New Hampshire Republican Goes Off On Disgusting Misogynistic Rant About Democrat’s Looks

Steve-VaillancourtA Republican state lawmaker in New Hampshire, Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, recently wrote an article where he made several disgusting remarks about the appearance of Democratic United States Rep. Ann McLane Kuster.

“Let’s be honest,” Vaillancourt wrote. “Does anyone not believe that Congressman Annie Kuster is as ugly as sin? And I hope I haven’t offended sin.”

“How ugly is Annie Kuster?” he continued. “Sad to say, but the drag queens are more attractive than Annie Kuster. Annie Kuster looks more like a drag queen than most men in drag. Ouch!”

And this isn’t just some random radical conservative who decided to run for office this November. He’s currently serving his sixth term in the New Hampshire state legislature. Not that his current position changes the reprehensible nature of his comments. But it’s absolutely stunning to me that someone like Vaillancourt is currently an elected official.

There’s absolutely no excuse for comments such as these. Would he be saying the same thing about a male? Of course not. It always amazes me the differences in criticism female politicians face that males don’t.

Besides, I would suggest Vaillancourt take a good, long look in the mirror before talking about anyone else’s appearance.

But this is just another example, in a long list of them, of a Republican showing the extreme disdain they have for women. When it comes to treating women as equals, many Republicans act as if it’s the early 1900’s instead of 2014.

Like recently when a Republican senate candidate blamed single mothers who “just want a free government handout” for the reason why he’s trailing New Jersey Senator Corey Booker in the polls.

Then we can’t forget earlier this year when former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had a few absurd comments pertaining to birth control and how women apparently can’t control their “libido.”

And that doesn’t even include the seemingly endless stream of sexist comments often made by conservative media personalities.

It still blows my mind that despite all of this obvious sexism and misogyny that runs rampant throughout the Republican party, tens of millions of women still vote for members of their party. It makes absolutely no sense.

But then again, it doesn’t make sense for anyone who isn’t a wealthy, straight, white Christian male to vote Republican at all. Yet that doesn’t stop millions of Americans (both male and female) from voting against their own interests all the time.

But if you happen to feel so inclined to let Mr. Vaillancourt know what you think of his comments, here are a couple of contact points you can utilize:

Office phone number: (603) 271-3419

Email: [email protected]

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    Ignoring the very true points of the article about the consistent misogyny of the repubs.

    Does Steve Vaillancourt think that he isn’t, in the words he used about his opponent, as ugly as sin ?

  • Stephen Barlow

    how far back is he ALREADY? Is he a Scott BRown booster?

  • Bathsheva_Gladstone

    Hell, I’d sleep with her before I’d sleep with him and I’m so straight it’s sad..

  • Rob Banks

    That sort of unbridled ignorance is what teabaggers love. It’s red meat to them. This is why the GOP, leadership, elected officials, judges and the base have to be stopped.
    When 3 different bills to give women equal pay for equal work get crushed by the GOP in congress, women must vote.
    When your employer gets to decide your Dr’s RX won’t matter, but their dislike of the President will, women must vote.
    When GOP state governors shut down all the facilities in a hundred miles, so you can’t make it for screenings, tests or procedures, women must vote.
    When women must endure all of that and then bear the insults of the right wing……..
    Women must vote.

    • Sandy Greer

      I could point you to similar (and worse) disgusting, sexist, misogynistic rants about conservative women right here on FP. You don’t want to know what women (and men) have endured, and the insults they’ve been subjected to – when complaining of it, here. All to no avail.

      My conclusion – It pervades the entire political spectrum.

      And women will vote.

      • Rob Banks

        point away pointy.

      • BB-Mystic

        She’s right. I’ve seen it, and spoken out against it.

        (Nice to see you, Sandy. I thought the disgusting infusion of trolls here lately had driven you away.)

      • Sandy Greer

        I don’t post much anymore. The Spirit tires of Hypocrisy. It’s discouraging and disheartening, and I can’t let the Negativity spoil my Peace.
        But it’s good to see you again too, BB-Mystic. And thank you for speaking out. As always.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        I wonder if the new superstar ” MOSQUITO” has attacked sandy–
        as U know– ” mosquito” is now my favorite target on these threads; and im doing nice work exposing (exposing? that words applies given his indecent exposure public meltdown 2 yrs ago ON THE CAMPUS–in the classroom–that he ‘ teaches at) his limited and acerbic persona and “moronic bald assertive ” rebarbative posts to us all

      • BB-Mystic

        Thank you for doing that. I appreciate it. But it shouldn’t have to be done; Allen Clifton should take his head out of his ass and ban that jackanape. (On the plus side, I have found and bookmarked pages of Shakespeare’s insults. They’re hilarious.)

