How Radical has the Republican Party Become? One State Perfectly Sums Up the Insanity

1743206_10152215392802489_1235338084_nI’ve talked with several moderate Republicans who shockingly don’t disagree with me when I say the tea party is extremely dangerous.  They can’t stand what it’s done to the Republican party, and they’re genuinely terrified that I’m right in my assessment that it will eventually destroy the GOP.

While there are seemingly countless examples showcasing just how asinine tea party ideologies are and how they’ve radicalized the GOP, I felt a more simplistic example would be better to showcase just what I mean.

Then as I read through an article detailing how the tea party is increasing its efforts to “primary” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, it hit me – Kentucky is a great example of how far the tea party is pushing the GOP.

In 2010, Kentucky elected Rand Paul to the United States Senate.  A man who had absolutely zero political experience (outside of riding his father’s coattails) prior to his election.  Essentially, the people of Kentucky elected a man because of how radically “anti-government” his father was known to be.

A few years ago, there’s no way Rand Paul gets elected to anything in Congress above possibly a no-name Congressional district like his father was.  Yet, thanks to the tea party movement, he’s now a United States Senator.

Then there’s Mitch McConnell.  The man who flat-out said, “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term in office.”

You can watch him say it here:

This is also the Senate Minority Leader who’s presided over record-setting obstruction in the United States Senate.  This Senate has broken records for the frequency at which the filibuster has been used to block legislation.

So McConnell has clearly not been someone liberals would embrace and call “a moderate Republican.”  In fact, I’ve never talked with a liberal who can stand him.

Yet even with his level of obstruction and blatant attempts at sabotage of anything and everything President Obama wants, apparently he’s still not radical enough for the tea party.

They’re gathering momentum to get behind Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin to oust McConnell so he won’t be the GOP candidate during the general election.

It doesn’t help that McConnell is actually trailing in polls right now to his Democratic challenger, Alison Grimes.  Still, there has been talk that the tea party was targeting McConnell long before Grimes began leading him in polls.

And it’s something you’re seeing all across the country in districts or states where the almighty tea party doesn’t feel the incumbent Republican is conservative enough for their radical ideologies.

Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be conservative enough for the tea party.  That’s not an opinion, that’s just a fact.

This is a trend you’re seeing more and more conservatives embrace.  The idea that they need more conservative candidates, not less, to defeat Democrats in national elections.  No, seriously, that’s what many far-right leaning conservatives believe.  The reason why they lost in 2012 in their delusional minds was because Mitt Romney wasn’t conservative enough.

Never mind the fact that when only Republicans had a choice, they chose Romney – that sort of reality has no place in the “logic” of the tea party voter.  Or let’s ignore the fact that poll after poll shows Americans getting more liberal, not less.  These people really believe that one of their biggest shortcomings as a party is the fact that they need more people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Terrifying, isn’t it?

But that’s what the tea party is trying to have happen.  They want to keep pushing the GOP further and further to the right, believing that somehow that’s what Americans want.  Despite reality, stats, polls and just about every other piece of evidence out there showing the majority of Americans are getting more liberal – they believe the country is getting more conservative.

I guess that’s what happens when you bet on fiction in a non-fiction world.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Melania Gulley

    The tea party lives in a different reality. its has never been the real world and it never will be. Delusional does not even begin to describe them. Sociopaths is a better description because if they don’t get their way many of them would be willing to shoot their fellow Americans for not having their same beliefs and they are far from Christian

  • Pat

    Hey Tea Party……………it’s time to face reality…….. As the younger generations get older, and the older generations die off, the United States is going to get more and more liberal. The Tea Party will be a thing of the past in the History books. Poof! Nothing but dust! P.S. I cannot wait!

    • madmike

      “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.” ― Winston Churchill

      • Pat

        Mr. Churchill was wrong. More Liberals than Conservatives are highly educated. Plus, we have a heart, which is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than education! So, stick it, madmike!

      • Playswithmud

        Show me a person without a brain and a heart and I’ll show you a Tea Party member

      • white trash religious teaparty

        show me a white trash regressive christian aging and I will show U a tea party crybaby

      • James Worcester

        Thank you both for your wonderfully bigoted views. First, Ms. “White Trash”, I guess you’d consider me as “white trash, as I am a 59 year old retired veteran, and a Christian, who very gratefully resides in the Great State of Mississippi, thus I must be a “tea party crybaby”. Mr. Plays, your assesment of this particular issue places me as a member of the Tea Party as well. Both of you are so far out in left field that you can’t even see what is going on in the game. I would no sooner support these Teabilly assholes than I would cut off my delightfully opposable thumbs. The “Tea Party” is a cancer which must be excised from our political structure as soon as possible!

