Rachel Maddow Crushes Republicans for Trying to Rig Our Elections (Video)

maddow-votingAs most liberals are well aware of, Republicans have been doing just about everything they possibly can the last few years to rig our election process. Sure, they mask these attempts in these new laws meant to “curb voter fraud” (which doesn’t exist), but anyone with even a shred of common sense knows what these laws are meant to do – disenfranchise voters who typically vote for Democrats.

Because these laws haven’t just been about ID, they’ve also made registering to vote more difficult and limited early voting times. In other words, these laws haven’t just been about simply making sure that votes are valid, they’ve been about limiting the accessibility many Americans have normally utilized to vote.

And like I’ve said countless timesanyone who’s trying to make it harder for Americans to vote should never be trusted. It’s not even debatable. I don’t care which political party you support, they shouldn’t be making it more difficult for Americans to vote – period.

But that’s exactly what many Republican-controlled state legislatures have been doing since 2010.

Well, Rachel Maddow tore into this behavior that’s become commonplace by these Republicans.

Now, I would normally transcribe a few things that she said, but then I’d be transcribing the entire video. It’s really something everyone should watch from beginning to end.

But what caught my eye is she also mentioned a study cited by Senator Bernie Sanders that was conducted by the GAO, which proved these new voter ID laws are decreasing voter turnout. In particular, among young voters and African-Americans.

Two demographics that often vote for Democrats.

Though I think the point she made which was most alarming was that these laws aren’t having any impact on voter fraud (because it doesn’t exist). Instead, they’re lowering overall voter turnout. And that’s a massive issue – even if Republicans want to try to downplay it.

Voter turnout in this country is already a big enough issue. We shouldn’t have state legislatures passing laws that lower the number of people who are turning out to vote. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Not only that, but courts are finding these laws to be unconstitutional. As we’ve seen recently in Wisconsin and Texas where these new strict voter ID laws have been overturned by our court system. Showing that there’s a clear attempt by Republicans to skirt our Constitutional rights as much as possible to limit voting access for many Americans.

And this is an issue about which more liberals need to be outraged. We’re literally seeing Republicans rigging our elections before our very eyes. And as long as liberals sit idly by allowing this to go on, Republicans are going to keep doing it.

It’s up to us to stop them, and that starts this November. But, unfortunately, I have a feeling far too many liberals are going to “sit this one out” like they do during too many midterm elections.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Steve Brains

    I saw this. Lewis Black is epic. NO limitations on KILLING MACHINES, as much VOTER SUPPRESSION as can be construed as Constitutional.

    This is the last GASP of the GOP. they know, as George Will said last week, “The anti gay marriage people are dying!” THESE are the Republicans and they are imploding and like any nova, their demise is sudden and spectacular. the implosion was the rise of the Tea Party. The EXPLOSION is happening now and it’s fallout is the tumbling of years of carefully calculated plans to MAKE AMERICA FAIL!!!

    Freedom of religion as defined by “America is a Christian Nation” will be the last to go., The DEATH of gay marriage will be followed by a Constitutional Amendment to ENSURE Gay rights. And THIS will make women furious. Look for rich celebrity and business women to invest Koch Bro kinds of money into litigation to overturn the Clinic Closing, not medically necessary procedure and mandatory religiously motivated dogma noise (counseling and ultra sounds) forced on women and the birth control denials by the right wing groups. Coupled with the fact that women are a MAJORITY in America, the GOP will began losing these WARS ON WOMEN when women stand up for themselves because they say the Gays make it work.

    the last bastion of Republicanism will be racism, because that will never really die. Just as the southern Democrats became the Southern Republicans, the hate will fester in these mongrels and only another secession will separate them from the decent folk.

    But first, Progressives must earn the right to fight and WIN, by turning out an showing up and making their voices heard and their votes count.

    • ReeFungorio

      You need to study up on your US history a bit and stop letting MSNBC do your thinking for you.

  • FD Brian

    If republican theories had worked and had been successful they wouldn’t need voter ID laws, they wouldn’t need to gerrymander their way to victory, a strong middle class would be voting for them hand over fist.

  • Umm… BOOM.

