Republican Crooks in Texas Find Ways to Unethically End Wendy Davis’ Courageous Filibuster

texasrepublicanPlease excuse my language—but I am beyond pissed off.

I had this feeling that somehow, someway, these right-wing bastards in Texas would find a way to stop Wendy Davis’ courageous filibuster of an anti-abortion bill that represents a direct attack on women’s rights in Texas.

And I almost knew, they would let her go on for hours before they finally found a way to end it—just enough to make her essentially waste her time.  Currently, Democrats in the Texas Senate are trying desperately to make it to midnight by raising parliamentary inquiries and other stall tactics (something that they should have never had to do to start with if the filibuster was allowed to continue), but it’s doubtful they’ll be able to pull it off.

It speaks to their sadistic nature that I knew these Republican crooks would not only find some bullshit ways to end her filibuster, but in doing so would let her speak for hours as a means to almost torture her before finally putting her out of her misery by finding some bogus excuse to call an end to it.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Two of the three strikes against her are completely subjective matters of her “getting off topic.”  Something that any jackass with an agenda could pull out of thin air and claim is “not on topic.”

The final “strike” against her turned out to be her comparing the sonogram requirement of a previous abortion bill to many of the reckless requirements of the anti-abortion bill that was being filibustered.

Then to top it all off, the Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst essentially makes the final call on what is or isn’t related to the legislation being filibustered—and doesn’t have to explain as to how the subject matter is not of relation or what factors went into his determination.

Now, tell me something isn’t corrupt when a man who opposes an attempted filibuster ultimately determines whether or not the filibuster will continue if there is some kind of objection.

All it takes is for some Republican in the Texas state legislator to object to something she’s saying, they’ll discuss it, and he rules.  And it’s a “shock” that they ended her filibuster?  Not to me.

Republicans in Texas, and all across this nation, have used any dirty trick they can in order to find ways to get their way.  These crooks lie, cheat, steal and manipulate in any way possible to find ways to get their way.

But they’ve woken a sleeping giant, because state Senator Wendy Davis has become a star.  She was given the national spotlight for 10 hours, reaching the top of Twitter trends, and even being noticed by President Obama—and she shined.

And from here on out, her star will only glow brighter.

This action by Republicans in Texas has made a mockery of the legislative process, which is nothing new for them—or any number of Republicans across this country.

And I can promise one thing, Democrats in Texas and women in Texas will damn sure not forget this injustice.

But even after the corruption with this process, the unethical drive for Republicans to get their way and this pathetic motion to end this amazing woman’s filibuster…

I still #StandWithWendy.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • rozzi8

    I stand with Wendy too!

  • The Green Devilish One

    This aggression will not stand, man. These weasels are going to get dragged out into the open and the world will see what a bunch of religious women-hating scumsuckers they are. How any woman with a shred of dignity and self-respect could ever vote for a republican is beyond me. They’re half a step away from getting slapped in a burqua and “honor murdered”.

    • Vivian E McPherson

      I so wanted to see her succeed. But I knew it wouldn’t happen!! Texas is now being run by criminals, Cruz and his crew make me sick, and I can’t wait for them to go down– and they will go down!!!

      • Cleaner

        They must be taken down, but how,, I won’t say.

      • Lily Hyatt

        They going to go right to the white house because of extremist freaks on the left its your own fault many are fed up with the democrats as they are with nutters on the right

    • Lily Hyatt

      Being against late term abortions is NOT a religious thing nor a political one after all We SAW that butcher in Pennsylvania killing late terms babies visa a stab in the neck .. That clinic was wake call or should have been for America ! I see no reason why after 12 weeks unless its the mother life anyone should need to get a late term abortion ,, None . without setting limits you are killing little beings .& I,m a liberal ….. There is no excuse It .They has to be limits . It is just wrong to continue to allow it . I cannot stand conservatives but they are RIGHT in this . I am far from the delicate religious type either & I would dare You try put a burqua on me ….This Has to do with the reality of late term abortions & babies able to survive outside the womb …. Knowing this as we do means CHANGING the LAW ….It called right from wrong ..I guess the abortion clinic in Pennsylvania taught some of you liberals NOTHING . Keep this up & you will see MORE go & support the Right ….. It no wonder we are called libtards . I,m Not scum but you sound like you are with labeling all who disagree with you !

