Rand Paul Says Immigrant Workers Are Taking Our Jobs Because Americans Lack A ‘Work Ethic’

rand-paul-ted-cruzWhenever the subject of poverty and the economy come up, Republicans often like to blame the poor for being lazy and unwilling to better themselves. At the same time, they like to complain (as Donald Trump is doing right now) that American jobs are being lost to foreign workers. Oh yeah, and on top of all of it, there are the conservatives who also love to stereotype immigrants as lazy, especially Mexicans.

Combine all of these contradictions together, and you’ll get the usual range of talking points from conservatives about how Americans are lazy – as well as the lazy immigrants who just come here to get welfare handouts, but somehow are taking our jobs at the same time. Now Rand Paul is jumping on the bandwagon by blaming Americans for lacking a work ethic.

In an interview last week on EWTN (the world’s largest religious broadcasting company), Rand Paul stated that not only are immigrant workers a problem, but American workers are at fault.

Via Right Watch:

When EWTN anchor Raymond Arroyo asked the Kentucky Republican about the 250 Disney employees who were let go after training their replacements who came to the U.S. on temporary visas, Paul said the U.S. must “look very carefully at how many people we need.”

But he added that immigration is a “two-fold problem” because “we’re rotting from the inside” thanks to unspecified “people” who lack a work ethic.

“We also have almost defeated the work ethic in our country,” he said. “And so, for like picking crops, hard work, if we didn’t bring in migrant labor, we’re rotting from the inside. We have people who really — we’ve destroyed the ethic of work in so much of our population.” (Source)

While many Catholics are welcoming to immigrants from Mexico and Central America, in part due to their shared religious beliefs, far-right Catholics like the people who tune into EWTN are more than willing to put aside the teachings of their church when it is politically convenient. Rand Paul is not a Catholic, but other candidates in the Republican primary race like Bobby Jindal are, and they ignore their own scriptures to score points with the xenophobic wing of the GOP.

Here’s the deal, the United States has not raised the minimum wage since 2009, and it hasn’t kept up with the rate of inflation for decades. Due to the difference in the cost of living here versus the countries these workers come from, it is no wonder that people make the dangerous journey north every year to work in American farms and factories.

During the two decades I’ve been in the workforce, I’ve had the pleasure of working with people from a variety of countries. Many of these people came here to make a better life for their families, some spending months or even years away from their loved ones. They have made great personal sacrifices in the hopes that their children could get an education and a future better than the one they inherited.

Rand Paul and the Republican Party want Americans to work for as little as possible, and then tell them that they’re lazy when someone from another country agrees to do a job that won’t pay the bills. Their answer? Work more, get a second or even third job, and don’t even dare ask for public assistance when those paltry wages don’t cover the cost of living.

Telling working class Americans to blame themselves and immigrants for low wages and a lack of jobs is the class warfare agenda of the Republican Party, even as candidates like Donald Trump have built their fortunes on the backs of immigrant labor. The American worker’s enemy isn’t the day laborer from Mexico or Guatemala, it is the corporate interests in the eternal hunt for the cheapest labor possible that fund the GOP.


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  • MacDoodle

    Illegal is illegal.Ship em back.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Field labor is hard work which pays poorly, which is why most Americans don’t want to do it. My grandmother grew up hoing the fields. It was on the farm her parents owned so she earned nothing. Start at the top of one side of the hill, work your way down and up the other, and once you’ve hoed by hand to the other side where you started needs done again. The family needed the labor so she had to drop out of school in the 8th grade. Once she was older she went off to work in factories because it wasn’t as hard. Then she had a set shift (no working from dawn to dusk). My husband’s grandmother grew up a migrant worker. Her whole family would travel through different states working in fields as the growing seasons called for extra labor. They lived in shacks. The children each had 2 sets of clothes. But they had enough to be able to eat on a daily basis. She knew very well what it was like to be poor, and that was with the whole family working fields. Working from dawn to dusk six days a week doesn’t give time to allow for picking up a second or third job. And a life of working in the fields ages people. Looking at pictures of their parents you see people who are very worn, but didn’t have much to show for it.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      And you have to admire them. Must have either had pride and ambition or welfare did not pay as well back then. No stigma attached for jumping on the taxpayer funded welfare gravy train these days.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Welfare wasn’t an option. It didn’t exist in the time of my grandmother’s youth. If welfare had existed perhaps some lives would have been better. My grandmother was lucky. Her family managed to keep the farm. Her father joined some of Roosevelt’s job works. The older children (including my grandmother) would be hired out to neighbors in the county if someone had work they could do (and this was on top of the farm work at home.) They had very little, but they had a home. One of her cousins wasn’t as lucky, actually a second cousin. His family lost their farm because of taxes. They were able to produce food to feed themselves but weren’t making money. When the farm was lost his parents decided they would send the young children to live with any family or friends that could take them in, the parents would wander finding work where they could to try to send back money to help those raising the young children, and the older children were on their own. The cousin that shared this information was the youngest of the “older” children. He was 11 when he was sent survive on his own. He did field labor in exchange for food, a place to sleep, and anything else (like hand-me-down clothes). Some of his siblings were never heard from again, which is why he explained his family story.
        Personally, I’d rather have a “welfare gravy train” than have children growing up like that. An 11 year old shouldn’t be forced to find a way to survive on his own. He didn’t come from a lazy family, just one that was the victim of circumstance.

  • OMGface

    Head exploding. Illegals get hired at slave wages by businesses marked by no integrity, no regard for the law and by overweening greed.

    • strayaway

      Nothing ever happens to cheating employers who pocket the money they save by hiring foreign rather than US workers. If the penalties for immigration violations would shift from illegal aliens to their employers, US workers would soon be filling those jobs at higher wages and immigration problems would largely vanish.

      • OMGface

        Exactly my point! That this obvious is being circumvented makes my head explode. AGAIN. I used to only tweet in emergencies, but in recent days, I find my self Tweeting compulsively.

  • strayaway

    “This weekend, while the political world descends on Iowa’s state fairgrounds, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will be fixing cataracts 2000 miles away (in Haiti). As he’s done every summer recess since joining the Senate, Paul’s performing pro bono eye surgery.” -Washington Post 8/14/15

    That’s nice but Paul was wrong about US workers who will do any sort of work if the pay is right. They might not be willing to work for illegal alien wages however. This is one reason Paul is slipping in the GOP polls. He comes across as wishy-washy on immigration issues.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Pretty obvious when you see how many parasites have chosen welfare as a career choice.