Rachel Maddow Busts Rand Paul Trying to Hide the Shame of His Dwindling Campaign

maddow-rand-paul-1As most of you might have heard, Sen. Rand Paul is running for president. Though I wouldn’t blame anyone who might have forgotten that he is a presidential candidate considering it’s been a few months since he announced and the GOP field has become laughably crowded. We’re approaching a point where it’s going to be easier to list who isn’t running for the Republican nomination than who is.

But some might have also forgotten that Paul is running because his campaign has been, well – just bad. The “highlight,” if you want to call it that, was nothing more than a political publicity stunt concerning the Patriot Act that ultimately accomplished next to nothing.

Then again, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see Paul’s campaign floundering. He’s someone who’s trying to pander to tea party conservatives and the cult-like Libertarian following his father built, two groups of people whose political ideologies are often in complete contradiction of one another. And by doing all of that it’s just made Paul look fake and very weak.

Well, as Rachel Maddow pointed out on Friday, Paul’s campaign seemed to be trying to hide just how ineffective his campaign has been at raising money by doing what’s called a “Friday night news dump.” The campaign released a report on Friday from his two super PACs showing they have only raised $5 million for the entire first part of the year, with 40 percent of that money coming from just two donors. By contrast, Jeb Bush has raised about $100 million.

You see, what “Friday night news dump” means is that many politicians will wait till Friday night when people are busier and not paying as much attention to “dump news” that they hope gets mostly overlooked.

“Rand Paul’s not supposed to be any other Republican candidate, he’s supposed to be the leader of a movement of diehard followers who would have done anything for Ron Paul, and they’ll do anything for Rand Paul,” Maddow said. “Well, it turns out one of the things those people will not do for Rand Paul is send him any money.”

While Rand Paul supporters act as if he’s a leading candidate and a legitimate threat to become the next President of the United States, the truth is when it comes to raising money he’s more on par with Rick Perry or Ben Carson (two people who have no shot at winning) than the GOP favorites, Bush and Scott Walker.

Though it’s not for a lack of trying. I actually had to unfollow Paul on Twitter because his constant begging for money was not only annoying, but also just very sad. During his Patriot Act political stunt his account turned into a seemingly non-stop stream of tweets constantly begging people to donate to his campaign. While all candidates ask for money, I’ve never been “spammed” as much by a candidate as I was by Paul’s campaign.

But the fact that they released this information on Friday, seemingly to avoid the limelight of the media’s attention, is their way to admit that they’re embarrassed by the lack of support he’s receiving from donors.

So, much like his father before him, it doesn’t look like Rand Paul is going to come anywhere near the White House unless he takes the tour or is invited by the actual president.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Allahu Akbar!

    Donald Trump 2016!!!!!!!!!

    • noah vail

      i see you’re still the village idiot

      • jimv1983

        I’d love to see Trump get the republican nomination. It would make for some hilarious debates and pretty much hand the election to the democrat which will hopefully be Bernie Sanders but more likely Hillary Clinton.

      • FD Brian

        Saturday Night Live also hopes Trump gets in

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist

      i agree! He is the perfect GOP candidate. Please please PLEASE run him against Hillary, Bernie, or anybody the Ds decide to run.

      See, we DO agree on something. Let’s just do everything possible to ensure he is the GOP’s candidate. He can even summon Sarah Palin as his running mate. That would be perfect! Or maybe Honey Boo Boo


    The Republican field is awful, through and through. There just isn’t much difference between worst and best. Paul may get kicked under the clown bus early on for his fecklessness, but that doesn’t make him any worse than the others.

  • OMGface

    Temperament is high on the list for what qualifies someone to earn high office.
    Re Rand Paul, epic fail.

  • jimv1983

    Rand Paul is probably the best candidate the republicans have and even he is an awful choice.

  • amersham46

    Started his campaign as an also ran

  • strayaway

    Next, Rachel will hide the shame of Hillary’s disappointing polling results against Sanders despite her heavy inflows of money from Wall Street investment firms. Of course, by Rachel’s criteria, that puts Hillary in a league with Jeb. Money is making darn sure that, in the end, this will be a contest between Jeb and Hillary. Sanders is doing better than Paul in raising money but then there are only about candidates competing against the bankers’ pick in the Democratic Party. Rachel must love the Patriot Act though as do Jeb and Hillary.

  • Delia Lopez ForCongress

    She is confusing two things. Bush and Walker are elite GOP darlings, so they get lots of cash funneled to them. Does having a lot of cash make you a better candidate or person? I don’t think so. I want our elected officials to hold to their oath of office and defend the Constitution and the Rights of the individual.