Reaching New Lows: The Pathetic Conservative Response to Obama Helping a Fainting Woman

barack-obama-karmel-allisonI always love the joke that if President Obama rushed into a burning building to save a group of orphans, the far right and conservative media would find some way to attack him for his actions.

In other words, no matter what President Obama does—Republicans are going to criticize him for it.

Even when he catches a pregnant Type 1 diabetic woman who almost fainted during one of his speeches.

Instantly, some in the conservative media (and thousands of armchair pundits on youtube and twitter) were quick to call it staged.  The pathetic conspiracy theorist Alex “Everything Is A False Flag!” Jones’ website even had “video evidence” showing that the incident was “obviously” staged.

Just like he’s had “evidence” of every single one of his asinine conspiracy theories.  I would link his pathetic attempt to paint this as some kind of conspiracy, but I refuse to direct any traffic to that scumbag’s ridiculous website.

But the real story goes something like this…

Karmel Allison was brought to the speech by the president as someone who will benefit from the Affordable Care Act.  A woman who has spent most of her life on one healthcare plan (for fear of not being covered elsewhere due to her pre-existing condition), finally able to branch out and shop around for a lower premium thanks to “Obamacare” protecting people with pre-existing conditions from being discriminated against.

So the president helped a pregnant woman who was about to faint.  No big deal, right?  “Good job Mr. President!”

Makes for a nice headline and we all move on.

Well, not if you’re some of the scumbags that comprise those on the right who refuse to believe that the whole thing wasn’t staged.

I’m not even sure if  have the words to properly respond to this kind of total ignorance.  I mean, I know they hate the president.  I know they’re going to oppose anything he might get credit for.  After all, these are the people who turned the killing of Osama bin Ladin into a, “Obama deserves no credit!” partisan debate instead of simply saying, “Finally, we got him!”

But no.  They managed to turn that night into a way to attack the president.  So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re attacking him for helping to catch a fainting woman during his speech.  Apparently they think it was some kind of stunt to—hell, who knows.  These people are  completely nuts.

The bottom line is, he got a little positive coverage from the media thrown his way and they simply want to try to bring him down for that.

But you know what I think the truth is?  You see it with cheaters and liars.  Cheaters and liars are often the first ones to accuse others of cheating and lying.  They direct what they are capable of on others and assume everyone is just like them.

So, when these far right lunatics believe President Obama is capable of such a pathetic stunt, I really think they believe it’s possible because they are capable of staging such a ridiculous political stunt.

Because the truth of the matter is, Republicans are masters of political stunts.  After all, this is the party that just shut down the government—for absolutely no reason.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Julie

    “Cheaters and liars are often the first ones to accuse others of cheating and lying. They direct what they are capable of on others and assume everyone is just like them.”
    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is EXACTLY what they have been doing for years! I always kind of chuckle when the Reprehensible folks start accusing the Left of all kinds of dirty politics…for a long time, it wasn’t possible because we simply were never that ORGANIZED enough to pull stuff like that off…Now….now, I simply shake my head and let the shiver run down my spine when I hear what they accuse us of…because it is merely a veiled admission of what they ARE ALREADY doing!

    • Elizabeth

      So true, it took me along time to figure that out about people, but once I did I saw how true that is. Also people treat others as they think they should be treated…as in if they treat you like sh*t, they really feel that they shouldn’t be treated any better…it’s an esteem thing…think of people who treat you well, they usually have very good self esteem.

  • Pipercat

    All one needs to understand are the tell tale signs of a sugar dip. Having been through a few of those myself, I guessed right on what was happening. Throw in the 1 instead of 2 and add pregnancy, I say let them caterwaul all they want…

    • karen

      kudos for “caterwaul”!!

      (cuckoo for Coco Puffs?)

      • Pipercat

        More like incessant whining….

  • Carabella1

    It’s called “projection”. These nut jobs project their hatred, lying, cheating, racism, etc., onto others. It’s an illness and there’s rarely a cure.

  • camphoto

    well… He did try to assist a woman, and you know how the Far right feels about that issue. 🙂

    • strayaway

      Placing a sick pregnant woman on stage as a political prop wasn’t the soundest idea medically. They could have at least made a chair available to her but having her stand made for a better background.

      • janetmamajo4

        I’m sure she could have declined being “a political prop” if she so desired. Please…………………..

      • Pipercat

        The line between skepticism and ignorance is about a nanometer wide. Failing with your original straw, you drop this little fantasy. Diabetes is a chaotic condition that can hit you with an extreme at the drop of a hat. We can go 23 hours 59 minutes during the day and be just fine. Then boom, a symptom. In fact, you can go days and weeks without any symptoms which is why it is called a silent killer. It seems apparent that mere scraping will not clean your shoes, better run them under the hose instead…

      • strayaway

        Thank you Pipercat for sharing your experience. All the more reason to not put a sick and pregnant person on stage. And the President has such good reflexes that he can spin around at the nanosecond she started to faint and once caught a fly during an interview. I was impressed.

      • Ernestine

        Please continue to Strayaway

      • Raj Bhatt

        I agree, please stray away right off a cliff.

      • Pipercat

        Well, we can see what side of the dividing line you fall on…

      • strayaway

        Yup; I’m for liberty and prosperity for Americans.

      • Pat

        In other words, a Koch brother!

      • strayaway

        Why shouldn’t liberty and prosperity be part of a progressive platform instead of something you identify with the Koch brothers.

      • Pat

        Stop trying so hard to irritate people and get a sense of humor, strayaway!

      • Pipercat

        … on your terms and your terms only. That falls into the ignorance category. What the fuck do you care if I have a dog in this fight. If you don’t to be a part of it, then don’t. Those of us that are tired of being fucked over by insurance companies are looking for a break in premiums. The website now has the option to browse plans. The offered platinum plan is half of the ripoff I had before. Oh, and I’ve been a net premium provider in my lifetime and not a net beneficiary.

      • strayaway

        Sorry, you must prefer corporatist, central government, authoritarian policies and dependency programs to liberty and prosperity. I really don’t care if you have a dog in this fight. i’m not even sure which fight you are talking about. You are overrating your importance to me. Even if I did care, why should it matter to you what i thought?

