The Republican Letter To Iran: An Embarrassment for the GOP, A Weapon for Iranian Extremists

john-mccain-2I’ve often accused Republicans (and conservatives in general) of lacking the ability to think “big picture.” Nearly everything with them is short-sighted, simplistic and requires almost instant gratification. Their entire political ideology is basically predicated on fear, paranoia, anger and talking points that are easily repeatable.

The now infamous “Iran letter” that 47 Republican senators sent to Iranian leaders is a prime example of this. In their minds, they saw this as a way to “get at” President Obama and try to perpetuate this notion that they are the ones in power. And it was also a blatant attempt to try to sabotage the ongoing negotiations between the Obama administration, several of our allies and the Iranian government.

In my opinion, the actions by the GOP have been tantamount to treason.

Sadly for Republicans, this has all backfired on them in ways they obviously didn’t bother thinking about before they collectively stuck their foot in their mouth.

The first thing it did was that it allowed Iranian officials to publicly school the GOP on how international treaties work. Not only that, but Republicans just came off looking incredibly childish sending this letter following Netanyahu’s speech. Other world leaders understand the political dynamics over here, meaning they’re well aware of what it is this president has had to deal with when it comes to the GOP. In the grand scheme of things, this came off as Republicans trying to purposely embarrass the president of the country they’re supposed to love on an international stage in nothing more than some immature stunt.

Even just days after it was sent, there are several rumblings emanating from the ranks of the GOP that they’re realizing this letter was a mistake.

In other words, this entire situation is spiraling into nothing but an absolute embarrassment for the Republican party. Some Republicans are already publicly regretting signing it, and John McCain even blamed his dumb decision to sign it on the impending snowstorm and “looking forward to getting out of town.”

But this letter also gave Iranian extremists – their hardliners who also despise President Obama and the U.S. government – a weapon to use against the leaders in their country who are engaging in these negotiations.

These folks are essentially the Iranian versions of Republicans. They don’t trust this deal, nor do they want to see it succeed – sound familiar? They’ll use anything they can to stir up fear and support for their fierce opposition to the already fragile talks going on between Iran, the U.S. and several of our allies. They are looking for any reason to stand up and say, “See! The U.S. cannot be trusted!”

And Republicans just handed them one on a silver platter. 

This letter was exactly the kind of “weapon” Iranian extremist leaders needed to help them gain support within the Muslim nation to build on their anti-American propaganda – and 47 Republican senators were more than willing to give it to them.

The stupidity of Republicans is astounding. In one letter, supported by the vast majority of Republicans in the United States Senate, they:

  • Managed to embarrass the U.S. by putting our petty, partisan politics on an international stage.
  • Completely humiliated themselves with their childish behavior and ignorance about international treaties.
  • Provided a great weapon to extremist groups in Iran who are extremely anti-American and want their country to develop nuclear weapons.

So, to summarize: Republicans embarrassed this country, themselves and provided extremist groups in Iran with an official document from nearly half our senators verifying what they have been saying all along; that is, the Iranian government shouldn’t trust the United States.

Good job Republicans, good job.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • wendy

    Terrifying! If the U.S. was feeling unsafe since 9/11, thanks GOP for bringing back the fear! Now we seem like stupid sitting ducks ready for whatever the terrorists have in store. All because you unjustifiably HATE one man. A man who actually gives a shit about human life…grrrrr

  • Nancy B

    My first thought when I saw that letter was “thanks, senators, for giving the Iranians more leverage in the negotiations”.

  • Devin D.

    Let me begin by admitting what I believe to be mistakes (so you do not believe I am an “Ignorant, bigotry-infested Republican.” It is definitely not ok to break the policy, and it is worse to blame doing so on “well he did it!” However, that’s all I can disagree with.

    “But this letter also gave Iranian extremists – their hardliners who also despise President Obama and the U.S. government – a weapon to use against the leaders in their country who are engaging in these negotiations.”

    Hmm, this paragraph seems odd; perhaps because of the fact it is working? Although the Iranian Government may have attempted to politically reject this paper, it does not mean they didn’t agree with it.

    If we were to hold all politicians accountable for treason for disregarding policy, all of them would be guilty. We see it everyday, yet none of them will ever be held accountable for their actions. “Executive Action/Order” is also against the constitution (manipulated by even George Washington), yet nothing came from any of it.