      • Fed up to the neck with Repubs

        They are not talking about late term abortions, they mean all abortions, ALL abortions, even in the event of rape. I agree late term abortions, even just abortions because you dont want the child should be banned, but in the event of rape or safety of the mother, that’s a the woman’s choice.

      • The Green Devilish One

        You are scum to presume that you know better than the woman and her doctor. Tell you what- how about you let me, a total stranger, make life and death decisions for you and you can’t say a fucking thing about it. How would you like that? I’m guessing you wouldn’t.

        So stay the fuck out of everyone else’s life.

      • Reginald Samothy Adams

        We are called libtards because of people like you, you incoherent lepton.
        I don’t like late-term abortions, or the idea of abortion in general really.

        But first of all, what we’re dealing with are not reasonable Republicans who just want to limit late-term abortions. We’re dealing with Republicans who want to treat a blastula of cells as a full citizen with rights. They’ve made plain their desire to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and to give the force of law to the notion that life begins at conception. And they are also willing to let a woman “go down with the ship”; to let her die if it comes down to a choice between her life and that of the fetus’s. And that is-inarguably by any thinking person, I think-psychotic. And evil and fascist. I would have liked to think that any person who thought that in 2013 wouldn’t be able to run for even local office.

        Also, I understand that abortions should be taken on a case-by-case basis, and that other people feel lots of different ways on this issue. And I’m not trying to make their decision for them, or impose any of my beliefs on them.
        And they shouldn’t try to do that to others.

        You have to keep in mind that, however strongly you feel in some direction or another, others feel just as strongly but in the opposite direction.
        Short of being reasonable and working through problems on a purely rational, ethical basis-which of course would be ideal, but most Americans appear to be incapable of operating at that level-let’s just not try to impose our beliefs on other people and let them make their own Choices.
        That’s why it’s called “Pro-Choice”.

        I would say that-for states whose majorities would like to limit abortion rights- finding out when the fetus can actually register pain
        and limiting abortions beyond that point to life-saving measures, and cases of rape or incest as a set of rigid standards beyond which no state is
        allowed to try to limit abortion rights from here on out would be one of many possible perfectly good concessions.

      • Lily Hyatt

        No its because of people LIKE YOU ! You claim your for rights yet you deny the rights of life itself to these babies who can survivor outside the womb . In fact you a freaking hypocrite as is ANY GROUP who demands rights for themselves but tries to deny these same to these innocent ones who in late term abortions Can & Are human beings You asshole . Your a hypocrite as most liberals are . You Do NOT have the right neither does the mother to decide another beings life or right to it !

      • Reginald Samothy Adams

        Yea, this is about the level of rhetoric you get in response from conservatives. It’s evident you didn’t even read my whole comment, or even part of it.
        Which is why you braindead f*cks end up losing, and then having no idea why you’ve lost.
        Romney’s not president, abortion’s staying legal, and DOMA and DADT are both dead.
        Booya, b*tches, we finally get to start ignoring you. And I’m gonna enjoy the sh*t out of that.

  • Merwyn Haskett

    I wish I could be as optimistic, that this would be comparable to the 1916 Easter Rising where Ireland’s defeat was the inspiration needed to rise up and gain independence later.

    But unless a swarm of Progressives decide it’s a good idea to move to Texas just so they can register to vote in their state elections I don’t see anything changing. Texas, like certain other states, are full of enough bigots and idiots to get these sort of people elected in the first place.

    • paulnyc1

      I won’t even change planes in texASS let alone move there.

      • Michael Cruise

        Ditto. Texas, as well as Arizona, are permanently off my list.

    • Rhonda

      Merwyn, I understand your anger about this. I live down here in Texas, and believe me, there are a lot of good progressives living here. The problem we have in Texas is that all the people who can vote, don’t bother. They believe their votes don’t count. These lying bastard repubs get into office with very small percentages of the votes in their districts. That is the problem we progressives have here. I wish we progressives could figure out how to get people to vote, but so many have been turned off to voting because of the ugly tactics that repubs use in elections. We need help down here to help people understand that repubs don’t care about you if you don’t make over 250,000 a year. That and all the religion they vomit out to the uninformed.