        Regarding premiums: I’ve been hearing contradictory things about pricing. Some people are claiming that their costs go up with (un)ACA policies while others are claiming cost savings.

      • Pipercat

        Actual ignorance and feigning ignorance all wrapped up in fallacious argument, very efficient of you…

      • strayaway

        Big words. No content. Yawn…

      • Pipercat

        Time for beddy bye then… ni ni!

      • RitaArm

        Then you are backing the wrong horse. Or did you mean already wealthy Americans, and already record profit-making corporations? If you are talking about the majority of us, the Democratic Platform is written specifically to address our needs, and therefore the needs and prosperity of the majority of our citizens. The Republican platform used to address this, till it became more important to keep any kind of wealth out of black hands.

      • strayaway

        I am not particularly acquainted with either platform. As far as I’m concerned, both parties’ leadership are puppets for corporatist interests. Chris Hedges talks about this a lot. Go to Open Secrets DOT com and find out who the top twenty contributors were to Obama in 2008 and Romney in 2012 primary. There is a lot of overlap. I don’t take that as coincidence. Goldman Sachs was Oabma’s second largest contributor and Romney’s largest. Big money pre-selects our candidates in the primaries. Big corporations win either way. We just get to fight over things corporations don’t care about like gay marriage and abortions.

      • Ellanna Shiller

        Sure you are. I can immediately discern that from your posts.

      • William Carr

        No, you’re for the Dominion of your Cult. “Liberty and Prosperity” are just the buzzwords of your Cult, and they have no connection to reality.

        ACTUAL Liberty and Prosperity; we had that, before Reagan.

        And we’ll have that again, when the uber-rich are reminded that they have the same freedom of speech as everybody else, and no more.

        Corporations are not people; Money is property, not speech.

      • strayaway

        Wm. Carr, Faced with he words “liberty and prosperity”, you respond like a possessed person confronted with a silver cross. I understand. Where will advocates of the nanny police state go a hide when the son comes up? I agree about having liberty and prosperity before Reagan. He tripled the federal debt and expanded the size of the federal government. He railed against big government while making it bigger. Successive presidents haven’t made things better. One can only hope that we can again attain the levels of liberty and prosperity Presidents Harding and Coolidge attained.

        It’s odd isn’t it that the only demographic group making progress during the Obama administration is the 1%. All that teleprompter prattle about helping the poor while the rich got richer and more Americans joined the poor. He railed against the 1% while making them richer. It’s a shame. You, William Carr, have been, probably unintentionally, helping the 1% by being an Obama administration booster.

        I agree that we should all have free speech. Too bad that the majorities of both parties recently made a law restricting free speech anywhere there are secret service guys punishable as felonies. The President signed it of course.

        I also agree with your last sentence. It was the same Supreme Court that declared the (un)ACA to be a tax that decided that corporations are people. I only hope that the Court doesn’t get to rule on math equations.

      • Pipercat

        Oh, and one last thing, diabetics are not invalids despite your fucking condescension. I just finished a 14 mile bike ride followed by 36 sets over at Golds. You see, we just have to be careful and sometimes that even that cannot prevent a dip from time to time. Just give it up, you’d probably do better proving chemtrails cause athlete’s foot than this nonsense…

      • strayaway

        “Invalid” is your choice of words. You brought it into the conversation. I would not have used it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. I used the words sick and pregnant to describe a woman propped up on stage for craven political purposes who perhaps wasn’t up to it.

      • Pipercat

        Nice try, she’s not sick so, your insinuation, as such, demands my choice of words. Diabetes is a condition just like acne, hypertension and arthritis. I suppose you like break dancing in that dog shit mine field.

        How do you know she was propped up? Moreover, if I was invited to the White House as a guest, because it affects me, I’d go. But, you’re far too cynical right? Such a proud and patriotic citizen that would never consider such a thing from “this” White House…

      • strayaway

        “Propped up” is a term with which I meant to suggest that she allegedly wasn’t feeling so well and had at least two conditions which I thought you suggested led her to be faint. The alternative is that it was showtime.

      • dontgetsoexcited

        You said she had two medical conditions…are you suggesting that pregnancy is a medical condition strayaway?

      • strayaway

        If it is a contributing factor to fainting it is.

      • Barbara Hawley Berka

        Excitement and nervousness can cause a person without specific health conditions to faint..but of wouldn’t be a right wing extremist if you were to acknowledge the possibility that she could have felt perfectly well that Obama was simply responding appropriately to help a woman who fainted out of extreme nervousness….Without speculating as to Obama’s evil, manipulative, “socialist”, “unamerican” agenda.. and his anti Christian; “not bright enough to have attended Harvard Law”,; “not even a US citizen” would be showing disloyalty to the party of no..these obstructionists..who don’t even remotely resemble the republicans of the past.. Whatever Fox news promotes, no matter how wrong..unjust..or harmful to the middle class, people like you must jump on board and become part of the mob mentality to these unscrupulous, greedy, politicians. No wonder moderate republicans are leaving the party in droves.

      • strayaway

        Now, now, don’t get carried away. I didn’t say that Obama is “evil, manipulative, “socialist”, “unamerican” agenda.. and his anti Christian; “not bright enough to have attended Harvard Law”,; (or)”not even a US citizen” status. Those are your words supporting your beliefs in your imaginary world. I seldom even watch television news let alone Fox News although I start my news day with BBC online which is presently reporting how so many world leaders are uniting against our President spying on them.

      • i’ve had two close family members die from diabetes, both of whom had limbs amputated to try to save their lives when the illness spread. so…no, love…it is NOT a condition like “acne”. please…please…do research.

      • Pipercat

        Well, as a type 2 diabetic myself, it all depends on whether or not you take your “condition” seriously. I don’t need to do research on a “condition” that I have which also runs in the family. I’m sorry you cannot see the context of the argument I was making (the escalation and all), but his fallaciousness was calling diabetics, “sick.” We are only as sick as we allow it to be. I also had relatives who died from complications and also have a relative who is in her 80s. A bit of advise, make sure you read the entire thread, love! Context is a wonderful thing when you allow it tell the entire story…

      • Barbara Hawley Berka

        Who says she was “propped up”?…It’s true that Hannity’s supposed representatives of the failure of Obamacare were props..and he was busted for blatantly lying..Obviously this woman was invited to endorse Obamacare as a means of facilitating the management of her health conditions ,by allowing her to look for alternative coverage receive treatment without being excluded for her pre-existing condition….It seems many ignorant people, who don’t want to acknowledge that the individual mandate was a REPUBLICAN alternative to Clinton’s “single payer” proposal, do need to see examples of individuals who believe they will benefit…You’re exactly like the people this article no matter what this President says or does even if it is in the best interest of the majority..Can you even explain what part of the ACA you dislike?…Bet not..