    Let me make sure I am getting this vindictive claim correctly. “The entire Republican party wrote a letter to Iran regarding their feelings of the nuclear negotiations; therefore disagreeing with the President. If you disagree with the President, you are committing treason. Therefore, the Republican party is guilty of treason.” I can see the logic in that, but last time I’ve checked, we don’t have to agree with the presidents actions?

    You could argue that it isn’t about the disagreement, but the international policy laws. Yet, the disagreement was still brought up? Why bring up something that hold no grounds for conviction of anything but exercising freedom? The gentleman that feel the policy violation is the key issue, I applaud you, and couldn’t agree more; however, you could not possibly hold this as an act of treason. Let me raise an issue I am sure none of you have thought of.
    Like the concession of the southern states in the Civil War, this too is a dicey situation. Had the papers not been legal to send in the first place, they wouldn’t be technically legal. If they are not legal, it becomes nothing but a proposal, or a recommendation of sorts. Following this, it wouldn’t even have broken the foreign policy, no?

    • steeltown65

      good thing you’re not a republican dickhead. the point of all of this is that you do not undermine the leader of your own country. there is a process. if an agreement is reached between iran and the US, then congress gets to jump in and be heard. but the fucking bigots running congress just hit the obstruct button no matter what the POTUS tries to do. deny it if you want to. but only the fools get fooled. so if you support the actions of these 47 pieces of shit? April first will be your national holiday!

      • Devin D.

        I’m fairly certain it is completely legal to disagree with the President. If you insist on spewing your ignorant, uneducated gibberish (to those too weak-minded to form an intelligent opinion), then I will at the very least attempt to educate you.

        – Capitalize your sentences; you may actually come off as somewhat intelligent.
        – Conjunctions can’t, for any reason, begin a sentence.
        – Avoid using pronouns excessively; it leaves your audience in confusion.
        – You should always capitalize proper nouns.
        – Furthermore, avoid repetitive sentences. This paragraph was very long, yet said very little.
        – Restrain yourself from using obscenities. Obscenities are a false sense of support, and are only exalted as “evidence” by followers.

        Perhaps you should develop elementary compisition skills before a political view “steeltown….” If you rant to this degree of bigotry, then you will fail to draw an educated audience altogether.

      • steeltown65

        hey devin, do you ever look at how you present yourself and wonder why you act the way you do? for instance. i write what i think about the topic at hand. then when you jump in you don’t stick to topic. you go off on your ” i’m an educated little 20 year old who takes it upon himself to correct every body who writes anything on their punctuation and sentence forming. i guess you will be a politician when you grow up. i mean you’ve got what it takes. you think it’s your place to correct people even though their point has been made. you jump away from the issue’s in the moment. and you’re full of shit! this is what my very first comment was about. it’s why i called you a dickhead. you’re still just a kid. you can vote. you are permitted to say what you like. but understand this. you have to live it to give it. now, these 47 fucktards did not right a letter of disagreement. they wrote a letter to the leader of a country they consider too be in the process of having and or building a nuclear weapon. they can amend the treaty after the fact. the next president regardless of which party he belongs to, can kill it . so don’t try to clean it all up. the repubs are just a bunch of pussies. and they will sale anybody up the fucking river behind one of the KOCK brothers buildings. then they would blame for polluting. you see devin, you keep up the good work being a dickhead. but don’t correct my grammar. that’s just childish. you pretend my point doesn’t get made if i don’t take the time to be sure. my point got made as soon as you jumped into your roll as the professor. you’ll learn, just like your boy chuck did.

      • Devin D.

        You’ve got quite a bit of growing up to do before you can call me a kid. You want me to stick to the topic, yet you haven’t even made any points regarding it? You point out obvious facts about what happened; you fail to reflect any further to really even argue much of anything. I know (and everyone else knows) what happened with the letters; throwing obscenities in a poorly written summary of the event does not qualify as an argument.

        You think I have to live a lifetime to develop political opinions? No, Steele, I most certainly do not. All that point portrays is a bias opinion built from years of others telling you what to do. Years of politicians telling you how to feel, and what to think. You are nothing but a follower, and your grammar gives that away. You claim it childish to critique your grammar, yet you insistently use obscenities to make a point. Furthermore, you claim that I am only a 20 year old kid, but you attack me as if I were a politician. I hope that is not how you typically treat children Steele…

        You think I am attempting to convey intelligence? No, Steele, I am attempting to convey logic. Logic is a beautiful scientific process(which absolutely obliterated you the last time we discussed an issue); proving to be a lost art in the political world. I am not intelligent, but simply observant. I take time for my emotions to cool before I post or reply. I do not think emotions should play a part in politics; everyone has different views from their experiences.

