Republican Official: Gays Should be Purged from the GOP, Homosexuality is Created by Satan

1614990_10152211466277489_336790485_nAt the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to ask yet again – why the hell do people care so much about what two consenting adults are doing in their own bedroom, or who they love?

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that everything written inside the Bible is 100% accurate.  There’s a heaven and a hell, and God will judge us all for every single sin listed in the Bible.

Still, why are the “sins” of others any of your damn business?

If the Bible is infallible and entirely true, why don’t we just let each individual worry about where their soul goes after they die, okay?  (And for the record, if the Bible really is 100% accurate, we’re all pretty much screwed.)

If homosexuality is indeed a sin (I don’t believe that it is) and all homosexuals will be cast down into hell for their “sinful lifestyle,” that’s their problem.

It’s not yours.  

Another great example of anti-gay ignorance comes from Michigan Republican Mary Helen Sears, who’s running for a seat on the Republican National Committee.  She’s openly stated that the GOP should “purge” all gays from the party and that homosexuality is the work of satan.

She claimed that homosexuals prey on children.  She then rambled on about how, “Satan uses homosexuality to attack the living space of the Holy Spirit,” and advocated that Republicans “as a party should be purging this perversion and send them to a party with a much bigger tent.”

To add more to what kind of loon this woman is, she’s also insinuated that “Communist college professors” were indoctrinating our youth and that Darwin’s theory of evolution, “gave rise to Hitler’s Third Reich, Mussolini’s Italy and Stalin’s Russia.”

Ironic considering Hitler often used God and “Christianity” as the power behind his vision.  You know, people using religion to justify disgusting propaganda and rhetoric.  Used to perpetuate hate toward a particular group of people and push their own selfish ambitions driven by greed.

Sound familiar?

Sears also wrote, “If the GOP continues down this trend and stands for perversions and the daily social fad – the GOP will be truly dead and Satan will have had his day.”

While all of this sounds insane (because it is) tens of millions of conservative voters truly believe it.  While most aren’t given a public stage to voice this kind of ridiculousness, trust me when I say that many conservative voters feel almost exactly how Ms. Sears does.

That’s the terrifying part to all of this.  As loony as most people might view this woman, being that I live in the South where conservatives are extremely religious, her words do not at all shock me.

I hear this kind of nonsense proudly and frequently spewed by many conservative voters.

While most of us view her comments and think to ourselves, “Wow, she’s absolutely nuts,” would it really be all that surprising if she actually won her election?

Let’s just hope for the sake of this country that she doesn’t.  The last thing we need is for people like to her to have an even louder voice in one of our two major political parties.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Why do they not adhere to the Live and let live philosophy of life? Do we all need to think and feel exactly the same? Do the homosexuals come after her and cause her to sin? (Only in her hatred I would think… What about judge not lest ye be judged? Come on people! No one has the right to persecute a group of people because they are different. Haven’t we learned that yet?

  • crabjack

    I don’t think Sears will have a problem; if there are any gays left in the Republican party, they will surly “purge” themselves. As will women, people of color, anyone who has immigrated here in the last three generations, and anyone who can think for himself or herself.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      Agreed; the Republican party discourages critical thinking. Makes me have to wonder; are they really stupid or just disingenuous?

  • labman57

    Where is Dana Carvey when we need him?
    Seriously, this is yet another example demonstrating why religious dogma and the politics of public policy decision-making make poor bedfellows.

    So let’s review:
    First the tea party/ultraconservative faction of the Republican Party demanded that members of its fold pass a “purity test”.

    Next, some GOP candidates are demanded that any citizen working for the federal government pass a “loyalty test” and that some Americans be excluded based on their religious beliefs.

    And now we have Christian conservative bigots within the GOP decrying the inclusion of (gasp!) gays and lesbians as card-carrying members of the Republican Party.

    Essentially, these extremists are subscribing to the Aryan philosophy of “power through purification”.

