Republican Congressman Goes Birther while Discussing Syria, Questions if Obama is a Real American

yoho1I read a lot of really “less than intelligent” (my polite way to say stupid) comments from politicians.  Some are general “political speak” which you’ll see from both Republicans and Democrats, a few are specific to their general system of beliefs and then some are outright ridiculous.

Anyone I encounter who perpetuates the outrageous belief known as “birtherism” (those who believe President Obama faked a birth announcement, got the Hawaii state government to go along with him, forged two forms of his birth certificate, fooled every government agency which would check the legitimacy of his citizenship and if he didn’t fool them he convinced them to go along with his lies) — I simply dismiss as some of the most egregious and insane.

Thankfully as time has gone on, most of these people have been pushed to the far fringes of the Republican party and ignored.

Well, Florida Lawmaker Ted Yoho is apparently someone who still questions Obama’s citizenship.

Oh, you might have heard of him.  He’s the same lawmaker who claimed Obama is racist because “Obamacare” includes a tax on tanning beds.  He assumes only white people use them, therefore the law discriminates.

Yes, he really said that.

Yesterday, while speaking with Chris Matthews about Syria and what kind of response, if any, the United States should have, Yoho went birther.  Yoho didn’t directly get to the topic of Obama’s citizenship at first, however; he referred to the “scrutiny” Obama’s been under, while referencing a recent town hall meeting where he was asked by a few in attendance to discuss the president’s birth certificate.

Matthews then asked Yoho, “So you accept the fact that he’s a born American?”

To which Yoho replied—“No comment.”

Matthews pushed Yoho a little more on the issue, prompting the lawmaker to say,  “I haven’t studied it enough to spend the time on it to come back with an intelligent answer, so I will not respond.”

Matthews then directly asked Yoho if he was a birther, to which Yoho once again responded with “no comment.”

“No comment”—really?

It’s this kind of stuff which makes it impossible for me to take many Republicans seriously.  Because the fact is if he didn’t worry that those who vote for him might turn on him for publicly saying “I recognize Obama as an American,” he probably would have just simply said that.  But apparently enough Republicans in his district (and nationwide) still question Obama’s legitimacy as president.

Then again, he is probably just another right-wing ignorant birther.  After all, he’s the same man who thinks Obama is a racist because “Obamacare” includes a tax on tanning beds.  And speaking of ignorant, he also said during the Matthews interview that, “In World War II, we entered that war because we got attacked at Pearl Harbor, our allies Germany and France were attacked.”  Normally I would just chalk this up to a meaningless gaffe, but with somebody this utterly stupid, I really have to wonder.

So I guess the real question should be, “Why the heck did Chris Matthews invite this guy to talk about a complex issue such as Syria?”  Especially when Yoho still hasn’t “studied enough” facts to determine Obama’s place of birth, thinks Obamacare is a racist law, and apparently thinks Germany was part of the Allies of World War II.

So the situation in Syria might just be a bit much for him to comprehend.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • plus15

    This “Congressman’s” name is Yoho, let me repeat…his name is Yoho…is he really expected to be taken seriously?

    • Paul

      As seriously as someone named “Gohmert”! Dyuh huh.

    • Robert Cook

      Yoho – you only hate obama?

  • patricia spinazzola

    His constituents, in all likelihood, hate intelligent people. After all, aren’t people with brains and a degree suspect? Aren’t we all part of that educated elite, not to be trusted??? Hence, they vote for a dunce to represent them. That way, their congressman cannot make them feel inferior by having facts and knowledge at his fingertips. Explains a lot when it comes to GOP voters.

  • Harry R Omwake

    Yoyo is more accurate, and how ignorant are his constituents to vote him into office, in Gainesville, FL.

    • theg8r

      Okay Harry, when you start insulting my hometown, I have to stop you there. Gainesville is a progressive island surrounded by a sea of tea-bagging morons. The reason a (likely home-schooled) idiot like Yoho can get elected in our area, is because the state legislature carved Gainesville up into several districts to dilute the progressive vote and to concentrate the minority population into a ridiculously gerrymandered minority district. If Gainesville were a contiguous district, as it should be, a wing-nut pandering moron like Yoho wouldn’t stand a chance of election. While I wholeheartedly agree with everything said above (and below) about Yoho, I must defend the fine citizens of Gainesville. He truly isn’t their fault.

  • Pipercat

    Yoho and Jeff Duncan, (R) South Carolina, real pair of legislative leaders. I suppose they might be worried about facing a primary challenge if they don’t raise all of the straw men and outright fantasies of the last year and previous election cycle; then somehow place them into context (?) regarding Syria.

