Rand Paul Laments Tea Party Takeover By ‘Fake Conservative’ Donald Trump

rand-paul-ron-paulRand Paul hasn’t been doing that well in Republican polls lately. Despite his attempt at making a viral video and running his libertarian-lite message, Rand Paul just cannot catch a break. With the introduction of the three-ring circus that is the Trump campaign/publicity stunt, almost every candidate has seen their numbers suffer as the media has been focused on the latest outrageous thing the billionaire candidate has said. Try as they might, nobody has been able to successfully attack Trump, not even Fox News which seems to have grown weary of the monster that they created.

Now Rand Paul has decided to launch another offensive against Donald Trump, posting an opinion piece on the conservative website ijreview.com and also on his campaign website which refers to Trump as a “fake conservative.” Rand Paul also laments what he calls the hijacking of the Tea Party by someone he considers to be a sham, while ignoring the fact that much of the Tea Party movement is an astroturf campaign propped up by special interest groups like FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity.

It makes me sad to think that Tea Party awakening could be hijacked or hoodwinked by a guy who supported the bank bailouts, supported Obamacare, and continues to support the Clintons.

I was there at the first Tea Party in 2007 and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand passively by and watch the movement destroyed by a fake conservative.

I will stand up to anyone, Republican or Democrat, who tries to use government as their own personal piggy bank and I won’t be bought or sold.

I will run this race on issues important to the American people. Unlike Trump, I have serious, specific proposals for the largest tax cut in American history and a five-year balanced budget. I offer real solutions to defeat the Washington Machine like ending corporate welfare, term limits and forcing Congress to read the bills.

We owe the American people substantive answers like that, not bluster and bombast. I plan to stand up to anyone who doesn’t have the temperament or ideas to be President. Maybe it’s time for the GOP voters to tell Mr. Trump he’s fired so we can find a serious candidate who will bring real change. (Source)

Rand Paul has tried to run on a similar libertarian platform as his father, without sounding quite as batty as Ron Paul, who reminds me at times of Father Jack from the BBC series Father Ted. Some of his viewpoints on domestic security and foreign policy make sense to me, but then his ideas on issues like taxes and reproductive rights are utterly absurd.

Rand Paul is right when he blames the media for the amount of attention that Trump is getting, but the media is there to make money by covering the outrage du jour, not decide who is the best candidate for the party’s nomination. What he also fails to explain is that, thanks in part to the very Tea Party movement he loves so much, the national political dialogue has become dumbed down so much that George W. Bush might be seen as an elitist liberal by Republican standards a little more than 6 years after he left office.

The original intent of the Tea Party back in 2007 may have very well been to advocate for fiscal conservatism, but that message has been lost in a storm of rhetoric and ideology that has very little to do with balancing the federal budget and cutting waste in government. Who really wants to cover budget bills and talk about the tax code when they can get more applause and attention from the base by screaming about socialism or gun confiscation? Even Dr. Ben Carson’s proposal for basing taxes on the biblical principle of tithing isn’t getting much fanfare from the right, because that isn’t exciting when there are stories from the right-wing media claiming that Obama is using immigrants to destroy America or that he’s planning on killing off all white conservatives.

Donald Trump is not a serious candidate, but wringing his hands and lamenting the dumpster fire that is the Tea Party today is proof that Rand Paul isn’t really a serious candidate either. Attacking Donald Trump is an attempt to gain traction in the polls, but it is a diversion from the fact that when it comes to sound policy ideas, Rand Paul and his beloved Tea Party are seriously lacking in nearly every department.


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