Rep. Peter King Doubles Down On Criticism Of His Party: ‘They Have No Concept Of Reality’ (Video)

peter-king-this-weekBy now most people are well aware of the current battle being fought in Congress over a funding bill that’s needed in order for the Department of Homeland Security to remain open. While this isn’t on the same large scale as our government shutdown in 2013, the reason why this has become a “battle” is more or less the same.

All that’s needed to keep the DHS open is for Congress to pass a “clean” spending bill that President Obama will sign the moment it hits his desk.

It is about as simple as our government gets. Well, that is, if you’re not dealing with House Republicans. Because, just like in 2013, they’re trying to exploit a funding bill to play petty, partisan politics.

As it stands now, there’s already been a bipartisan funding bill passed by the Senate that’s not being sent to the president’s desk because House Republicans refuse to pass it.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

The bottom line is, House Republicans are not going to win this “battle” – because they have zero leverage.  And that’s not an exaggeration, that’s fact. Not only will most Americans blame the GOP if the DHS shuts down, but even Republicans in the Senate are calling out House Republicans for acting like absolute fools.

But perhaps the most vocal critic of those House Republicans who are preventing this funding bill from passing has been another House Republican, Rep. Peter King (R-NY).

On Saturday he went after the “delusional” wing of his party for opposing this bill, then followed that up on Sunday by saying there are members of his party who have “no concept of reality.”

“There’s an element within our party, there’s a wing within the Congress, which is absolutely irresponsible – they have no concept of reality,” King said on ABC’s This Week.

I’m usually not a fan of King’s politics, but in this case he’s absolutely right. Like I said earlier, House Republicans have absolutely no leverage on this whatsoever. When you get right down to it, it breaks down to a handful of members of our Congress (all Republicans) who are playing these pointless partisan games which, if they don’t stop, are going to ultimately lead to the Department of Homeland Security closing.

But I cannot emphasize this enough – this is not a fight they’re going to win. The American people are against them, the president is against them, the Senate is against them and even much of the House is against them. Unfortunately, these 40 or 50 House Republicans possess just enough power to keep delaying the inevitable.

It really is like watching a spoiled child throwing a tempter tantrum after being told they have to go take a bath then go to bed. Sure, they’ll throw a hissy fit and make it uncomfortable for the parent(s) for a few moments, but the end result is inevitable – the adults are going to win.

So, House Republicans can keep trying to play these games all they want. But at the end of the day, the adults are going to win and a “clean” funding bill will eventually be passed.

Watch King’s comments below via ABC News:

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