    • Kingminnie

      Sad thing is, it seems as though the more outrageous the comments these and oh-so-many others make, the more popular they are. There’s Cruz, Gohmert, You lie Wilson, King, and yes, even Presidential nominee Romney among so many others. The media keeps these people in the forefront, along with the dubious likes of Palin, Nugent, Alan West, even Cheney, Rumsfeld, Sununu etc. These people’s opinions should filed away in the non-relevant file and left there for future generations to find and heat their homes with.

      • Pipercat

        There seems to be no desire to govern, by many, within the GOP. The so called, “party of business,” seem to have no idea how to even conduct this simplest forms of everyday, common business. No reasonable counter proposals, no passable legislation, no deal-making (compromise) and no understanding of the entire process. However, plenty of straw man arguments, false equivalencies, outright falsehoods (the whole birther nonsense), vilification and finally, extreme pandering. Sad really, for all of us.

  • Andrea osuch

    There r no words for these idiots,except this is what home schooling n charter schools will get ya!

    • Ellistrey

      I am a liberal and I home-school. Really nice job there lumping people into the same pool 🙁

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Why? What’s wrong with the public school system? I did quite well by it.

      • Ellistrey

        As did many people. I wanted her to learn about God and she can’t in a public school. The school she was assigned to had failed their standards 3 years in a row.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        If you want her to learn about God, then take her to church. Teaching kids about God isn’t the public school’s job. Failing standards is a different issue.

        A lot of home schoolers want to protect their kids from the evil world. The problem is that their kids have to live in the evil world and come into it wholly unprepared.

  • Angel Rivera

    If it was true that Obama was daring enough to try to convince Hawaii and all the national security agencies of being an American, as well as being smart enough to pull it off. Then Obama should be president on the fact he was smarter and more capable than the tens of thousands of people that have scrutinized him since the beginning of his president.
    We can just say that the Republican constituents hate Obama because he is a smart, educated, black man and use birther talk to justify it without getting called on their racism…

    • leopold

      My sentiments exactly….but it speaks volumes for what these people think of themselves as a people….thoughts: “We are all dummies”

  • Rosinante

    What he lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up for in stupidity.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    I dream of a day when we demand that our congress critters know more about government & how it works than we do & also that they can pass a basic IQ test. They should be able to pass a high school exit exam that includes civics, history, science, reading & math. It should be judged by Atheists. Any fudging about a “Christian nation” – non separation of church & state or rewritten history should disqualify someone for office. I am tired of grandstanding assholes who don’t really KNOW anything. If you are as dumb as a stump, you don’t need to be leading people. I also expect my congress critter to act like an adult….many of the ones today (& they are on both sides of the aisle) act like Jr. High kids. (I take that back, actually some Jr. High kids act better than they do).

    • chuckj2

      Nicely stated! I’m going to borrow this and post it on my “Righteously Intolerant” page. Your name will be there of course.

    • jag0581

      Can we give the people who elected this guy in the first place an IQ test as well? Because they cannot be all that intelligent if they elected the guy.

  • chuckj2

    We really must get these people out of the political arena.

  • Artygrl

    Where do they find these people?

  • “So I guess the real question should be, ‘Why the heck did Chris Matthews invite this guy to talk about a complex issue such as Syria?’”

    Have you seen the ratings for MSNBC? I’m surprised they can get any guests at all.

  • Mike Minyen

    Are you a birther “no comment” is a loud and clear comment.

  • LeeH

    He panders to low information voters.

  • Don Rodgers

    Typical dumbass teabag politician.

  • Robert J Bartley

    It’s an alien plot. Creatures from the UFO’s are poisoning the water in Florida to make all the people stupid and vote for consertative Republicans.

  • gemma liar

    U guys just DONT LISSSSEN!!!! vote republican!!! we need JEEEESUS to help turn our country around ( can U say ” re gress”??),VOTE REPUBLICAN!!! I love watching these small dicked crybabies atrophy

  • jimbo

    Wow I was a history major in college and this is the first I’ve heard about our ally Germany in WWII.

  • Rick Heath

    Personally if President Obama is so gifted and clever as to be able to fake his birth announcement over 50 years ago, powerful enough to force entire state governments to support his claims and crafty enough to dodge every protective scrutiny that has ever been in place to check documentation before entering office (college, state legislature, U.S. Congress and especially Presidential) all to get into office… I say that is someone powerful and gifted enough to be President forever.

    P.S. I am still waiting to see validation that Obama has destroyed anything.. or even personally made anything even remotely worse…

  • jag0581

    I must have fallen asleep in history class as a kid or was on some heavy drugs at the time. I was sure I learned that Germany was the one with the Concentration camps and eventually lost the WWII. I even thought I heard that the United States was actually fighting against Germany. WOW maybe I need to re-read my History book… Yep its in the history the way I remember being taught. Maybe the history book is wrong?