning (and discussion of reasons why people have triggers).

The folks at National Review  haven’t been on their game since their founder, the cranky dictionary known as William Buckley, died. On the Fox News scale of Reactionary Conservatism, they rate a seven to American Thinker‘s ten and Breitbart’s eleventy°. But don’t worry, Kevin Williamson won’t end his Andy Rooney-ish rant before going all “you people” on The Millennials. Williamson starts off all bitter, calling the generation after his “soft”°. Hell, he named his piece “You’re All Worthless and Weak.” He likes to imagine himself a Sith Lord.

Williamson complains about new demands to put trigger warnings on some literature and certain circumstances. This fight is led by universities and students who understand that people can have PTSD trauma related to certain memories, and that these events can be triggered by images and evocations. Of course, not everybody has trauma-related stress, and those that do can have it in a variety of forms and for different reasons. Some for sexual abuse and assault, some for domestic violence, some for intense thoughts of and attempts at suicide. Some trauma is battle-related for veterans. Some have faced violence or real threat of violence due to their sexual preference or sexual/gender identity. Additionally, many children in poor communities are surrounded by trauma on an everyday basis and do not have the resources to seek counseling to treat these issues. Often, confronting – without warning – triggering scenarios can cause panic attacks and render the survivor shaken, sometimes incapacitated for hours or days. For some, the triggering can happen with a touch (which is why youth workers are taught to not lay hands on a child), for some, images. For some, dialog and/or literature. For myself, it’s mostly through loud noises – I cannot be around yelling people and I’m incapacitated when I’m being yelled at. These triggers are real – as real as depression.

Kevin Williamson may not have triggers. He may not have had traumatic experiences – or he may have had them and got requisite care. Or perhaps he deals with it in other ways. Whatever. It doesn’t matter because Kevin Williamson is not the frigging center of the universe and should stop pretending that his White Hetero Male Privilege makes him more important than others. He hates the idea of trigger warnings not because it will hurt his appreciation of Moby Dick (which, after all, is just a simple tale about a man who hates a whale) or Jane Austin, but just because it’s a staple of White Male Hetero Supremacy conservatism. He thinks if something doesn’t affect or hurt him, it shouldn’t hurt anybody else either. And if other people complain about it but it doesn’t affect him, it means it’s not real, right? This is a crux of American conservatism. It’s how they can talk about the poor so callously, because ultimately US conservatism is centered on the White Rich Hetero Male and his self-sustaining myths.

Which is why, for examples, Williamson can compare trigger warnings to Tipper Gore’s music parental warnings. However, while the Parents’ Music Resource Center sought to put labels on all type of music and content it deemed inappropriate for the parent’s notification, trigger warnings empower the readers directly. Because they give the students the tools they need in order to prepare themselves for some content that may set them off . Or if they need to – and sometimes they do for they are still grappling with being very young – to avoid the matter altogether. The PMRC’s labels were for the buyers, not the users, and they serve a light censorship service. Ultimately, the power was not as much in the young person’s hands so much as the person holding the wallet. With trigger warnings, however, it’s about allowing the student to have power over her or his reactions and body.

That seems to trouble Williamson.

Williamson isn’t the only conservative white male asshole to be angered by trigger warnings. Jonah Goldberg warns readers in an LA Times article that he is going to make fun of trigger warnings. Which is code for “I’m going to make fun of people who have had traumatic experiences.” Did you experience sexual, physical, emotional abuse and could you still feel rage or panic attacks when reminded of such issues without warning? Goldberg (who, by the by, is the editor of the National Review’s NRO) is here to remind you that your life and safety don’t mean a thing to him and that you’re only worthy of ridicule.

I hope he gets eaten by a whale.

Notice, conservatives like Goldberg and Williamson are not angry at the triggers themselves. They’re not upset at what causes the reactions – at abuse or violence. These men are certainly not working to make the world less Rape Culture-friendly, or to reduce domestic violence, or violence on the streets. They’re definitely not interested in reducing veteran PTSD as they’re always ready to justify war. No, just like conservatives who despise protesting fast food workers, they are upset that the riff-raff take agency for themselves. Nothing makes them more upset.

But also, consider that this is another jab at students and higher learning as well. Contemporary conservatism is anti-intellectual. Even Buckley would be turning in his grave over these twerps.


°If you don’t know these online publications, count your lucky stars and thank whatever god or dog (or both) you serve.

*Hint: it’s more ignorant ageism and whining. Same as the Boomers did about my generation and their parents did before them. Aren’t we tired of this already?


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  • John Clark

    In my community, the whole trigger warning have gotten out of hand. Everyone could get offended by something. Yes, Huck Finn is raw: it was written to be. But a trigger warning? Better to talk about the language and why he used it. If someone has PTSD, it is important to seek help to heal. But that is something I rarely hear in these discussions. People do have to understand the violence in our world in order to make it a safer place. Hiding it is just ignoring it.

  • MichaelZWilliamson


  • mechgogo

    As someone who has been battling for the last 20+ yeats and nearly been killed by it a few times I just want to say that THE AUTHOR OF THIS PIECE MOST EMPHATICALLY DOES **NOT** SPEAK FOR ME. You sir are an ignorant fool more interested in pushing your own private agenda (ref “white straight male privilege”. what the HELL does that have to do with mental illness? *I* am a white, straight male and I’ve got about $20K in therapy bills to show just how little that impacted the mental illness fairy’s decision make me her special friend) than in actually HELPING those of us afflicted with mental illness. As an American who respects your right to free speech I support your right to post whatever drivel you want online. As an American with free speech AND chronic mental illness I chose to exercise my right to tell you you are an annoying blowhard who I do not personally believe gives a thimbleful of hobo piss for ACTUAL mental health concerns.

  • Miehm

    Wow you’re a whiny cunt.

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  • Quatermain

    If people are going to have nervous breakdowns every time someone raises their voices and looks at them crossways, they need to harden the fuck up or they’re going to be in for a rough ol’ life. Newsflash, Francis: it’s a cold, hard, cruel world out there and it doesn’t care about your ‘triggers’ even a little bit. Instead of whining on the Internet, you should be getting down on your knees and thanking the good Lord that you were born in the one tiny corner of the world that affords you the luxury to worry about ‘triggers.’

  • Charles Vincent

    Bwahahaha more drivel from the drivel king.

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  • PavePusher

    Unfuck yourself, you delicate snowflake.