The Republican Party and the Continued Rise of the “American Taliban”

american-taliban-will-mcavoyIn the past I’ve written a couple of articles professing my belief that the Republican party, especially the tea party aspects of it, have become a domestic terrorist group. On the recently ended HBO show The Newsroom, character Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) referred to them as the “American Taliban,” and I think that’s a perfect way to describe this ever-growing group of right-wing radicals.

Just think about this for a moment. These are people (and there are millions of them) who honestly believe that we are allowed to own guns largely for the purpose of one day violently overthrowing our government. I’ve never quite understood how these conservatives can call themselves “patriots” by hating over half the American population (liberals, minorities, homosexuals and followers of any other religion other than Christianity), loathing the very government our Constitution created and often talking about the possible need to rise up in an armed rebellion to violently overthrow elected officials. 

And it’s not as if this is some “sudden movement.” Most of these “strongly Republican gun-loving states” are the very same ones that nearly tore this country in half during the Civil War fighting for their right to own other human beings as property. So let’s not act as if this anti-government rhetoric is simply rooted in their dislike for “liberal ideologies and big government.” Southern conservatives have hated and opposed our government for generations.

But even when you just look at the last 6 years, the GOP has done just about everything it possibly could since President Obama moved into the White House to stall any and all possible economic progress. Whether it was trying to hold our debt ceiling hostage, blocking several jobs bills and even shutting down our government, Republicans have done just about everything within their power to obstruct our economy hoping that it would pay off for them politically. Which it did, in some ways.

And now that they’re about to have even more power, I can damn sure promise you that they’re going to spend the next two years doing whatever they can to hold back our economy. Sure, they’ll use a lot of talking points while spewing the word “jobs” and other right-wing propaganda to hide this fact, but the last thing they’ll want to do over these next two years is help our economy continue to grow.

Why would they? If our economy continues to grow, that would almost all but doom their chances in 2016. Their only real hope to get a Republican in the White House two years from now is to try to slow down (or outright crash) our economy, hoping that people will blame it on President Obama – and in turn his party – and that they’ll get a huge advantage heading into our next presidential election.

The last things Republicans want to see these next two years is for our unemployment rate to drop near or below 5 percent and see another 4-5 million jobs created.

And if you doubt me, just look at what they’ve done with the Affordable Care Act. Instead of working with the president to make the law better, to help millions of Americans gain access to health care, they’ve done just about everything they possibly can to sabotage the law at every turn. Then they have the gall to stand there and point to the “failures of Obamacare” when most of the issues we’ve had with the law are due in large part to the compromises we had to make with Republicans when the law was being written, and the shenanigans many state governments have been playing to try to obstruct the law at the local level.

It’s like I’ve said before, Republicans want a massive collapse of this country. They want our government to be so inefficient, so corrupt and so disliked that Americans do “rise up” in some sort of rebellion so that they can try to remake this nation in the image that they want – which is essentially a Christian theocracy full of gun nuts.

The question I always like to ask conservatives is, why would Republicans actively try to help make our government more efficient and trustworthy when a large premise of their entire political platform is based upon how inefficient and corrupt our government is?

The nonsense conservatives actually believe is absolutely absurd.

And while I’m not saying that the Republican party is some blood-thirsty terrorist group that wants to kill Americans, I do honestly believe that they are in large part a group of individuals who are actively rooting for the failure of the United States. Because that’s the only way they can get what they want, which is a complete teardown of this country so that they can try to turn it into the Christian theocracy that they’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately for them, the Constitution as it stands now prevents them from doing that. And sadly for all of us, they just can’t seem to come to grips with that fact.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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