The Republican Party and the Continued Rise of the “American Taliban”

american-taliban-will-mcavoyIn the past I’ve written a couple of articles professing my belief that the Republican party, especially the tea party aspects of it, have become a domestic terrorist group. On the recently ended HBO show The Newsroom, character Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) referred to them as the “American Taliban,” and I think that’s a perfect way to describe this ever-growing group of right-wing radicals.

Just think about this for a moment. These are people (and there are millions of them) who honestly believe that we are allowed to own guns largely for the purpose of one day violently overthrowing our government. I’ve never quite understood how these conservatives can call themselves “patriots” by hating over half the American population (liberals, minorities, homosexuals and followers of any other religion other than Christianity), loathing the very government our Constitution created and often talking about the possible need to rise up in an armed rebellion to violently overthrow elected officials. 

And it’s not as if this is some “sudden movement.” Most of these “strongly Republican gun-loving states” are the very same ones that nearly tore this country in half during the Civil War fighting for their right to own other human beings as property. So let’s not act as if this anti-government rhetoric is simply rooted in their dislike for “liberal ideologies and big government.” Southern conservatives have hated and opposed our government for generations.

But even when you just look at the last 6 years, the GOP has done just about everything it possibly could since President Obama moved into the White House to stall any and all possible economic progress. Whether it was trying to hold our debt ceiling hostage, blocking several jobs bills and even shutting down our government, Republicans have done just about everything within their power to obstruct our economy hoping that it would pay off for them politically. Which it did, in some ways.

And now that they’re about to have even more power, I can damn sure promise you that they’re going to spend the next two years doing whatever they can to hold back our economy. Sure, they’ll use a lot of talking points while spewing the word “jobs” and other right-wing propaganda to hide this fact, but the last thing they’ll want to do over these next two years is help our economy continue to grow.

Why would they? If our economy continues to grow, that would almost all but doom their chances in 2016. Their only real hope to get a Republican in the White House two years from now is to try to slow down (or outright crash) our economy, hoping that people will blame it on President Obama – and in turn his party – and that they’ll get a huge advantage heading into our next presidential election.

The last things Republicans want to see these next two years is for our unemployment rate to drop near or below 5 percent and see another 4-5 million jobs created.

And if you doubt me, just look at what they’ve done with the Affordable Care Act. Instead of working with the president to make the law better, to help millions of Americans gain access to health care, they’ve done just about everything they possibly can to sabotage the law at every turn. Then they have the gall to stand there and point to the “failures of Obamacare” when most of the issues we’ve had with the law are due in large part to the compromises we had to make with Republicans when the law was being written, and the shenanigans many state governments have been playing to try to obstruct the law at the local level.

It’s like I’ve said before, Republicans want a massive collapse of this country. They want our government to be so inefficient, so corrupt and so disliked that Americans do “rise up” in some sort of rebellion so that they can try to remake this nation in the image that they want – which is essentially a Christian theocracy full of gun nuts.

The question I always like to ask conservatives is, why would Republicans actively try to help make our government more efficient and trustworthy when a large premise of their entire political platform is based upon how inefficient and corrupt our government is?

The nonsense conservatives actually believe is absolutely absurd.

And while I’m not saying that the Republican party is some blood-thirsty terrorist group that wants to kill Americans, I do honestly believe that they are in large part a group of individuals who are actively rooting for the failure of the United States. Because that’s the only way they can get what they want, which is a complete teardown of this country so that they can try to turn it into the Christian theocracy that they’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately for them, the Constitution as it stands now prevents them from doing that. And sadly for all of us, they just can’t seem to come to grips with that fact.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cin5456

    I agree with everything said in this article. There is only one thing I’ll add, and that is to look at what conservatives have done to the Supreme Court, the arbiters and interpreters of the Constitution. They are actively trying to alter the meaning of the constitution, including calling it a religiously inspired document, and therefore justifying the new interpretation of the bill of rights, specifically the first amendment and the fourth amendment. When conservatives say they want small government, what they really mean is they want government to have the authority to peer into our lives and dictate what we are allowed to do, to know, and to think. They want kids to not learn true history, science, or critical thinking that might make them question their elders beliefs or the beliefs of the church. And that is why Hobby Lobby happened. the Supreme Court has now made law that “respects an establishment of religion.” That was the first legal step to changing the interpretation. It won’t stop there. Fundamentalism encourages dictatorial and repressive behavior, no matter what religion it originates from.

  • Nick Wride

    I’ve been calling these far right, fringe whacko, religious extremists the American Taliban for quite a while now.

  • Andrew

    Excellent article. Saying you want to overthrow the government’s elected officials and that you’re a patriot is an oxymoron. The same goes for someone who calls themselves intelligent and a Tea Party member.