    • George M Melby

      There is essentially no difference between them and the Hitler followers of the 30’s and 40’s… no difference at all. The only step left in the process is to decide where they will inter the bodies.

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    I wish that they would purge all gays from their moral absolute Party. Perhaps their membership would be decreased by at least 50%. Or completely dissolved?

  • Kenny G.

    I cannot wait for the Republican Party to go down the toilet. The party of “hate”, “greed”, “self-righteousness” and “we’re better than all the rest of you”, is becoming more obsolete by the minute.

    • George M Melby

      Not to mention, obnoxious.

  • Sandy Greer

    But, but, but…What about the Log Cabin Republicans???

    Seriously, tho, GOP is ‘purging’ itself of its RINOs…why not gays, too?

    Gotta love how she said they should go to the ‘big tent’ party. There it is, folks, the ‘mindset’ of the Righty Tighties:

    Ain’t many ‘right’ ENOUGH for The Right.

    But let the GOP do what they do best; better than anybody else; what only they can do. They suffer from terminal Foot in Mouth Disease, and it will be the death of them.

  • rossbro

    And they’re calling themselves ‘ Christian’.

    • George M Melby

      Correction: They are christians who do not walk their talk. I’m sure Jesus Christ is more than embarrassed, as am I!

  • white trash religious teaparty

    she s just pissed off because she aint getting any SEX—-
    but– she will be in heaven where all is well; all is well; all is well ( stolen from kevin bacon’s character in ” animal house”)

  • Ram Garcia

    There is no cure for stupid and hers is terminal….

  • Case

    If you believe individual choices do not effect everyone, you need to rethink a lot of things. If homosexuality is normalized in society it surely brings on a new world, a corrupt world. Rules are there for a reason, and you must abstain. The bible talks about temptation. How lines of right and wrong will become blurred. But you must fight for what is right. And not give in. And help each other do the same. I’m sorry if I’m fighting for the good, and not being ‘accepting’ of what I know is wrong. I couldn’t imagine what kind of displaced entity I would feel like going against what I know is wrong to make it easier and bearable for someone to indulge in their temptations. We all have homosexual tendencies, including animals who also live in this world. But we are humans. We are not animals and we need to know what is right and abstain from what is wrong. And faith gives you the strength to do so. Just look for the sings around you.

    • George M Melby

      I think you may have meant… signs! Your comment noted… and dismissed.

    • David Shaw Jr

      Humans are animals.

  • Beth

    Thank goodness I live in Florida where most of our officials are insensitive, short-sighted idiots and not generally insane. (Though you are more than welcome to prove me wrong.)

  • George M Melby

    Sad to say, we already have too many in Congress of her ilk. I do, however, have faith that this picture will change with the next few elections, in favor of Democrats and saner people winning!

  • George M Melby

    Even though the Republican/TeaParty puppets make a lot of noise, that does not mean they have great numbers behind them. These “millions and millions” of people who seemingly show up by the ‘hundreds” in any staged event, prove to me that they are more noise than substance. The 2014-2016 elections should take the wind out of their sails post haste.

  • icantbeliveyou

    I find her comments to be vile. I think its just as bad as “insert group of people here” = “insert bad thing here”. I live in Michigan, have been partnered for 15yrs to a wonderful man. We own a home, pay our taxes, help out friends and family. Its just unjustified hate towards something I am, I can’t do anything about other than live a lie. People like her are the reason I will never be around a child without some feeling of uneasiness, and never unsupervised to be above reproach. Then they have the audacity to suggest gay suicide rates are from a failing of the person committing the act ? I think people should be free to say whatever they want and this includes Mary, I also think people are free to organize, campaign and vote for who they believe in. I hope this leads to some moderation in the elected officials that are chosen in the next cycle. Honestly I would rather have the US burn to the ground in liberal leadership than this constant assault of people that exemplify and magnify all that is the worst in humanity.

  • David Shaw Jr

    Aren’t Christians supposed to refrain from judging others?