Republican ex-congressman Joe Walsh: We Have a ‘Right to Attack’ Widow of Sgt. La David Johnson

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The headline to this article is completely accurate. Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh posted on Twitter Monday that Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was killed in Niger earlier this month, is fair game to be “attacked” because, in his words, she made this “political.”

Here’s what he posted:

To be fair, technically, Trump hasn’t directly criticized or attacked Myeshia Johnson by name. However, he has spent much of the past week attacking and slandering Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) for simply telling the truth about telling Johnson’s widow “he knew what he signed up for” when he called.

While Trump hasn’t directly attacked Johnson, he has effectively called her and her mother, both of whom confirmed Wilson’s statement and have said they felt disrespected by his phone call, liars. Not only has he repeatedly insisted that the congresswoman was “fabricating” what he said, even though several days ago Johnson’s mother confirmed that Rep. Wilson’s account of what he said during his call was accurate, but on Monday after Myeshia Johnson told Good Morning America that Trump seemed to not even remember her husband’s name, he sent out a tweet denying her claims. For all intents and purposes, he’s called her a liar now multiple times.

Whether or not Trump meant any disrespect toward Sgt. Johnson’s widow or the rest of her family is irrelevant. What he feels about what he said to the family doesn’t matter. If they feel he was disrespectful, then he should have apologized for any disrespect they felt, agreed that telling them “he knew what he signed up for” was a poor choice of words, and clarified the respect he has for the sacrifice made by him and his family for his country.

That’s how normal, mentally sound people would have reacted!

Sadly, as we all know, Trump’s not normal or mentally sound, nor does he ever apologize or admit that he made a mistake.

But this is what it’s come down to for Republicans. It’s apparently now acceptable to verbally attack Gold Star families if they dare to tell the truth about this “president.” All Rep. Wilson and the Johnson family did was tell the truth about what Trump said and how it made them feel, even as he continues to accuse all of them of lying.

Did Rep. Wilson have some political motivation behind her rush to alert the media about his comments? Of course she did. I’m not naive nor am I going to deny the reality of politics simply because of the circumstances.

That doesn’t negate the reality that what she told the media about what Trump said to Sgt. Johnson’s family was “100 percent” true.

The only “politicizing” of this event comes from people like Trump and those trying to defend him who are either accusing the Johnson family of lying because they don’t want to believe he said such an awful comment, or they simply don’t care what he said to her because, well, they’re terrible people who voted for a man who mocked a man with disabilities, bragged about being a sexual predator, and belittled POWs.

We’re living in very sad times in this country. A former Republican congressmen, empowered by millions of people who’ve made it clear that there really isn’t a level to which they will not stoop to defend Trump, didn’t hesitate to say publicly that a pregnant widow who recently lost her husband just a couple of weeks ago fighting for this country is fair game to be “attacked” simply because the current “president” is a soulless bastard who disrespected the sacrifices made by him and his family.

Don’t criticize Trump for what he said, the fact he’s since tried to lie about Rep. Wilson since she told the truth about him, or the fact that he’s continued to disrespect Sgt. Johnson and his family by calling them liars — just attack her for telling the truth about him.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • katie

    I am sure this young woman was in great pain as she awaited the arrival of her deceased husband, Pregnancy increases the hormones and #45 not noted for his elequence blurted out the words that were used to Genl Kelly, a military man would understand He knew what he signed up for, reg. layman would not necessarily, so putting her hormones, the timing, and a few other factors, she was insulted by the remarks, It in my mind was poor wording and for the most part VERY VERY Bad Timing

  • BeachCat51

    I can see Mr. Trump asking Mr. Kelly (he’s no longer a General because he retired, making him a CIVILIAN like the rest of us) for advice on what to say to the families of these service men who were ambushed causing a lot of “trouble” for HIM! (It’s always about him!!!) Mr. Kelly related his experience after the death of his son and what made HIM feel “better” (or as close to “better” as anyone who has lost a child can feel). Unfortunately, his experience was from one long time military man to another, both long-term friends. I seriously doubt if this same gentleman would have said the same thing to Mr. Kelly’s WIFE! Mr. Trump then tried to say the same thing to this young, pregnant mother, probably not using the same “tone” that Mr. Kelly’s grief counselor/friend conveyed; and it ended up devastating the family. Coincidentally, their Representative and longtime family friend was present when Mr. Trump called and heard the words and the “tone” and how it was received by the family. In the initial interview about this experience, Rep. Wilson related this incident because SOMEONE (most likely one of the reporters) ASKED her about what was going on. They may very well have witnessed the grieving widow “curled up” into the fetal position and asked what prompted this reaction, especially since she was ON HER WAY to receive her husband’s remains, not afterward.