    • George Patrick Shiflett

      They have an army the Militia , they have terror groups the sovereign citizens and the Oath keepers and the 3% and the league of the south , notice as they militarize the cops , giving them massive fire power , the right wings order to the cops or i should say republicans and tea party , MURDER THE MINORITY”S THE OTHER RACES KILL THEM and its what they have started doing the cops are on their way doing that , and doing it like its free , and it seems it don’t matter weather they are man woman or child , if the cops aint killing them they are raping women and children , they are actively beating people in the streets, and remember the KOCH BROTHERS OWN AT LEAST 4 SUPREME COURT JUDGES , maybe even more in the lower courts , but we know for a fact Skellia is owned and so is Roberts by the Koch Brothers , and the rest for a fact that sided on the citizens united and Hobby Lobby cases Mitch McConnell said straight out the republican party is owned by the Kochs we know the tea party is and we know they have massive influence on the terror groups and the Militia , these next 2 years are going to be very interesting

  • Lucifer999

    Well written. Religion teaches people to believe in things without any facts or evidence, and to be blind to anything with evidence that is counter to their beliefs. The American Taliban are a shining example of this behavior. They are blind to how much trouble we were in at the end of Bush’s reign and how much things have turned around. All they see is a non-white liberal in the White House.

  • Dr. Gadfly

    Yes, I always thought it ironic that within the twisted logic of right-wing conservatives owning a gun somehow makes you a patriot because of its potential to be used in a rebellion against your own government. They really do inhabit a bizarre delusional world of inverted priorities and loony beliefs.

    • regressive white trash reli

      owning a gun,,,,,,,,,,a bible,,and being Caucasian with no accent
      ………………………………………ignoring FACTS which -when used to decipher GOP administrations are considered TRUTH– are ‘fudged’ by communist and Kenyan seculars

      • zoey2012

        Kenyan scholars?? You just proved the article, didn’t you?

  • Secular_Humanist

    Anybody who studied the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, will recognize similar trends, how effective hate propaganda was then and how it is used by republicans today. Unless democrats finally develop enough guts to stand for democratic principles and openly fight for all citizens, I see no future for our democracy.

    • Che’le

      That’s why it’s imperative that we vote for Bernie Sanders. We cannot allow this Nation to be overcome by genetic crimminals in or out of the Congress or Senate.

  • Linda Parra

    Add to this that in order to have become the American Taliban, they “speak” to the ignorant & uneducated in our society. Those that can’t see the forest through the trees, lacking in critical thinking. Typically, the less educated you are the more gullible you are. The Tea Party encourages that. Think Common Core that includes new developments in science that Tea Party (Red States) won’t accept into their public education curriculum. The cost of higher education is so outrageous, it discourages even thinking of continued learning. It produces a continuing supply of new “hot leads” to impress & sway. Education is the answer.

  • Hudson Valley RPA

    The Religious Reich

  • George Patrick Shiflett

    As i remember History it is said that the conservatives all the way back to and including the revolutionary war were traitors , they were called Torrie’s or Royalists then , they fought on the side of the British against the American colony’s, they were stopped in Charleston by Washington and the French in the Harbor , General Cornwallis had well over 20 thousand Conservatives fighting in his army , the traitors of this Nation , they were pardoned after the war and were allowed to be citizens of this country , and yet again they did TREASON against the United States in the Civil War , they believed then and Now that any race is to be slaves to them , they are the all powerful white man and any other race is inferior and meant to be slaves of the rich and powerful ,
    , Even after the war was over they murdered blacks like it was free , and as you see in this day and age they are at it again , Murdering Blacks once again , only now its the cops doing the Killing , and you can bet the Cops that are doing this are right wing Conservatives , the problem here lies is no one is safe from the right wing , they are the new experiment in NAZISM, the right wing republicans and tea party and libertarians , conservatives as a whole and the right wing EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS want to control this country , they are the new ARYAN RACE the PURE WHITE ARYAN RACE thats what the right wing in this country believe them selves to be , the PURE RACE , as i have said before , they have their own army as HITLER DID , they have their own terror groups as HITLER DID , they have their own negative propaganda wing as HITLER DID , it has been said in many article on LUTZ the republican propaganda man , that he learned from GOEBBELS BOOKS ON HOW TO LIE TO THE PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM BELIEVE IT
    SAY SIEG HEIL to the right wing and its REICH MARSHAL ‘s Ted Cruz but he is a puppet what we will be saying is HEIL KOCH BROTHERS the masters of the right wing and all its armies , they will be coming for the rest of us soon

    • Brad

      You indeed are lacking in your understanding of at least some aspects of history and the definition of the word “conservative.” If you understood the facts, you would know that the Republican Party was founded by abolitionists and that the fact that they wanted to, and did, end slavery (which was practiced by Democrats) made them extremely liberal at the time. Jim Crow and the KKK were Democrat inventions, and the only reason LBJ signed the Civil Rights act, authored in large part by a Republican, was that he knew that he needed the black vote which he had repeatedly tried to remove from the equation. It is unwise to group all people of a certain persuasion into a fictional category that you have invented, which is exactly what the author of this article has done. One should not conflate the Republican Party’s leadership with all of its electorate, much of which, admittedly, was gained shortly after LBJ famously said “we just lost the South.” Also, one cannot responsibly misconstrue the very real reason for the 2nd Amendment as some desire by all Conservatives for an uprising by stupid people to overthrow an always benevolent and nearly omniscient government. Yet, Clifton does exactly that and you, George, believe the ever-present Democrat assertion that Republicanism is inherently racist, which feeds your belief in a massive conspiracy that you have concocted to explain things you don’t understand.

