Rachel Maddow to GOP Senators Who Skipped Bergdahl Briefing to do TV Spots: ‘We’re Laughing at You’ (Video)

the-less-you-knowI’ve gone on record as saying that the whole situation around the release of Bergdahl was a no-win situation no matter what the Obama administration would have done.  But as usual, no matter what his decision Republicans were simply going to come out and say whatever he did was wrong and they would have done the opposite.

It’s actually become comical.  Weeks or months ahead of something you’ll see Republicans say what should or shouldn’t be done, then President Obama will do exactly that, then suddenly these same Republicans come out publicly complaining about his decision.

Rachel Maddow recently pointed out this hypocrisy, calling it the “Rosetta Stone” of politics.

Well, Maddow once again teed off on Republican hypocrisy by slamming some Senate Republicans who skipped out on the administration’s Bergdahl briefing – to do TV spots complaining about the lack of information they’ve received on the Bergdahl swap.

She pointed out John McCain, who left the briefing early, telling reporters at a press conference, “I learned nothing in this briefing.”

“The one he left in the middle of,” Maddow mocked.  She also mentioned a 2012 briefing that McCain skipped out on concerning Benghazi to hold a similar press conference informing reporters that he wasn’t getting adequate information on – Benghazi.

Like I said, it’s comical.

“It is so much more fun to demand information than to actually receive it,” Maddow continued.  “Receiving it is boring and it takes forever and it’s totally not like just going on Fox News and complaining.”

And that’s really at the heart of all of this.  Republicans know that the vast majority of those who support them only watch Fox News therefore they’ll never be made aware that while these Republicans are holding press conferences complaining about the lack of information they’ve received about Bergdahl, they’re skipping classified briefings concerning Bergdahl and what led up to his release. 

She also pointed out how Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss also skipped a classified briefing for all senators concerning Bergdahl to go on Fox News to complain about the lack of information he had received about Bergdahl.

She concluded the segment perfectly by saying, “If you’re skipping the briefing to complain that there’s no briefing, we’re not laughing with you, congressmen, we’re laughing at you.”

It’s deplorable to me how Republicans have done just about everything they can to turn Bergdahl’s release into some kind of partisan attack on the president.  Some of the same people (Fox News included) who not too long ago were saying how we needed to do everything we could to bring him home – are now essentially saying he’s a possible traitor who we should have left over there to die.

Whether or not he’s a traitor, deserted his post or whatever other accusations have been levied against him is something we’ll find out as the investigation continues into how he was captured.  But the fact that so many people who claim to “support our troops” have been so quick to bash one of them without any kind of formal investigation being near finished (mainly because it was President Obama who secured his release and they’ll do anything to attack the president even if it means bashing a POW of 5 years) has been one of the more reprehensible things that I’ve ever witnessed.

Watch Maddow’s segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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