The Radical Right Can Sit Down And Shut Up, Equality Is Here To Stay

imagine-how-stupid-you-are-going-to-look-in-40-yearsLast Friday night, like many a night during the winters here in Louisiana, I was at a hockey game at the Cajundome along with a couple thousand other fans. The section I sit in is probably the loudest in the entire arena  – that’s pretty much common knowledge to anyone who has gone to a game there. We heckle the opposing players, yell at the always incompetent referees and of course, cheer on our team. It’s a great time and since this is small town hockey, everyone from the owners on down know us by name. We’re loud, we’re silly but we keep it clean because there’s kids with us and all around us.

Well, this past Friday, someone didn’t like our antics and decided to raise a stink about it. First, he angrily stormed over to a couple of us with his finger waving in our faces saying that if he came back over, he was going to “knock someone out.” Once he was told to buzz off, he then went and tried to complain to security that he wanted us ejected for no other reason than he didn’t like the noise. The cops eventually got involved and he was basically told to sit down and mind his business, or he could just move to another section, or leave in handcuffs.

As I laughed and took another sip off my delicious Abita Grapefruit IPA after the drama had died down, I couldn’t help but draw the comparison between the angry old man and America’s rightwing. Just like the only person out of thousands who had an issue and created a scene about it, the same thing is true of the far right. You see, these are people who really do believe the world does, or should, revolve around them because they’re white, heterosexual, and Christian. They don’t want equal rights, they want superior rights. They want a VIP ticket to a world that existed not too long ago, a world that was dominated by white Christians. The “good old days” in which women and minorities “knew their place” and white privilege was alive and well.

These are people who believe that their perceived right to impose their worldview on others somehow supersedes the actual rights guaranteed to those they are trying to repress under the Constitution, and when they fail to intimidate those individuals as the old man at the hockey game tried to do Friday, they’ll then turn to government to try to make their prejudices into law while screaming that they’re being discriminated against.

There’s few better examples than the recent bills that have been introduced in states like Kansas and Arizona that allow businesses to refuse service due to religious beliefs. Of course, if any of these ridiculous pieces of legislation are signed into law, they will be struck down by the judicial system after costing the states millions of dollars in legal fees, but never let common sense get in the way of passing laws designed to cater to the radical right which currently has a near choke hold on the Republican primary systems. I honestly believe that a majority of GOP politicians think these laws are asinine but vote for them anyhow because they are absolutely terrified at the thought of losing their job to a primary challenger backed by groups such as the Tea Party or the Family Research Council.

To me, there really is little difference between the modern civil rights movement that is pressing for equal rights for the LGBT community and the civil rights cause in the 1960s. The arguments from those who wish to impose their twisted, utterly false version of what some Jewish prophet said 2,000 years are very similar to the statements of segregationists 50 years ago, or even slave owners 150+ years ago.

Now let me explain this to the lawmakers and social conservatives in Arizona and elsewhere who are pushing legislation allowing discrimination. Hatred and bigotry justified by a flag or a cross is still hatred and bigotry, no matter where in history you may find them. You may not like the fact that LGBT people or other minority groups are slowly gaining the same rights that you always took for granted but your statements of “it’s against God’s law” are bullshit. The majority of Americans now support same-sex marriage and your false interpretation of an ancient book does not override the will of the people, or the equal rights of citizens as laid out in the 14th Amendment.

You cannot pass laws to allow discrimination against someone based on the color of their skin or the gender of someone they love. Certainly if I refused to cater your church wedding because I didn’t believe in your religion you would lawyer up in a heartbeat and scream religious persecution on every conservative TV program you could get on. You are not a special privileged class above everyone else because you are a heterosexual Christian, you are the same as everyone else – and it’s time for you to get over yourselves.

So, like the disgruntled old man at the game Friday night, you have a couple of choices. You can sit down, shut up and go about living your life with all of the rights that other people are just now getting to enjoy. Or you can move to a place where the laws are actually based on religion, the LGBT community is pushed so far into the closet they might as well be in Narnia, and Christianity is actually persecuted. It’s called Saudi Arabia, and I’ll be glad to help you pack.


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  • surfjac

    The dinosaurs eventually died out…so will the racists and elitists.

    • AFV

      Yeah but the difference here is there will be some dinosaurs left to see the sky did not fall after all.

  • Bill Rubin

    Amen. Kudos. Fortunately, the conservative old white Christian heterosexual men (and the traditionalist conservative and dutiful Christian women who support them) are getting older and older and starting to die, but their indoctrinated children and relatives/friends still have been touched by their white Christian privilege bug. We can assume that a larger and larger proportion of the offspring are actually better exposed to facts, truth, and diversity than previous generations, and that will eventually take care of itself. There always will be people who think they are better than everyone else because of their race, religion, etc.. Fortunately, time will farther and farther marginalize such people…and their voice will be more and more seen as totally backward, ignorant, and unworthy for America.

