The Republican Party is About to Have a Very Bad Year

americans-dont-like-republicansOne undeniable fact about the Republican party is that they’re damn good at pushing propaganda. If there’s an agenda they want pushed, you can bet that it’s going to be pushed by about 95 percent of the Republicans in Washington and just about every aspect of the conservative media.

That being said, the biggest weakness for Republicans is almost always Americans actually finding out what they really stand for. It’s why in 2016 Republicans have said they want fewer presidential primary debates – because they know the more their candidates get the nation’s attention on a national stage, the worse it is for their party.

It’s the same thing we’re about to see in Congress. For six years, President Obama has been in the White House and the most power Republicans have had is control over the House. And for most of those years they’ve tried to blame the president and Democrats for all the gridlock we’ve seen in Congress. And, sadly, millions of Americans actually believed them.

But now they’ve been given full control of Congress. Prepare for the production of Congress to skyrocket!

Well, not so fast. You see, Democrats can now do what Republicans did to them in the Senate. That is, use the filibuster as much as possible to block almost any bill they might want to pass. And how will Republicans respond to this? Will they call Democrats out for using the same tactics they’ve been using for six years?

Not only that, but now Republicans will have to pass legislation about which they’ve mostly been silent.

During this past year’s elections Republicans didn’t run on their policies, they simply ran against Obama’s policies. It was an easy route to take because it’s always easy to run negative ads against something, and typically these type of ads distract enough Americans from asking the question, “Well, I know what you’re against, but what the hell are you running on?”

And during an election, Republicans could avoid those types of questions because they used anti-Obama diversion to distract people from really thinking about who they were voting for.

But now that they’ve won, they actually have to try to do something. And guess what? Almost nothing they support is popular with the American people.

What are they going to do, try to pass a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage? Oh, I know! They can try to pass an immigration bill that alienates practically every Latino vote in the United States. And I’m sure they’re going to pass plenty of big tax breaks for the rich while opposing any increase to our federal minimum wage.

Then there’s always the endless votes I’m sure we’ll see to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Though, I can’t help but wonder, what would the millions of conservatives who would instantly lose their newly acquired health insurance think if Obama actually repealed his signature health care law? (Which he wont.)

Let’s not forget the possible impeachment proceedings against the president over his immigration executive orders. After all, impeaching the president worked out so well for Republicans when Clinton was in office.

And this is the problem Republicans are about to face. While they ran successful campaigns opposing President Obama, the one thing they didn’t do was run on what their party stands for. And now that they’ve gotten exactly what they wanted (control of both the House and the Senate), they can’t hide from the American people any longer.

This is why Republicans, and more specifically conservatives, never win “the war.” Sure, they’ll win a few battles, but ultimately they always lose. They run on propaganda and negativity because they know the typical American voter has a very short memory when it comes to politics, but almost every time they’re given power their idiocy is put on full display and the American people are reminded of just how outdated and regressive their ideologies are.

Oh, and we can’t forget the congressional Republicans who are more concerned about running for president right now (Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz) who are certainly going to be a thorn in the side of pretty much anything Republicans might want to do that won’t benefit their presidential ambitions.

So, when it comes to this year and what Republicans can do, they essentially have two choices:

  • Do nothing and try to blame it all on President Obama and Democrats, which isn’t going to work because they’re now the face of Congress. – or –
  • Actually try to pass the nonsense they support and let the American people see exactly what it is that they stand for.

And no matter which option they ultimately choose, neither are going to turn out well for the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Tbug ID

    I’m a progressive, but even this for me is wishful thinking. Democrats filibustering? Really. When have you ever seen the entire Democratic party stand together on anything? Witness the latest debacle of a budget that was just passed. I suggest more practical advice than this piece please.

    • SophieCT

      Dems stood with the president on that budget. Looks like the scorching they got from progressives for abandoning him for the midterms worked.

      • Tbug ID

        In this case, they shouldn’t have stood with him on this budget. Its a horrible one because of the riders, the republicans attached to it. They half gutted Dodd-Frank which was supposed to keep us from having to bail out the banksters again and is now setting us up for another crash.. Didn’t you see Elizabeth Warren’s speech just before they passed this horrible thing?