      • strayaway

        Ms. Allison was a prop like the other 12 on stage with her. There was a certain uncaring cravenness demonstrated in bringing her across the country in her condition and not even providing her a chair. Originally, the plan was to have the President surrounded by people who had signed up. They did find the only guy in Delaware who had signed up. Finding 13 people must have proven challenging, hence, Ms. Allison.

        To answer your question, the first thing I would point out is that since health care plans are not a power delegated to the federal government, read the tenth amendment, such plans, if desired are state options such as Romneycare which you pointed out was a Republican idea or Vermont’s spurned attempt at establishing its own affordable single payer plan. I realize that the (un)ACA is the law of the land because the court decided that the government could force us to buy whatever it wanted to sell, call it a tax, and call that a delegated power; a recipe for corporatist totalitarianism.

        Moving beyond the tenth Amendment and in response to your question, more Americans have been kicked off their existing policies than have signed up for an (un)ACA policy, people are having to find new doctors, businesses are cutting employment hours to avoid new costs, businesses are probably moving more operations overseas to avoid such costs, policy holders are having to pay for new things on their policy that they will never use so policy costs are climbing, there is a new tax on medical equipment that will be passed on to us costing jobs and retarding innovation, the hiring of thousands of additional IRS employees with police powers, and personal privacy has been eroded, for starters. I am not too concerned about the glitches in the $300M non-working computer program. That can be fixed with more money.

        I do like the feature, and am comfortable paying for it, that everyone is guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions but, again, that is something that could be legislated at the state level.

        “Our president is a small-minded man, with neither the temperament nor the intellect to handle his job. When you understand that, and only when you understand that, will the current erosion of liberty and prosperity make sense.” -Matt Patterson (Newsweek Columnist and Opinion Writer)

      • Vida Boeheme

        The press corp standing in front of the President alerted him that she was fainting.

      • Pat

        You should be impressed. He is impressive.

      • strayaway

        I know. He caught a fly in his hand once and sends his girls to a good private school. Once in a while he makes a funny quip too. Unlike Bush, he can speak in full sentences especially if the teleprompter is on. I’m impressed. And he has a peace prize.

      • Jeffrey Zamora

        Yet I bet you were ignorant enough to vote for Bush twice. Bet you also think Sarah Palin is “good for the country”. Maybe Obama should just write his speech on his palm like her. Sorry kiddo but you have shown you are not fit for adult discussions.

      • strayaway

        Jeffrey Zamora, This is what I get for saying such kind things about our President? You are wrong on both of your guesses although free speech is good for the Country. Why would President Obama need to write speeches on his palm? He already has a big teleprompter to read his corporatist messages. Based on your guessing incompetence, you to reevaluate who is unfit for adult discussions.

      • HF

        She’s not a “sick pregnant women.” I mean yes, she’s pregnant, and yes, she has diabetes, but I imagine she would’ve rather stood than sat. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity like that? I think it was probably the adrenaline and excitement from being up there that did her. in.

      • John Sawtelle

        She has diabetes, not CANCER. To call her a “sick” woman, only shows your ignorance. My wife, and Daughter both have Type 1, and they lead (for all intents and purposes) a perfectly normal life. I’d actually be will to bet, that at LEAST one other person up there has diabetes, and you’d never know it. Strayaway, you really need to go back to masturbating to Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones videos, and let an *intelligent* conversation take place.

      • Collean

        John Sawtelle – being pregnant and diabetic will do things to the body that might not happen if she was only pregnant or only diabetic.

      • HF

        Um. I specifically said she should NOT be called sick. I think you may have replied to the wrong person.

      • Collean

        Standing near the president might make me faint and I’m not pregnant. Yeah…. i’m a fangirl.

      • Snow Edwards

        He was very sexy when he started now with how he aged he is a handsome man!

  • obadiahorthodox

    “…After all, this is the party that just shut down the government—for absolutely no reason.” Oh they had a reason alright, its because they don’t like it that a Scary BLACK MAN is President, TWICE.

    • janetmamajo4

      And the republicans continue to say the democrats and the President shut down the government… they think ALL of us are stupid and believe what they say.

      • angry

        They only think that because they never listen to the working man. The people who ACTUALLY run the economy. They just say what they think, and then nobody tells them their wrong except the opposing party, which they dismiss as just plain ole rivalry. As i always say, we need to learn to share their toys, children!

      • CM

        They have already roped all of the available suckers and the rest of us are’t so gullible. They have lost any of the thinking people who reason for themselves once they were proven to be the liars they are. The information age is not kind to the conservatives.

  • strayaway

    This woman may have actually fainted. I don’t know. Maybe all the folks who faint into the arms of television evangelist healers actually faint too. I was impressed with the President’s timing. He spun around as if he had eyes on the back of his head just in time to reach out to her at the moment she fainted. I did like his joke. Being noticeably pregnant, having a mousy less than assertive hair do, and wearing a cutesey red dress, Ms. Allison came across as a helpless damsel in distress and the President as her gallant savior. It was a a great Kodak moment good for polling points.

    The Daily Mail actually followed up on the event to cover for MSNBC, CNN and the rest of our fawning unquestioning presstitutes. Originally billed as a Rose Garden meeting with people who signed up with an (un)ACA plan, it turned out that only three of the thirteen people behind the President had signed on. Ms. Allison has had continuous health care coverage since age six although as this article pointed out, does not have an (un)ACA plan. Most of the others behind the President were associates and relatives of political hacks. It was showtime at the Rose Garden.

    • Pipercat

      Ah, Stray and his usual straw man in the morning. Go watch the video again and closely watch her gaze. That’s the sign of dilation and the beginning of tunnel vision. You might also notice the distant gaze she exhibits, that when one (with diabetes) is doing everything to remain in control. Do us a big favor on this and punt for a change…

      • thomasbone63

        Evidently, you are familiar with this stray person. You always know the rightwing nuts would make a issue out of this. If the President had not caught her and let the lady fell, they would have called him a racist and said had she been a black woman, he would have caught her. Again, another can’t win situation.