    From there on, things have (once more) spiraled out of control and turned “political” (AGAIN!!!). This could have all been avoided if Mr. Trump would only have called the widow/family again once he heard how the original call had been received and APOLOGIZED! Of course, that will NEVER happen! Instead, he has caused the reputations of Rep. Wilson and also Mr. Kelly to end up being tarnished. (Mr. Kelly’s speech to the reporters about his own experience was very moving; however, he should have just said that he related his own story to Mr. Trump in an effort to help him, but it was taken the wrong way by the family. If he had STOPPED there, most people would have understood and appreciated his explanation of what had happened. Unfortunately, he chose to then go on and besmirch the reputation of Rep. Wilson with “misremembered” incidences.) But that seems to be how Mr. Trump operates, dragging others into the DRAMA that is this administration. What a shame that he couldn’t just learn to APOLOGIZE, especially in light of what should have been a “reverent” duty towards the family of a fallen hero.

    • theresa perry

      You’re asking too many “Human” characteristics, of this entity.

    • JAM661

      Very good points. The one thing I would add is that Kelly also lied about Rep. Wilson said during her speech opening up the new FBI building.

  • Mark Strange

    To be fair Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) made it political first. I think she should have kept her mouth shut and let the family speak. I can’t stand it when people speak out of line usually making something it’s not.

    What makes me mad is the response to Myeshia. Just shut up and listen to her. Apologize for messing up a call. Make a statement about her husband as a hero. Fix it. Do not double down on hurting her, it’s not about you anymore, it’s about her. Trump could still fix this, but he does the same thing every time he meets criticism. He locks up like a mule and attacks like a child.

    • theresa perry

      WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!!! Drumpf made it political when the reporter asked him, had he been in contact with the soldiers’ families TWELVE DAYS after their reported deaths. THAT happened on MONDAY, Oct. 16, 2017. Instead of admitting he had not, Drumpf “deflected” the question to talk about what previous presidents had done, and singled out Barack Obama, then saying that Obama had NOT called all the families, “or so I’ve been told”. THEN, Drumpf told the reporters to “ask Gen. Kelly, if Obama had called him.” DRUMPF MADE IT POLITICAL FIRST!! Drumpf THEN went on to say that letters to the families were going out either that day or on Tuesday. Drumpf called Mrs. Johnson and her family and the congresswoman on TUESDAY, Oct. 16, 2017, while they were on their way to pick Sgt. Johnson’s remains. The phone was put on speaker at the request of the widow, and EVERYONE in the car heard what he said. Wilson said the phone call made the widow cry even more, and Mrs. Johnson said “He didn’t even know his name”. PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS!

      • Mark Strange

        Save your rant on someone who supports Trump, I slightly see it differently but we are basically on the same page.

        Mis willson heard half a conversation and got mad without real context. It happens. You already hate Trump cause hes worthless as a person, then he makes someone you care about cry. She reacted. But it was out of line, she should have waited for the family to speak. Then the media kept bagering her for details. Trump fucking up is in, it sales headlines. The media pushed her and she made it political then dumbass Trump fell for it and attacked.

    • theresa perry

      ps: Drumpf will never call this young woman to apologize. Its not in his DNA to admit a shortcoming. Hell, couldn’t remember HER name!

      • Mark Strange

        Agreed. Trump is out for himself, he isn’t humble enough for a real apology. Even his locker room talk apology was so full of smugness.

      • theresa perry

        Sorry Mark. But my main point was that at the Monday conference when Drumpf was first asked about the soldiers’ deaths, he deflected the question to talk about what previous presidents had done, remember? AND, he was the one who told the reporters to ask Gen. Kelly did Obama ever call him, after his son’s death. To me, the politicization began at this point, even if Wilson exacerbated the situation. Bottom line, he started it. That was before Wilson’s comments which weren’t until Tuesday. However, I have no animosity, just praying for an end to the Orange Madness.

      • Mark Strange

        Not really, it made politics out calling them, but not this case in particular. I know, I know that sounds like I’m defending him, I’m not, the individual families though I am they should speeking or not speak before we make their lives our reality television. We should have respect Enough not to play his childish games.

      • theresa perry

        Well Mark, now that the indictments are out Drumpf will have to find a new deflection, and will probably leave Mrs. Johnson, and even Rep. Wilson alone. We probably need to be wary of what he says about North Korea or whether “illegal” Mexican immigrants are promoting “Day of the Dead” celebrations over “Halloween”.