      • Merwyn Haskett

        I wondered. It was one of two things, either the most hateful and ignorant people truly outnumber the rest, or the decent ones just aren’t voting. If it’s the latter, then unfortunately they get nothing more than they should expect.

        By the way, how ironic (or is the proper word “hypocritical”) that Perry’s Pro-Life State is about to have its 500th execution.

      • Baaly

        “By the way, how ironic (or is the proper word “hypocritical”) that Perry’s Pro-Life State is about to have its 500th execution.”

        My thoughts exactly!

        It’s funny how ‘human life’ only matters to the GOP when it’s in utero.

      • Neather

        Really? I thought they were executing a murderer, not randomly picking people to kill.

      • Baaly

        “Really? I thought they were executing a murderer, not randomly picking people to kill.”

        Who said anything about randomly picking people to kill?

        The point is that a ‘pro-life’ stance ONLY applies to these GOP idiots when it’s in-vitro. It does NOT apply in relation to killing another for criminal behavior. Having given the thumbs up to the execution (ie murder) of 500 inmates is a clear indication that Perry does not value human life, nor judeo-christian teaching. (See Matt 5: 21-25 and 38-40). Hypocrisy Yes! In abundance.

  • dancerboots

    Too bad the same rules for a filibuster are not used in the U.S. Senate (except for the objection rule…which is ludicrous). How “brave” Rand Paul and Ted Cruz acted when they announced they were going to filibuster the gun bill. That is not a filibuster. Such praise they received for filibustering a bill by talking non-stop..with 13 Senators.

  • oldngrumpy1

    Texas is a lost cause. Give it to the criminal and perpetually stupid conservatives and migrate to better places. If progressives leave any of these state governments to their own devices completely they will go down in flames and people will have the opportunity to see, once and for all, that they are totally unqualified to lead anyone.

    • Arkham Allie

      The only problem with that solution (if you don’t like it, leave) is that many people who WANT to leave cannot for economic reasons, or don’t want to be forced out of their homes because they disagree with their neighbours. Granted, I wouldn’t move (voluntarily) to a red state, but I know how hard it is to move anywhere when finances are tight, and when having to find a new job.

    • Carmen De Stefano

      Come to New York…You ladies are most welcome!

    • dtsinidaho

      Yea, it is called Idaho.

  • Bobbi Nicolai

    The bill will be overturned, just like all the others. But I am enraged at the moment. And we will NOT forget, come 2014.

  • Virginia Ann Ullrich-Serna

    It is still continuing. SEN Watson has found a rule that nulifies Sen Estes motion to rabke and they have been mulling this over for at least 10 minutes. Of course the mikes are off.

  • Skyking

    Amen brother. This was an example of political abuse of power. You failed to mention King Dewhurst cleared the chamber when the people chanted to “let her speak”. Democracy is dead in Texas at the hands of gerrymandering.

    • Michael Cruise

      Democracy is dead in America so long as Republicans have any power at all.

      • Vivian E McPherson

        I agree. It’s so frustrating trying to get people to see what’s going on with the republicans. They are getting dangerous!!!

      • Baaly

        But Theocracy is getting its first breaths….in this hideous state anyway.

  • Vicky

    It isn’t over yet, dude.

  • John

    ITS NOT OVER YET! Dont be such dicks by just giving up already. WTH? Is this really all we have to say about it? Oh well we lost? FUCK THAT! GAME ON!

  • Jan Swoveland

    Does Wendy depend on Depends? She’s amazing!

  • i’m Batman

    she must really want to kill unborn babies

    • Anonymous

      a fetus is not a baby. and you are not batman

      • i’m Batman

        ok genius, at what point does a fetus become a baby? whatever. abort away. its your own voting pool getting thinned out

      • Jim

        …whimpers the 40 year-old Virgin.

    • paulnyc1

      Batman, a fetus is NOT a baby. I’m sorry you, and the anti-choice anti-women anti-American legislatures in texASS are ignorant, but you have not right to shove your misguided fallacies about science on the American population.

      • i’m Batman

        I’m very much pro choice and pro women. Just anti abortion. and every right to talk about it.