      • Pipercat

        He’s really, really bad at feigned outrage and quasi-cynicism. He tries so hard to create an appearance of straddling the ideological picket fence, he fails to realize where one of the pickets is inserted…

      • thomasbone63

        I always enjoy challenging them. When the far right gets stuck on a issue, they always run to the far right talking points. Then they get so twisted and confused then all kind of stupid stuff comes out their mouths. They shut down the government. Did not give a damn about the consequences. Lets just say, their wish came through and the ACA was defunded or repealed, did they not think the President would have used his veto power?

      • Pipercat

        It’s why the few adults in the GOP were against the stunt from the beginning. I’m quite sure they convinced each other they could pull the stunt and blame the other side. Any half-assed tactician would have realized that attempting to shut down discretionary spending and not raising the debt limit was a bridge too far. So, after that shellacking, they grasp at straws like this…

      • thomasbone63

        I think if the right wing repeat their actions in January and February, then I think there will be a Speaker of the House replacement, meaning there will no longer be a divided government.

      • Andy Kinnard

        He’s not trying THAT hard with repeated dog whistles like “(un)ACA” and “presstitutes” as well as the whole idea of the Daily Mail offering cover for “the liberal American MSM”. (roll eyes so hard they may not come back down)

      • Pipercat

        Well, if he blows too hard on the whistle, he’ll slip deeper onto the aforementioned picket!

      • strayaway

        “Obamacare” sounds too partisan. It is the law of the land in any case according to the Supreme Court. I doubt that the (un)ACA is societally affordable for a variety of reasons not pertinent here so it would be a lie or misnomer, from my perspective, to refer to it as “affordable”. If it was “affordable’, then the promised cost savings would have offset Republican demands that it be defunded. We are not to question that Ms. Allison actually did faint but we aren’t supposed to believe that the (un)ACA would actually reduce US health care coverage costs as promised? Maybe that’s why it was necessary to overturn settled law, the sequester, to pump more money into the budget just in case.

      • interestedcitizen

        you’re misinterpreting the reasoning behind calling it “the affordable care act.” the point of the law is to make health care/insurance more available and affordable to the American people on an individual basis. Any law or program that seeks to lighten financial burden on the citizens is not going to be a money saver for the society or the government itself. That just stands to reason. If a citizen doesn’t have to pay for their insurance, or pays a lower rate, that cost obviously doesn’t just vanish. The money has to come from somewhere. so, yes, you are correct that the AFA is not “societally affordable”, but the aim of the law is not to save money for the federal government, it’s to save money for the american people. and that is in fact what it does. therefore calling it the affordable care act is not a misnomer.

      • strayaway

        I keep hearing different numbers, all in the hundreds of millions of how much it cost to put together that (un)ACA computer system that, so far, doesn’t work. I also read different numbers of how many IRS agents will be hired as enforcers. Of course, we still have all the trail lawyers, insurance companies, and bureaucrats feasting at the health care trough. Time will tell of this saves any money. But all the new bells and whistles like the computer system, navigators, and policing agents cost a lot of money. I’m not convinced that these extra costs will offset savings such as poor people going to a clinic instead of the emergency room. Do we get to count jobs headed overseas to avoid new taxes or employers scaling down to fifty employees as costs?

      • Pipercat

        The beads of sweat are a sign of hypoglycemia. Kind of a cold sweat and you feel hot. Odd sensation that is the big alarm bell.

      • Andy Kinnard

        You just can’t help yourself, can you? Just call it by it’s name, the ACA or PPACA. If it makes you feel better, post all the arguments you like about how it’s not affordable. However, using your own made up terminology is disrespectful and not productive to civilized debate. Your suppositions are equally indeterminate and amount to horrible Fox News-style propaganda posed as questions. Just so you understand, cost savings cannot be effected until the full program is in effect and has been in effect for some time…market forces and all. It’s a shame you think this way, strayway, since you’re obviously (as evidenced by your writing) intelligent enough to know better.

      • strayaway

        Who are you, the censorship fairy? Actually, Fox is way too corporatist for me although, given, our rights to unlimited free speech, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc… must be allowed to carry on unhindered. Better than nothing, right?

        How long before the (un)ACA starts delivering those cost savings? We were already promised that the average American family’s health care insurance costs would go down by $1,500 by the end of our President’s first term. The opposite happened. After dumping $394M into a health care website that doesn’t work, Democrats might have to ask for more money to fix it. How would they get that past the House? Will they scrape it away from Grandma’s medicare benefits? That’s not a very promising fiscal kickoff either.

        “I’m asking you to believe” – Candidate and Senator Obama, 2008

        As a political agnostic and apologist for St. Thomas, I have difficulty believing in the big savings given recent history. However, when, in your opinion, are all these wonderful savings supposed to kick in? You are welcome to quote the President.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Well, if turnabout is fair play, then we should probably give the PPACA 30+ years to show results…just like Reaganomics and supply-side economics. I’d have to go back and look at the context and intended meaning of the expectation of $1500 off of average family premiums. I know I got money BACK from BC/BS last year, AND my premiums didn’t rise. I also know that’s what’s called an anecdote and doesn’t hold any statistical weight.

        Yes, the web site has major issues. Yes, it’s going to cost more money to fix. Let’s hope it’s mostly NOT tax payer funds but just reparations from the contractors. Agreed that’s not promising. No, I don’t see “them” taking out of Medicare without Congressional authorization; why would you even suggest that?

        As I stated previously, it will take many months or years for market forces to reflect price impacts from (with any luck) enrolling both young, healthy folk as well as the very sick with pre-existing conditions.

      • strayaway

        Comparing the eventual cost savings of the (un)ACA with the Reagan supply side fantasy seems fair to me. Actually his promise was $2,500. Obama pledged on June 5, 2008: “In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year….. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States.” Oh, well. Unfortunately, family policy costs have gone up in anticipation of the (un)ACA. Granted, retirees are now covered for extra desirable things as well as totally useless things.

