Reality Check: Republicans Actually Love the Immigration Crisis at Our Border

boehner-immigrationYou can’t turn the news on nowadays without hearing about the thousands of immigrant children that have traveled here from Central and South America seeking asylum.  Check out any conservative media outlet and all you’ll see is Republican after Republican blaming President Obama for this entire situation.

Blatantly ignoring the fact that law determining how we must deal with immigrants from non-contiguous countries was signed in 2008 by George W. Bush.

But don’t let this “outrage” by Republicans fool you.  Deep down they actually love what’s going on at our border.

It’s given them another reason to blame something on President Obama – that has nothing to do with President Obama.

In fact, President Obama has tried to fix the 2008 law so that we can treat immigrants from non-contiguous countries the same way we do those from Canada and Mexico.  That is, give Border Patrol agents the power to immediately start the deportation process.

Right now immigrants from non-contiguous countries must be taken in and put in front of an immigration judge to determine whether or not they’ll be granted asylum.  Whereas immigrants from Canada and Mexico can be immediately sent back.

Obama’s even asked for a $3.7 billion bill to help fix the problems on the border pertaining to these immigrant children.

The problem is Republicans are refusing to act, using the ridiculous excuse that “they don’t trust the president to handle immigration.”  That’s pretty much been their go-to excuse as to why they haven’t taken up immigration reform.  You’d have to be an idiot to buy that excuse, yet tens of millions of conservative voters apparently do.

So we have a president who’s trying to change the law so that we can instantly deport immigrants from non-contiguous countries, who’s asking for $3.7 billion to help deal with the crisis we’re currently dealing with, yet Republicans aren’t doing a damn thing but complaining that President Obama isn’t trying to do anything.

It’s laughable.

But they sure as heck aren’t going to support these measures by President Obama.  Why would they?  One of their key talking points to get their base riled up has been bashing the president on immigration.  Hell, Sarah Palin just called for his impeachment because of this issue.

If they support his plan to help fix some of these issues, then what?  Who really thinks Republicans are going to help the president eliminate one of their best made up talking points that they use against him?

Though it’s not just their continued attacks on President Obama they want to maintain.  They want to exploit these children to get their voters in a mad frenzy heading into this year’s midterm elections as well.  With racism prevalent within many conservative voters, pushing the idea that thousands of immigrant children are flooding our borders due to “radical liberal policies making our nation less safe” is exactly what they want to use to help increase their voter turnout.

Or in the case of Rick Perry, he’s using it for photo-ops he can use during his 2016 presidential campaign.

But when it comes right down to it, Republicans are loving the situation at the border and they have absolutely no intention of working with President Obama to fix it.

Because by doing so they’d be helping the president and eliminating one of their best pieces of propaganda against Obama.

Which are two things they sure as heck aren’t planning on doing.

And by not helping the president actually fix this issue, instead choosing to play partisan politics like always, they are the ones who are actually encouraging it.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • William Fite

    Again Allen you are missing some important facts within your rant. Obama extended the law that Bush signed that Clinton first signed. That law was intended to stop the flow of sex slaves. This was a unintended consequence. Instead of just asking for more money which the majority of that money does not go towards fixing this problem, why don’t you propose a fix. Obama has done nothing. Oh I forgot he did come to Texas, he did meet with Rick Perry (after being shamed into it, of course), he did go to some fund raisers (in which he mentioned himself about 199 times in the speech) and he ate some BBQ. Within his administration there are things he can do, he could send in the national guard and secure the border. He could build that fence, he does talk about building and fixing the infrastructure.

    • Stephen Barlow

      The National Guard’s are STATE RUN Militia. Federal Troops could mean the National Guard, and frankly, the DOD SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE for the DEFENSE of our Borders!!!! But it’s only a Republican Cash Cow for donors.

      Just remember one thing, EVEN WITH the rampant level of Race based Obamahate ion the GOP and America, 10% of that 47% of the RED vote will DISAPPEAR with a White Democrat on the ballot in 2016. Which would make Obama’s 52% WIN a 57% WIN for ANY Democrat.

      Also, the overwhelming # of women who would defy their GOP hubbies and take a beating to ‘correct’ the mistake made in 2008 will push a Clinton candidacy over 60%, maybe even to a Johnson or Nixon landside level. But Nixon benefitted from a Kennedy assassination late in the campaign.