      • crabjack

        You are confusing Republicanism with Conservatism through time, Brad. Republicans were not always conservative, just as Democrats were not always progressive. It is just that the Republican party is now on a very scary-conservative swing, one that threatens to do untold damage to the country.

      • Brad

        Did you even read my post? I said that in 1865, Republicanism was very liberal for the time because it was predicated on abolition.

      • Ronald Wilmore

        Conservatives be they republican or democrat were always on the wrong side of history. Lincoln was republican that was very progressive anti slavery by the time he was assassinated. was very anti slavery. Douglas for instance was a pro slavery conservative democrat. If they lived now Lincoln would be a democrat and Douglas would be a republican. It was never party but ideology instead.

      • Brad

        The entire Republican party was liberal — revolutionary, even — in 1865. Lincoln may well be a Democrat now (he wasn’t a Republican when he was assassinated), but you can’t say that Douglas would be a Republican, because Republicans would not condone slavery and make it an issue decided by majority vote. Also, the problem with saying “the right side of history” is that it assumes that historical developments are always right. The “Progressive” movement, now more than a century on, includes people who want outright communism. Can you name one communist state that has succeeded? Don’t say China, because the success China has seen in recent years is a direct result of their move toward capitalism, and it is clear that large numbers of Chinese are not happy with communist oligarchy.

      • Melania Gulley

        except Brad. the Republicans and Dem switched places on almost every issue over 30 years ago. You don’t have to like the facts but you can;t make up your own. For the most part what you said was true but some people learn and grow and others long for glory days that never really existed except in their own small minds

      • Brad

        Dems knew that they needed the black vote, and that they were in danger of losing the 70% that FDR bought with the New Deal because Republicans had just passed the Voting Rights Act. It’s always nice to point out that one can’t make up facts, but you didn’t point out which facts I made up.

      • Brad

        Also, could you please name even a few issues on which Republicans and Democrats switched places? Abortion? Taxes? Market regulation? Immigration? Gay marriage? Two of those were basically non-issues 30 years ago. It seems to me that Dems switch places when it secures votes, as did, say, LBJ with civil rights, the Clintons with gay marriage, or Mr. “I’m not an emperor” Obama on immigration.

      • Discoursarian

        Big mistake, Brad. You are lacking in your understanding of what George said: he said *conservatives* have been on the wrong side of history, not Republicans. As such, the bulk of your post is irrelevant and misguided. The fact odd, in 2015 (not 1865), the Republican party is a comfortable home to racists. Your loudest voices (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Savage) are loudmouth bigots, and as they like to trumpet constantly, they have millions upon millions of fans. Fox News hostess Megyn Kelly was visibly offended that somebody would dare suggest Santa Clause isn’t white. Rush, just this week, was apoplectic that Sony would even *consider* a highly-acclaimed actor to play the part of James Bond because he was (shudder) black.

        Republican House majority whip Steve Scalise as recently as 2002 spoke at a friendly gathering of white nationalists. And let’s not forget the unrepentant racist David Duke.
        So don’t prattle on with your doe-eyed look of incomprehension that the Republicans–home of the 21st-century conservatives–are seen as racists. It’s either very naive of you, or very dishonest.

      • Brad

        I am not lacking in my understanding of what George said. No, not all Republicans are conservative, but in your esteemed estimation, how many Conservatives are Democrats? I referenced Republican Party leadership, not media figures. Do we need to make a list of all the known KKK members who are Democrats? No, I’m not talking about 1865, or 1965. Question: Was the actual Saint Nicholas a sub-Saharan African, or a southeast Asian? Maybe Kelly is a little annoyed by the disingenuous political correctness that pervades liberalism. As for your own insistence that all (presumably guilt-free) white liberals care about people of color, why are liberal policies failing so miserably in every American inner city?

      • Brad

        Scalise spoke to the Jefferson Heights Civic Association, not David Duke’s group. David Duke is a member of what party now? The Republicans disowned him.

      • Dave Girvin

        That was when the repubs of today were called democrats and dems were called republicans, conservatives have always been conservatives no matter what banner they were waving.

      • Che’le

        I agree wholeheartedly that ours is a Conservative ideology. What amazes me is the ability of Democrats to develope compassion and the Republicans to become intolerant even of their own Contituents.
        Greed is always the instigator!

    • Che’le

      What many don’t know is that when England wanted this land, they released the dregs of their society on America. Rapists, murders and sociopathic jerks like Custer.
      All in order to steal and control. What they didn’t know was that these people passed down their criminality genetically. Thus, the insane sociopathic Republican Party and T-Baggers of today and the past.