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        then U indeed are rare in that backwards state,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,( Ive changed my username to what U see now) both pics of my girlfriend kat….
        I lived in Memphis 1977-78 and in 1997-8. went a lot to Biloxi /Gulfport in 1997-8 as a 18 yr old travelling salesman selling photography programs on military bases. I will never go back to either state. U should move here– we appreciate military men who are braver than all others. Please accept my statement as apologetic: U are rare and my seething portrayal did NOT include those who live according to CHRISTS teachings.

      • James Worcester

        While I appreciate and thank you for your statement, I must tell you, a lot has changed here since ’97-8, and I imagine your age may have changed your perception of things in that amount of time. I am no longer the “rarity” in the state of Mississippi.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        then get the state out of the 1950s……..
        and when u do get MY state out of the 1960s!!! ( florida)

      • Guest

        I was stationed in Jacksonville, I believe it is hopeless. I feel much about Florida as you do about Mississippi.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        gonna agree– but with this caveat: the south florida corruption is more streamlined than north florida

      • Mark Richards

        I recently saw onliine a graphic asserting that Florida has never executed a white person (man) for murdering a black one. Don’t know if true, but recent events would seem to echo this fact if it is indeed a fact. So glad and happy I’m born and bred in the West, where, I suppose, relatively speaking, people can breath a bit of freedom. I recently felt impelled to tell off a Massachusetts blowhard who was very publicly bloviating in the locker room of my gym. So, it isn’t only the South. I’ve had it with a-holes from the Northeast as well.

      • James Worcester

        I was stationed in Jacksonville for four years, I believe it is hopeless. I feel much about Florida as you do about Mississippi.

      • Steve Z

        You missed the word regressive. Obviously you’re not.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        show me a “conservative” and I will ask them what the F*CK they are trying to conserve! religion? ( see: voodoo),,,,,,,,, white power? tea party atrophy: exploding in NOV 2014

      • Freya Vanir

        I’ll be sure to let my 80 year old grandmother about that

  • Jim Dicken

    WOW, you folks really do not get the Tea Party. Worse you are doing to the Tea Party what Democrats did to Blacks in the 50’s and 60’s. Hate is a really nasty thing, and you need to stop hating people who only want the laws of the country upheld. Allen West, and Dr. Ben Carson are 2 of the Tea Parties best, Yet you call the Tea Party racist? Sociopaths? How about your war on women..especially unborn women who are black or hispanic? True Sociopathy is the Planned Parenthood movement. More blacks and hispanics die by percentage, LARGE percentage than do whites. I do not agree with the attacks on McConnell, but I tend to believe a lot of those are due to DEMOCRAT Propoganda. Bevin is so far behind it is funny, Those counting Mitch out, do not know his machine. Why spend money when you are up, wait till you are down then spend. McConnell is going to win this race. Grimes is too far up the rear end of Barak Obama and BTW he lost Kentucky by large margins in all but I think 5 counties. Grimes has no chance as long as she spouts the Obama mantras.

    • Michael Siever

      Angry White Republican translation:

      “I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats! I hate Demi-crats!”

      Actually, we do get the Tea Party. They are just a whiny bunch of crybabies who are upset that a Democrat is in the White House instead of a Republican. They are absolutely hypocritical when it comes to fiscal responsibility and big government. Most Tea Partiers were proud George WMD Bush supporters who voted for him both times, and yet they suddenly have a problem with government spending because there’s a Democrat in the White House. Also, so many Tea Party Republicans endorse same-sex marriage bans and abortion bans. They support small government as long as it fits inside a woman’s womb or Adam and Steve’s bedroom. And West and Carson? Ha! They’ve already thrown them, along with Herman Cain, under the bus. Dr. Carson came out in favor of gun control in major cities while he was being interviewed on Glenn Beck’s show last year. He’ll never get anywhere in the political field, now. Those guys were just token blacks used as parlor tricks to falsely portray the Tea Party as diverse. Also, if Kentucky isn’t on the verge of turning purple, then how come they have a Democratic Governor?