      • djulien

        The question of is a fetus a person has been debated for a long time. Apparently, the IRS says it isn’t since parents don’t get a tax exemption until a baby is born. And apparently, the US government assigns the birth of a citizen when they come out of the womb. Now you may have a differing view and i respect that but this is not a question for the government-it is a question decided by the pregnant mom, her doc, her family and her god….

      • Michelle Rhoades

        And for the religious the Bible says it is a baby when it draws it’s first breath.

      • The Green Devilish One

        Bullshit. You can’t be pro choice, pro-women, and anti-abortion. Go jerk off to the bible, idiot.

      • DWS

        yes, actually you can. I am pro-choice but personally against abortions as birth control when other options are available (accidental pregnancies notwithstanding when efforts were made to prevent them). However I firmly believe I have no right to force my views on ANY woman, so consistently vote pro-choice and allow the woman the right to choose what she does with her own body, as it is NOT my body to force that choice on.

      • Arkham Allie

        The thing is, no one (or very very very very few people) are actually pro-abortion. Most pro-choice people want to see fewer abortions. The disagreement comes with what actually works to do so. More often than not, the pro-choice faction believes in comprehensive sex-ed and access to BC, whereas the pro-life faction believes that abortion should be banned outright. I have not personally met a single person who stands up for the right for women to choose that is actually pro-abortion. No one I’ve ever spoken to actually LIKES the idea of abortion; but the fact remains it is necessary for it to be a legal, safe, and accessible option.

        The difference between your way of stating your opinion is that you actually agree that it is the woman’s choice; the OP in this particular thread started by saying that by opposing this awful bill, Sen. Davis ‘really wants to kill … babies.’ What she is actually stand up for is a woman’s right to choose, ergo his argument that he’s pro-choice appears fallacious based on his previous statements.

      • i’m Batman

        i can’t cause i just jerked off on your mom.

      • Kevin Koehler

        You are NOT pro choice! There are 2 choices at that stage. Either carrying the fetus to full term, or to terminate. If you are against terminating, then there is only one option left. If you are saying that that baby exists before conception (like some of the religious fanatics are saying), then every time you masturbate, you are killing thousands. Don’t point out our “short-comings” until you take care of yours.

    • Jim

      Federal Abortion Police?

    • Arkham Allie

      Okay, first of all, stopping anti-abortion bills does NOT equate to someone encouraging pregnant women to have abortions. It is simply a safeguard to ensure that if a pregnant woman wants (OR NEEDS) and abortion, she can have safe (and relatively easy) access to one, instead of having to jump through a bunch of legal hoops, suffer humiliating and invasive procedures, be lectured at, and get a signed note from her father, her priest, and her governor.

      And you can’t call yourself ‘pro-choice’ if you disagree with abortion as a CHOICE. Calling yourself pro-choice but anti-abortion is like saying that you’re a vegetarian who eats chicken. It’s ludicrous. Either you think that women should have a choice or you don’t. CHOICE does not mean ABORTION. It means CHOICE. Having ALL THE OPTIONS, i.e. carrying to term and keeping the baby (which isn’t a baby until it’s born, by the way), giving the baby away to someone else, or aborting a foetus. You can’t say, ‘I’m pro-choice, except for this one choice I don’t think you should have the right to make,’ because by denying women access to that option, by denying them the CHOICE, you are, by definition, not pro-choice.

      Also, your login name is stupid; Batman is totally all about altruism and helping those in need (even if they can’t pay for it); he’s about social justice and equality. So I don’t really see how he’d disagree with Sen. Davis’ stance.

      • Karen Armstrong Nanan

        Excellently phrased…thank you

    • AuntInAZ

      No, she wants women to have a choice. And she wants there to be exceptions for a woman’s life being in danger, as well as rape and incest.

  • Amanda Cotylo

    It’s not over yet, dude. C’MON DEMS AND GOOOOO WENDY!!!!

  • califcowgirl1955

    vote them out,

  • Art Vandal

    If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.

    “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology.”

  • Jane

    Um, folks… it’s 11:28 and the filibuster isn’t done yet. A senator is making exactly the points you are making here.

