Being a Liberal in a Red State

1482397_10152071034787489_627239736_nDespite what people in California, New York and other “blue states” think, there are liberals in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and other “red states.”

In fact, there are millions of us.

For me, being a liberal in a red state is often very frustrating. Sometimes I ask myself, “Does thinking I’m the last sane person on the planet actually make me insane?” Not because I’m the only liberal I’ve met, but you just feel so overwhelmed by conservative rhetoric that you can easily feel isolated from reality.

As for me, I live in Texas – Austin to be exact.  Usually when people who follow me on Twitter or my Facebook find this out they either say it gives them hope for Texas or they ask how in the world can I stand being a liberal in such a red state. Trust me, it’s not always easy.

First let me tell you, Texas is not lost.  In fact I live with the belief that Texas is our best hope to ensure a Republican never sees the White House again. It wasn’t that long ago Texas had a Democratic Governor, Ann Richards. Not just a Democrat, but a female at that. Imagine, a female Democratic governor of Texas. But like he would do to the rest of the country as President, George W. Bush ran her through the mud and became governor in 1995. Gerrymandering soon followed and Texas has been “strongly Republican” ever since. We do, however, have a strong and growing liberal base.  Austin, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, is very liberal, and our Latino population (which leans Democrat by a wide margin) is growing as well.

But for now, it’s a red state, and I’m doing what I can to fix that.

During the 2012 and 2016 elections I didn’t put Obama or Clinton bumper stickers on my car for fear my car would get vandalized. My friend had one on hers and she often got flipped off and cussed at while driving because of it.

I rarely saw any Obama or Clinton yard signs all election season. I had mine, though I was actually shocked it didn’t get destroyed like it did in 2008.

I have sometimes worn a political shirt, which often got me dirty looks from people.  But being 6′ 215 pounds and built like an ex-linebacker does have its advantages — it often keeps people from saying too much. Though I did have one guy tell me that Obama was going to destroy this country.  I told him it was too late, Bush had already done that. I don’t think he liked that answer — nor did I care.

My Facebook is filled with conservative friends and family. I swear, some of the stuff I’ve seen them share is so laughable it’s sad. And I’m not exaggerating, at least 90% of it is completely untrue.  Not ideological differences, not debatable issues — just completely made up right-wing bullshit. Which has only gotten much worse since Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP ladder.

I have people who don’t know my political views often approach me and start yapping about the evils of Obama, Clinton, Democrats and liberals everywhere. For the most part I just let them rant, usually because my rebuttal to their nonsense would probably just go right over their head. It’s hard to have a reasonable discussion with someone who opens with, “Obama’s destroying this country with socialism.” Especially when it’s said by someone who appears to be collecting Social Security and Medicare, all while enthusiastically declaring their love for a moron like Trump.

I often feel isolated on an island of crazy. I simply assume everyone is a conservative, and when I do meet a fellow liberal (not that it’s rare, it’s just not nearly as common as a conservative) I’m usually surprised.

I believe living in a red state does make someone much more jaded about conservatives than if they were living in a state that was more of a balance between liberals and conservative. The seemingly constant repulsive things I’ve heard from many of these people has been nothing short of shocking.

I’ll say this much — you can’t tell me race had nothing to do with the hatred for Obama.  Hell, most of these people here still think he’s a Muslim and, trust me, many still don’t believe he’s an American citizen. Over the years, I’ve heard him called any number of derogatory words for African Americans more than I’ve heard his actual name or “the President.”

If you go anywhere that has a waiting room and a TV, it’s almost always on Fox News. Which probably explains why most of these people can’t name even a handful of factual statements about much of anything politically.

Oh yeah I wanted to get this out there, please don’t think Texans liked that imbecile Rick Perry who now the Secretary of Energy — they didn’t, not even Republicans. But the fact he was our longest serving governor in Texas history does show how sheepish conservative voters can be. In 2010, his last election, he refused to debate his challenger Bill White. Yes, you read that correctly, an incumbent refused to debate his challenger. Not only that, he did a complete media blackout with local Texas papers. Despite all of this, he still won re-election. It’s a talking point I use against Republicans when they try and attack Democrats: You voted for a man who said he had nothing to hide, bragged about his record – then refused to talk to local papers and wouldn’t debate his challenger before the election. Knowing that, it’s easy to see how a con man like Trump managed to become so sucessful.

While I hold my tongue for the most part when faced with right-wing ignorance, my urge to actually use facts and talk about reality gets the best of me from time to time.  This never goes well. When debating a Republican in these very “red” states many have quite literally been indoctrinated to say what it is they’re saying, so using facts to support your argument doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. It’s why I really view the GOP as more of a cult than an actual political party. Maybe this is less true for Republicans from swing states or more liberal states, but from strongly conservatives states (at least in my experience), they treat their political party and religion very similarly.

In fact I call it Republicanity, a mixture of Republican and Christianity. It’s some kind of strange mix of political ideology and faith. The terrifying part of this is faith doesn’t require facts, yet your political beliefs are supposed to. When you start treating your political beliefs like religion, you create something that’s much more dangerous. Climate change has become a hoax, evolution became debatable, history is suddenly fiction and reality is now liberally biased. Hell, anything that isn’t “right-wing approved media” is liberally biased — even international news reporting. Yes, I’ve seen conservatives refer to the BBC as “liberally bias,” seemingly unaware that it’s not an American news network.

But I’ll say this, the advantage to being a liberal in a red state is I see first hand the ridiculousness of the Republican Party. It solidifies my dedication to being a liberal activist, standing against their ignorance and fighting for my cause. Their ignorance is what I use to fuel my drive against their hypocrisy. There are times I’m completely exhausted, beaten down and worn out, then I hop on Facebook or see some inflammatory bumper sticker driving and suddenly I feel re-energized.

I say this to liberals in red states (and all liberals really), keep fighting. I’m not alone, you’re not along — we are not alone. Make your voice heard, make your presence felt. I truly believe that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

And these issues we face as a nation are too important for us to sit back and do nothing.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Good article. I’m from NY and always wondered how it would feel in Kansas or Georgia or Texas. I’m actually an Athiest Jew who always imagined it would feel kinda like the Third Reich except the “Jew” is substituted for the “N” word. I’m to scared to go to “flyover America” as I always felt my accent and my animated hand movement would just be a dead give away that I’m a “NY Jew Lawyer” and one of the less evolved would probably either ask where my horns and tail are or just shoot me. I don’t even like driving down I95 as I think the NY plate is just an invitation to be pulled over south of MD/DC. Why doesn’t a nice person like you come back to America, we would let you. Most of us Yankees think that texas shuld be returned to Mexico already. We would still let a nice progressive like you migrate to America b4 we build the wall.

    • Sorry, but this is really offensive to me. It comes across just as bigoted as you think southerners are.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        They are. Trust me.

      • No, not all of us are bigoted. Some of us are, but they are becoming scarcer as time goes on. However, we all generally have a low tolerance threshold for those lacking social graces and civility. I do not accuse you of these unpleasant qualities of course, however I do suggest you take my testimony to mind when one of your associates regales you with an anecdote about their misadventures in Dixie. Have a wonderful day and shalom to you.

      • DownriverDem

        I have a problem with the south too. If there are so many liberals there why don’t we know about it? When are folks like you going to take over the south and let us move forward? All we hear from are those that make me cringe big time.

      • Anti- Liberal

        the words “take over” is all what democrats do, Liberals are like locust they eat all the greenery in a prosperous state then the state collapses, and its on to the next patch (which would be Texas)

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        why don’t you come down here and give us a hand if you are so all fired liberal, or is it just socially acceptable to be a liberal where you are, requiring no thought and no action on your part. You not knowing there are liberals in the South shows your ignorance, not our lack of existence or hard work

      • sallie matthews


      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        kinda missed the entire point of the article didn’t you Sparky?

      • lindylou

        Steven, your comment follows the Christopublican line exactly. When one starts to point out the inconsistencies in the “conservative” propaganda, he or she is called a bigot. Which is the rightwing label for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      • Anti- Liberal

        you do realize that there are plenty of atheist who are republicans right? but then again you only read pro-liberal material so you were probably not aware of that

      • lindylou


      • lindylou

        I stand by my comment. Where do you think I read all the rightwing bs?

      • Me

        Actually, I read a lot of right-wing news sources and blogs dealing with conservative politics and/or Christianity. Many Liberals do. Not all, but quite a few. What is very telling is the tone of the comments I see on Conservative and/or Christian oriented forums as opposed to the tone of the comments on Liberal forums. For the most part, Liberal commenters tend to use facts, Conservative and Christian commenters use a lot of all caps, exclamation points, and mis-spellings.

      • Pearland Liberal

        Most of my conservative atheist friends have had to leave the Republican Party because they don’t feel the GOP acknowledges their voice. When a party starts to embrace the anti-science movement, they’re gonna lose the atheists.

    • If you move to TX, stick to El Paso. We have lots of Jewish people here and none that I know died from unnatural causes. My neighbors growing up were Jewish. El Paso was the last democrat stronghold in TX, but that is shaking up too due to influx of soldiers. In the military they try to indoctrinate you into Republicanism.

      • DownriverDem

        I remember reading that many of those in the military actually become Dems when they get out. They saw how diversity works.

      • Anti- Liberal

        Why do liberals think that republicans are all white? Here in Texas (which is dominantly red) there is lots of diversity, I am a republican supporter, and the area that I live in consist of whites (I am not white), African Americans, Asians, Muslims, Jewish, etc. You name it we have it, I never seen anyone argue with another person because of their race (here in Texas) maybe if you liberals would stop getting all your information from pro-liberal sources, maybe just maybe you would convert to the other side or you might be an independent (a person who supports neither the democratic or republican side)

      • Michael McAngus

        AL, please list some conservative sites that you think a liberal would be able to read without becoming angry and disgusted. This means that the main authors of the site refrain from anti-liberal invective (there will always be some bad apples in the contents section).

        My problem with conservative sites are the constant statements about what liberals want and what we think. Those statements and and and disgust me because they don’t apply to me not to the liberals I know.

      • Gary

        It will be a cold day in hell before I would ever cross over to the dark side.

    • pitipua

      That’d be a mean thing to do to Mexico. Please don’t listen to this man^^.

    • Ronka

      I’d be back in a New York minute if I could sell my house for something and get my Georgia husband to move. Son ( born in Fl but a New Yorker at heart) has already moved there at age 21 and vows never to return( I raised him right)

    • sallie matthews

      I’m from CT, and lived in TX for 7 long years. I am a white, female atheist, and was married to a black man. How do you think that went over? Needless to say, I am very happy to be home!

    • Amber

      It would be a dream to get out of Kansas and live in NY!

    • Marjean Fieldhouse

      Gee Paul thanks for enforcing stereotypes, that’s always worked well for minorities hasn’t it? Man up and MOVE to Texas if you want to really live your beliefs – we have a large Jewish community and a lot of liberals who could use the help of a liberal lawyer – but PS, we also grow our own. And do me a favor, next time you see me in NYC, try to keep the condescending remarks and assumptions about my beliefs to yourself when you see the blonde Texas liberal with a Southern accent….it gets tiresome being dismissed on sight or having to explain AGAIN that my family is and has always been proud Liberal, Roosevelt Democrats

  • I too am a liberal and I live in Texas, have all of my life. My Tea Party family have all but disowned me. I argue daily with friends on FB. I compeltely understand the frustration with people who totally disregard facts, dont remember what happened even last week, nevermind 5 years ago, and answer with things like “Because God says so”. It is maddening at times. But just know you are not alone, there are others like me out there too.

    • DownriverDem

      Don’t you feel that your vote is wasted since repubs win there all the time?

      • enkelin

        Nope, if enough people like me voted every time eventually a Dem would win again.