      Wonder if Sirhan Sirhan was a close Bush Family friend in the days of the Bush CIA? Could explain WHY he has been quietly enjoying prison for 40 years. Could ALSO explain the birth of Al Quaida.

    • Betty Smith

      William….just yesterday I saw an interview with the journalist who is an undocumented worker here in the US with a Philippino passport….he said our borders are secure, he was detained for 5 days. All you people who keep saying we need to secure the border are talking out your a++ the borders are secure, Obama has consistently, year after year, deported 400,000 illegal immigrants and those are, a lot of them, the very ones who are now these thugs and gang members in Central America threatening the lives of the children and killing children. So gets the facts. All these kids coming in have been detained….that is called border security. I know Republicans don’t like to hear facts but somewhere, sometime, somehow you are going to have to start believing the truth. So if they want to change the law that is in place, which is what Obama wants to do so these kids can be processed quicker then we can get about the business of deportation but for now Obama is following the law. And in the minds of many, these kids are refugees they are fleeing gang wars and drug wars where they are being killed… while we ask every country in the world to accept refugees fleeing from war torn neighbors, we of course, shouldn’t have to accept refugees. Why would that be?

  • Stephen Barlow

    No matter WHAT the REDS do on this one, they are getting their ass whipped by NOT DOING THEIR JOBS, which is first and foremost (in all the GOP advertising and slogan throwing) to DEFEND America like Patriots!!!

    The backlash against the ShutDown Party for being THE NUMBER ONE LEAST EFFECTIVE Congress in history. 53 bills in one year is not the story, it’s a monthly bill to mismanage the 4th greatest legislation in the last century.

    The 19th Amendment, granting women the vote.

    He whole slew of actions signed by Roosevelt to make Social Security REAL for every American.

    The Civil Rights Act/VRA by yet ANOTHER DEMOCRAT, Johnson.

    REAL affordable healthcare reform by an N-word President!!!

    I know it galls them to be BESTED by so few Executive Orders, but acting like Terrorists in Office is NOT the answer.

    Ask what ‘Great Republican Legislation’ has ever been passed.
    NAH NAH NAH, While you Republicans might wanna CLAIM Lincoln and Martin Luther King as enrollees in your hate cult… Lincoln was acting as the Democrats of today are.

    The Reagan health reforms only created millions of homeless sick persons, All while inflating prison populations so badly MURDERERS were being paroled with single digit time served!

    The Reagan Tax Plan only got spent running up the DEBT, just as General Bush’s Tax Cut fueled 10,7 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt and bankrupted the Greatest Wealth Creation Machine in universal history.

    Ike DID create the Interstates, as a paranoid move to shuffle the military and Congress out of harms way. But if paved for the betterment of CIVILIAN lives, it would have been a a NO GO!

    Who could forget the FAILURE TO LEGISLATE during the Blowjob Impeachment Farce, which had the WHOE WORLD laughing @ the last Superpower….

    It’s time to put the Zombie GOP in it’s grave.

  • surfjac

    The President ought to just come out and say to mr. boehner, “Why don’t you take this one and run with it, John!” After all, who controls the MONEY?
    Let the gop leaders in the house solve the problem and let America judge them on their efforts. If they don’t think the President can do anything, they should step up and do it. When it goes against established law, let them be called on it. When it costs money and they spend without cutting elsewhere, call them on it. When it turns this situation into an even worse crisis, call them on it and don’t forget to make sure everyone knows it’s “CHILDREN” who were punished for nothing other than being told to go find a better life where they hopefully won’t be killed by drug gangs or face poverty forever.
    If they succeed, thank them very much and move on.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Please go back a little further. Senate passed immigration reform bill. It has been sitting on Boehner’s desk for over a year and half without comment. Despite repubs in 2013 promising to tackle immigration with a massive media blitz, the House has blocked it by doing nothing.

    Only mention from Boehner is that he can’t pass it because he doesn’t trust Obama. (quite a laugh considering the long record of Boehner and house repubs negotiating a deal and even voting to get it to the floor, but then voting against it in what would be the final vote, coming up with all sorts of spurrious reasons.