        Just out of curiosity, how did Mr. Logic-Troll sound on the phone? Is he as unhinged as he is here?

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        I allowed him to go first– he has a totally wet creep voice– and we BOTH agreed that no interruptions would occur. I allowed him 2 go and he pretty much didn’t have much 2 say as I was called a moron and the usual limited stuff he regurgitates– I made certain he went silent; then I asked if I may speak– without interruption: he quietly agreed. THIRTEEN seconds into my level headed recounting of MY FIRST( actually complimentary) post to him he IMMEDIATELY started lambasting me — with the usual aforementioned boorish rhetoric– and I tried to remind him of our ” professionals agreement ” -IE interrupting– and he just raised his voice– would NOT let me continue- claiming I was lying and a moron. I was done 22 seconds later- whole call was around a minute. He didn’t know — at THAT time– that I recorded it *( pretty easy do with todays intellectual software applications– and his post after claimed that I lied about our agreeing to not interrupt. I just reposted to his post and told him I have EVERYTHING on audio- now in my computer and on an IPOD– and I am eagerly willing to wager MY 50K ( cash) against his 5K( cash) to see who is lying. I cannot WAIT to read his reply to that!
        ” you are making bald; unsubstantiated assertions which do not amount to a hill of beans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
        ******************************************************** PLEASE rifle through the past few days posts and enjoy my destruction of this constipated flasher——then look up Michigan state university math professor meltdown ( oct 2012) his name is McCarthy,,,,,, even has his photo sitting nude handcuffed in the school hallway held by police!

      • BB-Mystic

        Holy crapola. This guy has some serious problems.

        I wondered what the devil he was doing; I’m still receiving Disqus comments on the Ebola thread, and I noticed that all day today he kept replying to the last few comments I had left him, basically saying the same thing over and over again, as if he was trying to bait me into breaking my silence. Evidently my final comment really got under his skin.

        Be careful with this one, Giankeys. He seems to me to be the type who might buy a gun and start shooting.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        u are potentially correct about his “loose cannon” persona. Luckily I live in pompano beachFL and he is polluting Michigan so I doubt his projectiles will find me.
        Im growing tired of dealing with coelecanths such as mosquito and jim bean and Charles Vincent and IVAN RENKO-
        I don’t mind healthy expostulation; I actually do like to learn new facts-
        seems the regressives who are on these threads simply 2 annoy us don’t have true facts: I will give credit to strayaway and a few others who DO have enough reading to respond with SOME credible factualness; but generally they too simply have FOX “news” ( see: rightwing) talking points which are easy to refute
        now- on a football spacing: MY dallas boys are 5-1???? damnnnn!

      • Sandy Greer

        Thanks for asking. We’ve had three threads on it already. See my OPs in the following – I delineate just a few of the more egregious:

        www DOT forwardprogressives DOT com/hosts-fox-news-outnumbered-defend-sexual-harassment/

        www DOT forwardprogressives DOT com/fox-news-hosts-go-disgusting-sexist-rant-degrading-female-military-pilot/

        www DOT forwardprogressives DOT com/eric-bollings-pathetic-boobs-ground-apology-fox-news-isnt-enough-needs-fired/

        ^^^All said by Lefties, here on FP. Reading comments is quite an education. Clifton himself has been notified by women here. Totally ignored, of course – Complaints not even acknowledged.

        Too, see any of our articles on conservative women – Fox News in particular. Sexist misogynous rants are not only condoned here – they are encouraged, and made welcome.

        As always – Forward Progressives lead the way to a better day.

      • Rob Banks

        Sorry, where’s the misogyny?

        What I see are conservatives again defaming women and other conservatives desperate to change the subject.

        In reality, a place cons know nothing about there is REAL misogyny, not anonymous posters who could be anybody. Where’s the misogyny that leads women to get paid less than men? Where’s the misogyny that keeps women from being allowed to fill a doctor’s prescription?