  • Bah

    Are all of you this gullible? Seriously? Hey Allen Clifton, why don’t you have the balls to reply to any of the comments? HEY RETARDS, you can get a free voter ID in Wisconsin. Since this website deletes any comments that prove these articles to be bull crap, I will tell you how it’s done. Go to the official DMV government website, you blowhard morons can find there that an ID can be had for FREE! OMG FOR FREE!?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!?

    • Ian

      When you call people retards and morons, none of the rest of your comments even deserve a response.

      • Bah

        Ian, I said it out of frustration, I had just read all of the responses I have had from Steve Brains and I was infuriated with his petulant behavior. If you care, go ahead and take a look, I think you will understand. I apologize. I don’t think the majority of people on here are morons.

      • Sandy Greer

        There are people here who will get a hate on for anybody expressing conservative opinions. That is out of your control.

        It is in your control to carry yourself with Dignity, and not respond in kind – no matter the provocation. It’s certain you will be tested. And the urge to strike back is tempting.

        But you gain stature when you show yourself the better person. People respect that. Even if they don’t say so.

      • Thomas Powers

        I shall ignore the childish diatribe and only suggest that your post misses the point which is, that all these laws have only one purpose and it has nothing to do with the hobgoblin “voter fraud”. The purpose, as you surely know, is to suppress specific groups of people who are likely to vote Democratic. Incidentally, any charge levied on voter access, whether for ID or any other requirement would be a clear violation of the XXIV Amendment and, probably, the Equal protection clause of Amndt. XIV as well.

      • Lawrencia

        Time for you to leave. I live in Wisconsin, my Husband and I suffer greatly because of Walker and the ignorant misguided people who vote for this corrupt POS.
        We both work hard for peanuts. We pay more taxes, more for energy, more for everything while Walker takes our children’s education funding and gives it to the wealthy along with every other tax break imaginable.
        A voter ID is free huh? well I live in Oneida County (Minocqua) one way to the DVM is 33 miles. Round trip that’s 66 miles. They are also open only 3 days a week.
        Who pays for that gas to get there???? Who’s taking the elderly, disabled ones there? Most people would have to take off of work to go. It’s not free and it’s not easy to get. Your simpleton view of life hurts others.
        Hard working Wisconsinites have been absolutely screwed by Walker and the 1%. Then you have the audacity to call us names?

      • ReeFungorio

        I do.

    • Trevor Bordelon

      That’s all fine and good, IF you live in Wisconsin. Which, as far as I know, isn’t one of the states that Mr. Clifton is talking about with a new voter ID law that makes it more difficult for its infirm, young adult, elderly, and poor residents to vote. The rest of us have to abide by the laws in our state.

      By the way, if the entire purpose of your post wasn’t to troll the people who read the articles on this site and post comments that contribute to the discourse of the topic, you’d be better off forgoing the name calling. It’s hard to take someone seriously when half of their argument sounds as if they’re verbally fighting with their ten-year-old sibling.

    • IBcrashen

      Is there such a thing as free. those cost are passed down to others who can pay or directly to the tax payer.
      The Republican party runs on a platform of “fiscal responsibility, less intrusive goverment” BUT LETS MAKE EVERYONE HAVE AN ID, PAY MILLIONS PER ELECTION, PER STATE FOR A PROBLEM THAT DOESN`T EXIST.

      • Bah

        “Is there such a thing as free?” Very philosophical. “Fiscal Responsibility, less intrusive government.” I guess the Republican party should get rid of military ID’s, drivers licenses, birth certificates, etc. You do understand that one of the principles of the Republican party is personal responsibility, right? You do understand that the confidence of the general public in the voting process is extremely important, right? You do know that there is more than one type of voter fraud, right? You do know that voter fraud is difficult to detect, right? You do realize obtaining an ID requires minimal effort, right? You do realize that Indiana and Georgia have had an increase in minority and Democratic turnout since their voter ID laws have been in place, right? How about the West Virginian sheriff who stole an election, no problem huh?

      • IBcrashen

        That WV sheriff that attempted (and got caught) did it by absentee ballots where ID`s did nothing to prevent it.

