Republican Lawmaker Charged With Felony Assault After Throwing 4-Year-Old Daughter

jason-priest-mugshotThis past Wednesday, Montana State Senator Jason Priest was hit with a plethora of charges including felony assault on a minor and misdemeanor counts of partner or family member assault and resisting arrest.

You might be asking yourself what led to these charges.  Well, let’s see – he allegedly:

  • Threw his 4-year-old daughter.
  • Shoved his estranged wife.
  • Broke her boyfriend’s rib.
  • Fought with the officer who showed up to intervene.

While all of these charges are disgusting, I think it’s pretty clear that throwing his 4-year-old daughter definitely ranks as the most pathetic crime that he allegedly committed.

The documents revealed that the little girl has a swollen, one-inch bump on her head after the incident.

Apparently this all started while the 4-year-old was at Priest’s home and called her mom crying, saying that Priest was yelling at her.  When Anna Priest, his estranged wife, showed up she claimed he wouldn’t let the 4-year-old out of the house.  This led to him, according to Anna Priest,  grabbing the 4-year-old “like a sack of potatoes” and throwing her back into the house.

An accusation that’s been corroborated by their other two children who were also at the house.

Priest is denying throwing his daughter but has admitted that he should have complied with the officer when he showed up.

But that’s about where his remorse seems to stop.

According to documents, he believes he made the right decision to forcibly remove his wife and her boyfriend from his property, saying he would “fu*king do it again.”

Yes, that’s a Montana State Senator saying he would assault his estranged wife and her boyfriend in front of his children if the same situation were to occur again.  That’s just great parenting, isn’t it?  Nothing says “good Christian family values” like assaulting a woman and throwing a 4-year-old girl.

He went on to say that he should have allowed officers to remove his wife and her boyfriend from his property but when, “your wife is acting like white trash in front of your children it’s not easy to always maintain your composure.”

Says the man who allegedly threw his little girl, shoved her mother then assaulted her mother’s boyfriend.  Oh, and then resisted arrest.

This guy just sounds like a real class act, doesn’t he?

And that’s not even factoring in the allegation that the reason why the little girl called her mom to pick her up is because he was apparently relentlessly yelling at the 4-year-old.

It would have been bad enough to be charged with shoving your estranged wife and assaulting her boyfriend, but when you throw your 4-year-old daughter and then tussle with a police officer – well, you’ve firmly cemented your status as a top-notch scumbag.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • katherine norton malek

    He’s a State Senator, a Republican and a middle age white man. He’ll get nothing but a slap on the wrist … and, probably custody of the kids but certainly continued uninterrupted visitation rights. Educated guess, he’s probably woefully behind on his child support as well.

    • Bea

      You forgot to mention that he will probably get re-elected!

  • NB

    What was that “family values” arguement against same-sex marriage again?

    • John Masters

      You know, because kids need their Mom and their Dad, and because some unknown academic was paid to write a paper saying kids in gay families don’t fare as well as this.

  • ditomagik

    Yup. scumbag seems like the correct word to me.

  • shutdafrtdoor

    I like how they made him wear his shirt backwards and inside out…just like his politics!

  • gazoscreek

    But because he’s pro-life, he’d get re-elected.

  • Cooper

    Y’all are judging on heresay and supoposition. Good on ya.

    • John Masters

      The statements of the two children are first hand account Cooper…not hearsay. Sorry ’bout your luck defending this guy.

  • Ram Garcia

    A perfect Tea Turd Candidate for a higher office.. Just take a few steps to the right and he’s all set….

    • John Masters

      Yep…U.S. Congress will be his next stop. He’ll fit right in with the tea party caucus.

  • MLR

    This behavior really is disturbing coming from a state senator. He just happens to be republican but as a constituent I wouldn’t tolerate it from either party. But since he is republican I’m going to point out that this is the “family values” party that is appalled at the number of children being raised by single mothers. Give me a f***ckn break! These people not only are NOT family oriented but they are not as fiscally conservative as they’ve brainwashed so many people to believe. They are NOT fiscally conservative, they are NOT for families and family values, All you have to do is look at their record and judge for yourself. Of course there will always be that crazy uncle that will deny this no matter what the facts are, but hopefully the majority of people see right through these clowns.

    • KathyC

      It’s all about control….that’s their “Family Value”

  • Pipercat

    This is from the article cited above. Oh the irony of it all…

    “Priest, R-Red Lodge, was elected in 2010 to a four-year term and is the
    chairman of the Senate Public Health, Welfare and Safety Committee. He
    is not on any of the interim committees that are meeting between
    legislative sessions.”

  • Tamaracboy

    Once you said “Republican”, you’d said enough

  • buricco

    Just that he said he’d do it again, he should have a restraining order against him to keep him away from “his” kid.

  • Hal

    is a filthy shame that a whole party of people are condemned by the
    actions of one person. A man killing or hurting a child irrelevant of politics is
    wrong, irrelevant of race is wrong, irrelevant of gender or sexual
    persuasion is wrong. The posts here prove
    that people of narrow mind will grasp any opportunity to condemn all
    for the action of one and enforce the hate speech continually. Forward progressives, really, narrow minded jack asses is more like it.

    • Bigdog

      Interestingly, that’s exactly what the Teabaggers do to Any Liberal and the Democratic Party!

  • DG

    If these allegations are proven to be true, this sick, insane individual is unfit for public office.