Rachel Maddow Brilliantly Mocks Fox News’ Coverage of Benghazi Suspect Capture (Video)

maddow-iraqThe news that we finally captured one of the suspected masterminds behind the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Ahmed Abu Khattala, should have been a day of celebration for conservatives.  After all, they’ve obsessed over Benghazi for nearly two years now.

But as we all know, their obsession over Benghazi has nothing to do with what happened that night and everything to do with their pathetic attempts to politicize four American deaths in a preemptive move to bash Hillary Clinton before the 2016 elections.

So I’m sure it didn’t come as a shock to many liberals that following the announcement that we apprehended one of the suspected leaders behind the Benghazi attack, Fox News decided to ignore the significance of this capture.  Instead, they did exactly what you’d expect them to do – push another asinine conspiracy theory that this was all planned by the Obama administration to help out Hillary Clinton during her book tour.

First, any news not related to Benghazi was all a “distraction” to take the focus off Benghazi.  Now news concerning the capture of one of the masterminds behind the attack is some kind of ploy by the Obama administration to help out Hillary Clinton?

Just… wow.

Well, Rachel Maddow decided to weigh in on Fox News’ ridiculous coverage of this arrest, actually referring to Fox News as “Benghazi Central.”  She pointed out the fact that after nearly two years of being completely obsessed with anything and everything to do with Benghazi, they suddenly seemed disinterested in the fact that we just captured someone we suspect was behind the planning of the attack.

She even showed clips of Fox News hosts insinuating that the timing of this capture just seems all too coincidental with Hillary Clinton’s book tour.

Because, you know, anything that even remotely might paint the Obama administration in a positive light can’t possibly happen without conservatives claiming there’s some massive conspiracy behind it.

She also nailed the Drudge Report for their obsession about Benghazi, only to find that the main story on their website for much of the day pertained to their claim that the price of meat is “hitting all-time highs.”  Though she also went on to mock their source for that story, World Net Daily, as being a website that once “broke the story” of Obama’s secret gay Muslim marriage.

Maddow finished the segment by hammering Fox News for being so absurd that they can’t just report that we captured one of the perpetrators behind the Benghazi attack.  Oh, no.  They have to try to spin it into some kind of bad news, or scandal, just to continue their 6+ year (and counting) narrative of bashing, downgrading or trying to discredit anything related to President Obama.

It’s like I’ve said many times before, Republicans have sunk to such a realm of ridiculousness that I really just can’t take them seriously any longer.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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