      • Cole Raney

        Texas is fast becoming a swing state. Democratic votes are perhaps nost important in Texas out of all states right now.

    • Amber

      Sounds like Kansas!

  • David

    Great article : ). I don’t normally leave comments, but i could completely relate as i am a 26 year old liberal from Texas. I feel so isolated some times. I feel like i live in a insane asylum sometime with the just absurd view Texas conservatives have. I feel like they are completely disconnected from reality. Anyways Great article and im glad to hear that im not alone 😀

    • Anti- Liberal

      So reality is that everyone needs to be taxed, and give more of their money to the government, oh gosh you are already brainwashed huh?
      why is it that most liberals tend to be young adults who still haven’t experienced reality?
      I guess Detroit failing because of Democrats, and states like California becoming corrupt still have not changed your views on what side you support.
      poor thing

      • RealMama

        So corruption only exists in “liberal” states? What a narrow world-view. Of course, your moniker, “Anti-Liberal” demonstrates a lot about you……you have such limited views that in your eyes ALL liberals are to be demeaned, simply for their views.

      • Guest

        And here is a fine example of someone who treats conservatism as a religion; short on facts and all about sweeping, inaccurate generalizations. The only thing missing is the extensive use of capitalized labels. And I love those who thought someone like me, who was a registered Republican before they were born, was too moderate to be Republican because I refused to march lock-step with those spouting nonsense. That’s why I changed my registration to “no preference”; I care little for the extremists on either end of the political spectrum.

      • I’m surprised that “tard” wasn’t stuck to any words in his post.

      • HiVeloCT

        And here is a fine example of someone who appears to embrace conservatism as a religion; short on facts long on sweeping, inaccurate generalizations and all about accepting political dogma on faith without the need for facts or logic. The only thing missing is the extensive use of capitalized labels. And I now laugh at those who thought someone like me, who was a registered Republican before they were born, was too moderate to be Republican because I refused to march lock-step with those spouting nonsense. That’s why I changed my registration to “no preference”; I care little for the extremists on either end of the political spectrum and will vote against them in favor of the rational candidate at every opportunity.

      • Kara Connor

        Look at figures for which states contribute positively to the national budget, and which simply take. Look up highest teenage pregnancy rates, lack of economic growth, highest percentage of people with no medical coverage. Then explain why the negatives are overwhelmingly GOP controlled. Then call me a libtard when you realize you have no actual facts supporting you.

      • Cole Raney

        Texas is an exception to a lot of those (not teen pregnancy though).

      • Kara Connor

        Sure, but as you say, it is an exception.

      • DinoBeliver

        Texas has been getting back more Federal money than it puts in for years…..

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        and has one of the highest teen pregnancy and teen STD rates in the country because of ‘faith based’ sex education

      • Pearland Liberal

        I’m 43 and become more liberal with every new right wing witch hunt. Kinda blows your theory.

      • BD

        I’m 47, a proud Marine Corps veteran, pro-second amendment, (but NOT NRA I support reasonable gun control) and overwhelmingly liberal. If you ever had a working brain cell it has long since died from neglect.

      • Elizabeth Hamaty

        BD, thank you for your service to our great country

      • eli

        If you support “reasonable” gun control, than you are not pro-second amendment, which specifically states “shall not be infringed”. That’s like saying you support freedom of speech as long as it’s regulated.

      • Dartsblaster2011

        There are LIMITS to freedom of speech also, sir. There are also laws against slander, defamation AND libel lest you had not heard before.

      • eli

        Speech is unregulated unless you directly harm someone with speech (i.e., slander and libel). It should be the same with firearms- harming someone with a gun should be illegal but they shouldn’t be regulated.

      • Gerry G

        Would you be in favor of doing away with requirements of driver’s licenses.? We have reasonable regulation to prevent harm to third parties. it is no answer to say third parties could sue if they are hurt.There is no liberty that is not subject to reasonable regulation or you wind up with anarchy.

      • Todd Heath

        It also states “well regulated”. Cherry pick much?

      • DinoBeliver

        Do you think people should be able to burn the Flag? Isn’t that considered “free speech”…..Should that be regulated? Everything needs to b regulated to protect us all. A person who is mentally unstable or incompetent shouldn’t have a firearm. A person convicted of a violent Felony, especially one utilizing a firearm in the commission of that Felony, shouldn’t have the right to have a firearm. Sorry, but it’s true. It’s called Common Sense.

      • eli

        Of course people should be allowed to burn the flag- it’s free speech.

        The problem with the term mentally unstable is in the definition. Is an anorexic? A depressed person? Someone with PTSD? What if their mental illness does not make them a danger to others? Who gets to decide? What if they recover? Plus, determining who actually is a danger is essentially guesswork. I can’t immediately find the citation but one study found psychiatrists were only 50% correct in determining who is actually a danger. We shouldn’t take away someone’s rights based on, essentially, the flip of a coin.

        I disagree with you about felons (if you’ve paid the time and finished parole, you should be free to own firearms) but do respect the STATES rights to limit guns to that class. I don’t much care about “common sense”- I care about rights. I’d have an absolute view of the 2nd Amendment EVEN IF it made the country more dangerous (though it doesn’t). Liberty is more important than safety.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        and how about Chris Christie refusing to ban CONVICTED wife beaters from owning guns?

      • Terry Major-Holliday

        I am a liberal and 61 years old. Most of my friends are liberal as well, and believe that everyone should pay their fair share to help those in need. Many of the Boomer generation are liberal, so I think you statement that most liberals tend to be young adults who haven’t experienced reality was something you pulled out of thin air.

      • Todd Heath

        It wasn’t pulled out of thin air. It’s been residing in the very crevice he or she has their head lodged in.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        You want a strong military? Pay for it! You want decent schools? Pay for them! You want police available to help you if you get robbed or attacked. That costs money, pal. You want cash in your pocket? Those pieces of green-printed paper are worthless without the “full faith and credit” of the government to back them. You want to make sure the house you just bought is legally yours? Register the deed with your county! You want to make sure you get a gallon of gas when you pay for a gallon? That takes inspectors! Want to travel on highways? Pay for them! BTW, I’m 63 years old….and I think I get a great bargain when I pay my taxes!

      • richard

        I love you! I tell conservatives to think of America as a country club….you want nice things? You have to pay club dues. Simple.

      • HiVeloCT

        Well said Cathryn!

      • Gerry G

        You might want to add that one of our greatest Supreme Court Justice , Oliver Wendell Holmes,said, “Taxes are the price of civilization”. He was not a liberal but a hard headed thinker.

      • Rosewarren

        Yet again your rhetoric is unsupported by facts, simply hateful blather, you do nothing but lend credence to his words

      • purplestateliberal

        @anti-liberal…I’m 64 and a strong liberal. p.s. you seriously need an education!

      • Richard Schriever

        Detroit’s downfall was white (conservative) flight to the suburbs (I.E. abandonment of their responsibility in favor of relative social isolation) – not democrats.

      • Dick Adams

        That and the desire not to be randomly mugged twice a week by a uncontrolable mob of Liberal supported gangsters.

      • DinoBeliver

        You are insane. Detroit’s downfall was the overreach of the Unions and the Democratic administration that ran the City into the ground.

      • Sammi

        Why do some Republicans think it’s okay to paint Democrats with one brush. Wake up, smell the coffee, vote progressive.

      • eli

        Why do Democrats think it’s okay to paint Republicans with one brush? Every progressive I know honestly believes Republicans are stupid or evil.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        um because your presidential candidate continually spouts racist and sexist insults and we watch while the Republican national leadership supports him?

      • eli

        I didn’t vote for Trump and I’m a Republican. The majority of primary voters didn’t vote for Trump (we won pluralities- not majorities). Hence, you shouldn’t paint with such a broad brush. Many of us in the GOP are appalled by Trump and his rhetoric.

      • Elizabeth Hamaty

        I’m 53. My mom, a fellow Dem., is 86. My dad was a World War II vet and lifelong Democrat. Trust me, I’m not the one who is brainwashed. I know my political party is not perfect, but I am unwilling to allow the privileged few at the top to keep getting richer while the middle class goes down the toilet. I don’t make enough money to be a Republican and I’m not hard hearted enough. Folks working forty hors a week and can’t take care of their families is wrong! I don’t think most people should pay more taxes, but I do believe that the super rich
        and corporations should pay their fair share. Detroit didn’t fail because of Dems. And California is no more corrupt than Texas or Louisiana.

      • Dick Adams

        If you’re working fourty Hors (whores) a week you should be financeally able to be whatever you wish.

      • Anne Smith, IBCLC

        You aren’t a very good troll, are you? I would give you an “A” for effort, but you haven’t earned an A with your sloppy writing and disjointed opinions.

        Keep practicing, and maybe your trolling skills will improve. In the meantime, you can keep entertaining those of us with logical thinking skills with your hate filled rants.

        Stupidity of this magnitude is so bad it’s (almost) funny – but mostly sad.

      • eli

        The super rich and corporations pay far more than their “fair share”. I’m a Republican because I believe envy and theft are sins. It’s immoral to envy someone’s money so much that you demand the government steal it and give it to you or others. I’m pretty poor myself but have no feelings of ill-will towards those who have more than me. I have no problem working hard. Most rich people work much longer hours than poor people.

      • Todd Heath

        That’s poppycock. As a percentage of actual income the poor and middle class pay a lot higher tax rates than the wealthy. If the wealthy actually paid the same percentage we wouldn’t have a declining middle class nor crumbling infrastructure. Your comment smacks of indoctrination and outright ignorance.

      • DinoBeliver

        Percentage of income is not a fair way to determine tax liability if you truly want to be fair. Every American should pay the same exact dollar amount or they should not enjoy all the freedoms and rights and benefits of being an American.

      • Todd Heath

        How is it fair charging a poor person the same tax bill a rich person would pay? Doesn’t the rich person benefit more, therefore should pay more? There is nothing fair about what you’re proposing.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        oh please, do you know how many major corporations get massive tax breaks or go off-shore to avoid paying US taxes.

      • DinoBeliver

        Please define “fair share”. Shouldn’t every person pay the same exact monetary amount, no matter of income or wealth? Wouldn’t that be fair? It’s pretty simple. Take the amount needed to run the Government, divide by the number of people…..and you have the per capita “fair” amount for each person. Using your logic Corporations shouldn’t have to pay any taxes because it’s not fair to tax a corporation when some citizens don’t have a corporation.

      • Liberal Nana

        I’m 61, will be 62 in November. I was born into a Republican family and registered Republican when I became old enough to vote. I even campaigned for the Republican party….long ago. I’m a liberal now and not a young adult. I don’t vote down party lines but I do vote with those who are in line with my beliefs. I’ve lived in reality. Sorry to blow your theory out of the water but I know MANY baby boomer Liberals. Your anti-liberal moniker and your brainwashing comment says more about you than it does me. Name calling and demeaning language does nothing to help the ultra conservative/tea party cause. It too says more about you than me.

      • invisigoth

        Detroit is failing because the auto makers started turning out crap cars and people started buying quality cars from foreign car makers. Detroit is failing because of corporate greed not because of any liberal ideology.

        How about you throw some facts into the mix instead of spouting GOP talking points. Facts speak to me, your uninformed, ignorant posts do not.

        Oh, and I’ve been around for a long time. I have experienced life. I’ve experienced 3 jobs outsourced and my spouse’s manufacturing job die as more and more jobs were sent overseas.

      • Meg Nicole Mufson

        dude, 9 out of the 10 poorest states in the country are conservative. Explain that shit please.

    • Sarah Fawcett Kangas

      My first 40 years was in Illinois now I’m in Texas, ohh! the crap living among crazy conservatives.

