Rep. Adam Schiff Nails How Trump Keeps Giving the Impression He’s Likely Guilty (Video)

Despite Donald Trump’s continued insistence that the growing list of allegations surrounding his potentially treasonous collusion with Russian officials during the 2016 election are “FAKE NEWS!,” the reality is that the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies are in the midst of an on-going investigation that dates all the way back to July. While it’s possible that this could all turn out to be nothing, based upon the fact these investigations have been going on for months, it’s obvious these allegations aren’t partisan fabrications meant to undermine Trump’s “win” last November.

Things got even more interesting recently when news broke that Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn is apparently seeking immunity from prosecution in exchange for cooperating with these active investigations Trump continues to claim are “FAKE.” While I’ve seen some trying to imply that Flynn seeking immunity is no different than people linked to Hillary Clinton’s email server being given immunity during her investigation, these folks clearly don’t understand that there’s a huge difference. Being offered immunity to help expedite an investigation is quite a bit different than someone seeking immunity to avoid criminal prosecution.

Flynn’s request brings up a couple of questions:

  • Why does he need immunity from prosecution unless some sort of criminal activity took place?
  • If Flynn did commit crimes for which he could be prosecuted in connection with the on-going Russian investigation, what were they and what information does he have that he feels is valuable enough to trade for a reprieve from being punished, himself?

However, despite recent confirmation by FBI James Comey that there are on-going investigations into collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials, as well as Flynn suddenly seeking immunity from criminal prosecution suggesting some sort of illegal activity took place, Trump continues to claim that this is all some “hoax” being pushed by the media and Democrats.

You know, because that makes sense.

Well, during an interview Sunday with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) hit the nail on the head as to why Americans should fear these allegations concerning potential collusion between Donald Trump, members of his campaign, and Russian officials trying to undermine our election.

First he discussed how the “information” that was given to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) came from White House officials in what he called an “attempt to distract” from the Russian investigations by sensationalizing the innocuous (and common) situation of “incidental collection” when a foreign suspect under U.S. surveillance contacts an American citizen. A statement I feel is absolutely spot-on as it’s laughably obvious that they’re trying to spin the “incidental collection” into some sort of “proof” that President Obama had Trump under surveillance — which isn’t remotely true.

Situations like this baffle the heck out of me. Not because of what Trump’s trying to do, but because his supporters don’t realize he’s counting on their ignorance to help him justify his asinine conspiracies. It couldn’t be more obvious what he’s doing, yet most of his supporters are buying into it hook, line, and sinker.

After suggesting the scandal here isn’t what Trump’s claiming is in these documents the White House clearly fed to Nunes, but why they keep trying conceal where this information originated from, Schiff spoke about Trump’s distraction efforts.

“I think the answer to the question is this effort to point the Congress in other directions. Basically say, don’t look at me, don’t look at Russia, there’s nothing to see here,” Schiff said. “I would tell people, whenever they see the President use the word ‘fake,’ it ought to set off alarm bells.”

He is exactly right.

The fact that Trump continues to call all of this “FAKE NEWS!,” goes out of his way to undermine the credibility of the media reporting on it, and now appears to be actively trying to fabricate his own “scandal” to distract or discredit the current investigations are all signs that he’s absolutely terrified of people finding out whatever truth might ultimately be made public.

Donald Trump is someone with a long track record of pushing conspiracies or claiming things are “rigged” whenever they’re not going his way or he’s caught in a lie. We’ve seen time and time again where he never admits he’s wrong and he never loses — because whatever he lost was always “rigged against him.” There’s always some sort of conspiracy out there to explain why something didn’t go his way or why there’s no proof to back up one of his lies.

While there’s still plenty of information out there that we don’t know, and it’s important that all the facts come out in regards to these allegations against Donald Trump, nothing about this tells me that it’s going to end well for him. At least not right now.

Like Rep. Schiff said, if Trump’s calling something “FAKE NEWS!,” then there’s probably a good chance that there’s something factual there he wants to distract people from.

Watch Schiff’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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