Republican Offer to Obama: Delay Obamacare or We’ll Refuse to Raise the Debt Ceiling

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor speaks at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management in EvanstonI absolutely love how Republicans “negotiate.”  The way they go about it is pretty simple.  Basically they tell the president, “Do what we want or else…” and the president is supposed to simply agree.

They take something like delaying the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), or defunding it all together, and say that’s their chip on the bargaining table for them to — you know — actually do their jobs.

Blackmailing the president has never been more popular than since a black man became president.

You don’t negotiate by saying that the only way you’ll do something is by offering something the other side has made clear isn’t an option.

Imagine for a moment a high-profile sports figure wants a 10 year 100 million dollar contract.  Every team in whatever major sports league they’re apart of says there’s no way they’d ever go 10 years on a contract.  So, this athlete and their agent approach the negotiations by saying, “The money is negotiable, but anything below 10 years is out of the question.”  Well, every single one of those teams drew a line in the sand so there wouldn’t be any negotiations, because you’re starting the whole process based on stipulations which flat-out aren’t feasible.

But the fact of the matter is, Congress is trying to negotiate simply doing their damn job.

Raising the debt ceiling is a procedural move—that’s it.  Something that has never been a real issue in Congress before.  Republicans did it seven times in eight years for George W. Bush, mostly without any issues whatsoever.

It wasn’t until they realized they could use it as a tool to hold our economy hostage, and manipulate their ignorant voting base by perpetuating the myth that raising the debt ceiling is about new spending (it’s not), that the vote to raise it suddenly became an issue.

So now we have two asinine movements within the Republican party:

  1. Republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who wrongfully believe you can shutdown the government to force the defunding of Obamacare.
  2. Republicans like Eric Cantor who wrongfully believe you can take our economy hostage to try to delay Obamacare.

It’s crap like this which makes me want to stand in the middle of Congress and shout, “It’s the law, get the hell over it!”

Threatening not to raise the debt ceiling even prompted the rebuke of Republican Senator Mike Lee, who’s helping lead the charge to actually defund the law (a member of #1).  He said, “It is not a plan to defund Obamacare.  It’s a plan to facilitate the passage of a continuing resolution in a way that allows people to claim that they’re defunding Obamacare without actually doing so.”

Even a radical member of their own party is calling bullcrap on this “plan.”  It’s just a means at which some Republicans are trying to “save face” by acting like they’re “defunding Obamacare” — and avoiding the plan being pushed by the even more right-wing radicals in their party who are calling for a full-on government shutdown.

It’s literally a battle between which Republican group can come up with the plan which makes less sense.

I swear, their behavior reminds me of a petulant child throwing a tempter-tantrum after not getting their way.  They couldn’t block it in Congress, the president signed it and the Supreme Court upheld it as Constitutional.

Now they’re just throwing a hissy fit hoping they can get their way.

But let’s not ignore the “elephant in the room” (pun intended)—these people seem in denial that they got their butts kicked last November.

Not only did they not defeat President Obama (Romney got crushed), they also lost seats in both the House and the Senate.  Oh, and they lost the overall popular vote in the House by more than one million votes.

So this “mandate” they seem to act like they have is nothing more than some delusional belief that seems to only reside in an alternate reality where they were given some kind of power last November.  They might have kept some power, but they sure as heck weren’t given any.

But at the end of the day, what we’re really seeing is the race to see which group of Congressional Republicans can prove they simply “don’t get it” the most.

I’m just going to call it a tie.  Both sets are filled with brainless nitwits who apparently have no idea how our government works and seem very eager to prove it.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    All bluster and bullshit. Political suicide if Social Security checks don’t show up on the 3rd. The leadership knows this…

    • Neil

      Hope you’re right Pipercat. Everybody knows there are no elderly republicans who depend on SSI. They’re all just elderly democrats that won’t get jobs. There are no unemployed republicans who depend on unemployment insurance. They’re all democrats too.

      • Pipercat

        My take exactly. You know, it occurs to me, that coming to the table with something constructive is more likely to pass instead of these endless destructive ideas…

      • Sherri G

        They are all elderly Democrats who WONT GET JOBS….REALLY…..these are the same elderly Democrats that worked their WHOLE LIVES for social security and veteran benefit checks. The same elderly that the wealthy Republicans would love to gather, drop on an island and let starve so their wealthy friends don’t have to pay their FAIR SHARE in taxes….What about those in the MILITARY, government workers, and the disabled or veterans with no check? do you actually have the gall to try and say that those people don’t deserve to get paid? Wow, you are such an idiot and I’m ashamed that you are an American.