      • Dick Adams

        I find it amusing that Liberals flee their northern cesspools of crime and corruption for the lower taxed, layed-back life style of Texas and then seem to be yet still unsatisfied. Could it just maybe be; Liberals are never happy?

      • ibwilliamsi

        I find it amusing that you think that Texas is low tax (only for millionaires and corporations) layed back (sic) is a good thing – so laid back that school is a bad thing.

        Your ignorance is showing.

      • Dick Adams

        I have found the Texas school system to be excellent with the exception of the Liberal strongholds of Houston, Dallas and Austin. These three locations are pretty much void of actual Texans and are avoided by such.

      • ibwilliamsi

        You would, Dick.

      • Dick Adams

        To ibwilliamsi – Your response is typically Liberal. Answer any debate or discussion with a rude and unrelated comment and display of feigned indignation. Like the old “Chicken and Egg” question; do Liberal’s become miserable or do miserable people become Liberal’s? I await your unrelated response.

      • ibwilliamsi

        Liberal and proud of it, Dick.

      • Armando

        Glad to hear you admit defeat in the urban areas, damn right all the big Texas cities are Democrat, and they will continue to be.

      • Dick Adams

        I’m afraid you’re correct Armando, but it’s not my defeat. I have no interest in these infestations other than avoidance.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        so you like the fact that the Texas board of ed wants to refer to slaves as ‘hired help’ and our Gov wastes millions in tax payer dollars to grandstand for issues that will inevitably be overturned in court in a cynical bid to keep his job

      • David Bell

        So, you find that 2 of the highest rated school districts in this country (Top 2 in state) Houston ISD and Plano ISD (North Dallas) are crap compared to the bible pushing smaller districts in this state? It must suck that you can’t push your ideology on children don’t it?

        BTW Dick, I’m a 5th Generation Texan so I have to wonder if only people who agree with your point of view are considered Texans in your mind.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        many of us didn’t ‘flee’ anything, we grew up here, we love our states – we would like them to have decent schools and healthcare for the rest of the people who live here and vote against their own interest

  • TallTexan

    I too am a liberal in Texas, Houston to be exact. I’ve lived here on and off my entire life and most of my family are evangelical loons who vote red no matter what. My Dad, who was an atheist when I was a child but has since converted to the Church of Christ (total nutjobs) once told me he didn’t understand how I turned out the way I did. My response? I told him he taught me the difference between right and wrong and how to think for myself. He didn’t care for that answer too much. I’ve learned to avoid political and religious discussions with my family and I too am scared to sport Obama stickers on my car for fear of vandalism (new tires are expensive!) but I have successfully converted many of my friends to the Blue side and Texas is definitely turning purple. Our hard work on that front will pay off before you know it and when Texas turns Blue the Republicans will NEVER see the inside of the White House again!

    • Barbara Harrison

      Oh how I pray you are correct TallTexan! I admire what progressive Texans are doing to turn the state around. From your next door neighbor to the North….we are working on this end as well, but it is often a “no-brainer” (the people we encounter in this battle)!!

    • Anti- Liberal

      I find it funny how ignorant you are towards religions, liberals say that everyone should have an equal chance at everthing but then again, most of you are young adults, and for the ones who are old, well you are all people who never matured
      Thank GOD that this country isn’t 100% liberal/ pro-baby killer (the fetuses do not have the right to live)/ pro-“medical drugs”(I meant recreational)/ pro-taxes (which keep the poor well poor)

      • Me

        Adhere to the party line, sir. Do not deviate. Eyes forward and never question that which is common knowledge among those inside your echo chamber. Otherwise you may have to think for yourself.

      • Bill Maher Fan

        Anti- Liberal It’s funny how you make a political discussion into a platform for a personal attack It shows your lack of intellect, and loss of ability to truly debate the issues, not to mention it shows how sore of a loser you are. But really, Why are you here again? you’re obviously not just a sore loser but a(n) Internet troll as well try subscribing to your usual redneck conservative racist fox news propaganda oh and btw that comment “I find it funny how ignorant you are towards religions” I find that just hilarious coming from someone with such obvious conservative views especially after how badly I’m sure you would talk of the islamic faith

      • Tristan M Hedges

        The fact that you say everyone who is liberal is either a young adult or an immature adult leads me to think you are only about 12 years of age yourself, for that is a common idiosyncrasy among them. Other than that, I have no interest to enter a political debate with an ignoramus as you have proven yourself to be.

      • The Reader

        Aha Anti-Liberal, finally where you’re coming from has become apparent. I live among you pro-life (but don’t support the baby after it’s born) over-medicated, anti-tax clowns, and it’s so obvious you are so self-centered, it’s you who hasn’t matured past your comfortable life and gotten even a glimpse at how some of our American citizens live – how many of them are homeless – how many of them WOULD work if someone would give them a job. Democrats didn’t cause this; they’ve tried to make life better for those (all) folks. What have conservative Republicans done? The list is very long and not useful to the public unless you count showing up to work. Oh, sorry, they haven’t done either, have they?.

  • I’m a transplant liberal living in middle Tennessee. A big culture shock for me. I could insert “Tennessee” in place of “Texas” in your article. Scotty, beam me up!

    • pitipua

      i feel your pain! see my post above.

    • Xtine13

      Transplant in Tennessee as well.

    • DownriverDem

      A rightie from Johnson City TN warned me about the teabaggers before we really saw them in action. I truly feel sorry for you living in the south full of RWNJs.

  • Mando

    I’m a liberal in Houston. Thanks for the blog.

  • oldgoathead35957

    Keep Fighting.. I live in Northern Alabama..I just have a Blue Spot in a Red State tag on my car.. Only those that know honk or wave…We will get back to Blue.

  • PK

    Thanks for writing this. As a liberal born and raised in a liberal state, I’m one of those that is often befuddled (to put it mildly) by some of the things I hear from friends and family from the other side of the aisle. Nevertheless, I believe and have often said to my liberal friends from “red” states, the biggest mistakes liberals have made politically are giving up on red states and the military. Seems like that tide might be turning. Your article gives me hope. So, thanks again.

    • I grew up in the north Houston area, moved to Dallas in my late 20’s and now split my time between a small central Tx town and Dallas. If I was capable of writing a coherent article, this would have been it. I am amazed at the ignorance that I hear on a daily basis. People in this small town think there are cameras in their TV’s and computers and feel the govt’ is watching their every move. Some of them won’t answer the census or threaten the census staff when they come on their property because “it is none of the govt. f—-ing business”. How can you reason with stupid?

      • CT_Resident

        You can’t, which is so discouraging when the conversation happens.
        That’s so funny that they think like that, since, um, it would have had to have happened after they voted the GOP in and Bush and Devil Cheney were in the Whitehouse, doing the mad powergrab crap. Maybe if you explain that the amount of money a state is given or reps in congress are allocated by state population, and if they don’t send in their paperwork, *insert the name of some Repugnantican pol* might lose their seat in congress due to the undercount of the population… see how fast they scramble then.

      • Anti- Liberal

        you are aware that people from both the republican and the democratic side are usually paranoid about the government spying on them right?

    • Anti- Liberal

      “the biggest mistakes liberals have made politically are giving up on red states ”
      You mean going to a red state bashing its economy, then moving to another state and doing the same thing? and tax everyone there so the government can get more money, and forcing everyone to join programs that they do not want to get into?

  • jen

    I’m a liberal in Michigan. While not AS conservative as TX, I still find myself surrounded by Republicans at work and on FB. I honestly don’t get how they can spout half the crap they say with a straight face. When I told a woman at work that Paul Ryan offends me as a woman and a mother, she said that Joe Biden offends her. ?!?! (That was me confused). I told her that Joe Biden doesn’t want to force his religious beliefs onto myself and my daughter, but Paul Ryan does. Vice-President Biden worships his God, but doesn’t expect every American to subscribe to his beliefs. Paul Ryan does. And the blog is correct. In EVERY SINGLE instance of someone complaining about Obama at work, it’s always been someone who’s either collecting SS, Medicare, or welfare assistance. They DO realize conservatives would strip them of all of those things, if they could? Just mind boggling.

    • DownriverDem

      I still say race does play a part for some righties. They don’t want PBO in the White House.

      • Anti- Liberal

        Downriver most people do not want Barrack Obama because he keeps shoving people into stupid programs like Obama Care, if paying $299 per month is cheap than you must be 1) really rich or 2)brainwashed by liberal propaganda

      • DWinDallas

        What a clown you are. Obamacare is nothing like the plan liberals favor. Liberals want single payer while conservatives like the Heritage Foundation pushed a system dependent on health insurance companies. If Obamacare is expensive it’s because the right insists that health insurance companies extract money from the system while providing zero value. That’s YOUR side of the debate. And then you have the balls to blame liberals for Obamacare. You are an intellectual clown.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        ‘down river’ by which I assume you mean the South, our state governments are refusing to implement Obamacare and dooming poor people to unnecessary illness and death

    • fairness_rules

      jen, you hit the nail on the head. Your post is so accurate! Thank you! If only the “right” could see how wrong they are.

      • Anti- Liberal

        I am not against Barrack Obama because of his race, I have friends who are African-Americans and we get along just fine, so this comment proves that Downriver’s and your comments are inaccurate

      • lindylou

        “I have friends who are African-Americans and we get along just fine,” But would you vote for one?

      • Daniel Boyd

        “I have friends who are black” the clarion call for conservatives to prove they aren’t racist…

      • Me

        I’ve not met a racist in 20 years who didn’t have African-American “friends” to prove their open-mindedness. However, speaking politely to someone when you see them in the grocery story doesn’t make them your “friend.”

  • I always maintained, it’s so much easier to control by keeping them ignorant and naive; and a religion and fear are great tools to use to keep them in line.. that’s what the dictator leaders in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia use. It’s a proven method. why should in America be any different?

  • Annie in Austin – now!!!

    Dam, I could’ve written this – it’s exactly how I felt living most of my adult life in Dallas (from PA and raised Democrat, but as you know, PA has gone ‘publican too:-( However, I just got so sick of everyone’s assumption that EVERYONE homogeneously shared the EXACT SAME politic views, I ran as fast as I could when I got divorced and fled to Austin…where I enjoy “normalcy” as I knew it, where people CAN and DO have opposing political views, but can act like mature adults and not resort to name calling while discussing these views. I feel sorry for the persecution you have to endure, but hey, Jesus did the same! Love “Right Off a Cliff”!!!

    • Anti- Liberal

      Weird Austin has lots of young adults, most of these “mature adults” love to get drunk, go to parties, get drunk, get drunk, get drunk, and get drunk, and whenever they start protest, they usually start cursing at the opposing side, I recall hearing someone saying “you guys are ****** brainwashed you mother *******” but if this is your definition of maturity, well I cannot argue against that. Again there are plenty of republicans who are atheist, stop it with the whole religious nut job excuse.

  • I love this. I LOVE THIS. I’m your neighbor in red state Oklahoma, and a liberal, and a Christian Anarchist. I don’t know how many times I’ve called out my “Christian” conservative family members for regurgitating the lies and propaganda they hear. It’s truly terrifying to know that I have to spend time with these people at gatherings and parties. They don’t like me because I’m a follower of Christ and I support liberal ideals and I’m usually stuck trying to defend myself and my belief that Christians SHOULD be liberal, they SHOULD want to give to the poor, they SHOULD not judge people based on race, income, or sexual identity…and just like you said, they never listen. I’ve shared your article on my Facebook for all to see, and I sincerely hope a few of them are curious enough to read it.

    • JanS

      If you haven’t already, visit ‘The Christian Left” on facebook. Great page. All are welcome.