        I think we can assume that the website will cost taxpayers more money. I read up on the CGI Corporation that put the site together and wasn’t impressed. It seems to be sort of a cesspool of ineptitude and corruption. I don’t want the money to come out of Medicare but it will come out of someone’s hide and there is a good chance it will be out of the existing government health care infrastructure if Republicans won’t fund more money to patch Obama’s website mess. It wouldn’t be the first time that Obama uses his magical executive powers to skirt around the Constitution.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Weird, I don’t remember censoring you; I don’t seem to have that ability here, LOL.

        As far as time: If turnabout is fair play, then we should probably give the PPACA 30+ years to show results…just like Reaganomics and supply-side economics. I’d have to go back and look at the context and intended meaning of the expectation of $1500 off of average family premiums. I know I got money BACK from BC/BS last year, AND my premiums didn’t rise. I also know that’s what’s called an anecdote and doesn’t hold any statistical weight.

        For what it’s worth, I think the 80% rule is absolutely golden and see zero, ZERO sensible arguments against it. Ditto on the pre-existing conditions portions.

        Yes, the web site has major issues. Yes, it’s going to cost more money to fix. Let’s hope it’s mostly NOT tax payer funds but just reparations from the contractors. Agreed that’s not promising. No, I don’t see “them” taking out of Medicare without Congressional authorization; why would you even suggest that?

        As I stated previously, it will take many months or years for market forces to reflect price impacts from (with any luck) enrolling both young, healthy folk as well as the very sick with pre-existing conditions.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Disqus seems to be choking on something; please forgive this appearing twice:

        Weird, I don’t remember censoring you; I don’t seem to have that ability here, LOL.

        As far as time: If turnabout is fair play, then we should probably give the PPACA 30+ years to show results…just like Reaganomics and supply-side economics. I’d have to go back and look at the context and intended meaning of the expectation of $1500 off of average family premiums. I know I got money BACK from BC/BS last year, AND my premiums didn’t rise. I also know that’s what’s called an anecdote and doesn’t hold any statistical weight.

        For what it’s worth, I think the 80% rule is absolutely golden and see zero, ZERO sensible arguments against it. Ditto on the pre-existing conditions portions.

        Yes, the web site has major issues. Yes, it’s going to cost more money to fix. Let’s hope it’s mostly NOT tax payer funds but just reparations from the contractors. Agreed that’s not promising. No, I don’t see “them” taking out of Medicare without Congressional authorization; why would you even suggest that?

        As I stated previously, it will take many months or years for market forces to reflect price impacts from (with any luck) enrolling both young, healthy folk as well as the very sick with pre-existing conditions.

      • CM

        I’m assuming the (un) is the “caps lock’ du jour. I know your fellow low information brethren find the ‘(un)’s’, the ‘husseins’ and ‘lamestreams’ to be *clever*, but you do realize they just out you as lame right?

      • strayaway

        Ah, then everything I see in videos must be real. I’m not saying this wasn’t real but reserve the right to be skeptical as I would be viewing a faith healer rally. People can believe what they want. I still think that St. Thomas was being reasonable. Good for you if you know the facts with 100% certainty. Why did they use her for a prop though if she was pregnant and had diabetic complications? Putting ill people at physical risk seems a bit crass. Thank you for your medical evaluation/opinion.

        Not a word about the Daily Mail coverage though?

      • Pipercat

        Well, as one with type 2 diabetes, as well as having family members who suffer, it doesn’t take a medical degree to see what happened. My original conclusion was seeing a baby bump and the faraway gaze. There is a condition where pregnant women get a form of type 2 diabetes; moreover the facts later bore out the conclusion albeit I was being reserved in my assessment. The facts are she is type 1 and pregnant; who would have been dealing with astronomical premiums and a cap on benefits without passage of the ACA. If you want to step in a dogshit mine field with this fallacy, be my guest. Dont’ whine after the fact if you get told to scrape your shoes before you come in…

      • angry

        Whats funny is they are all saying “shes being used as a prop” pah-leez! I didnt see a knife to her throat, did you?
        She chose to be there knowing the risks. Is everything always a life or death situation or what?

      • Pipercat

        Total straw man argument. You see, people like stray think that fallacious arguments are valid as long as take on the appearance of moderation. What’s worse, he’s really bad at feigning a neutral position.

      • angry

        You know ive never heard the term straw man arguement. I actually looked it up. Lol i may not know everything but i sure know how to admit im wrong and thats miles ahead of the obama haters who still cling to the whole “illegal, terrorist” whos out to make this country Obamaland, idea. I didnt really support him on his views of guns. But hes by no means a terrible president, and far from a terrorist.

      • Pipercat

        The tell tale sign is the conditional statement. In our friend’s case is the, “I’m not saying…” Most straw men are usually based red herrings, false equivalencies and false dilemmas. Tough to argue a valid point when your underlying premise is dubious!

      • c. Huus

        That’s so funny… Almost every time one of these videos pop up someone always claims fake. The protestors telling Obama to go back to Kenya, mitt’s little sound recording, this… They can’t all be fakes. And let be honest. With an all stat lineup of Boehner, Cruz, Palin, and Ryan… We really don’t have to try that hard. Who needs fakes when you are a constant embarrassment. Ha!

      • Julia

        I actually questioned this myself at the beginning and am a rabid liberal. Oddly enough, my ex-husband, the conservative republican, is the one who changed my mind. He sent me a link to the video and said it reminded him of the time I almost face planted while pregnant with our daughter. No diabetes myself, but I had locked my knees and skipped (well, tossed back up…) breakfast that morning. Watch the full length video closely, she is clearly quickly going from feeling OK to being very sick. You can fake alot of things, but not paleness and the beads of sweat…

      • RitaArm

        You mean the Fox newspaper of England,(actually more like The Post) completely backed by the conservative party? Please, that would be like me posting something from the Guardian and expecting you to believe it.

      • strayaway

        The Daily Mail covers a lot of sensationalist National Enquirer type stories. That aside, when the Tsarnaev family Boston marathon story was current, the Daily Mail was usually one day ahead of any US paper in its coverage. I don’t know what our presstitutes were trying to hide. They more or less had to report stuff the Daily Mail had already covered. So I disagree with you on your generality. If you had looked up the Daily Mail coverage of Obama’s speech, it was more detailed than anything I saw in the US press. It described who the 13 people were behind President Obama. Only three had (un) ACA coverage. the rest tended to be related to political hacks.