  • Michael Siever

    If the GOP complains that she wasted taxpayer money on filibustering
    something they chose to go into special session over, heads will roll.
    They knew damn well the Dems would filibuster, and they still put it up
    for special session anyway, just to rag on them for it. That’s like me
    living in a high-theft volume neighborhood and leaving my bicycle
    sitting in my front yard, knowing it’s going to be stolen, then when I
    get up the net morning and its gone, I blame the theft on the thief who
    stole it, and not myself for leaving it there for him to steal.

  • rawryree

    I was reading until the mysogynistic ad right in the middle of the article. This site should be ashamed.

    • Big C

      Why on Earth are you browsing the internet in 2013 without AdBlocker?

    • EaDiot

      Strangely enough I received an advert to buy property on a golf estate, it seems the adverts are targeted based on criteria associated with yourself. You should be ashamed that adverts which are mysogynistic are targetted towards your browsing. Or you can follow Big C’s advice and get Ad Blocker.

  • Reginald Samothy Adams

    I only know one woman in Texas, and she thinks Obama’s a terrorist. I don’t know that the majority of Texan women will be of any help.

    • AuntInAZ

      There are plenty of good women in Texas. I know a few of them. There are even a few blue spots, around Austin, for example.

      • Reginald Samothy Adams

        That is a relief 🙂

  • Michael Cruise

    This was nothing more than Republicans mocking her, further showing their disdain for any woman that doesn’t know her place.

    Democrats…it’s time to stop taking punches. STOP. TAKING. PUNCHES. Punch back and punch hard so that they can’t stand back up. The old ways are not winning ways. We must adapt or we will lose so much that it will take decades to recover, if ever.

    Punch back.

    • Lily Hyatt

      Killing innocent babies In late term abortions is proving what ? They are able to survivor outside the womb at 23 weeks If not less ? So what gives you the right to decide there fate when they once at this stage have rights to LIFE . You have never carried a child in your womb in fact you do not have a womb . You liberals demands rights for everyone but think you can play God & deny them to our most innocent & helpless Your are disgusting & hypocrites !

  • chris

    The gallery finished off the filibuster well =]

  • And I will #StandWithWendy

  • ray

    Why do you people want DEAD babies so bad???

    • Arkham Allie

      Yet another person who is voicing the ignorance about what voting against anti-abortion bills actually means. Keeping access to abortions safe, legal, and convenient is not the same as going up to every pregnant woman in Texas and telling her she should abort her pregnancy.

      Also, a foetus isn’t a baby; if the IRS doesn’t give you a tax break for being a foetus, and the Social Security office doesn’t issue you a SSN while you’re a foetus, you’re not a person yet. (The philosophy of the distinction is up to those philosophising, but the LEGAL definition is that foetus DOES NOT EQUAL baby.)

      And wanting all women to have access to safe and convenient health care esp. with regard to their reproductive organs is about equal rights, full stop. If you’re so interested in lowering the abortion rates, do something that is actually proven to work: make comprehensive sex education accessible to ALL children, make contraceptives accessible to ALL children. That more than anything will reduce the number of pregnancies that end in abortion.

      Also, you should educate yourself on the topic. Being pro-choice isn’t being pro-abortion. Some of us just think that women should actually have a CHOICE what happens with and to their bodies.

    • AuntInAZ

      It’s not about ‘dead babies’. It’s about having the right to choose, and not having some right wing tell you what you can do.
      It’s also about considering the woman’s health, and making exceptions for a woman who is raped, or a young girl who is the victim of incest.
      How about the woman we heard about recently who tried to testify regarding abortion in Congress? She was told she should have carried her brain dead fetus to term instead of aborting it. Not only should she never have been told that, neither she nor any other woman should be expected to carry a fetus to term under those conditions.

  • Ashley Kibler

    I wish I could feel more sympathy with Texans, but they voted for them- overwhelmingly. Texas, Florida, and Wisconsin are just beginning to wake up from their Tea Party hangover and realizing how much they have royally fucked themselves in their state legislatures. Yes, I know not everyone voted for them, but enough people did and enough people didn’t vote against them, so they’re there either way.
    May this be a warning to all independents, liberals, democrats, moderates, and progressives: do not sit on your ass on election night. Even if the opposition candidate doesn’t quite sing all of your tunes, they are 1100% better than what the Tea Party is putting there.