    • “they SHOULD want to give to the poor, they SHOULD not judge people based on race, income, or sexual identity”

      Its sad that you have to defend yourself against Christians for following the teachings of Christ.

    • Richard Cheek

      Don’t feel like you are all alone here on the north side of the Red River. I am also a liberal, Christian in Oklahoma.

    • Oklahoma liberal who stood up and ran against the Congressional tea party candidate in 2012 (Mullin). If you want liberals in government we could use a little help.

    • Elizabeth Hamaty

      Amen, Erica. I’m lucky to have found a church, where not everyone is liberal, but it is very concerned with social issues and reaches out to those in need. Liberals are not shunned and we all can find common ground, even if its not always about politics. Someone once said to my dad, how can you be a Christian and a DEMOCRAT? His response was, how can I not ?

    • Todd Heath

      I’m a gay liberal atheist in Oklahoma. I’m practically the antichrist incarnate to the majority of Oklahomans.

  • Pitipua

    I commend you, I even admire you. I lived in FL for 6 years after living 20 in CA and I could not get out of that godforsaken swamp fast enough. You’re a good man.

  • I seriously think he crawled into my head and put my thoughts in print.

  • I’m with you, I live in North Carolina. In the most Repubilcan pocket of the north eastern coastal area. I have a bloody tongue most of the time. Your description of your part of Texas could be here on any day of the week.

    • Anti- Liberal

      I live in Texas and it is peaceful here, I have some friends who are pro libs and I am a pro-republican and we get along just fine, we never argue about politics, we usually go for a stroll at the park, we go out to our city’s downtown which has no vacancies like some liberal cities which have no businesses in their cities *cough cough Detroit*

  • Try being a liberal female near Fort Campbell Kentucky……Good ole Mitch land.

  • MC

    Thanks for the article. I know exactly what you are talking about. Though Florida came up Blue for the last two elections, my county is over the top red. I moved here eight years ago, and love everything BUT the fact that myself and my kids are surrounded by ignorant Republicans. People are backass backwards. They love Bush, and wish he was still president. Oh my…wears me out.

  • uconnfaninalabama

    im from Connecticut and go to school in Alabama. Proud democrat.

    • CT_Resident

      Represent! Stay strong while you’re there, I’ve heard that Republicans in the south are actually zombies who can infect your brain with some ridiculous ideas, if they’re given enough opportunity. Come back frequently, for reality checks and reassurance that you are ok, and not the freak for believing that we all matter, not just the 1% and Extremist Christians.

  • I’m a North Carolina liberal, which means I spend most of my free time just being humiliated. Raleigh has gone completely insane. The republicans control everything and all truly seems lost. Of course the upside is, South Carolina keeps sending us those very sweet ‘Thank you’ notes.

    • SJ

      Here, Here! I am from NC and completely agree. Our state is just simply embarrassing at this point. Trying to pass an amendment declaring a state-wide religion?!?! Really!?

    • Anti- Liberal

      It is so weird, I have never PERSONALLY heard a republican insulting a Democrat here in Fort Worth, TX, both sides seem to get along just fine, but when I go to the comments on any article I see liberal stating things about republicans being “insane”, and republicans being only white, and racist, rude towards liberals, most of the times I see **** republicans, **** **** (profanity), but it always confuses me when a liberal claims that a republican is **** **** **** racist white **** **** **** <= hypocrite maybe?

  • Amanda

    Thank you! This is exactly how I feel! I live in Florida, not a red state, but my county is 75% registered Republican. You’d be hard pressed to find an Obama sticker around here, at least for the 2012 election. I didn’t put one on my car this time because last time my car was keyed and my tire flattened when I had it one there. I was also harassed in traffic by a guy when I had the sticker on there. I watched the debates with 6 people. It’s so hard for me because I grew up here and don’t want to move away, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a liberal part of the country. Hopefully I’ll get accepted to UF and get to spend some time in Gainesville, which is in the only county in this part of the state that voted blue. It’s also hard for me because I’m “country” (NOT an ignorant redneck) and love that way of life, but it means being surrounded by conservatives. Can someone please find me a liberal cowboy? lol. I get so tired of all the hate and ignorance I see spewed. Thanks again for writing this!

    • Yea, a liberal cowboy. Me too! Let me know if there are any. Not here in Arizona. Lots of liberal cowgirls tho!

  • kimmie

    Gosh reading this sounds just like me, I am right there with you here in Missouri.

  • Jordan

    I’m also a liberal who lives in Texas. It is very frustrating, but here is the best advice to any liberals who live in Texas. Move to Austin! Greatest city in the U.S., and one of the most liberal. Plus you can have the satisfaction of flipping of the capital where Rick Perry works.

  • Liberal in Louisiana and it’s scary out there. I completely understand not putting bumper stickers on your car. And it’s not a prejudice against the south or a prejudice at all. It’s a feeling of being ostracized because of your views, of feeling like the world around you has gone crazy.

  • juneberry

    Try being a female liberal and non christian in a red state like North Dakota, where the Berlin wall goes down the middle and people in the west might not even know some democrat is running for governor! I can identify with most of what you say, even though I am not 6′ (the weight is close though). I’ve had my signs stolen, my car keyed, vandalism that the local city kitties won’t persue….and been horrified by the fact that people who for years seemed to share my politics have, since Mr. Obama, come out of their closets as racists…full blown. And here I am with a minority child, ‘mom’ to numerous exchange students who were not white, and foster mom to others. How did they keep that hidden so long????

    • Josh S

      Racists see a black man in control of the country and they can’t suppress their fear – including lots of people who never admitted to themselves that they’re deeply racist.

      That’s why it’s different with Obama.

      • Anti- Liberal

        there are many republicans who are Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc. You just proved how brain washed leftist are.

      • Josh S

        No there aren’t.

      • lindylou

        Corporatist shills.

      • ServeKnowledge

        “There are many republicans who are Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc.” Not according to this Pew Research Center Poll circa July 2012:

        Republican/Lean Republican:
        White- 87%
        Black- 2%
        Hispanic- 5%
        Other- 4%
        (This does not add up to 100% because I am sure people declined to provide racial statistics)

        Democrat/Lean Democrat:
        White- 61%
        Black- 21%
        Hispanic- 10%
        Other- 7%
        (Again, only adds up to 99%)

        Unfortunately for you this specific poll seems to provide a significant argument against your argument that many republicans are Hispanic, Black, or Asian.

    • Anti- Liberal

      if you are bias towards Christians and start going off on them about God not existing, well of course people will get mad at you, if you oppose their views just change the subject.

      • lindylou

        Why do you have to get mad at someone just because he doesn’t believe the way you do? Let’s leave that mindset to the jihadists. The problem is that “Christians” insist on infecting every single facet of daily life and having it all their way to the extent of attempting to rewrite the Constitution and suborning any attempt at free expression. A good recent example is that complete lunatic Alan West penning his revisionist fable of the founding fathers, well larded with things they never said.

  • It only gets better! Think of if we could actually change some people’s minds to our side! That is the ideal scenario. No one wants to see a crazy old person so stuck in their ways, whom have alienated their friends and family, die alone because they can’t grasp larger, better, pictures of the world.

  • In Obama’s reelection… Texas went red 60%-40%… That would mean if only 6% of all voters shifted towards Democrat that would be a big, BLUE TEXAS at 56%-54%. 6% is all we need! This WILL happen within the next 5 elections. I will call it here and now.

    • Adrian

      A 10 percentage-point shift would only be enough to make Texas 50/50. You got your numbers right, but the sides wrong. A 6 percentage-point shift would leave Texas 54% red, which would still be an improvement, but not enough to turn it blue.

      • Anti- Liberal

        Texas will eventually turn blue no matter what, it is normal for a state to have an influx of liberals because their own views damaged the economy of their previous state that they lived in, eventually after Texas turns blue, the cycle will start over, Texas economy is at first prosperous> economy goes to a halt> economy goes downhill> everyone moves to the next state that has low taxes and jobs> the cycle continues on and on

    • MrLightRail

      All we need to do is get more Dem’s to VOTE, instead of thinking their vote doesn’t count in a Red state.

    • Anti- Liberal

      The only reason Texas is becoming more “liberal” is because people from other states (which move here because their leftist side ruined their state) keep moving here looking for jobs, a stable economy, etc. (liberal states do not have any of these qualities)

      • Cole Raney

        Really? So Illinois, New York, and California don’t have good jobs? You are crazy. The ONLY red state with a growing economy is Texas.

      • Marjean Fieldhouse

        huh, so Lyndon Johnson, Ann Richards and Molly Ivins were a figment of our collective imaginations? Get out more

  • ShoreBudMike

    I moved to Austin TX when the late, great Ann Richards was Governor. The people were wonderful, the city was beautiful, but… after George Dweeb Bush took office, I left.

    • Anti- Liberal

      Austin is officially the most liberal city in TX, the cost of living in Austin has risen (it is now the most expensive city in Texas), Austin is being over developed but just wait till the economy collapses again (history repeats itself, and when it does we will see if dominant red areas survive these economic backlashes just like Texas got out of the recession before most of the USA which is still suffering the consequences of the recession.

  • jlawes

    I am a liberal in a red state and I can relate to everything you pointed out. I have experienced every single situation you encountered and have felt exactly the same way you did. Thank you for writing this, it has given me hope.

  • I live in Saint Louis – a solid blue dot in the middle of a sea of red. It must be like living in Austin if you’re a Texan. In fact, I am very much at home as a progressive in the city, even though I don’t have to travel far to run in to conservative strongholds, and the Missouri state house is currently over-run with tea party madness. My message is this: STAY CALM & STRONG, MY FRIENDS. Remember that our voices of reason are needed here in the hinterlands more than in states where rationality is already widely accepted. This is where the work of moving the country forward really takes place. BTW – if current trends hold, Texas will be majority progressive within 20 years.

    • Bethany

      I live in the suburbs of St. Louis now, in a pretty conservative area but the thought moving to Texas scares me much more since they seem to be more extreme there to me.

  • Lucky

    I feel your frustration. I am a liberal living in Arizona! Fortunately, I’m located near Sedona – a mixed bag, politically and spiritually.

  • Marcia King

    Being a liberal from Los Angeles now living in Houston has been a culture shock. I used to argue with Teabagger friends on FB, but gave up realizing the futility of it. Add to this the fact that I am Jewish makes me feel most of the time like a fish out of water. I am appalled at the number of people who claim to be Christians yet continually stream out extreme hatred for our President, minorities, gays and anyone else who doesn’t fit their interpretation of right and moral behavior. I really appreciate your article.

    • Denise Brodey Sunderland

      Oh Marcia, I feel your pain. I posted earlier, but failed to mention that I too am a liberal from Los Angeles, and I am Jewish…I now live in Mississippi. Sometimes I feel I must be living in The Twilight Zone. 🙂

    • Anti- Liberal

      why did you move to Texas then, I am confuse on which side is made up of idiots, most people from liberal states are aware that the southern portion of the USA is pro-red but people like keep moving here (even though y’all are aware of the politics in the south)

      • lindylou

        Y’all don’t OWN the south, dude.

    • Marjean Fieldhouse

      on the other hand, as a Southerner, I was appalled when I lived in LA and people, hearing my accent, would slither over to me and say “I wouldn’t say this to most people but I KNOW you’ll agree with me…” and let fly with the most vile anti-Semitic, racist crap I’ve ever heard. It’s everywhere, some places just hide it more

  • Ronda

    New Yorker stuck in FloriDUH. But proud we have been blue three times ( yes, including the stolen election…) now to get rid of wrong way Rubio…

    • Bethany

      I liked living in Florida because its a swing state and I felt my vote mattered. There’s very conservative areas of Fl but there was huge diversity amount my friends there.

    • Cole Raney

      Florida is a swing state. So you will go red aome years.