        A description of the three people on the stage who actually had signed up from the Daily Mail article;

        “Zohre Abolfazli, a Brentwood, Tennessee woman (whose) daughter Leila Abolfazli is the National Women’s Law Center’s senior legal counsel.

        David Hall, who the White House described as a ‘self-employed IT Consultant and Web Designer,’
        was able to complete the process because he lives in Washington, D.C., where the local government operates its own exchange website.The third Obamacare enrollee in Monday’s photo-op backdrop was Janice Baker, a Delaware pet kennel owner who was, as of Friday, the only person in the Vice President Joe Biden’s home state to successfully register for an Obamacare insurance plan.

        “The third Obamacare enrollee in Monday’s photo-op backdrop was Janice Baker, a Delaware pet kennel owner who was, as of Friday, the only person in the Vice President Joe Biden’s home state to successfully register for an Obamacare insurance plan.”

        So there you are. I didn’t get that kind of detail on CNN.

    • pj

      He turned around because if you notice in the clip he heard talking and a little commotion behind him. She obviously was communicating her distress to the woman next to her at one point. Whether the people behind him were or were not signed up for ACA plan is irrelevant. They were there because they believed in the fact that they could finally get affordable coverage and in her case she was probably on a plan that she was paying through the nose for because of her pre-existing diabetic condition, which is a FACT. To try to change to a less expensive plan would have been impossible for her up to now because of that pre-existing condition. ACA will help her, not hinder her. In fact, in my own state an individual plan that I used to pay over $1200 for a month before I had to let it go due to the cost of the premium I now will be able to get for less than $200 per month. That is good for my husband and I to deal with.

      • Bobbie 828

        Watching it live, you could see what was happening. She was obviously in distress for some time. Watching I wondered if someone was going to come to her assistance before she fell and I was getting a bit worried for her. No one around her would have noticed because they couldn’t see her face. But again, it was obvious someone off camera signaled attention to her distress. And the president was the closest and most able bodied to help – which he did. No big deal! If people have learned nothing else about him, they know he is a gentleman and that is simply what he would do.

    • brtrinnk

      You may be correct. However, note that those podium facing screens/monitors, allowing the speaker to have eyes in the back of his head, may have provided the expeditious timing….not to mention those pointing out her obvious swaying and unsteady demeanor (like her distressed husband, who was in the crowd)

      • Andy Kinnard

        Reflected images of what was behind him AND an ear piece connected to people who might have warned him is MORE than sufficient to explain his good timing.

    • janetmamajo4

      And with that poor girl in such close proximity to the President, you don’t think he could hear the commotion going on behind him? please… you people are always looking for controversy when it comes to our President. We get it … you hate him…. the fact is he is a brilliant, caring, compassionate man who wants what’s best for our Country… and the republicans hate that…..

      • strayaway

        Be careful, you are wrongly guessing that I hate him and speculating about Republicans. Were I more like you, I would say that you “hate” Republicans but really don’t know that to be a fact. I liked his joke about talking too long and I think he a good father, As President though, I would give him about the same grade as Bush. Too bad about the continued high unemployment, lower annual wages, all the wars, higher average family health care plan costs, additional $7T of debt, and expanding police state though. I’m sure he “wants” what’s best for the Country even if it didn’t pan out.

      • janetmamajo4

        I don’t hate people. I hate what they do. And the fact is, strayaway, is that republicans are always crying that they want smaller government, but they want their roads and bridges to be safe, their water fit to drink and many other services that our big government takes care of. I hate the fact that republicans are taking away rights, or trying to at any rate, the rights of women, the LGBT community and voters. In my opinion, republicans want welfare, for big corporations and oil companies, but they don’t want poor women and children to get assistance without calling them ‘takers’.. President Obama tries to fix the problem of joblessness, but republicans block him at every turn. As far as the added debt, that was the two wars that President Bush put on the tab in secret, and said to President Obama, “oh, by the way, the wars are not in the budget….”also Medicare Part D that wasn’t paid for… The fact that the day after his election in 2008, before he even became President, the bigwigs in the republican party took an oath to make sure that he was “a one term president’… that was their only goal. So do I hate all republicans? No, I don’t. I hate what the majority of the republican party is doing…. not doing what is right for our nation because it is more important for them to show contempt for our President. They only want to see him fail. We need to find some common ground and make this once great nation whole again.. “if President Obama came out in favor of oxygen, the republicans would stop breathing”. It is a joke, but there is a lot of truth to it.

      • strayaway

        I’m with you. I don’t hate people. I sometimes dislike what they do. I thought this thread was about some Republicans questioning the veracity of the faint. Much of what you are otherwise in a tizzy about can be accomplished by local and state governments. Face it, President Obama is in over his head. Even with the fed pumping $85B/month into the economy to plaster over how bad it continues to be, unemployment is still 7%.

        How about for common ground, we take a lot of redundant programs like the federal Department of Education and block grant them to states as they already have their own DOE’s. How about if Obama gets out of the Bush/Obama wars and quits trying to start new ones. How about if (un)ACA bureaucrats would allowVermont to have its own affordable single payer plan if that’s what Vermont wants?How about if we close most of the 130 military bases we operate overseas? How about if Obama quits spying on us and allied leaders? How about ending every corporate welfare benefit and pull out of trade treaties that disadvantage US workers? What on earth is the President even doing secretly woking on the TPP and trying to fast track it?

        You are right. I think there are a lot of things we could agree on is status quo corporatist Democrats and Republicans would get out of the way.

      • C. Huus

        You realize pretending to walk the middle ground just makes you sound like an idiot. The truth is you people have been out for blood since day one. By the way, Obama has done more to expand civil liberties more than any president since Kennedy. What police state have you lived in that allows women to make their own choices, and gay people to marry? He has shrunk the deficit, reduced our nuclear arsenal, overseen the largest economic expansion and won a nobel peace prize. For every one you have, I have 10. He is an intellectual, a scholar, and a genuinely good person.He has been calm, cool, and rational during every standoff with congress, and has been nothing short of reasonable. Take your rhetoric and moderate disguise and go to hell, where you, ayn rand, Ron Paul and the rest of em belong. If you aren’t a Republican, you sound like a libertarian which is about ten times worse.

