Real Life Voters Elected These People to Represent Them. Let that sink in for a minute…

steve-stockman-ted-yohoFrom the “you can’t make this sh*t up” files we have the news that a member of Congress recently brought up the tired “birther” conspiracy — and also claimed that Obamacare is racially prejudiced against white people.

Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) pretty much exposed the whole reason the GOP keeps playing the “Obama wasn’t born here” card when they’re in front of constituents — because in staunchly white, conservative districts, it works. Earlier this month, Florida’s freshman representative from the 3rd District told the people he represents at an event in Gainesville that he would support a bill proposed by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) that if passed, would have Congress investigate the President’s birth certificate.

In this same meeting, he also made the comment that the tax on tanning beds in the Affordable Care Act would be “racist” because if he were to use a tanning bed, he would be “disenfranchised because I got taxed because of the color of my skin.” Now, I want to write this comment off as a poorly worded bad joke, and perhaps it was. Then again, if you look at the district he represents, it has 2 of the 4 remaining “dry” counties in Florida and is an overwhelmingly white, conservative area where remarks like this play to those who get all of their news from Fox and AM talk radio.

While most Republicans with any political sense decided to finally drop the birth certificate issue after the President released it, both Rep. Stockman and Rep. Yoho apparently didn’t get the memo — or decided to just ignore it on freshman orientation day. Perhaps they have concluded that Texas’ Congressional District 36 and Florida’s Congressional District 3 are safe for at least the next ten years (if not longer) and that they can say or do just about anything — except maybe “being caught with a dead girl or a live boy” as Gov. Edwin Edwards’ famous quote goes — and still keep their job.

The problem that politicians like Rep. Stockman or Rep. Yoho present to the GOP is that they aren’t overly concerned with keeping their jobs, because as long as they stay on the far right, they can be assured of being returned to Washington every two years for the foreseeable future. They really can’t be bought with pork for their districts or bullied over government spending for their constituents. As the saying from The Dark Knight goes: “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Or maybe just get a really good tan without the “burden” of “racist” taxes. Oy vey. 


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  • Darrell West

    This is why we all have to go out and vote these do nothing Congress out of office.They spend there whole time fighting with the President not fighting for the American people.2014 is around the corner

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Why is “These” capitalized in the title while “that” isn’t?

    • StlSaxist

      Same reason “sink” and “minute” aren’t capitalized. Title = All Words Capitalized. Subtitle = not so much.

  • Liborlando

    You don’t need to tune to AM radio in Gainesville. The crazies are all over FM.

  • MadameDelphi

    It’s happening everywhere now. Few people comment on content of the article, more comment on grammar, spelling, punctuation. Are they putting something in the water to ramp up everyone’s OCD?

    About the article, I live in Floriduh. I wish we could educate people here. I wish we could sneak in some science & critical thinking classes in some of these areas. I wish crazy talk radio & crazy religious radio could be shut down, taxed to extinction, or equal time given to rational programs.

  • Alan

    Is it weird that my first thought, as a Torontonian, was “Why the hell would you even *need* a tanning bed in Florida in the first place?”

    • MadameDelphi

      Because Floridians often work too much to make ends meet & don’t have time to go to the beach or pool.

      • Alan

        Fair enough. Mostly I was thinking that just living there would be enough sun to get one. I get a farmer’s tan just biking to work and I’m whiter than most Republicans.

      • SluttyMary

        Floridians don’t go out in the sun much. We go from our air-conditioned homes, to our air-conditioned car to our air-conditioned work… and then we do it in reverse. Sometimes we also go to the air-conditioned mall.

      • sententio

        Wouldn’t that also mean you couldn’t afford a tanning bed? The beach is usually free.

    • MadameDelphi

      Remember, we are not on vacation here. We live here.

  • Craig Popkess

    Wow. If they investigate his birth certificate, they will have to do the same thing to Senator Cruz.

    • tl cox

      You know the issue will come up when the GOP tries to run the guy and they’re gonna say “but we let Obama do it”.

      • MarkB

        And we’ll get to say, “But you bugged him to DEATH about it for the next five years! We’re just getting an early start!”

  • Cemetery Girl

    I am white, and I occasionally use tanning beds. I know they can cause cancer but I also get sick of people thinking I am deathly ill because I am so incredibly pale. The occasional 10 minutes in a tanning bed and I can be the color of the typical white person and not have people asking me how long I’ve been sick. I am not offended by a possible tax because I am not required to tan. Realistically I would be better off without it, but I choose to do it. If I don’t want to pay a tax on an unnecessary thing then I just don’t purchase that thing.
    And I am so sick of this “birther” issue. A birth certificate has been produced. How far is this “investigation” going to go? Are we going to pay for interrogation of hospital staff to see if they distinctly remember the birth and collaborate known information? Maybe we will invest in time travel so we can send a committee back in time to witness the birth and mark the newborn with a special tattoo to help prove Obama’s birth. It is tempting to have a massive hissy fit that the Republican presidential candidate in 2016 provide extensive proof of his or her birth. I want certificates, signed affidavits from all hospital staff, and film footage of the birth!