  • Lily

    I love what you’ve said here. I’m a 22 year old liberal in the buckle of the Bible Belt, in western North Carolina. I’m also Pagan, so that’s been held against me a LOT. I only know one person that is like-minded, that doesn’t live in a college city. The office where I work always has ‘Faux News’ on in the waiting room and I get fussed at when I try to change it. My coworkers don’t know about my political or religious beliefs because they’re all conservative, republican (and unashamedly racist) Christians that believe Obama was sent by Satan to destroy our country and I just don’t want to go there. It’s not easy being liberal in a red state and I was so ashamed when Amendment One was passed last year, while everyone else I knew cheered. One day I hope to leave NC but for now I have to grin and bear it while the Teabaggers (most of the county) beat everyone on the head with their oppressive slogans and right-wing extremism.

    • SJ

      Lily, I’m from Bible Belt NC too and am in the same situation! Half of my co-workers flaunt eating at Chic-Fil-Hate, quote Fox News on a daily basis, and constantly make the most uneducated, racist, and just plain awful statements about liberals/Obama I’ve ever heard! They all fully know how i stand on the subject as I am a Hindu Lesbian, but, in some ways, I think its just as hard as hiding because they purposefully try to start arguments with me: saying things like “did you hear what that dumb *** Communist President said last night” or “Can you believe they want to make me, a MAN, pay for Women’s Birth Control on my Insurance? I don’t have Ovaries!”. And, like you, and so many others, my heart broke when Amendment One passed and I, too, am stuck in this politically horrific state. Its just so unfortunate because otherwise, we live in such a beautiful place… which would be twice as beautiful if republicans weren’t in it! I just don’t understand how so many strict “Christians” can be so UN-Christian to others!

      • Anti- Liberal

        Your comment contradicts itself, you claim that your co workers “on a daily basis” “constantly make the most uneducated, racist, and just plain awful statements about liberals/Obama” <= that is being racist and saying awful statements about conservatives

      • Kenneth Browning

        You’re a terrible troll. Try harder.

    • Anti- Liberal

      Again another person in their 20s, after you go through life you will probably be more conservative, trust me. Young people tend to be more liberal but after they experience life, they change sides

  • JanS

    Thank you Allen. I also have high hopes for Tennessee.

  • Jim

    I’m from Kansas, and while I have always been able to live with my conservative brethren here in the Wheat State, it has become increasingly more difficult in recent years. So many of my Facebook friends espouse total lunacy, and I have become something of a pariah for speaking out against some of their political views. I have three more years of teaching until retirement, and I am seriously considering leaving my home of 57 years. It pains me to even consider this, but the hate that I see expressed daily for the president, immigrants, and the less fortunate is becoming too much. Governor Brownback considers the “Texas Model” the blueprint for what Kansas should become. He is in the process of doing away with state income tax and shifting the tax burden primarily onto the middle class and the poor by increasing taxes on goods and services. He is, even as he professes his love for education, systematically dismantling it as well as social services in this state while handing over ALL control to the Koch brothers and their ilk. I have neither the resources nor the energy to fight the good fight any more.

  • Bunnyman09

    I live in Arizona and I am constantly appalled at how willfully, purposefully and deliberately ignorant people are here. It’s almost like they wear it as a badge of honor. They are totally disengaged with everything except their own boring, tedious little lives. They go to the polls and vote the status quo every single time, which means if you’re a politician you have that job for life, no matter what you do (see: John McCain). It’s truly sad when you see how sheepish and simple-minded people are.

  • Kathy Mackey

    My heart goes out to you, Allen. I am a liberal in Florida, which isn’t as bad as Texas, but look at who we have for a governor. My state did that! So I totally identify with all that you say. Hang in there; it looks like there is hope. And btw–It was Karl Rove who destroyed Ann Richards. He did the same thing to good Democrats in other states as well, including a triple amputee member of the House from Georgia who had been injured in the Viet Nam war. Rove is the evil behind Bush, along with Cheney, of course. But Ann is getting her revenge through her daughter. She is awesome too!

  • J-Way

    Yes, there are liberals in “red” states whose voices are not heard on national election day because 100% of their states’ electoral votes go toward the other party. This one of the two reasons why many people want to change electoral college rules such that the votes are better matched to the actual population.

    Each US House representative district would get one electoral college vote based on how the citizens in that district vote (the districts centered around Dallas and Austin would probably send their votes for the liberal candidate), and the two senate EC votes would go toward how the state as a whole votes. In Texas, that means that instead of 38 votes going toward Mittens, you would have (probably) sent 26 to Mittens and 12 to Obama.

    • Unfortunately, it works both ways. Due to gerrymandering, states like Ohio have three times the number of Republican districts as Democrats, though the number of actual Democrats is equal to or even greater than Republicans. Ohio gave Obama a 100,000 vote majority but if casting electoral votes by Congressional District, Romney would have won three times as many electoral votes.

    • Anti- Liberal

      whenever Democrats are successful in elections I never hear a democrat say that the republicans do not have their voices heard but whenever a Republican wins it is the opposite…

  • I live in Mississippi so I completely get how it feels to live in a red state where most of your family, neighbors, and friends are Republicans. The only Democrats in public life here are black…I am white. I actually know only two other white Democrats in this area…sad, isn’t it. Saying you are a Democrat around here is akin to coming out as gay.

    • Erin, we have a FB group where you can meet other liberals and discuss issues from the left side. “It’s Not Easy Leaning Left in Mississippi” started about 3 years ago and has grown to almost 1200 members. Join us. Oh, and fwiw, there are several fine white Democrats in public office. Yes, we are in the minority, but our influence grows and the election numbers say if the current trend continues, we could turn this state blue in the next few years.

      • Denise Brodey Sunderland

        I know and I am thrilled. with “It’s Not Easy Leaning Left In Mississippi.”I am a liberal living in MS as well. I hope Erin reads these comments.

  • CT_Resident

    Trust me, the ridiculousness of the Republican party is obvious even to us liberals in the blue states. Any party that can run Linda McMahon (of WWE fame!) as a losing US Senate candidate, TWICE – costing her $50M+ of her own money, is clearly delusional.
    Once they kick the misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other tactics of “fear of the other” to the curb, maybe then American Politics will be able to return to a system of constructive dialog and compromise. Until then, I don’t have much hope.

  • I’m a progressive/liberal/green/whatever in Indiana, and while it’s not Texas, or even the Bible Belt, it’s still not too pleasant politically. A lot of our Democrats are some of the weakest, most conservative I’ve ever seen. Almost every Democrat I meet is due to labor and the economy, never social issues. While Donnelly has done some good stuff, he might very well be the most conservative Democrat in the Senate.

  • Doug in Tucson

    What is a “red” state? A state with a Republican majority? Unless you live in Wyoming, the answer is NO. There are 29 states that require people to declare their party affiliation when they register to vote and of those, only Wyoming has more than 50% registered Republicans. In every other state, no matter how red you think it is, registered Republicans are a *minority* of all voters. Nebraska? 48% Republican. Oklahoma? 39% Republican. Arizona? 37% Republican. Why do they win elections? Because they influence independents. They do this through propaganda (aka lies) spread mostly by Fox News and other right wing media. But don’t believe for a second that the Republicans are a majority even in your red state – they are NOT. And they can be defeated.

  • jeczaja

    Living in Deepswamp, GA. Been told I’m slightlly left of Mao. : )

  • Back in the 1970s California would have been considered a red state. We had a Republican governor, Ronald Reagan, who later became a conservative movement President. In 1979 we passed proposition 13, which cut property taxes and subsequently other propositions which forbid tax increases unless the proposal carried 66.3% of the vote-essentially outlawing tax increases. We have passed propositions opposing immigrant rights and opposing same-sex marriage. Now we are considered a “blue state.” Is it because we have gotten more liberal due to demographic change, or because the rest of the country has grown more conservative and we appear liberal by comparison?

    • David Neal

      No, California appears sane by comparison. Who would have thought it?

  • Neil

    I feel as though I wrote this article. I did the census and heard Obama called everything imaginable and the census was his idea. We’ve been doing the census since the 1700’s. I have bumper stickers for my car that I had printed, “DUMP PERRY”. I still have hope of changing to Texas back to Blue but having a Black president will keep that from happening. There is still way too much Racism here along with all kinds of unfavorable ideas. I voted for Obama both times and was hoping it would help end Racism.

  • Man.. this is my life!!! Living in husband is even getting sucked in by the bullshit..glad I am not alone!

  • I absolutely love this. I live in Indiana and feel this way all the time. Last year, I purchased a “Catholics for Obama” bumpersticker and an “I ride inside–don’t roof-rack me, Mitch” bumper sticker and drove everywhere. People took my picture 🙂 It’s helpful to know others feel the same. It’s not easy feeling blue in a red state, that’s for sure, but I think we can make a difference.

  • Uber-progressive former Marine in Texas myself. Born and raised here. Great article. Exactly what we’re all feeling!

  • Christian Smith

    As a non-conservative (and atheist) in Mississippi, I fully understand where you are coming from. I keep hoping that the extreme religious right will break with the Republican party so there can actually be real debate (though left leaning people can create some pretty stupid religious-style nonsense too (see: anti-vaccination)), but as long as they kowtow to the religious, the Republican party will be little more than bigots and idiots with no actual solutions except that the “muslim” is the problem. The Right won’t even come to the table in many situations in good faith.

    There cannot be actual governance if the two major parties are always assuming the other is out to destroy them. An environment of distrust only breeds hatred.

  • Liberal Frustration

    In ’08 I had 5 or more Obama signs stolen from my yard in Texas, I just kept getting more, Then I worked the Obama campaign in New Mexico and helped turn a red county blue. In 2012 I didn’t lose ANY signs and there were many more Obama signs in my “red” county. I have voiced my discontent with the DNC over their not funding any good Democratic candidates in Texas – and now we have ted the brainless cruz to deal with, good debater, no brains, tea in his veins, Thanks DNC.

    • Anti- Liberal

      this is because more liberals are fleeing their states because of high taxes and no jobs, liberals ruin their own states, and move on to a red state which has a stable economy with lots of jobs but then again you are brainwashed by liberal propaganda

  • Greenman

    Poor liberals….everyone is afraid of a little work. What would we do without the gov handouts at the expense if the employed …..

    • David Neal

      Yeah, Greenman, I agree. I mean, I’m from California and did you know that we Californians only get back 78 cents for every dollar in tax money we send to Washington? Things are good in California but can you imagine how much better it would be if we were in one of those “gimme gimme gimme” states like Virginia or Alaska or Kansas that get so so so much more taxpayer money–yours and my money, Greenman–than they put in. Those taker states should get down on their proverbial hands and knees and thank those millions of hard workers in places like California and New York who keep their economies alive. You’re on to something Greenman and we need to take it on a national basis.

  • In Mississippi, we have a FB group where you can meet other liberals and discuss issues
    from the left side. “It’s Not Easy Leaning Left in Mississippi” started
    about 3 years ago and has grown to almost 1200 members. Many of our members are activists who regularly write letters to the editors, call and write their representatives, start petitions, demonstrate at the state capitol, etc. Yes, we
    are in the minority and we aren’t as well funded as the Republicans, but our influence grows and the election numbers
    say if the current trend continues, we could turn this state blue in the
    next few years. If you are in Mississippi and lean left, join us.

  • Marc

    I’m a liberal in Charleston, SC, and just saw my district vote in Mark Sanford instead of Elizabeth Colbert Busch… by 9%. I don’t think I’ve been more politically depressed. Most of you know how great a candidate she was compared to Sanford, so I won’t rehash it. What upsets me the most is she was so good… moderate, “purple,” pro-green energy, pro-education, anti-raising-taxes, and pro-Medicare-reform… and she still lost. What hope is there for our country and our environment if half the country is this stupid? It makes me sick, and sad.

