Rachel Maddow Annihilates Koch Brothers for Trying to Force Her to Read Legal Script On Air

maddow-floridaBelieve it or not, as a liberal, I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of every “liberal” media personality simply because they’re mostly on my side of the political spectrum.  That being said, when it comes to Rachel Maddow I rarely find myself disagreeing with much of what she says.  Not that it hasn’t happened, but she just seems to be spot-on with much of her commentary.

So when I read the story about Rachel Maddow calling out the pathetic attempt by the Koch brothers to more or less make her read an on-air scripted apology written by their legal team — I knew it would be pure gold.

Maddow had apparently run a story previously detailing big money funneling into groups supporting the push within many states to force people applying for welfare to pass a drug test as a qualification for benefits.  Something that many of you might have heard has been struck down by a federal judge in Florida.

Well, during this report she pointed out the fact (keyword there) that funding from the Koch brothers was linked to several groups that have been behind the push for these programs.

The Koch brothers didn’t like the fact that someone linked their crooked money with these conservative groups, so their lawyers sent a letter to Ms. Maddow which basically included a script they wanted her to read, on-air, retracting her story about their involvement.

Now if you want to report on news or any kind of story, it’s not completely uncommon to report something, only to find out sometime after that the information you were given wasn’t 100% accurate.  It’s something I’ve seen Maddow do on occasion on her show.

That being said, there’s absolutely no reason for any kind of “media figure” to retract anything that’s true, which is exactly what the Koch brothers were wanting Ms. Maddow to do.  They wanted her to retract a story (by repeating their handwritten script on live television) that was factually true, simply because it didn’t paint them in the best light.

Apparently this isn’t an uncommon practice (the Koch’s sending legal letters) as Maddow said, “Very frequently, when we cover the Koch brothers, we then hear from the Koch brothers’ lawyer.”  It would seem by that comment that many times when the Koch brothers are exposed for doing exactly what they do (attempting to buy campaigns and elections) they send out legal letters hoping to get the information retracted.  But what these letters really represent is their attempts to intimidate the media.

Now, Maddow didn’t say exactly what this letter said, but it must have been pretty ridiculous if she felt the need to bring it up on her show, saying:

“We will not stop reporting on the political actions and the consequences of the political actions of rich and powerful men, even if they send angry letters every time we do it.  I will not read scripts provided to me by anyone else.  I do not play requests.”

It seems she struck a nerve with the Kochs and they pathetically tried to intimidate her into reading their handwritten apology.

The Kochs represent a real threat to this country for the simple fact that they’re blatantly trying to buy political campaigns, elections and in reality an entire political party — yet I’m willing to bet 90% of conservatives (if not more) have no idea who they are.

I hope individuals like Maddow continue to expose people like the Koch brothers.  It’s vital that more people become aware of exactly who the people are behind the unheard of amount of dirty money being funneled into our government.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Scott Casper

    Many Republicans do know who the Koch Brothers are, but instead of being disgusted, they idolize these monsters, as they do anyone who manages to become rich in this country.

    • Darkthunder

      “It’s the american way” is usually the argument heard from these nutjobs.

  • Pipercat

    I was at a relative’s house on Friday and saw this piece. Rather amusing, indeed…

  • Republicans are evil

    My family is made up of half dems, and half super conservative republicans.The conservatives in my family are rich, white, well educated, and are racist, homophobic, bigots. Half of them are in law enforcement which is super depressing. I know for a fact from the rich white members of my family, that when people say that republicans care only for themselves, they hate gays and minorities, they honestly do…..The only positive thing i can say about the rethuglicans in my family, is that they do love their family, eh most of em anyway. other than that, I am disgusted by their attitudes and values.

    • CherMoe

      I tend to find myself in a similar situation and agree with you almost 100%. Having said that, I have to say the richer ones got there by the grace of “union thugs” for the most part, but have forgotten their beginnings and now want to avoid the patriotic part called “paying the taxes” on your worth. As for loving the family, that’s oftentimes “selective” depending on the situation, etc. From one Dem to another … good luck. I’m one female in a man’s world.

  • PRIME79

    Dr. Maddow doesn’t play that kiss the rich guys ass shit. There is an entire entertainment channel for that already called fox “news”.

    • Maddow is the only living media figure who can channel Morrow.

  • Tim Anderson

    They do realize if they sue her, she’s entitled to ALL of their campaign/business/non-profit/financial records??? That would be awesome because as a privately held company they’re required to report to no one. Would be great to get a real inside look at American’s for Prosperity and the other shill corps these guys run.

    • g_mantwo

      They have no intention to sue, they just can’t tolerate it when someone exposes or stands up to them. It is a blatant attempt to intimidate through legal maneuvers.

  • James Patrick Bunch

    You really need to lose the term “…that being said… “. Aside from being trite, it’s been played to death, and gramatically redundant.

    • Nitpick Much?

      0 fucks are given…

    • Pipercat

      Will, “having said that” suffice?