    • Sunny Ray

      Agree with you, time will marginalize such people, sociology shows that it takes 2 to 3 generations to a total mind or behavior change in society, hopefully we are the second one!

  • JellicleCat60

    Good article!

  • Pipercat

    Good grief! Imagine this guy at Candlestick or the old Vet and complaining about the ruckus! What a doofus!!!

  • Matthew Reece

    The right to discriminate is part and parcel of the logical right of free association. That being said, bigotry is economically crippling in a free market because the bigot loses the potential customers he is bigoted against as well as everyone who is sufficiently offended by his bigotry to support his competitors. The real problem, then, is that we do not have a free market.

    • Sandy Greer

      I agree bigotry is economically crippling, and for your reasons.

      Disagree free association gives us the right to discriminate. I think I know what you mean here, but I would say the choice not to associate with a person is not necessarily discrimination.

      Because you (general you) don’t have a ‘right’ to my presence. I get to choose, too. Our choice to ‘associate’ must be mutual, to be ‘free’. 😉

      Discrimination is treating people differently. If I don’t like you, but I am polite/civil to you, same as I am to everybody else when meeting in public…the fact I don’t have you into my home as my friend does NOT indicate I discriminate against you (all yous general, here)

      Now, in business, I should serve the general public, so long as they can afford my services.

      • Matthew Reece

        It appears that we are defining the word “discriminate” differently. I would say that any choice not to associate with someone is an act of discrimination. Some discrimination is benign (e.g. “I’m busy today”) while other discrimination is disturbing (e.g. “We don’t serve Jews here”).

        The problem before the Civil Rights Era was that bigotry was a statutory requirement (separate but equal). I believe the response went too far; they should have simply repealed those statutes rather than going as far as banning discrimination. I want bigots to be out in the open with their prejudices so I can denounce them publicly and support their competitors.

      • Sandy Greer

        Did you Edit? I only saw your first two sentences before; my original Reply only spoke to those two.
        I knew that’s what you were getting at.

        1) “I’m busy today” (raincheck) I just don’t see the discrimination.

        ^^^Could be, men and women see this issue of ‘association’ differently: Men assume the risk in asking a woman out, and face more rejection. Can’t force ‘sympatico’. 😉

        2) “We don’t serve Jews here”: Yes; discriminatory.

        3) I, too, prefer Hate, Bigotry, and every other Ugliness to be right out in the open, exposed to light of day…rather than swept under a rug, and/or back in the closet. Hidden is just too insidious.

      • Jason

        Your right to discriminate ends as soon as you join the public square to do business. It still remains in your private life and dealings, but the commons are not yours to dictate.

      • Matthew Reece

        In a free society, everything is private and nothing is public. There is no “public square” or “commons.”

  • frghter081

    If these laws pass doesn’t it just mean the lgbt community can refuse services to the christian community as well. If the two groups don’t agree with eachothers thinking then why would they want to do business with eachother anyway? Everybody wants to be able to have their own opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is nobody wants to accept the fact that people have a different opinions. They want everyone to agree with them or they’re either biggots or dirty sinners.

    • Sandy Greer

      Why do we want to do business with those unlike ourselves?

      Because we must. We can’t just live in our own individual bubbles, surrounded by those who are ‘just like us’.

      We MUST expose ourselves to the ‘other’ or we don’t grow beyond where we are today.

  • Sandy Greer

    Well, they’re not gonna sit down & shut up, LOL But here’s the way I look at all the screamin’ meanies on The Right:

    The more they lose, the louder they get.

    ^^^Our cross to bear, because we’re on the winning side. 😉 This country is moving Left, and the majority of Americans just don’t wanna get a hate on for those different from ourselves. Those days are done.

    There’s no turning back progress.

  • Heather

    So, by this same thinking, the Cheesesteak place in Philly that posted the sign that said “Order in English Please!” should not be allowed to post that sign??? Aren’t you being just as bigoted as you are accusing them of being?

  • william vaughan

    This political correctness, equal right issues and gay issue is not about either one. Deception is their game. Far lefts and far rights you both are being played like a fiddle. Hegelian Dialectic is the oldest trick of deception. Corruption likes to control both sides. Your truth should not come from your values , your values should come from the truth or they will be used against you. Once you take sides on an issue or go to war on it. You are not solving the problem. In reality you now became part of it. These Global leaders could care less about these types of issues. Think about It !!!!!!!!! Peace