      • csharpe90

        I think somebody needs to take a lesson or ten in understanding sarcasm.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Guest; reread Neil’s post, and understand the definition of the word, “sarcasm.”

    • Charles Vincent

      One must first ask why the checks wouldn’t show up considering there is supposed to be 2.5 trillion dollars in the Social Security fund.

      • Pipercat

        You and I both know the answer to that question. It’s not a matter of solvency, but liquidity. Clear your throat and repeat after me, Special Issue Bonds!

      • Charles Vincent

        That are becoming more and more not worth the paper they are printed on due to not only the Feds monetary policy but our government inability to cut spending. We wouldn’t need special issue bonds if the legislators had been keeping their hands out of not only social security but Medicare and Medicaid as well. Also solvency and liquidity are Siamese twins and in your context it’s basically double talk.

      • Pipercat

        Agree completely until the Siamese part. Solvency means you look good on paper, liquidity is actual cash on hand. Liquidity problems always precede the solvency issues. Right now, there is a liquidity issue. So really, liquidity is just an older sibling…

      • Charles Vincent

        Older but not by a lot. They go hand in hand you cannot be solvent if there isn’t liquidity. Cash offers the best liquidity and solvency, but congress pillaged the afore mentioned funds and now they are all insolvent an have zero liquidity, and with out raising the debt ceiling congress cannot borrow money to pay them back. The fundamental problem I see is yes you can raise taxes but unless congress actually cuts spending and moves to more austere budgets nothing will help as it stands now they raise taxes and then spend any extra amount and then spend more past that. A budget is useless if the government won’t stay inside the revenue they generate.

      • Pipercat

        Well, not exactly. The surpluses have been pillaged and replaced with special issue bonds. Payroll taxes are still covering liabilities plus a surplus. Payroll taxes are the liquidity so you are not quite right. You are pointing to upcoming unfunded liabilities which will happen when liabilities exceed revenue. There’s the liquidity problem. As long as the special issue bonds have a value, there will be solvency. Had Congress kept their hands to themselves, the balance sheet would be showing a liquid surplus. All it shows now are the special issues. Solvency means your assets are larger than your liabilities so (technically) you can meet long term commitments. Liquidity refers to assets (some securities) that can be sold at face value to meet short term liabilities and expenses. This includes cash. I know it’s bit more complicated than this, but I’ve experienced the liquidity/solvency in the past. One of each. One went into chapter 11, the other was packaged and purchased by outsiders. Guess which was which. It’s the main reason I work for myself…

      • Charles Vincent

        I suspect that the CBO’s analysis of the fund will go down hill fast when the babyboomers start retiring, and last time I heard our Solvency was well not solvent at all considering we had a shortfall in revenue before all the mandatory spending was completed I believe we were 200 Billion short of covering mandatory spending in 2012. this is the problem we are in the red and having to borrow money to keep tradidtional government running and thats a very bad thing IMHO.

      • Pipercat

        Sure is. One of my bosses at one of the aforementioned companies said it best: “We’re all gonna have to take a haircut to survive.” Problem is, no one wants to sit in the chair first…

      • Charles Vincent

        Have you seen my picture? My hair doesn’t get any shorter.

      • Pipercat

        Sit, relax and have a warm towel then, afterward, a nice little nosh at the deli next door!!

      • Charles Vincent

        As long as they aren’t after me with a straight razor :~)

  • Phil the observer

    God knows that if my child acted like this,,Bottom spanking time!!!

    • Pipercat

      Well these guys are over eighteen, time to put some boots on!!

  • kyblueangel

    How come it is’t considered blackmail when they put their “offer” in those terms????

  • Vartra Antonelli

    Congressional Republicans once again kick and scream and refuse to do their chores, just like 5 year old children who don’t want to put up their toys, instead yelling “I’ll only do it after I get Ice cream, and a nap, and three new toys!”

  • Matthew Reece

    Do not forget that the job of Congress is to decide how to distribute money that has been stolen at gunpoint from the American people. One should not expect them to act morally, as the role they play is inherently immoral.