    • Sandy Greer

      YES, we call the Tea Party ‘racist’:

      We SEE the Confed flag waved outside the White House at Tea Party rallies. Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz speak at that rally, and ANOTHER ‘crazy’ says our president is a Muslim, on his knees, praying to Allah and reading the Koran. We SEE the T-shirts emblazoned “Put the WHITE back in the White House”, and we call them ‘haters’ as well as ‘racists’!

      I gotta laugh when a man tells me Dems have a War on Women. Like he thinks I don’t have a brain in my head, and can’t figure things for myself, but need him to tell me.

      I never had an abortion. But I want it LEGAL, for the women who do.

      GOP is all about the ‘begrudging’; the ‘denying’ of others: Food Stamps, Unemployment, Medical, Welfare, Gay Marriage, Abortion. Any number of other issues…

      GOP/conservatives/TeaPugs don’t even LIKE us (the American public at large)

      And we know it. And we take that into the voting booth with us.

    • Sam

      Jim Dicken: You are one of the American’s that the Tea Party, along with Fox News, have brainwashed. I think you are in for a very rude awakening when the truth finally hits you. The typical right wing habit of trying to “turn the tables” to make the other guy look bad is not going to get you anywhere with this crowd. “Democrat propaganda” is nothing compared to “Republican, Tea Party, Conservative propaganda”. Do you mean to tell me that you are so gullible as to believe that it is the Democrats who have waged a “war on women”? I don’t mean to be disrespectful here, but your post is just plain ridiculous!

      • Andrea

        Its actually working to Grimes favor that they are so deluded. From the beginning in public McConnell has spent a fortune to try to put her out of the race, but in public he tells his followers that she’s no danger, no competition, yet every poll showed her in a tie or leading him (now up by 4 points). I hope they keep these delusions up… they are so much easier to beat that way..

      • Sam

        Your polls are the truth tellers, that Jim Dicken is pretending don’t exist. Just another delusional Fox News watcher.

      • Roger Schramm

        Yup, and prob still believes that Romney will win in a landslide !!

      • white trash religious teaparty

        he will? wow—
        Im voting for him – hes such a nice man
        ( go tea sh*tbag party)

    • white trash religious teaparty

      trust me,,,,,we all get the white trash regressive religious VOODOO tea party scum,,, we get it!

    • James Worcester

      Wow, are you old enough to vote??

  • Michael Siever

    I think it’s time for Democrats to stop focusing so much on Battleground Texas, and put more efforts on smaller red states that are on the verge of turning purple, like Georgia, Kentucky, and Arizona. Sure, they don’t have as many electoral votes as Texas, but I predict that Texas won’t turn purple for another 6-10 years, so if Democrats want to win in the long run, they need to start small and work their way up.

  • Sandy Greer

    Not many are right ENOUGH for The Right. That’s the cryin’ shame of it.

    The Great Purge of the GOP is on. And the rest of the country gets to sit back and watch.

  • Kay Rowell

    The Tea Party will eventually not only destroy the Republican party, but also democracy . If you remember anything about history just remember what happened in England when there were only the super rich and the very poor, who had to steal a loaf of bread just to survive. In fact this sort of thing happened in lots of European countries. The Tea Party professes to be Christian but their whole philosophy is anything but. I think they are morally evil and greedy and I cannot believe there are so many stupid people in this country that go along with their ideas.

  • Green_Devil

    Despite their best efforts, the black man got reelected. That fight is over. Of course, the teatards are a bunch of spoiled children who would rather destroy this country than cooperate with a black man and would slit their own throats rather than work with him. And they’ve done just that, supporting a bunch of radicals who would toss the stupid poor white trash that makes up the rank and file of the teaparty under the bus after first stripping them of their wallets and livelihoods and giving it all to the Koch brothers and their ilk.

  • rossbro

    And they call California ‘ La-La Land’. The Repubs are ‘Lost in Space’.

    • madmike

      Houston, we have a problem!

      • real_world_truth

        Repubs lost in space? Nope, no problem Houston, just time to throw a party. 😀

  • FD Brian

    if the Koch brothers spent all their donations to PAC’s and political campaigns on giving their employees a raise they would have generated more republican voters than they have now.

  • Emilie

    I am embarrassed that these two douche bags represent my state. Mitch doesn’t even come to ky except to campaign. Its past time for Kentuckians to wise up. C’mon Alison!!!!!