Rachel Maddow Blows the Lid Off Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Dangerous Statewide Incompetence (Video)

What’s currently going on in Flint, Michigan right now will go down as one of the biggest tragedies in United States history. I’m not sure how Michigan Governor Rick Snyder hasn’t been arrested, let alone still has his job. The whole situation is appalling and sickening.

Though as Rachel Maddow pointed out in her special report on Friday, Governor Snyder’s incompetence and horrific behavior is not limited to what’s gone on in Flint. There are several incidents that are currently going in Michigan directly linked to the governor that are absolutely deplorable.

First, Maddow exposed a budget cut Snyder made that removed public funding for a home that takes care of elderly or disabled veterans, instead shifting the running of the facility to a private company. This resulted in veterans being mishandled to the point that one man ended up with a broken neck; staffers not even checking in on residents nearly half of the time; sometimes people weren’t being given their medications; the facility almost constantly being understaffed; and even one incident where employees ignored doctors orders, removed a man’s feeding tube and fed him solid food.

Again, this is a house meant to treat and care for veterans. Though Snyder apparently saw it as nothing more than a place he could cut the state’s budget – quality care or concern for our veterans be damned. Then again, Republicans disrespecting or using veterans as nothing but political props is nothing new.

Just ask Donald Trump.

Next up was the shocking condition of the public schools in Detroit. From mold, to buckled floors, rats and caved-in ceilings. Conditions so horrible that teachers have been staging “sick-ins” to protest the unsafe and unsanitary conditions these children are forced to deal with at these schools. Maddow also pointed out how the schools are set to run out of money in April – despite the fact that the school year definitely does not end in April.

Mind you, the school district is being run directly by the governor. So this is all happening under direct supervision of the office of the most powerful politician (supposedly) in the state. Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he appointed an “emergency manager” to oversee the situation – an “emergency manager” who then notified the governor that everything was fine and stepped down without fixing anything. You really can’t make this garbage up. 

Then Maddow shifted over to an issue with a nearly century old pipeline running underneath a river just upstream of the drinking water source for Detroit that an oil company is trying to get permission to pump oil through. Even with brand new piping, running an oil pipeline just upstream of a large city’s water source is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of. But to seek permission to pump oil through a pipeline that was built in 1918 – yes, 1918 – is insane. Especially considering, as Maddow pointed out, the company that wants to use this 98-year-old pipeline was the same company responsible for a pipeline that leaked near Santa Barbara, California, leaking tens of thousands of gallons of oil.

And while oil pipelines are dealt with at the federal level, apparently no one at the state level said or did anything concerning this absurd idea of pumping oil through a 98-year-old pipeline upstream from a major city’s drinking water.

That’s if they even knew about it all. At this point, the incompetence shown by Governor Rick Snyder and his administration is so vast that it’s difficult to tell what’s incompetence and what’s this guy just being the greedy, unscrupulous scumbag that he is.

The craziest part is, this is just the stuff we know about right at this moment. There’s no telling what else is going on that we haven’t found out about yet. Let’s not forget that issues with Flint were known about well before it became a national story – and Snyder did nothing to address it.

While there are quite a few bad governors in this country, Rick Snyder has to be at the top of that list. I certainly hope that that the people of Michigan, and all over this country, continue to put pressure on Snyder and the Republican party to remove him from office. The fact that he’s still in office is bad enough considering what’s gone on in Flint. Combine that with all of this other incompetence, and I have no idea how anyone can justify allowing him to finish out his full term in office.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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