    • janieliza

      Just as long as you know that THEY are the ones who didn’t see fit to pass legislation to improve the JOB climate. And that passing the repeal of Obamacare 70 times does nothing for them but pisses us all off. And that by attacking women, they have earned a place in our Congressional HELL where we will put those who worked against families and women and those harmed by the bankers and the last President who told Fannie and Freddie executives to accept undocumented loans and he would give them each a million dollars.
      Their role is being a bought politician… who runs to Koch to find out what nasty crap to pull next. Batting practice on women is not the way to gain votes. Maybe Koch doesn’t want these turkeys in power either.

      • Charles Vincent

        “repeal of Obamacare 70 times”

        They have only tried for full repeal 4 times and further more they have only tried to repeal, defund, or amend portions of the whole the other 36 times for a grand total of 40 not 70, stop spreading fallacies.

        “President who told Fannie and Freddie executives to accept undocumented loans and he would give them each a million dollars.”
        This is an other outright lie. Bush told them not to issue loans like that and infact it was liberal democrats on that financial PAC and in charge of the housing PAC. It was also Obama himself who received a rather large sum of money from the fannie/freddie home loan deal when he was a senator you should read more Because as it sets you are just expelling so much garbage with no fact or merit. It’s uninformed liberal progressive democrats like you that put a black mark on people that are actually intelligent be they on the left or the right.

      • Mike

        Just the fact that they continue to try to repeal something that is law of the land, and waste taxpayers money doing it, is stupid. Which is what the Republican party is, stupid.

      • Charles Vincent

        It needs to be repealed period, it’s an economic noose around our collective necks. And it failed the constitutional test on every grounds they tried except as a tax(this was even shady) and the supreme court should be ashamed of themselves for not failing it and burying it. Just because its the law of the land doesn’t make it a good law its a not a good law and people feel that way and that’s why they are trying to repeal it.

  • Bill McDermott

    The President should just say; “I’m going to pay the bills you incurred and agreed to and if you don’t like it, see you in court”.

  • Nathan Buchanan

    I really believe that they believe thier nonsense. No coincidence that they are all tea party darlings. Elected not for what they stand for, but WHO they stand against. Getting elected on the “I hate the black guy too” platform and getting to congress and having no real clue how things work.

  • janieliza

    The simple fact on this subject is that if Congress refuses to pass the budget and increase the debt limit this fall, THEY will find themselves in deep trouble. Not Obama, but the perps who have not done the jobs they were sent to Congress to do. ….. Create jobs, protect our air, water, shores and borders, find a way to pay down the indefensible debt Bush put us into, RAISE TAXES on those who can afford to pay… and NOT on those who are still having a difficult time making ends meet. READ MY LIPS: TAX THE BIG INCOMES AND THE CORPORATIONS. Then get off your stupid high horse and accept that we don’t want you running Congress because you are a failure at everything.

    • Charles Vincent

      Bush Debts By year;
      2009: 1.4 trillion
      2008: 458 billion
      2007: 161 billion
      Obama Debts By year;
      2010: 1.3 trillion
      2011: 1.5 trillion
      2012: ~1.1 trillion
      Next time you want to run your proverbial mouth about whos debt is indefensible check your numbers.
      Taxing the rich and the corporations does not and has not ever worked. its mathmatical there arent enough rich people or corporations to tax to balance the budget.
      Furthermore Obama is on pace to hit ~1 trillion for the 2013 fiscal year.

  • Craig Long

    President Obama will use his Executive Order power to raise the debt ceiling and pay USA bills before anything like that happens.


    They LOST… the Black Guy…..again….
    And that’s EXACTLY what the gop are dead set against EVER HAPPENING AGAIN!
    If they could, they would wipe the history books clean of ANY evidence that America EVER elected a BLACK MAN.
    They refuse to accept that george w. bush skrewed up this Country so bad that the American People were willing to vote for a Black Man!…..TWICE!
    Yea, I went there because that’s the truth!
    They will never admit that since that day, they have PRAYED for America to fail!
    There’s something REALLY wrong with that!
    Here is a real quote.
    We “hoped” he didn’t work out. NOW, it’s time for a REAL “change”.
    Hoping “He” didn’t work out was hoping “We” wouldn’t work out…..
    I refuse to believe that the average American would forsake their neighbor.
    I still believe that we are more like Newark Mayor Cory Booker, or a fire fighter who would rescue and give CPR to a kitten, or a man who would risk his life to save a dog that has fallen through the ice.
    THAT’S who I believe WE are!
    THAT’S who I KNOW we are!