      • strayaway

        Watching your daughter or wife get molested at an airport whether or not it is their choice or reading about a whistleblower escaping to Russia must be your idea of civil liberties. Knowing that Obama’s NSA might be reading this conversation must make you feel free. Using the IRS to help flip an election was pretty cool too. Maybe the expanding police state gives you a tingle. From there, there you took off into hilarity ignoring his $7T of additional debt while not being embarrassed about the peace prize. Constitutional libertarians are ok with states determining marriage laws, women’s choices, and toning down the nuclear arsenal by the way. I think that the President is a good father. You forgot that one. He sends his daughters to a $34k/year school. He cares.

      • interestedcitizen

        since C. Huus has already addressed most of your points, i’ll just add one thing: what exactly do you mean by “all the wars”? obama has not started any new wars. on the contrary, he has worked tirelessly to end the ones we are still in. the iraq war has officially been declared over. our troops were completely withdrawn from Iraq by the end of 2011. and our presence has been greatly decreased in Afghanistan. I’m not really sure what point you were trying to make with the wars comment but it was a weak one. and you cannot seriously blame him for “higher average family healthcare plan costs” and also criticize his plan to make healthcare more afforable for the average family. give me a break.

      • strayaway

        Mali, bombing Pakistan, bombing Yemen, contributing $1.5B of mostly weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt three weeks before the sequester, contributing supplies and weapons to Syrian rebels. 73% of US deaths in Afghanistan have been under Obama. I’ve gone over iraq here before. he kept our troops there until just one month before the Iraqi parliament had demanded them out..

        I can blame him for higher average family health care plan costs because he promised to lower the cost of the average plan by $1,500 by the end of his first term to sell the (un)ACA. Instead prices went up and that is part of the (un). I didn’t criticize the concept of making healthcare more affordable. i just wish he would quit making it more expensive for most of us. For heavens sakes, even James Hoffa, Jr. criticized what it is doing to his union health care plans.

    • Jim

      And your point is?

      • strayaway

        My point has something to do with the space between skepticism and being naive. It related to the article which was so unquestioning that I found it grating. Granted, its probably more fun to be a believer.

    • MrsNumbles

      Dude, you’re quoting the Daily Mail? It’s a British trash rag that disguises itself as a political newspaper. Any sensible individual living in the UK will tell you that straight off. Please find a better news source so you look less like a fool.

      • strayaway

        Still, it had more information than any US news coverage I had come across some of which I’ve shared here. And you’ve contributed what… besides name calling?

  • Pat

    So, let me get this right, …………. President Obama is a gentleman, and they hate him for that too. The President has some class, and they have ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP!!!! Jealous much?

  • Wesley Foreman

    still thinks to this day that Bush Sr. throwing up on the Prime Minister of Japan was staged. “I guess the GOP thinks that if THEY can stage something, the Dems can as well.”

    • Elizabeth

      No, I always thought that was for real. I actually felt bad for Bush Sr. with that.

  • Duncan

    “But you know what I think the truth is? You see it with cheaters and liars. Cheaters and liars are often the first ones to accuse others of cheating and lying. They direct what they are capable of on others and assume everyone is just like them.”

    Bingo. Happens in personal life, happens at work, happens in politics. Defines the shrill, sneering Republicans.

    • Bobbie 828

      Most assuredly. I have said for years, “don’t judge me by your ethics.”

      • Pipercat

        … or lack thereof!

  • danc45

    Yup, it’s called projection

  • Vicki Trusselli

    YES THE repugs and tea bags and far right extremists would attack Obama if he did anything. yes the repug thugs and tea bags are stunt pros…..good article

    • Elizabeth

      They’re BULLYS, plain and simple!

  • AntieQ

    My mother always said, “You judge others by yourself.” Those who trust least are those least worthy of it. Unless. of course, you have actual evidence to back up that mistrust……

  • Cathryn Sykes

    You nailed it. If they really thought this was faked, it’s because it is EXACTLY the kind of “dirty trick” they’d pull themselves. If they don’t think it was faked, then they’re just doing their usual knee-jerk “slam Obama” dance….a dance that many of us are getting damn tired of watching.

  • geminijeanna

    well said

  • decreator

    These folks are too brainwashed to even see reality anymore. Everything he does is a conspiracy. It’s really sad when a person gives over their logic, and critical thinking(which I doubt many of them ever had to begin with) over to this hive-mind mentality that influences every aspect of their lives. So caught up in this intentionally manufactured “Left Vs. Right” paradigm, they can’t even enjoy life without it being foremost in their minds. Must be a miserable unhappy existence.

  • openlyblack

    If President Obama could walk on water the right wing-nut hate machine would be demanding to know why he couldn’t swim.

    • Elizabeth

      I’ve said that for a long time now….

  • gemma liar

    too bad it wasn’t michelle ” NO TITS& HATING HER LIFE” malkin,,,,,, he could’ve watched her sneer at him and probably brought a sexual “groping” lawsuit ( she WISHES a man would touch her)

  • harleyblueswoman

    If you watched the speech, you could see her go from a smiling person who was excited to be there….she grew paler as it went on….I am sure she was thinking oh my gosh, what do I do? At least she didn’t barf on him….that would have been embarrassing….hey, shit happens!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Yes , he is a nice man besides being very bright. I do feel bad for him with all the flack he gets from the far right, it’s just awful how they treat him…hope they know “what goes around comes around”!!

  • Ernestine

    Obama damn if you do and damn if you don’t either way people on here would find fault…

  • Lance W.

    Crackpot nuts and theorists such as Alex Jones are why I no longer listen to George Noory’s “Coast to Coast AM”.

  • jimf01

    Nice to cherry pick one conservative response to this infomercial, er speech to promote his healthcare plan. You wouldn’t want to discuss the fact that the President will not answer questions, the fact that just a couple of days earlier he was touting the opening of the website, saying it would be very easy to use.

    Wouldn’t want to mention that the developers were anticipating problems months ago, and that Secty Sebelius has admitted they needed another year to develop and an additional year to test the website.