  • Joel

    So funny that liberals all of a sudden want to duscuss facts when their talking points are rarely based on it. If you can’t see that Obama has marxist leanings you are delusional. Liberals also like to think of themselves as so intellectual when all of their banter boils down to more government control and authority. How much more proof do you need that your policies don’t work with examples like California and New York? So now you want to make Texas a liberal haven like these states. Where will all the people fleeing the socialist hell holes go if you succeed? Are we to become a nation of over taxation and regulation?You should be aware that us conservatives will fight you tooth and nails. You may succeed I ruining this state too, but it won’t be without a fight.

    • David Neal

      Check your facts there, Joel. California is doing quite well with a balanced budget, treasury in the black, attracting 40% of all venture capital in the U.S. last year, with the world’s eighth largest economy, growing much of what you had on your table today, and having nearly a thousand miles of breathtaking coastline, five national parks (or is it six now?) with unequaled beauty, and then there is the sad state where you live. Oh, and did I say that one of the reasons California is doing so well is that we have a liberal government and a Democratic majority legislature.

  • Max Baucom

    I’m from Tennessee, and the opposite was true for me. I never really met any conservatives, until I went off to college. Then again, I’m from Nashville.

  • Drowning in Red

    Mixing regressive, strongly zealous religious beliefs, restricting the rights of women and people who are of a different color or faith than you- rejecting science and fact, digging for oil everywhere and letting the global climate dry the Earth to a crisp…West Texas is beginning to look a lot like the “Middle East”. BTW Republicans…the Founding Fathers said NOTHING about making this a Christian country. NOTHING. In fact, they were against it. That was part of the whole reason for coming here in the first place. They were progressives.
    Possible T-shirts I came up with that I cannot wear here:
    -Keep your god offa my government.
    -god says he wants you to mind your own business.
    -If you hate big government and spending so much, why don’t you get out of it, or refuse your next paycheck?
    -Drowning in Red in Midland

  • Marc D

    I have been a liberal in a red part of a purple state…so I kind of know the feeling. Keep up the fight, Texans, if you can get Wendy Davis through as governor, the next Democratic candidate for president can actually pick Texas up. Hey, here’s hoping.

  • anon

    Wyoming can give Texas a very good run for its money!

  • pacarol

    Oh my, it’s as if you were reading my mind when you wrote this. I, too, live in Texas (Port Arthur!) and it is downright scary being liberal here. Plus, 99.9 percent of my family and many of my friends are extremely conservative. I also am afraid to put liberal stickers on my car or signs in my yard. This is no way to live.

  • Tehamamama

    I feel the same and I’m in California!! Very rural, very red Northern California to be exact.

  • Denise Brodey Sunderland

    I too totally relate to your post. I feel so alone sometimes here in Mississippi. Lately though , there is a new group on FB “Leaning left in Mississippi,” and I am going to a luncheon with them , hopefully sometime this month. Many thanks to you Allen, for making me not feel alone in the battle, for it feels like one , most of the time. And…thank you to all my fellow left leaning thinkers across the country that I can converse with on FB.

  • katyo

    check out Dixon Diaz on boom box see how you feel about being liberal vs be a conservative.

  • Mark Lysle

    Only problem lately is, on Facebook, a liberal can make their presence known, argue their points effectively, win an argument against a know-it-all neo-con…. and that right wing rat goes crying to “Mama Facebook” on some bullshit charge of profanity or what-not, and get the liberal blocked. Take it from me, although I try not to use too many profanities when I post a response to a conservative, they act like whiny little kids and complain, and as a result, I have four alternate profiles that have been blocked from posting anywhere but on my own wall. They fight dirty, and they’ll look for any reason to get you banned or blocked when you post something in response.

  • NicoB

    i think the main issue with places like Texas is the overall dominant mentality/mindset. sure, there are always exceptions among the population, and you’ll occasionally run into someone whose idea of being progressive is living in the 21st century with the foresight to make the necessary adjustments for the future (as opposed to wanting to relive the early 19th century so that you can legally keep people as pets and shoot anyone whose appearance you happen to dislike). in the end, though, most of the people there do conform to that dominant mindset: they are religious hypocrites and unapologetic racists who hide their bigotry and racism behind the guise of “conservatism”.
    i, too, grew up in Texas. with the exception of my family and perhaps two or three people from my school, everyone i know from there is of that overall dominant Texas mindset- and they’re not even remotely aware of it. i was fortunate to have been an exchange student to Denmark when i was 13- that changed my entire outlook on life at a young age. when i returned from my time abroad in Denmark to start high school in Texas, i just felt different- i didn’t want to be like the other kids in my school, and today, i’m glad that i’m not like them!
    so, yeah- Texas (as far as that dominant mindset goes) can go to hell in a hand basket for all i care. it would be nice to see Davis elected governor down there, but i’m not holding my breath on that one- she’s up against some pretty serious ignorance.

    • Anti- Liberal

      again not all republicans are religious but like Leigh Jones said “How can you reason with stupid?”

  • I want to just throw this in. I’m a gay Jewish liberal from New York City, born and bred. BUT…I co-wrote a screenplay with a young Christian man from Dallas (Plano, to be exact, which is apparently the most conservative area in the country besides Atherton outside San Francisco). We worked together mostly by phone and e-mail for a year, but once we were finally wrapping it up, we knew we’d have to be in the same room to soak up each other’s creativity, so he invited me to stay at his parents’ house for a week. I ADORED Dallas and being in Texas. First of all, his parents (she’s from outside of Oklahoma City and he’s from Richardson originally) were fantastic to me, they were the best hosts you could imagine, and his two other brothers absolutely adored me. Second of all, I was never greeted so warmly in my life by a community. Now, maybe this was because of the genuine novelty; you don’t get a whole lot of gay Jewish liberals from New York in Plano. But they were beautiful to me, and I refuse to believe that “Texas” means “bad red state.” Just sayin’.

  • Kim

    I too, am a liberal in a red state. I live in Arizona. Between Jan Brewer and Sherriff Joe, it feels like things will never get better …. but the old will get older and the young will lean left. In the mean time, I will do whatever I can to turn Arizona, first purple, and one day beautiful BLUE!

  • brownp51

    I am a liberal in a very small town ( population 2,500) in Central TX. I am surrounded by Tea Party members, but hopeful because of all of the military liberals at Ft. Hood, and farmers, who have the motto, “If you want to live like a Republican vote like a Democrat”. It gets lonely out here, but I do believe that if we work hard we might see a blue governor in Wendy Davis. People who think she has no chance weren’t around when Ann Richards was elected. Nobody thought she had a chance, but one little “oops” by Clayton Williams changed the outcome of the election. Gregg Abbott won’t be able to keep from having numerous “Claty” moments. We have to energize young women and support our Latino community who are doing a great job of organizing.

  • Shaun Kirkwood

    I, too, am a liberal living in red SW Virginia. I, too, witness the lunacy of the TP/GOP on a daily basis. With every rant, I respond with either one of two words: “Why” or “How”. The look I receive is priceless, as logical and rational thought is something these people have no idea of, much less possess…

  • Tracy Higgins Slager

    This could well be me at times. A liberal in Indiana. The stuff I hear…. sometimes I want to cry from the sheer volume of stupid it takes to repeat that stuff! I keep thinking “What happened to Education?” or “What happened to true history?” and sometimes “OMG! Are they inbreeding?” So no, You’re not alone. I’m not alone… but that’s where Facebook can be really reassuring. Because sometimes it feels awfully lonely when it’s just you and the small pocket of liberals you already know. Connecting and getting that support can keep my from wanting to declare open season on them. I really wouldn’t look good in Dept of Corrections orange.

  • $84320561

    go rural anywhere really

  • mngrayfox

    I’m so happy that Sarah Palins brother volunteered to have his picture taken for this article! 🙂

  • Barbara Harrison

    Many thanks, Allen from a neighbor just to the north of Texas!!

  • tgw

    I live in Dallas and love wearing my Obama t-shirts and even a elitist Obama baseball cap. Threw up a Obama yard sign during the election too.

    I have a thing for winners.

  • GeauxGhoti

    I’m from Texas, too. I lived in Dallas for years, but then moved to a tiny little place in East Texas where “liberal” was a bad word… You think the “Boy Named Sue” had it bad? Try living in small town Texas and having it get out that you’re an atheist, a socialist, a pacifist and an anarchist… All true, of course.

    Ah, fun times…

  • goeffyourselves

    I hate to break it to you, but Texas is so successful BECAUSE it is conservative. All the liberals moving here for the jobs because they can’t make it in their own failing state need to wake up. Oh and Austin? Wonderful Austin that is sooooo “different” from the rest of texas? Yeah. It’s still run by Rick Perry, Bitch. I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU. Texas doesn’t want you. The south doesn’t want you either. That is why you SHOULD run back home to where you feel comfortable. You’re welcome.

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone

    Ex Al Gore Dem, soon to be ex-Californian here:

    This makes me ill.

    Let me see if I understand you correctly, Mister Poli Sci. You want to go to single-party rule at a national level. You consider people who disagree with you profoundly on socio-political grounds — not mistaken, but insane. I guess gun control is part of the mix of things you would like to see, as well. I guess you’d like to see my door kicked off its hinges at 3:00AM by cops with a no-knock warrant if I decline to surrender my civil liberties, my privacy, and my property to my new nanny-state overlords.

    Diet 1-calorie fascists like you destroyed my home state of California. Here I am packing up with tears in my eyes, trying to do a bit of research on what I hope will be my new home and I find… this. More soft fascism. More demonization and dehumanization of the Evil Other. With an entire comments section full of ultraleftist dittoheads cheering you on.

    Christ help us if you get your way.

  • Mary

    You have put on paper the same things I feel and have been dealing with since before President Obama was elected. I also didn’t dare put up my Obama sticker for fear of my truck being vandalized. Especially since I am not in Dallas proper, which is more reasonable. I finally gave up trying to argue/discuss politics with these guys. It’s useless. I, too, hold my tongue most of the time, but sometimes I have to let them have it with facts. At times, I’ve actually wanted to leave Texas, but I was born here. This is MY state! I’m not going to let them run me out. I think you’re right about how politics and religion have been melded in a very dangerous way. Thanks for your article. At least, as you said, we are not alone.

  • Catie

    I am a liberal who lives in Missouri, however I’m lucky to live in KC where it seems to be mostly liberal, from general experience. However I used to live in Lawson and every single person there is Christian and/or Republican. My sister often debates with old friends from Lawson on Facebook (and always wins by the way). So I completely understand how you feel. It can be extremely maddening at times. Keep fighting man!

  • Jaric Fontaine

    I was a Republican until 2008. Through hard reality and excellent arguments from a liberal friend I realized how wrong I was. Just keep working at it, Americans everywhere are waking up and seeing through the lies of the GOP.

    The middle class is watching jobs get shipped overseas, wages being pushed down, and the nation turning into a feudal state with them turned into serfs. Many are challenging the long held bullshit assumptions like cutting taxes on the tops leads to job growth and wage growth when clearly history doesn’t support that. People are waking up! Keep at it!

  • Mr President Sir!

    As a liberal from Mississippi I can relate to everything you said and most of the things others have posted. My family except for my oldest son are all middle to right. I have argue constantly it seems on fb. I am to afraid for my wife to put up signs or bumper stickers.
    I asked my wife about what she thought of me running for public office but the thought terrifies her. She is certain we would get burnt out or killed by our neighbors . However I will not be silent in the face of lies and stupidity. I shall as ever endeavor to persevere!

