The Real Reason Behind The Republican Benghazi Investigations

darrell-issaNow that John Boehner and a few other Republican politicians have come to the realization that (after over 50 attempts to repeal) Obamacare isn’t going anywhere, we’re back to Benghazi once again. Good old Benghazi, the fallback red meat for Republicans everywhere. Never mind that many people can’t find it on a map, let alone know that it isn’t the capital of Libya, or that the attack was on a consulate and not a heavily guarded embassy – out come the pitchforks because they’re absolutely terrified of Hillary in 2016.

Yes, we get it. Four Americans died and after reading the report (which I guarantee 99% of people haven’t), it’s pretty obvious that this was a tragic event – just like all the other times our diplomats have been attacked, that could have possibly been avoided. Beirut 1983, anybody? 241 dead Marines with unloaded weapons? Reagan? No? Moving on…

But why Benghazi? Why call another special committee to investigate when absolutely nothing significant was found when the Senate Committee investigated? Why subpoena the current Secretary of State who wasn’t even in office at the time to testify instead of allowing him to do his job trying to quell conflicts around the world? Because as the saying goes, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Let’s not forget this is an election year and all of the ads bashing the president, the Affordable Care Act, and anyone who voted for it just aren’t working as well as the GOP would hope. The horror stories of people losing their insurance or paying triple what they did before are being debunked about as fast as they can spin a new one, and even some conservatives are grudgingly admitting that the system isn’t perfect but still better than before.

So back to Benghazi the House Republicans go again, and it’s because Benghazi is the only thing they have in their nearly empty bag of fake scandals and outrages. All of those talking points about President Obama destroying the economy as part of his socialist, communist, fascist Muslim agenda? The jobless rate continues to march downward and the stock market is near an all time high. Remember how Obamacare was supposed to have death panels that would send your grandparents to the ovens because they were no longer able to work?  Turns out that was a big, fat lie and only the most unhinged people on the far right still believe that.

Now, the GOP could certainly find legitimate points to criticize the president on, but they simply don’t have any viable alternatives to present, and complex economic or diplomatic policy issues go way over the head of most voters. So again, Benghazi. Why? Because in a jingoistic, Walmart patriotism voting bloc with an elementary school level understanding of foreign policy, it works. Benghazi isn’t a place in which they live or a thing that they can touch and experience. Unlike healthcare reform, it hasn’t done anything to them and while they almost certainly couldn’t find it on a map, all they know is some terrorists killed some Americans there – and they’re pissed off about that.

Republicans could talk about how the jobs in this economic recovery aren’t as good as the ones before, but then they’d have to eventually admit their intimate relationship with the corporations that have shipped our jobs overseas. They could make an issue of the fact that these jobs aren’t paying very well, but then the uncomfortable fact that Wall Street is doing so well might just disprove the trickle-down economic scam the GOP has been selling them for all of these years. So again, Benghazi. Because it’s an easy sell, and it’s all that they have left.


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