        There are more cases where eligible voters are denied the right to vote than fraud. 3.2 Million citizens ( thats 21%) dont have a government issued birth certificate/ID`s and most of those are elderly and the poor. To get a valid ID you must have a valid Birth Certificate which you need a valid ID to get. Many have a misspelled name on there Birth Certificate or they have been married and there last name has changed so they must have there marriage license or divorce decrees. They dont have the means of getting such proof so are denied the right to vote.

      • Bah

        So only the poor and elderly don’t have correct birth certificates? 3.2 million citizens is about 1 percent, not 21 percent. Are you telling me these people are incapable of getting a photo ID? Kind of insulting. The idea that voter fraud is not a potential issue or isn’t a current issue has been addressed. Take a look. I have already gone over this plenty of times, all you do is simply file an affidavit. Take a look for yourself about your state’s standards. We have 32 million Americans who cannot read this article. Does that make our voting booths a literacy test?

    • Lawrencia

      Take your uneducated back end and hit it. Everyone has to suffer because of misinformed, uneducated people like you.
      Yeah like “OMG man, fur real” (eye roll)

      • Bah

        My back end doesn’t have to suffer like yours to please people. I hope you know you can buy lube in bulk. It will save you a few dollars to purchase the photo ID you need to vote.

      • Guest

        I hope you know you can buy lube in bulk. It will save you a few dollars to purchase the photo ID you need to vote.

  • virginia sears

    Kansas will still vote out those corrupted Republicans/Tea Party

  • Matthew Reece

    The Republicans and Democrats are both guilty of rigging elections. They have used ballot access laws and control over debates to make it so that it is nearly impossible for third-party or independent candidates to win.

    • Alistair

      Uh yeah, no. The reason why third Parties have never won (Prohibitionist, Green, Objectivist, United States Marijuana Party- no seriously, that last one was an actual party) is not so easy as “Blame all Republicans/Democrats.” It’s actually far more complicated. For example, one reason why they never win is because America is a winner-take-all, where, well, the winner takes all (obviously) unlike Israel or Germany (for example) which have proportional representation, where representation is based on the proportion of the vote that goes to a candidate/party. Furthermore, requirements to be put on a ballot (like a registration fee or collecting enough signatures on a petition, to give two examples) also make getting third parties out there more difficult

      • Matthew Reece

        The first-past-the-post system is to blame for the formation of only two major parties, but the Republicans and Democrats had a choice about whether to pass additional laws to cement themselves as the two parties that would always be the major parties. Requirements to be put on a ballot are almost always made more difficult for third parties and independents than for Republicans and Democrats.

  • ajDawg

    The centerpiece of her commentary, the GAO study, reports
    very small youth and minority declines in TN & KS, which don’t sound significant given the margin of error, and for one election in 2 states, 2 different years.Those declines might fall into a natural range of variation for turnout. Any researcher worth his title, degree and credentials would say the study is not conclusive and more study is needed. Rachel demonstrates typical hyperbolic inflation of stats, in order to inflame the biased watchers of her show. Not a lot different than the Fox noise commentators. I do agree that voter ID is a waste of time & revenue, as fraud isn’t really a huge problem, but it’s law in some places, and it’s not a huge discouragement. If someone really wants to vote, they can get the ID. Low voter turnout has more to with other things than voter id laws, IMO.

  • Michael Siever

    Texas just closed all of its DPS (Texas equivalent of DMV) offices down in 81 of its total 254 counties just after its vote ID law went into effect. But, hey, tell me how forcing poor people to go 2 counties over to get to their an ID is not an undue burden?

  • Casey Dial

    Rachel Mad-Cow is so full of BS. And she wonders why nobody watches her or MSNBC.

    Mad Cow is right about one thing. Conservatives are trying to suppress votes of ILLEGAL VOTERS. Anyone, like Mad Cow, who is against voter ID’s are trying to cheat. It’s as simple as that.

    While I will agree that liberals, in general, are stupid, I know if they can fill out welfare papers, they can fill out the paperwork necessary to get a photo ID.

  • ReeFungorio

    Which constitutional right are you speaking about?