Rachel Maddow Rips Into Tucker Carlson and the Conservative Media for Fabricating The News (Video)

Most liberals have accused the conservative media of essentially fabricating the news.  And rightfully so.  There’s a reason why you only hear about certain stories on Fox News – because they’re so ridiculous that nobody else will cover them.

It’s the ultimate conspiracy theorist’s dream.  The argument that, “See, they won’t report the truth!  Only I’m reporting the truth!”

And that’s basically the premise the conservative media has built for years.  Don’t trust the media – only trust us.

It’s a point Rachel Maddow addressed when she laid into Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller website for blatantly pushing a story that had already been soundly debunked.

The story she was referring to linked Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to Dominican prostitutes.  A story that the New York Post didn’t even find credible and had already been discredited by The Washington Post.

One of the biggest issues Maddow pointed out was how the conservative media has created an environment where fabricated news has suddenly become “fact” for millions of conservatives.  She said, “The consequences are for all of us of a conservative movement that has now spent a full generation telling people, telling Americans not to trust the actual news and instead invent their own conservative version of it. And they did that. And this is where it got us.”

And it’s especially hypocritical for a site owned by Carlson to run a story such as this considering his 2007 comments where he hammered people criticizing Senator David Vitter (R-LA) for his prostitution scandal.

Carlson defended Vitter at the time, saying, “Let’s be real here. Have you been to a restaurant in New Orleans? One out of three women is for sale. I wish David Vitter were a Democrat. I wish he were Russ Feingold, because then I would defend him every bit as zealously as I’m defending not what David Vitter did, but his right to be unbothered by the rest of us by something that’s none of our business.”

Carlson’s website not only pushed a fake story, but he’s a massive hypocrite based on his defense of Vitter seven years ago.

And the kicker to all of this is that the idiocy of the right-wing media seems to be the culprit behind this fake story getting out.  According to the Washington Post, Cuban intelligence officials were the ones who fabricated this story, and they relied on the conservative media running a garbage story such as this without checking into the facts after legitimate media organizations rejected it.

So not only did Carlson make himself look like a hypocrite for defending Vitter while bashing Menendez, but his website pushed a fake story that was possibly fabricated by Cuban intelligence officials relying on the ignorance of the conservative media.

Sadly, none of this will matter.  Conservatives know it’s not about being factual with any of this stuff.  All it’s about is giving their followers what they want.  Because even though this story is complete garbage, there are still millions of conservatives who now believe it to be real.

And that’s all the conservative media really cares about.  It’s not about facts, truth or being honest.  It’s just about putting a story out there that preys on the ignorance of the millions of conservatives who blindly follow them.

Because at the end of the day, “truth” to the conservative media is whatever nonsense they can get their followers to believe.

Watch Maddow’s segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pithy Eponym Here

    Cue butthurt Conservatrolls saying “nyah nyah nyah Liberal news does it tooooo” Except they don’t. So shut it right now. Web blogs don’t count.

    • check your premises

      Are you joking? Go to politifact and look up Rachael Maddox. She’s been caught in lie after lie.

      • Karen

        I believe you will find Politifact more apt to find GOP stories “pants on fire” than Dems. In fact, Google Politifact and read their history…

      • surfjac

        Reality has a well known liberal bias.

      • Pithy Eponym Here

        Didn’t you know, Politifact is one of them Librul Media outlets lol.

      • Stephen Barlow

        And she corrects ANY legitimate errors right at the top of her show. CBS barely apologized for it’s year long Benghazi SCAM report and Fox NEVER retracts on the air not on the web. Fox just let’s it fraud ferment.

      • Pithy Eponym Here

        Right on cue….

      • janipurr

        I don’t know who Rachel Maddox is, but Rachel MADDOW always posts a correction if she finds she has reported incorrectly. Unlike the 60% of crap that Fox reports that are complete and utter lies.

      • gil reyes

        What does come up when yo look up “Rachel Maddox” ??? Who the hell is that person to do with the Liberal News

  • Stephen Barlow

    The left should swiftboat Evangelical conservatives with ‘fab’ stories about sex trafficking, child molestation and prostitution and show pics and ‘police’ reports’… On Halloween before the election. Then we can say it was just a prank nd the poor lemmings on the right go over the cliff either way.

    Either they vote against their moral outrage FOR the Teapublican babyraper, or against him on ethical grounds and cast a harikari vote for a Democrat.

    I am an EVIL SOB if I do say so My self.

    And on elections day, launch live cam porn site for all the FOX Reporters. Even Tucker the F*cker, gay stud.

  • FD Brian

    Fox News hides as a news channel but operates as a propaganda machine intent on spreading it’s doctrine to those fool enough to believe everything they say.

  • Sandy Greer

    Gotta love Rachel Maddow! She’s one smart cookie; best thing on MSNBC.
    As an aside, I think prostitution should be legal.

    • PaulOnBooks

      You can have prostitution for sex if we can balance it with making Fox and its ilk illegal – whoring yourself out for Murdoch’s gold is far worse.

      • Sandy Greer

        Spoken like a man who doesn’t enjoy much success with the

  • D.j. Maverick

    Well written and entirely accurate. The right has been on a decades-long journey trying to get a majority to believe their fictions. You gotta hand it to them, they are patient!

  • At the end of the day, though, the conservative media also knows how to drive popularity–because liberal media is so busily focused on exposing conservative media that they don’t focus on the news and stories that should be told.

    We have to stop rising to the bait. Debunk when necessary, yes. But debunk once, and then move along. Definitely don’t continue to give attention to the bad doers.

  • jack

    The most important thing she forgot to mention is this: the purveyors of this fabricated crap are raking money in hand over fist. And as long as that is the case, they are going to continue. Why shouldn’t they? It’s the gullibility of the American public that is the problem. People in England who read the tabloids know it’s not news, it’s entertainment. But Americans lack that sophistication. They think Fox News is news. Just entertainment, folks. Just Rupert Murdoch laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Georgann Putintsev

    Wow, watching the whole segment … leaves me wondering how we can ensure the Truth in News. Maybe we need to have a NEWS vs Entertainment Standards Requirement along with a New Rating on Truth Rating percentages.