Republican Congressman Suggests Using Wolves to Deal with Homeless People (Video)

Photo credit: Sam Harrel, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, via AP

Photo credit: Sam Harrel, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, via AP

When I was first made aware of this story, it sounded so absurd that I stopped everything I was doing at that moment because I had to watch the video for myself to believe that it was legitimate. Nobody could really say something so vile, could they?

Well, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) certainly did.

During a debate over the gray wolf and whether or not it should be taken off the endangered species list, Rep. Young, toward the end of an angry tirade, suggested that those in Congress who don’t have these wolves in their districts might want to get some to help solve their homeless problem.

“We’ve got 79 congressmen sending you a letter, they haven’t got a damn wolf in their whole district,” Young said. referring to the wolf as a predator. “I’d like to introduce them in your district. If I introduced them in your district, you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.”

Yes, that’s a sitting United States congressman literally suggesting that we use wolves to get rid of homeless people.

Like I said, when I first heard about this story I honestly didn’t believe it. I thought certainly his comments were being taken out of context by someone trying to push cheap traffic to an article – but I was wrong. He said it clear as day, and there’s no misrepresentation of the context of his words.

His office is now trying to claim that Young was simply emphasizing that these wolves are predators which pose a serious threat to wildlife.


Before moving forward, let me point out the fallacy in his argument against the endangered classification of the gray wolf. Just because an animal is predatory, that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be an endangered species. So, I have no idea where he’s coming from for the “logic” to his argument. Then again, the words “Republican” and “logic” rarely go together.

Besides, nobody is disputing that a wolf is a predatory animal. Does that point really need any sort of emphasis? Are there people out there who don’t think the wolf is a predatory species? So his office trying to claim that his homeless remark was meant for “emphasis” is an insult to those of us with intelligence and was clearly a pathetic attempt to try to add spin to his disgusting comment.

If you watch the video, you can tell that he meant exactly what he said. There are indeed comments that are often made that can seem fairly straightforward, yet there are some out there who might be able to pull out some legitimate semblance of contextual differences from them. Not with Young’s comments, however; there was no “gray area” (excuse the pun) in what he said.

And this will just serve as yet another example, in a seemingly never-ending list of them, where someone from the Republican party showed their utter disdain toward the poorest amongst us.

Watch his comments below via The Washington Post:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Taking this statement – “I’d like to introduce them in your district. If I introduced them in your district, you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.” by an official trying to deal with a wolf problem in his state and twisting it into something to be used to accuse him of saying he ‘wants to use wolves to deal with homeless people’ is completely unconscionable and malicious.

    • Raphael Lasar

      Jim, I agree completely. This sort of “journalism” whether from the right or the left needs to be called out for what it is. Lying to promote an agenda.

    • Brian

      Then perhaps he shouldn’t joke about using wild animals to kill people. It’s in poor taste and not funny.

      • Jim Bean

        I don’t think he was joking. I think he was pissed at the ignorance of those with the luxury of not having to deal with his problem.

      • Brian

        So he wasn’t joking about wolves murdering homeless people? That’s even worse.

  • cypicturelady

    This guy has ALWAYS been a jerk, but I agree that this article goes overboard in taking it so literally. That said, our ecosystems require predators or everything gets out of balance. We need for human beings (the worst predator on the planet) to be more tolerant and figure out how to live peaceably with animals like wolves and bears.

  • Aaron Foye

    I am a liberal, but this article is ridiculous. You are being just as bad as the conservative agenda pushers with this one. Anyone with half a brain would realize that his statement was to drive home a point that grey wolves are dangerous, NOT that homelessness should be taken care of by wolves. Shame on YOU for stooping to the same level as the right. WE are supposed to be better than this!

    • Brian

      I disagree. It was a joke that was in poor taste. Someone in a position of power should not make jokes about using wild animals to kill people. This is what happens.

      • MainFragger

        I think he was trying to make the point that the predatory wolves would go after anything easily available to hunt..which in a city, would people that live outdoors…homeless. But its still a pretty hilarious tirade…

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Why not feed them liberals? At least they would finally be of some use other than serving as bad examples.

      • MainFragger

        I know..its 5 months later, and I totally didn’t see your reply till now. BUT.. Liberals might be bad examples..but Conservatives are poison…So lets feed THEM to the wolves and let nature take care of itself..

  • Brian

    Hey, I got an idea! Those KKK members are a serious problem. We gotta do something about them, but you guys don’t know what it’s like having them in your area. If you did, you wouldn’t have a black problem anymore!

    See what I did there? If I were a politician and said that, even if my intention was to emphasize the problem caused by hate groups, I would be crucified. If you think that taking this politician out of context matters, you’re wrong.

  • Follow @offensivedialog

    Republicans are truly evil. When something is said as a joke, it’s indicative of how someone thinks.

  • Keith

    Bobby Jindal need to expand his mailing list, that guy didn’t get the Memo, “quit being stupid”