  • Margaret

    Repugs are disgusting vile cretins. I honestly don’t see much difference between them vs the Taliban. It’s all about men controlling anything that doesn’t have a dog between the legs.

  • Texas Ex-Pat

    “Don’t tell us what to do with our guns but we’re gonna tell you what to do with your Wife-daughter-mother-sister’s vagina”…I can just hear them now. And Perry is sittin’ back in his little mansion patting his frat-boy belly and chuckling to himself. Texas jumped the shark.

  • tomtallis

    One thing that I learned from this live feed (I already knew that Republicans are lying scum) is that you can still buy a men’s suit in Texas for under $50.

  • Thomas Risinger Jr

    I’m appalled at the lack of maternal instincts being displayed here! Where’s the concern for the rights of the unborn. This is not a power-play by the Republicans, or a war against women. Who among them seriously thinks she has an inalienable right to commit murder? To even misguidedly think that way is amoral & sub-human!

    • Arkham Allie

      Again and again the argument making it out to be that pro-choice people are pro-abortion. Restricting access to reproductive healthcare (which INCLUDES abortion; it’s a medical procedure) is BAD. Sen. Davis isn’t rallying people to tell all pregnant women to abort their pregnancies. She just wants women to have ACCESS to them. Because of things like rape, and incest, and ectopic pregnancies; because of Sirenomelia and brain-dead foetuses. Because having a CHOICE is what it’s about, not the philosophy of when a person becomes a person.

      And what gives you or anyone else the right to regulate what a woman can and should do with her body, with the advice of her doctor? If pro-life people want to see lower abortion rates, they should promote comprehensive sex education and free and easy access to contraceptives.

      Also, the word you were looking for is ‘IM-moral,’ not ‘A-moral.’ One means against morals, the other means outside of them, but it’s a pretty important distinction.

      And legally speaking, until pregnant women get tax breaks for being pregnant (they don’t), and until foetuses are issued SSNs, they’re not legally people, ergo, they cannot be murdered.

      And if you’ve already decided that the women who DO choose to abort their pregnancies are sub-human, why would you expect them to adhere to your morality anyway?

      Most people who are pro-choice want to see fewer abortions. But we’re realistic enough to know that even with 100% comprehensive sex education and completely free and easy access to BC, people are still going to get raped; women are still going to get pregnant and be unable, physically or psychologically, to carry to term. Abortion MUST remain a safe and legal option; and to restrict access to it so drastically is essentially the same as banning it; if those clinics close, you’re going to see a lot more dead women, because banning something doesn’t make it go away, it just makes it go underground.

  • chyna4zeus

    The bill didn’t pass. She won.

  • Berto

    She’s great, she is right, this cause is right, but filibusters need to stop.
    I know that in this particular case everyone is behind her filibuster, but we also need to look at the filibusters that have been repeatedly used by the GOP to block, well, EVERYTHING.

    It hurts me to type this. It really does; but filibusters undermine democracy.
    If ONE senator can stop a vote with a filibuster, it destroys the representative democracy, because it renders the votes of everyone else invalid.
    “Oh, my team won’t win the vote? Well then: Fuck You: I’ll prevent the vote.”

    How is that democracy? It’s not.

    Can we please make filibusters illegal so that we can talk like big kids? Please?

    • Berto

      (PS: you can’t use an apostrophe to indicate possessive for a singular noun ending in “s” without adding a second “s.”
      This is important. It’s “Davis’s.”
      Say it aloud. It makes sense.)

      • Arkham Allie

        Actually, you can when the singular noun is a proper noun. While Strunk suggests adding the -s after the apostrophe, the key is consistency: if you never ad the -s, never add it; if you add the -s always add it.

    • Cerridanae

      If you’re talking federally, they rarely *actually* filibuster, they just threaten to.

  • R Lucy

    Ummmm, the bill didn’t pass, so WTF are you on about? They conceded at 12:03am. ???? Maybe a little fact checking is in order? I understand your frustration, but you spoke too soon.