      • Richard Schwalb

        i didn’t like it either but it is a gross exaggeration to call it half-gutted when the altered pretty much 1 paragraph out of a 2000+ page law with many provisions.

  • Jim Valley

    This hits the nail square on the head. 2015 is going to be a big year for popcorn.

  • sherry06053

    “One undeniable fact about the Republican party is that they’re damn good at pushing propaganda. If there’s an agenda they want pushed, you can bet that it’s going to be pushed by about 95 percent of the Republicans in Washington and just about every aspect of the conservative media.” This is the first paragraph of this article, and it’s true. My question is why does the Democratic party suck at this so badly? If the progressive Democrats were as good – even half as good – at pushing our ideals, we would be getting stuff done that would benefit the country. We don’t need to rely on lies like they do. What we need is organization and some BALLS…

    • TeeDee

      And higher voter turn-out. The republicans get out and vote, but dems have too many ideals to bother sometimes. At this past election, I can’t count how many times democratic friends said they never bother voting because both sides are bought by corporations, both are corrupt…blah, blah, excuses, excuses. But how stupid is it to sit home and not vote when you know the right will always get out there? The right have proven themselves to be utter traitors to their country, so that’s a good enough reason to get to the polls every single time!

  • Filibustering is the wrong way to go; The Democrats should bring EVERYTHING the GOP wants to do up for debate. And then the Democrats should all show some back bone and repudiate every single lie coming from the GOP.

    Whoops! There goes the alarm, time for me to wake up.

    • Tbug ID

      I have to tell you, the Democrats are not able to hold to filibusters like the Repubs do. You have enough Conservadems to keep from blocking repugnant legislation and as the minority party now, do not have any control on the agenda. Who do you think blocked all the good legislation from the House in 2008? Senate Conservadems. So even if the Dems could win the messaging war, you still have obstruction in the legislation process from within the Democratic party itself. Grassroots protesting is the only way I can see to go, but even that won’t stop the Repub majority from doing irreparable damage for the next 2 years. Elections matter.
      Repubs = Republicans
      Conservadems= Democrats that vote for Republican interests.

  • Fred Bastiat

    Lead in the artcile causes the phrase ‘calling kettle black’ to come to mind.

  • Dan

    Wow, everything in this article is pretty much exactly what has happened in Australia over the last year, basically replace Republican party with Liberal Party.

    Not saying the Labor party was good, but the Abbott government spent 6 years running a negative campaign against the Labor party, blaming them for every problem the country was facing. They also had control in the senate and blocked nearly every bill the Labor party tried to introduce.

    In the campaign leading up to the last election, the only policies we really heard anything about was Abbott’s ‘stop the boats’ mantra (a racist and religiously motivated attempt to prevent refugees and most immigratants from entering the country), and the ‘repeal the carbon tax that Labor had managed to introduce (one of the few things Liberals hadn’t managed to block despite their best attempts to do so).

    During the campaign they said practically nothing about any of their other policies, just continued with their negative campaign against Labor (oh, and Abbott and other high ranking party members actively avoided political debates as well). In the end the Abbott government got in not because people liked Abbott, but that most of the country hated Labor.

    And just look at how his first year has turned out. The people of Australia have finally seen just what the Abbott government actually stood for, and didn’t like it one bit – attempts to make major cuts to welfare and education, granting extra benefits for the rich, attempts to block gay marraige laws and block immigration/refugees (is this sounding familiar America?).

    The Liberals approval rating has dropped through the floor and Abbott had already the nickname “one term Tony” before his first year was up. Labor have banded together with other minor parties in the senate to return the favour and block the majority of bills the Abbott government has tried to pass. Abbott and co are currently trying to insist their goverment can do no wrong and are still blaming Labor for every little problem that goes wrong in the country. Unfortunately for them the public have finally woken up to it and the excuses are falling on deaf ears.

    So if you want a good idea of just how bad its going to get for the republicans, Australia provides a pretty good example.

  • Michelle Wells

    They can’t run on what they stand for because they don’t stand for ANYTHING! Except for lining their own pockets!

  • Greg Holl

    Yep it was a bad election for the Republican party. If only we had gotten the popular vote in California or New York it would have been a clean sweep!