  • Guest

    Oh man. That was cathartic. I’ve been in South Carolina for ten years. You almost have to go a little crazy to live with it. You have to create a delusion that it’s really not as politically effed as it is, just to get through the week. But man, when you get a dose of reality it’ll keep you up for a few days.

    Here’s a situation I am faced with pretty often. The conservatives some times take it so much for granted that they have free reign in their whack job political discourse, that they don’t even realize they’re talking politics. The other night, I was at my own house, and my sister had some friends over.

  • John Lesnick

    Oh man. That was cathartic. I’ve been in South Carolina for ten
    years. You almost have to go a little crazy to live with it. You have to
    create a delusion that it’s really not as politically effed as it is,
    just to get through the week. But, man, when you get a dose of reality
    it’ll keep you up for a few days.

    I don’t see much in winning hearts and minds at this point. I’ve reached my maximum level of jadedness. For me it’s about self expression. I’m not going to let certain things come up in conversation left unchecked.

  • Not a Liberal

    yall are brain washed and write all the same. pretty sure liberals dont have a mind of their own.

  • Anti- Liberal

    I just find leftist hilarious, these people are some of the most idiotic, dull, most arrogant people on this Earth. Lets start off with “helping the poor”, Democrats will always raise taxes for everything and this does not help the poor, Democrats will always raise the minimum wage which causes the price of goods to skyrocket (look at California’s cost of living)
    Democrats like to tax businesses (Look at one of the most “successful” states according to liberals, California is losing lots of businesses, because these businesses can not keep their doors open, unless the person who starts the business is wealthy.)
    Another thing that surprises me about liberals/democrats is how idiotic they are. These are the people who oppose republicans but then again they are the first ones to move into a state that actually creates jobs, has a strong stable economy, has a good education (according to you liberals Texas has poor schools, well surprise surprise, Texas is officially ranked 11th in education and did I mention that their rank is higher than lots of liberal states), Texas is now leading the USA in technology exports (of course this is not true, most liberal sources say that Texas is dumb and a third world country, how the hell is Texas leading in technology well derp)
    The reason liberals move to a state like Texas is because they hate the high taxes that most liberal states have, but you liberals need to remember that you and all your friends and the people who share similar views to a liberal society contributed towards a state that cost a ridiculous amount of money to live in.
    Now I am just going to wait and see how many idiots reply to me saying that none of this is true even though millions of sources would lean to the information I provided

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      news flash: the California state which was BROKE now ( with that commie dem governor) has a SURPLUS—- repeat: a surplus
      U DO know what a “surplus” is; donncha? that’s what the FEDERSL govt had under Clinton– and was erased by regressive republican policies
      take away texas oil and U have mississippi

  • swhight

    I know this article is over a year old, but I just found it and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I spent Easter Sunday with my family in Mississippi, all of whom are rabid Republican Fox-ites, and I came away so depressed. I get so tired of being the only liberal Dem in the room, and I can totally relate to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the outrageous dialog that I’m forced to listen to, just to be able to spend time with my family. I actually walked in on my hubby and my dad discussing me behind my back–“she’s very intelligent and well-educated, BUT….”

    Thanks for giving me hope and reminding me that I’m not alone in these feelings of isolation!!

  • Shirazz Zarihss

    gerrymandering is a dem0crat concept, born and bred by libtards who hate the ideals this nation was founded on

  • Shirazz Zarihss

    you leftists can leave Texas anytime you like and move to Cuba or Mexico….no one is forcing you to stay here and endure the pain of freedom

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      leave texas??? and lose the ‘ freedoms” that U guys might acquire thru the loud and empty threats of seceding?

      • Kara Connor

        Have they gone yet? No? Damn, secession is beginning to look like an empty threat!

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        hi foxy lady— im in se florida: fighting against a cretin such as OUR GOV scott
        luckily : I live 150 yrds from beach in Hillsboro mile

      • Kara Connor

        The beach sounds wonderful, the governor, not 🙂

  • cheetohman

    Brilliantly written. The line that hit me the closest was: “I simply assume everyone is a conservative, and when I do meet a fellow liberal (not that it’s rare, it’s just not nearly as common as a conservative) I’m usually surprised.”

    I live in Central California, and sometimes I think it’s as red as Alabama. I just bite my tongue, and occasionally, when someone really, really, wants to debate politics with me, I’m astounded at the lack of FACTS that they start their discussions with.

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  • b

    Thank God I’ve always lived in the Northeast.

  • Peter J. Kraus

    You´re right. I live in Arkansas, really like it a lot, and I know it will change to its normal setting again.
    After spending 20 years in Germany, we moved back to California, and six years ago, to Hot Springs, AR.
    So I went through the shock twice. But I am hopeful reason will prevail, even it it sometimes seems impossible. Lots of folks in this beautiful town share my progressive politics, not everyone thumps bibles. Our common problem is that wingnuts are loud, overbearing, and seldom show respect for dissenters. It´s the bully thing — they shove others aside.
    Until we can behave in a similar fashion, we´ll be the ones on the sidelines. Not as rude, not as physical, but cutting edge brainy. That really gets their goat.

  • Amber

    I live in Kansas and I’m 22, a liberal AND an atheist. Let’s just say, growing up here hasn’t exactly been easy. I often feel completely outnumbered and ganged up on when it comes to politics or religion. The complete insanity and irrational behavior that comes from my community and my state is simply embarrassing. If it wasn’t for my job, which I love, I wouldn’t still be here. I hope someday I can get away though, but I’d like to leave it in better shape than it is in now at least. I really relate to your article, thank you for posting!

  • Judy Kachelmeyer

    Az here… I have a black friend, I open carry an AR-15, and I am still in denial of our almost 20 year drought.

  • Penny Ron Saulnier

    Thank you for eloquently stating what it feel to be a liberal in a red state. Go, South Carolina!

  • Steve Woodman

    The problem is that Texas liberals don’t vote. I saw a recent list of the last mayoral election voter turnout for the largest 22 cities in the country. Texas had SIX cities on that list and they were the bottom six by a wide margin. It was PITIFUL with El Paso turnout something like 6 percent and Houston the highest at something like 11 percent. Assuming that bigger cities have more liberals, it would help if people in the big cities of Texas actually voted.

  • Jaina

    Thanks for the pep talk at the end. really needed this today 🙂

  • Bill Rubin

    Kudos. Work and intelligent reason like yours will eventually win the battle for all Americans–whether they can all appreciate it or not. Too many rightwing crazies are simply too unintelligent, too racist, too ignorant, and/or too Christian fundamentalist to ever admit they are clueless. Trying to argue or even discuss facts with these people is like trying to convince a 2 year old that Santa Claus is a myth, too. One step at a time. Fortunately, the rest of the blue state and the other industrialized countries of the world offer a blueprint for where America is eventually headed, whether the rightwing and religious conservatives like it or not. Thankfully.

  • Kelly Newman-Sweeney

    Omg, this sums up how i feel completely! Living on Missouri, St. Louis to be exact, i am the ONLY non republican in my very large and outspoken family. Until recently, as in when Obama first ran, before that even as a 30 yr old old adult, I refused to discuss politics because i was constantly attacked for pointing out stupidity. However, since the steep and disgusting decline of the republican party has gotren so out of control i can no longer hold my tongue, and in fact am literally shunned by a large part of my family for refusing to be indoctrinated by hate and insanity. Its sad when facts are considered sinful. I still hold out some hope for facts and rationality to again take the place of hate, fearmongering, and religious drivel in this country, though to be honest it is dimming.

  • Cole Raney

    I am a liberal from Illinois. Altgough the state as a whole is very libeeral, I am in Southern Illinois. Southern Illinois is very Republican. Plus, I live near the Indiana border. I often go to Evansville, Indiana to shop, and I worked in both Evansville and Mount Vernon Indiana. So I am in a similar boat as a liberal from Texas.

  • Pearland Liberal

    Thank you. It’s so weird how liberals have to live on the “down low” here. Every now and then I’ll meet someone I suspect might be liberal, but I’m afraid to ask them because they might not want to be “outed”. Seriously sad.

    A Liberal in Pearland (suburb of Houston) Texas

  • XansMom

    I am a Liberal in the good ole’ state of Kansas. There is so much herp & derp here that it could drive one to complete insanity. Thank you for this article. You eloquently summed up what it’s like being the sane person in the institution.

  • Terry Major-Holliday

    Love the article. I am a liberal in a purple state, but many family members are red, and it makes me crazy that they purport to be Christian AND support a party that is SO un-Christian-like. Sigh.

  • I could never do that. I finally had to leave Florida after Rick Scott was elected because I just couldn’t stand the right-wing bullshit any more. I’m a lot happier living in San Francisco.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    I put up an “official” Obama yard sign out by the street in 2008, about 100 yards from my house. Two days later it was gone. I put out a handwritten sign that said, “To whoever stole my Obama sign: You have to CHEAT to win?” Left that out for three days so all the neighbors could see it. Then tied a string between my mailbox post and my fence, and hung individual letters printed one per 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper….O. B. A. M. A. The paper got ripped down. It took all of five minutes to print off another one and put it up. That happened four times….and then they just left those pieces of paper alone. Too much trouble; they knew I’d just print more and stick ’em up. In some parts of my area of Texas, large Obama signs got hit with a blast from shotguns. Like I say….cheat to win. Except they lost. Twice!

  • AlbinoRaven

    so many good reasons for why I left Texas.

  • Sean

    Right there with ya’ brother! I live down the road in Ft. Worth. I have been in many “discussions” with conservatives and they react to facts like Dracula reacts to garlic. I have had more than a few Facebook friends who say Obama is the anti-christ. I always say fine, go kill him and “save the world” if you don’t then your statement is as full of crap as you are. These people live in a world of hate and ignorance. Keep up the good work.

  • Kelly

    I would like to start off by saying I am in high school. I am also originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. When I was about 6, Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home, forcing my family and me to settle in a very Catholic/Conservative place called Covington, Louisiana. My current home is about 30 miles outside of New Orleans, but the main reason why the area I live in was formed was to get away from the blacks, Jews, and liberal ideas of New Orleans. (you can only imagine)
    I remember when I was in 4th grade Obama was elected for his first term. 9 year old kids in my class were saying, “I hope Obama gets assassinated”.
    It was my understanding that Obama was going to help this country after what GWB had done to it. I remember also getting dirty looks because I said my parents voted for Obama. At the time I was 9, I had no idea that only people who voted for John McCain could say who they voted for.
    When I entered high school I became extremely liberal. I began reading about politics and became so liberal I started to stand up for what I believe in. Also where I live, there are either Catholic schools or Public schools, no in between. So for high school I went to a Catholic school. I had to take theology. EVERYDAY. They talked about how abortion is the ultimate sin and how birth control is a sin. One day I snapped. My friends were talking how the “devil enters you when you have an abortion” I was done. I told them off. I basically gave them a lecture on my beliefs on that matter. The next day I went to school, they called me “satan” and a “murderer”. That is when I realized no matter what I say, no matter what I do, I can never beat this conservative cult mentality.
    After 2 years in a Catholic school, I switched high schools. I couldn’t take having to go to school everyday and being knocked for things that I strongly believe in. (however, this wasn’t the only reason why I switched) At times, I do feel very isolated and I have maybe three friends who think like I think, however, they do not like to talk about it because they are so use to being put down for what they believe in. Now that I’m at my new school, I am still surrounded by ignorance every day, however it’s not as bad. I was quiet for so long about what I believe too. It’s almost like the parents of these children are breading a new type of conservative who thinks they can get away with degrading others opinions even though one of the main Catholic beliefs is not to judge anyone. I hope they will get a wake up call once they enter college (if they even proceed to move further in their education)

  • william Elliott

    Hell, I’m a red necked “blue” voter. Yep one of the few. But guess what…..I have a U of L license plate on the front of my truck…..drives those UK fans crazy.