  • memeremalek

    Political corruption in the State of Texas is alive & thrives. Its an outrage. I came of age in the 1960’s & 70’s when women fought hard & won this fight already. All theses decades later, after these GOPers & religious fanatics who campaigned on the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs, cannot get their fatheads out of women’s reproductive organs. We women should start protesting against Viagra being covered by insurance, hell, even legal?! The action of Middle aged conservative white men in this country can easily be compared to Hitler’s early politics. Lies, propaganda and suppression. The US is no less corrupt than anywhere in the Middle East and yet they criticize them for corruption in government. Its a sad sad day when the are so arrogant they can spit in the face of proper procedure & get away with it.

  • strangelander

    Not at all surprised. And just saying that makes me sad. Rethuglicans suck. Y’all get out and vote next year!

  • Matthew Reece

    The national GOP is crooked as well. Look what they did to Ron Paul in Tampa.

  • Phyllis Maskarina

    Senator Wendy Davis is awesome, my hero!!

  • abortionismurder

    I say kill the mom keep the baby. 1 for 1 and everyone’s happy. The mom that doesn’t value anyone’s life but her own is gone. (one less selfish person to put up with) The piss-poor adoption process in the US gets a bit of an expedite, so barren women who WANT a baby can have it. And the baby that did nothing to harm anyone can have a chance to make a positive difference in this world! It’s a win win win!!!!

  • Phyllis

    The only irrelevant issue in this whole thing is the fact that men – many of whom had lots of sex with lots of females and some of whom may even have some kids due to that – have absolutely no right or reason to deny women the right to decide what is in each one’s individual best interest. Have any of these idiot males considered bills to care for pregnant women who consider abortion both during the pregnancy and afterward plus bills to provide care to the infants once born including, but not limited to, health care, foster care, adoption and more? How many of these hypocrites will on the one hand work to eliminate abortions while on the other loudly criticizing “welfare moms”???

  • Charles Vincent

    It’s not so funny when people break a filibuster on something you don’t like get over it and try another avenue.

  • i’m Batman

    dear illegal aliens and travelers from other countries. according to this group of “progressives” you’re all not people yet because you have no SSN. And because you’re not people yet, it’s ok to terminate you(even though all your organs function just like ours)

  • Dorf

    If you kept up with this, they voted and Republicans said they got the vote done by midnight which was the deadline. Democrats requested the voting record. The computer print outs showed the vote was done AFTER midnight, but the republicans changed the date to read correct prior to releasing the results. After a 3 hour private session, it was determined the bill was not voted on in time and there for died at this time.

  • mollyjb

    According to the Guttmacher Institute and the CDC the vast majority of abortions are performed in the first trimester, soon after a woman discovers that she is pregnant. Only fewer than 2% of abortions are done after 20 weeks and these are really medical emergencies where the mother has been diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer and needs to terminate the pregnancy. Politicians should never interfere with a woman’s need to end a pregnancy to preserve her health as this should be a private matter between her, her family and her physician.
    Furthermore, per the Guttmacher Institute, almost half of all pregnancies are UNPLANNED even if the couple was using birth control methods. The problem is that they were using the contraceptives incorrectly or perhaps the woman was taking a medication that negated the effects of birth control pills. This can happen with certain cold medicines. This is why Planned Parenthood is needed as they educate people on the correct use of birth control. Unfortunately Texas governor Perry and his Republican puppets have defunded Planned Parenthood which means there will be more unplanned pregnancies and more women seeking an abortion.
    Studies have shown that when women are given contraceptives, the number of unplanned pregnancies decreases dramatically and therefore reduces the number of abortions. Since this is the case it makes no sense to take an action that would increase the number of abortions. Can it be that the Republicans real motivation to end women’s access to birth control is to make them pregnant and out of work thereby ending their ability to fund Democratic candidates and vote for them? The past election showed that women voted overwhelmingly for Democrats and obviously, that is something that the Republicans want to stop.

  • RightToLife

    Abortion is murder

  • Desiree Lee Henry

    Wendy Davis did a fantastic job. We women need to stand behind her and other empowering females before we completely become second class ‘chattel’. On another note, Thank you to the Houston Chronicle for breaking the story of how Governor Perry’s sister will make millions in profits by the passage of this bill. Always follow the money.