        Misogyny for progressives=women getting paid unfairly, women being denied medical services, women not being able to get medicine.
        Misogyny for cons=Some anonymous person, could even be a con posing as a progressive, said something I didn’t like.

      • Sandy Greer

        Sure. Thanks for mansplaining to lil’ ole me what Misogyny is. ‘Cause you know – If you say so.

        Conservative anonymous posters? Now that’s funny! We’ve two of our worst offenders, here in this thread. You can go straight to the sources – ask them yourself. Together, they account for more than half of what I quoted.

        I suggest you start with Stephen Barlow (aka Steve Brains) Ask him how conservative he leans. Go ahead. Make my day.

        Best save Tegu (aka John McCarthy, giankeys, many other monikers) for last.

        Or maybe Cognitive Dissonance won’t even let you look.

      • Rob Banks

        “Thanks for mansplaining what Misogyny is to lil’ ole me. ‘Cause, you know – If you say so”
        Ha! That wasn’t an explanation of misogyny for ole you. That was an explanation of a false equivalence.

        “Conservative anonymous posters? Now, that’s funny! ”
        Are you actually suggesting that screen names are accompanies by identifying information? Yeah. That is funny.
        ” We’ve two of our worst offenders,”
        Two!? 2 whole people? Do women a big favor and ask them if they voted down a law to allow equal pay for women? Ok? Can you do that? In the mean time normal people have a list of current US senators who are ALL cons and ALL voted, ON RECORD to strike down equal pay.
        So again the false equivalence here is that 2 people who you don’t really know may or may not have said something that in YOUR opinion was misogyny.
        And on the other side of the equation I have an entire republican congress, a nation of republican state legislators, a cabal of republican business owners and an entire Nazi teabagger voting base who openly oppose, equal pay for women, restricting women’s access to birth control, restricting women’s access to medical care and for kicks I can throw in the most horrible misogynist quotes like ” legitimate rape”.
        More than 2 actual people. Not internet comments. Your false equivalence is extremely weak.
        Catching on yet? Probably not. It’s easy to see you have such a rigid confirmation bias shoved up your rectum, you could sleep standing up.

      • Sandy Greer

        >you have such a rigid confirmation bias shoved up your rectum, you could sleep standing up.

        Well, now the Ugly comes out, doesn’t it, Rob Banks? Just like it does every time a woman dares disagree with you.

        You actually think you can co-opt women’s issues, and mansplain them to us. If we disagree – You just shove the ‘rigid’ up our ass. Because you can. And you think that settles it, once and for all. You put the little lady in her place – shoved it up her ass – mansplained it to your satisfaction. And that’s all that counts – isn’t it, Rob Banks? Your satisfaction – and what you think.

        Except for elections. That’s when women get to say what we think of your mansplaining.

        See you next Wednesday, Rob Banks.

      • Rob Banks

        “Well, now the Ugly comes out, doesn’t it, Rob Banks?”

        How very disingenuous again. The “ugly” came out with your chauvinistic sexist slam of ” mansplaining’

        “Just like it does every time a woman dares disagree with you.”

        Again, chauvinistic.

        “You actually think you can co-opt women’s issues, and mansplain them to us. If we protest ”
        Mansplain…again. Hypocrisy.
        ” You just shove the ‘rigid’ up our ass.”
        No. It’s the confirmation bias and it’s a metaphor that pertains to you, aptly.

      • Charles Vincent

        Blinders on Check
        Wool over eyes Check
        Fingers in ears Check
        Willful ignorance is your specialty isn’t it Chief.
        Barlow is a misogynist and a Chauvinist and thats his own admission. Both Sandy and BB_mystics assessment of misogyny and Chauvinism here on the left are spot on. Sorry your delicate ego can’t admit to nor tolerate the facts.

      • Steve Brains

        he likes strapons.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Woman isn’t a beauty queen, she’s too ugly to deserve to be elected. If she’s pretty, she only was elected because of her looks. Nothing new there.

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      seems to be what women have suffered through in all of history,,,,,,some men also
      where is Gloria Steinem?? she would have fun with this republican cretin

  • lindylou

    Has this warthog looked in a mirror lately?

  • Frank

    Well, if we’re going to judge on looks, I’d say this POS will drop dead from a stroke or heart attack any day now. No loss to the world there.

  • Shelley Jones Beek

    People who live in glass houses….