  • fairness_rules

    I live in SE Missouri and am surrounded by right wing radicals. It is so depressing to listen to them and it is so obvious that their opinions and talking points are right out of Fox noise. Fox is doing an amazing job of propaganda delivery.

  • mark

    Very true.I live in a “red state”,have spent the biggest part of my life here,and watch them vote against any progress,That state is Kentucky!

  • Cargapalitos

    Not to worry…I bang on their cages everyday.

  • Cargapalitos

    Not to worry…I bang on their (GOP/TeaParty) cages everyday.

  • balashi

    Texas did have a Democrat governor – then we switched to Republican – Texas has since been one of the few states that has grown while so many others have shrunk into bankruptcy. For some reason, though, liberals still think the best thing is to return to liberalism. They just can’t see how liberalism cuts at the fabric of our nation – they truly still believe the problems we have today stem from a president that has been gone for nearly seven years now.

    But what I find most fascinating is this … you hear all the time of liberals moving to “red” states to turn them “blue.” You NEVER hear of conservatives moving to “blue” states… that should tell you something about the “red” states.

    • Marjean Fieldhouse

      GW Bush benefited greatly by a big tobacco settlement of $17.3 Billion that came into the Texas state coffers in 1998, in Bush’s first term. It meant he could keep cutting taxes without people feeling the pain the way they do in Kansas, where teachers are being laid off because of right wing gov’t tax cuts. And conservatives don’t value the same things liberals do, like education, decent infrastructure and the rights of ALL people of every color and gender – so of course they don’t ‘like’ red states

  • I live in Oklahoma, the buckle on that looney bible belt! So backwards BUT they love God, the flag, FOX, and guns! If you aren’t in their line — being told what to believe — you don’t matter. Hey, I can think for myself!

  • Peggy McCollum

    Thank you with all my heart from Georgia! I know we are working hard and making progress in our state. However, there are time when the I want to scream at the people who put themselves forward as being pious Christians as they spew lies and racist vitriol aimed at our president.

  • John Johnson

    Could be worse Allen, you could be in whitest Idaho, where men are men and sheep are nervous. Republicans routinely run unopposed here even without gerrymandering. Two communities elect some Democrats, Boise and Eastern Hollywood (otherwise known as Sun Vally. Idaho is last for % college grads and generally redneck to neck with Arkansas and Mississippi for other educational honors. I was a Goldwater Republican in Arizona but here I am the great Democrat=Liberal=Socialist=Communist=Atheist since I think Obama is no worse than any recent Pres and better than most from the last 60 years. One person told me she is not racist, she just hates that Black Mother F<(&@%$ policies. She actually couldn't give a coherent example of said policies. But they seemed to have sumthin to do with being uppity and using big words that nobiddy unnerstans.

  • Eoin Maloney

    A Liberal, here in Indiana. It’s not as bad as in some other states, but Hoosiers are primarily, to paraphrase Eddie Murphy in 48 hours, “Backwards country chumps”. Thankfully, most of the people my age are pretty reasonable, usually trending toward moderate (which is a relative term. Amrican moderate is still fairly far to the right on an absolute scale), but much of my family, and nearly anybody of a generation earlier than mine, are pretty hard right with few exceptions. They usually just dismiss me as that whacked-out liberal kid, and it frustrates me, because in the time it takes them to dribble their beers all over their pickup trucks, I could calculate exactly how many of their brain cells they aren’t using,the total gravitational force exerted by each dollar the people they vote for use against their interests, and compute the rate at which them and all their friends will forget how to tie their shoes. I know it’s wrong to look at a whole group and classify them as morons, but this is the same state that elected Mitch Daniels and voted for Mitt Romney. If it weren’t for the fact that these are still technically people, with basic human rights, I’d say nuke it from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure). I hate my home state, and I wish it had never been ceded by the British Empire. I like Britain. Their cops aren’t a military, and their TV’s not half bad. They have a sketchy history with brown people, but the US isn’t much better.

  • Kris Hartley

    Holy cow! Have you been living inside of my brain?? I thought I heard something going on up there. Seriously, though. WOW. I live in Joplin, MO, and the Republicanity runs RAMPANT in this area! I needed this!

  • Gary

    “I have people who don’t know my political views often approach me and start yapping about the evils of Obama, Democrats and liberals everywhere.” Me being a middle age white guy in the deep south people just assume that I am one of them. I let them go on for awhile before I tell that I am a left leaning democrat who voted for President Obama twice, just to watch them spit, sputter, turn red and nearly stroke out. I am happy to say that I have both liberal and conservative friends.

  • Fe02Dream

    Austin certainly is a liberal bastion- and the heart of most creative and intellectual life in Texas, much as Dallas would like to deny that. Hey, you can’t get much done when your two main activities are stomping the middle class and patting each other on the back- but I too have great hopes for a resurgence of justice in Texas, even though I prefer- at present- to live in California.

  • suzann

    “Red State”?? The Chinese were called Red and the Soviets were called red. Spooky, huh??

  • Elizabeth Hamaty

    Where I work in Abilene, TX (the third most conservative city in the nation) we have a little concave of Democrats. Its almost like a secret club. I’ve been called a socialist. When I asked the person what their definition of socialism was, they couldn’t tell me. So I told him our textbook definition. He told me I was wrong. I said this is from the state approved textbook. He said he didn’t care I was still wrong. This was a fellow teacher. I agree, facts have nothing to do with what they believe. Ninety-eight percent of scientist believe in climate change? They’re wrong. You can’t reason with them.

  • Elizabeth Hamaty

    Y’all quit responding to AntiLiberal. He just wants attention and he’s so desperate for it, even bad attention is fulfilling to him. I’ve dealt with teenagers like this. Best to just ignore the poor thing. Bless his heart,

  • LeahCBarr

    Liberal in Indiana, checking in! Thank you for this, Allen. I feel like I could’ve written it myself. Things in Indiana are at least *as* bad, but nobody talks about it because we’re not considered a ‘swing’ state and we don’t have the huge population Texas has. You just got yourself a new Twitter follower.

  • Fact Checker Guy

    I’m also a Dallas based Liberal. So I can relate. I wouldn’t say I’m a deep blue liberal, more of a deep aqua with a touch of red. I base my beliefs on facts I’ve researched myself without the help of the media and but still hold some traditional Texas ideas. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I can’t wait to hear from my ultra conservative/ religious family members. Debating them is always entertaining. Like dropping a Mentos in a bottle of Coke and waiting to see what happens.

  • Michael Andrade

    Great article. I live in San Francisco. Meeting or talking to a Republican or a conservative here is about as likely as an iceberg in hell. I’m aware I live in a progressive bubble. I need to get to the “heartland” for a dose of red state insanity. Keep up the good work in turning Texas blue.

  • Andy Monroe


  • DrPhrogg

    In Dallas area there are more liberals than the rest of Texas. May have something to do with business & education levels. If yoiu want to see how many there are, you are going to have to convince the liberals to actually vote. My son lives in Mesquite and has some problem being a liberal from the northeast.

  • Shay Castillo

    I don’t even know if I would consider my self a true on the left liberal, more like a moderate, but the conservatives in Texas drive me crazy. I just about block half the stuff my friends post on facebook, especially crazy lies about abortion and planned parenthood. There is no reasoning with these people. I don’t even try anymore. And yes it is very much like a cult.

  • Mattroski

    There are idiots on both sides. Most people are incapable of rational arguments because they let their emotions speak for them; they are mentally lazy. I find this to be true for 98% of the people I interact with, and of those who I hear talking. People do not want to do actual research, most will not even do research on their own beliefs. I find the absolute worst is people that do not study world history, and I mean studying on their own, not school required politically correct history. Liberals are wrong on many of their stances, in that I mean, that what they think will result in the choices they champion, are in no way, validated by history, or an honest look at the FACTS. This is also true of Republicans. Main-stream ideology only benefits the power sector on both sides, but most peons will not do the work that is required to know this, ultimately resulting in these disputes that are built upon emotion. I blame television, television will make you stupid, whether you believe it or not.

  • Kurn

    I live in Ohio-although it went for President Obama in 2012,it’s still a red state by any standards.In 2012,I worked as a truck mechanic for a guy who said anyone with an Obama bumper sticker would be terminated immediately.Ohio being an “at will” state,he could do it.I automatically assume anyone I meet to be a Republican,and keep my commie libtard views to myself.I do not reveal my politics on my FB page.Ironically,my best friend is a right wing Christian woman.

  • Sharon LeCount

    Vote Blue, No Matter Who . . our lives depend on it!

  • Joost Schutten

    I liked the article and as a western european try to find the linkages. It is less extreme as told here, but we clearly experience similar behavior here. The more right wing, the less factual and the more underbelly emo arguing. I also read the discussion attached and see democrats trying to reason with facts getting rebutted by utter nonsense. So Allen is right, do not bother about the facts, republicans are religious about there dogma’s.

  • Joost Schutten

    did you know that in Europe the liberals are considered right wing? Socialist are left. the democratic party in Europe would be right wing definitely. but then if you are republican, who cares….

  • Dennis Gottschalk

    I now live blocks from the childhood home of Chris Christie…… How could he and I, growing up not so far apart, 18 mils or so, come to such different views, solutions, perspectives, so as to lose the ability to relate in conversation about virtually every public affairs issue. How than can TX and MA relate? States’manship is the answer. Where reps of opposing ideologies respect each other, respond to each others concerns, and govern. We have few in the game these days and we suffer for it. It could eventually cost us our country as we know it. Time to raise the bar on discourse we engage in Washington, in TX, NJ in backyards and cyberspace.

  • Spence Cutting

    I live in Teller County, Colorado. Probably one of the Reddest counties on the planet. Right next to El Paso County, Colorado, the Reddest county in Colorado. Home to New Life Church and Focus on the Family and the United States Air Force Academy. Very few liberals. I totally agree with this article! I, too feel like I live in the Twilight Zone most of the time. Arguing with conservatives is truly a waste of time. Thanks Alan for sharing your pain with the rest of us libs who live in Red areas.

  • Boo Ratley

    Thank you for sharing your challenge and hope regarding Texas. Even though I live in the liberal SF Bay Area of California, I also hold back my opinions due to being overly political or simply due to dealing with ignorance. Not all right wingers are brainless but it is a challenge to get people past their own self-validations. One must use logic and alternative scenarios. This can be done, and is very effective. Reading your story helps and encourages me to keep up the good fight and reminds me that there is hope. Take care.

  • lindylou

    I still am afraid (in Virginia) to wear my t-shirt with the GOP elephant and the slogan “This is why we can’t have nice things””

  • Kim

    Gee liberals. It’s February 12th 2017 and who do we have in the white House? Why I believe it’s a republican!! So much for comments about Texas going blue. Democrats and the left wing progressive agenda is headed into the trash heap of history. Where it belongs. Why don’t you liberal progressives living in Texas pull up stakes and head to the coasts where you’ll feel more comfortable living in your liberal bubble. You can have all the big government welfare programs and latte sipping star buck coffee shops you want. Public transportation, art galleries and museums gallore!! Just get the fuck out of red states. Ok?

  • Tracy Fikes Englet

    Thank you for writing this. Being a yellow dog Democrat, 58 years old and living all of them in Texas does give you a jaded outlook on politics. I live in Houston inside 610 and there are many liberals in my neighborhood. I do feel like there is hope for Texas and will continue to fight to make that happen. Like you, I never put bumper stickers on my car except when Bill White ran for governor and received many negative comments. After Trump’s win, I avoid arguing or any kind of engagement with Republicans. Knowing that there are many liberals in Texas makes me feel stronger.