Rachel Maddow Slams Rand Paul Attacking Her: “Go for it. Good luck. I can take it.”

maddow-paulThis past week has been pretty embarrassing for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  Rachel Maddow exposed that during a speech Paul was giving to a group of Republicans, he plagiarized the Wikipedia page of the science fiction movie Gattaca while claiming that advances in science, paired with abortion, could lead to eugenics.

Well, Paul responded to Maddow’s accusations by calling her a “hater” who needs to stop nitpicking.  He tried to paint her as someone who was just out to get him and has “been spreading hate” on him for years.

If you thought Maddow was going to let Paul’s comments towards her go without a response, you’d be sadly mistaken.  Maddow hit back, mocking the fact that Senator Paul seems to be trying to make his plagiarism about her.

“You can try to make this whole problem for yourself about me, try to make me the story.  Go for it.  Good luck.  I can take it.”

Maddow also pointed out the “classic” political strategy Paul seems to be attempting to use:

“In politics, this is a classic.  When you’re getting attacked for something, just accuse your opponent of being guilty of the same thing.  Whatever the attack is, if it’s sticking to you, just apply those words in a substantively meaningless way to whoever’s saying it about you, so at least it starts to seem confusing to people or the words lose their meaning.”

Which is a strategy Republicans often use.  They seem to constantly accuse others of doing the very thing they are doing.  They claim Democrats are the “big spenders,” yet they run up giant deficits every time they control the White House.  They claim Democrats are for “big government,” while they push for Constitutional Amendments that would ban same-sex marriage.  Republicans are almost constantly accusing others of doing the very things they are doing.

Maddow also went on to point out that Rand Paul has yet to take responsibility for his actions, or offer a way to “fix” them.  Well, unless you count the recent report where Paul’s website seems to be deleting transcripts of his past speeches, in an apparent attempt to make it harder to find out just how many times he might have plagiarized in the past.

But Paul can’t just blame Rachel Maddow for this issue.  Buzzfeed and Politico have both recently posted stories citing other examples where Paul’s speeches appear to have plagiarized not only Wikipedia, but the Associated Press as well.

I do love how Paul seems to be making this out to be some kind of witch hunt against him.  The guy plagiarizes, multiple times, then acts as if he did nothing wrong.  All while apparently ordering the people in charge of his website to go through his speeches and delete the transcripts to many of them.

If he did nothing wrong, then why are these transcripts vanishing?

Maddow did nothing more than make Paul look like a fool.  But instead of owning up to his mistakes like an adult, he’s apparently chosen to pout and basically say “Maddow is picking on me!”

Well boo-freaking-hoo.

Maybe next time Senator Paul shouldn’t plagiarize when he’s giving his speeches, and people like Rachel Maddow won’t “hate” on him.  Apparently the concept of “originality” is too difficult for Paul to understand.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • regressive rightwing trash

    we don’t hate him!!!!!!!!!!!! we will NEVER hate him; Tcruz,,,,G beck,,,,R limbaugh,,,,,S Hannity,,,,,M Malkin,,,,,,and all the other bloviates who pollute our airwaves–we will NEVER hate them as they ( inadvertently) show exactly what “mierda del toro” they possess and stand for,,,,,,,,,,, I love them all as they are crying the regressive white trash repub river which is sinking them in the la brea tar pits of contemporary thinking and discovery

  • Ed Flieger

    He’s a fucking piece of shit fuck him

  • YellerKitty

    If Rand Paul ever had an original idea, it probably involved his bladder. He seems to me to be the penultimate obnoxious, over-privileged frat boy whose inherent sense of entitlement is so inflated it leaves no room for so much as a shred of empathy or ethics.

    • John Peternell

      but how do we know he is the nest to the last?

  • Matthew Reece

    “In politics, this is a classic. When you’re getting attacked for something, just accuse your opponent of being guilty of the same thing.”
    It is called psychological projection, and all statists do it, not just Republicans.

    • Grams

      But no one does it better than a republican!

      • Matthew Reece

        It depends on the issue. Historically, Democrats have done it more on social and military issues, while Republicans have done it more on welfare state issues. These lines are becoming more blurred with the rise of politicians like Bush 43 and Obama, however.

    • Richard Verdejo

      And give us YOUR definition of “statist”…as it seems there are several based predominantly on political/ideological affinity.

      • Matthew Reece

        A statist is a person who supports the operation of a state. Essentially, anyone who is not an anarchist is a statist of some type.

      • ChrisB

        Anarchists. They are even *brighter* than statists.


      • Matthew Reece

        A particular anarchist may or may not be *brighter* than a particular statist, but at least the anarchist tends to have consistent logic and just principles.

  • hdusey

    For a man with his “intelligence”…. there is no way he doesn’t know what plagiarism is. He can spin it any way he wants, call people haters and accuse them of the same thing (BTW… show me WHERE Rachel plagiarized… obviously it’s easy enough to do when it’s recorded)…. Otherwise take responsibility dumb#%& and apologize for your actions and to Rachel.

  • Satanic Dark Lord

    That sounds like the same tactic used by Psychopaths, Paedophiles, and EVERY SINGLE RIGHT WING POLITICIAN since the dawn of time! “THEY started it! I didn’t do anything wrong, it was THEM!”, even if they have the bloody dagger in their hand and the corpse on the floor with 87 stab wounds in its back!

    • Larry Williams

      I don’t remember who said it but this is like a kid that murders his parents then tries to get the judge to feel sorry for him because he’s an orphan.

      • LunaCaelum

        Like those kids in the Steubenville rape case who, with the media on their side, bemoaned the time they had to spend in jail and that it would impact their futures negatively?

  • raggedcompany

    Doesn’t this dude have enough money to hire a decent speechwriter? For crying out loud.

  • kaeli

    Some peoples kids, his mom should have preferred anal.

    • Larry Williams

      Hahaha she should have swallowed!

  • R.K.

    @ raggedcompany;

    If he.s too cheap to buy a better hair piece, why would he spend good money to hire a better speech writer?

    • raggedcompany

      There’s no need to attack the man’s appearance. I’m not a fan of his but if I’m going to criticize him I’m going to try to keep it relevant. Who cares about his hair?

  • Larry Williams

    Right about that tho, they always try and turn things around and twist the truth so they can make it look like everyone else is doing something wrong and they’re the good guys, I listen to him and Cruz in interviews and I just wonder. CAN THEY TASTE THE BULLSHIT COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS???? They act like 90 percent of us are mentally retarded and they can fool us…We’re not stupid you douchebag liars!!

  • FD Brian

    hypocrisy runs rampant in politics

  • Ralf T. Dog

    Properly siting work is, [gasp] SOCIALISM!!!

  • Sammy Lane

    Oh you Rand Paul!Silly lil Republican,you!Don’t you know??Plagiarizing is for kids!( Trix commercial ).

  • Scott Davis

    The accusations I’ve seen toward Maddow and plagiarism are no more than the claim that others had the same ideas. No one can find a verbatim or even paraphrased quote. If entirely different words were used, that’s not plagiarism. You can call it intellectual theft if you want, but really, it would impossible to be 100% original even with perfect intentions. Besides, Maddow isn’t leading the country and aspiring to even higher office. Biden had to drop out due to plagiarism. The right must not care about integrity.

  • James Geiger

    The man is a pee-brain and will falter worse than his loony relative…….

  • chris

    It does explain a lot about how these people “graduated” from school.