        You need to take a long look into the mirror Steele, and figure out what makes sense. You think you are making good points, but you are not in the slightest. Don’t allow your persistence to argue fool you into believing you are arguing good points; you are most certainly not. Anyone with any form of intelligence may see the ignorance and stupidity you fictitiously presume correct. You provide no evidence for your obscene ridden claims, and fail to vindicate anything with your comments.

        If you want to argue, you will have to do better than that Steele. I didn’t even have to cite any sources this time around. You’re getting sloppy my friend…

      • steeltown65

        You see the problem yet Devin? I’m sure you don’t. So I’m gonna give it to you directly. You believe it’s legal to disagree with the president. Well so do I. You claim I haven’t presented a logical argument. You’re right. Here it comes now. Don’t start your reply yet. Here’s the money shot. THERE IS NO ARGUMENT ON THIS ONE! These republican geniuses have increased the level of danger for every American world wide. You do not, further your agenda by weakening our leverage during negotiations with an enemy of most western civilizations and all the middle east. They did it for two reasons. 1) because the POTUS was in favor of it. 2) because Israel wants to wipe out Iran. And that means war and war means money. You are 20 years old and you’re a punk. You spout off about punctuation and intelligence. Well guess what little boy. I’m sure their are things you can accomplish in thusworld that I haven’t. Or at least you would be better at them than me. And the same goes for things I do or have done. But when it comes to dealing with the reality of the world. You are far behind me. Their is no substitute for experience when your talking about how the world works. It’s always been that way. It always will be. So you can read your books about everything. But they tell you nothing compared to actually experiencing the events you read about. Hell little boy you haven’t even gotten to reflect on the accomplishments and failures of a full term politician you voted for. So let me tell you something you realize later in life. Right now! You dint know shit!

      • steeltown65

        Oh by the way Devin. Before yo do the whole thing on rage or anger or profanity. I’m not in the least bit upset. I call men sir. I call women mam. And call punks punks! And I can do that calmly.when I get angry I ignore online. So judging by our posts. I call you what I call you. Because it best describes you for what you are. Grow up little wannabe. Nobody has ever solved the worlds problems by putting a comma in the right place. So focus on the real problem. Which is you and other shit pots like you.

      • Devin D.

        Your use of “little boy” is actually quite frightening. You are clearly irate, and are now bearing the resemblence of a 4 year old smashing his fist against a keyboard.

        I don’t think I really need to say much else. You are beaten, and anyone with a brain could see that. Your points are irrelevant, and your assumptions are again unwarranted. You couldn’t connect any of your points to even vaguely resemble an educated opinion.

        Have a good evening sir.

        Devin D.

      • steeltown65

        Ha ha, I’m gonna call you ducking Devin. Because you duck everything except spelling and punctuation. Hey at least I can say to the youngsters in their mid 20’s that they don’t have to worry. The next youngster that just hit 20 are by far the dumbest and weakest brats I’ve dealt with in any form. I’ve gotta ask. Are you from Alabama or Arkansas. I know you don’t come across as an idiot if a person reads what you write. You seem like you have paid attention when the books were open. But if a person actually debates or disagrees with you. Your ignorance and your tunnel vision jump right out in front. You believe tho he are true because you read them or heRd them said. That’s your ignorance. When you revert to correcting a person’s punctuation. And begin to tell them thY they have no point because of their presentation. That’s your weakness. You can’t stand by your defense of the republicans. Not in writing anyway. So you go to your defense mechanism. ( your safe place) well you hide out there ducking Devin. Maybe one day I’ll see you running for senator of some state. You hide from the truth. You think tearing down what the other guy does or says is much more important than presenting your nailed down solutions. And you love to follow what the guy next to you does, says, wears or drives.. yep you’re on your way ro the big times. In two to four years. You will be a full grown piece of shit republican. Who won’t stand to see one fetus aborted. But won’t hesitate to vote for wars that will kill hundreds of thousands American soldiers. Congratulations! You have almost fallen all the wY out of the elephants ass. Soon to be a big pile of talking elephant shit! BAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAA!

      • LLCisyouandme

        He’s not going to change. Disdain for the president, civility, the law, grammar, or constructive reasoned argument, they are all cut from the same mold.