    Wouldn’t want to discuss the criticism that Obama offered no explanation for the failure, except to try to say that it was too popular, a lame excuse in light of the fact that the little stress testing that was done resulted in documented repeated crashes and major problems.

    No, don’t discuss the ACTUAL issues, instead attack “some in the conservative media”, namely Alex Jones and somehow scapegoat all Republicans as “masters of political stunts”, when we just witnessed a major political stunt in the Rose Garden yesterday, wholly separate from the poor woman who nearly passed out.

  • Edward Krebbs

    So much of the repubs sounds like projection of the things that they have already done onto those they don’t like. Staging a fainting woman – could this be a projection based on the over the top staging of WMDs in Iraq (which were never found. ) Or much more recently, the repubs who are blaming the dems for the shutdown and how Obama crafted it to cause as much pain to the American People as possible.

  • rick dalton

    Bet if Obama took a shit the conservatives would say it was green he from another planet. It has become time to remove the far right from their office in 2014 before they can destroy this nation even more than they already have.

  • arsailman1

    So true…

  • Mike Hendricks

    he has no need to stage a stunt he has enough problems with the ACA computers=anyway great catch.

  • William Carr

    Two Words:


  • Ethnae

    And, you know that won’t be the end of it. If she is pregnant, the child must be Obama’s.

  • pagan50

    If you will recall ….
    One of the biggest phoniest photo ops I ever saw was by billy clinton when he visited normandy. normandy beach is a rockless beach and yet – obviously a god given miracle – there was a pile of stones and two destroyers facing each other in the background water as billy moved that pile of stones into the shape of a cross! What a crock of shit that was.
    At least this time with obabma he didn’t hand out white lab coats! lol
    Both right and left stage photo ops – some more than others.

  • Guest

    Maybe he should land on an aircraft carrier in a flight seat with a mission accomplished sign behind him because he’s actually ending the war, I’m sure they would be fine with that right?

  • Angelique Guthrie

    Maybe he should land on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with a mission accomplished banner behind him, seeing as he’s actually ending the war. Come on already, please come out in favor of oxygen!

  • JoeBS

    Again, that quote from Hillary comes to mind (I paraphrase): “If the President walked on water, Republicans would say it’s only because he can’t swim.”

  • FMY

    And if she had fallen, the rabid right would be complaining anyway. It has been said before, if the President stated he was in favor of oxygen, the right would suffocate themselves to be on the other side of the issue.

  • just me

    I hope that the IRS and other authorities do some checks on the trading activities of the Tea Party Gang and their incestual cousins the Republicans during the government shutdown. I have a gut feeling that there was more to the shutdown than just to piss everyone off. If anyone of that motley crew made any money on the market that was related to the government shutdown, they should beheld accountable – fully. I hope the authorities are looking into that.

    • CM

      Some food for thought A comment i read elsewhere (I don’t know the authors name ):
      “The party of disappearing government is never really disturbed about the results, as long as they’ve accomplished that trick, to some degree – no matter who in the lower 99 gets hurt. As former GOP functionary Mike Lofgren has confirmed, the goal is making government dysfunctional. Even if they look bad doing it, it’s not like they’re actually trying to grow their ranks. Gerry-mandering, voter suppression and corporate tag sales will take care of that.
      A broken government is what they’re after – bunker-mentality, seemingly irrational, shoveling the money upward. “See, we told you government doesn’t work. Privatize this.”
      A functioning one will get them nowhere.”

    • Betty Caron

      I read that Cantor made money on the deal.

  • Brandon Engelman

    Because they can’t possibly understand helping someone if it wasn’t in their interest. In their mind it must have been staged.

  • Julia C.

    It made me so angry, I wrote a letter to the president to thank him for catching this young lady. I have been a diabetic for decades and believe me, if you are on insulin and you don’t eat enough or engage in extra physical activity, you can pass out easily or have a seizure from low blood sugar. It is an awful feeling. Yet, I made a small comment about the president helping this lady and on a news site that shall remain nameless and I was attacked, called a liar, that if I were really a diabetic, I’d know how to help myself and this never would have happened or she was a prop used by the president. It is hard to believe how hateful people are to President Obama I am so sick of it and I look forward to being able to sign up for ACA because of being denied insurance for so long due to chronic illness. The right wing media is out of control with their unending lies, slander and libel and the followers of these pundits are just as bad or worse in their hatefulness and stupidity. We’ve all seen it time and time again and I can only attribute such hatred to the fact that the president is black. Sickening and disheartening.

  • simon si

    It’s called “projecting”

  • Joan Odom

    Remember when George the First puked in Japan? Freaking ACTOR!

    • Joan Odom


  • journo

    I think we all know what the right’s problem with President Obama. It’s not the content of his character.

  • jack as

    So the only person to help this woman is the person who has his back turn to her. Funny how that works.

  • Paul Caporino

    I’d expect they’d accuse him of farting!

  • katherine norton malek

    Everyone whose benefitted from ACA, misbranded “Obamacare, would welcome the opportunity to be able to speak to the specifics of how the ACA act helped them or their family. Why we even need to defend this worthy program is simply ridiculous. It may not be perfect but its light yrs better than having a non-medical professional deny services ordered by Drs. and its a huge step in the right direction. They simply do not want that feather in the POTUS’s cap. So they’ll “throw the baby out with the bath water” as they say, to prevent the ACA from helping millions of Americans. To hate a Pres. THAT much, is a serious mental illness peppered with racism. Wait … a few yrs. from now, they’ll find an angle to give some GOP credit for finding & killing Bin Laden. Their problem – Obama pulled this country out of a downhill spiral & they cannot take it.

  • jchastn

    Those who don’t trust others, are not worthy of trust. Liars think that everyone else is lying .

  • a_leah

    I agree with the AFA, but I think the timing of the fall looked a little suspicious. What about the glucose monitor on the back of her arm? Wouldn’t that alert her to a blood sugar problem?

  • Nathalie

    God, you libtards are libTURDS. Obama is a time-traveling, weather-controlling warlock/AntiChrist who went back in time, picked this woman’s parents so she would be genetically predisposed to Type I Diabetes, then got her pregnant thru immaculate conception…all for this ONE MOMENT. This is all part of his plan to destroy this great nation thru his Satanic “Obamacare” which will make us all food stamp-using gays before we all end up in hell. ‘Merica!!