The Republican Party is Driven by Two of the Most Destructive Forces in Human History

When it comes down to my issues with the Republican party, the root of most of my opposition lies in my belief that their ideology just doesn’t make any sense. They talk endlessly about freedom and liberty, while simultaneously pushing for religious rule over our government. Which doesn’t make any sense considering religion is nearly the complete opposite of freedom. How can someone be “free” if they’re forced to follow religious rules that control people by telling them what they should or shouldn’t do? Especially if someone doesn’t believe in that particular religion. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The same goes for their economic ideology. The Republican party’s economic beliefs are entirely predicated on the belief that 98 percent of Americans will be better off by making the top 2 percent richer. Even now one of the biggest right-wing attacks used against President Obama is wage stagnation. But they’re apparently too ignorant to understand that when they complain about stagnant wages, while taxes are low and the rich are doing better than ever, they’re actually admitting that trickle-down economics doesn’t work.

When you get right down to it, the two biggest driving forces behind the Republican party are greed and religion. And those just happen to be two of the most destructive things human beings have endured throughout our history.

How many millions of people have died over the centuries due to greed and religion? How many people have suffered because of these two things? How many people have wallowed in poverty or been confined to slavery in the name of greed and/or religion? What history shows us is that they’re powerful forces on their own, but when they’re actually combined the results are often catastrophic.

But I don’t just mean greed for money, but power as well. Empires that weren’t satisfied with what they had – they wanted more. They had to conquer and grow. It was no longer enough to simply be powerful and wealthy, they wanted to be the most powerful and wealthy. They wanted almost everyone on Earth to bow to their rule. The number of nations they conquered didn’t matter, nor did the amount of money they gained from their conquests, it was simply about greed and power. After all, how much land or money does anyone really need? It’s like the saying goes, what can someone buy with $5 billion that they couldn’t buy with $3 billion?

Then when you mix religion into all of that, it’s a very dangerous and often deadly mixture.

That’s what Islamic radicalism is really all about. It’s corrupt individuals using religion to justify their greedy desires for power. It’s all about control. And let’s face it, religion is the ultimate mechanism to use if you want to control large amounts of people.

Here in the U.S. Republicans use religion all the time to manipulate people into voting against their own interests. The GOP has successfully managed to get conservatives to actually mix their politics and faith together. I call it “Republicanity,” and I consider it more of a cult than an actual political party. It’s a whole lot of people who honestly believe that the only way to be a true Christian is to be a Republican. And they’ll never question the Republican party, because that’s tantamount to questioning their faith – which we all know many conservatives sure as heck won’t do.

But when you remove all the right-wing propaganda and rhetoric and get to the core of the Republican party, their social philosophies are built on religion and their economic ideologies are based on greed. They want to create a society run by theocratic government where the rich and the powerful have unregulated control over practically everything.

And when you look through all of human history, those are the two things that have been the catalysts behind some of the most horrific acts ever committed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    “The Republican party’s economic beliefs are entirely predicated on the belief that 98 percent of Americans will be better off by making the top 2 percent richer.” That’s an erroneous conclusion.

    Those Pubs that aren’t in the top 2% have no desire whatsoever make them richer. They simply accept that these are the people who hold the wealth and that every time Democrats try to strong arm the money away from them, they find a way around it – offshoring, automation, tax shelters, tax evasion – and that just makes things worse for us all. The Pubs recognize that something more intellectually sophisticated will be required to persuade them to give us access to some of that wealth. (Pubs are also weary of Liberals complaining about the results of their strong arming and then arguing that the solution is more of the same, but I digress.)

    As for the religion element, the wealth was much more evenly distributed 30/40 years ago when religion was a much stronger social component. The idea of sharing in this society is born of the ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ commandment. How ironic it is that the same liberals who strive mightily to drive religion from the social discourse are the first ones to whine and complain when the wealthy feel no moral compunction about not sharing with, or being fair to, others.

    Quinn’s Laws of Liberalism #’s 1 and 10 apply to both of these.

    (1) Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

    (10) Liberals never think what they are doing is wrong, they only think they haven’t done enough of it yet.

    • blacksmithy

      So what you’re saying is that ‘fiscally responsible’ republican administrations DON’T drive up deficits, national debt while failing to balance the budget? And that since trickle down hasn’t worked for most people for 30 years, we just need to deregulate things further? Those two rules seem to apply just as well to conservatives. I’m a business owner, and ‘pro-business’ conservatives have not done ANYTHING that makes my life easier.

      • Jim Bean

        Bush was a Republican. He drove up the deficit. Conservative don’t like it that he did that.

        Trickle down HAS worked. 75% of young people today are unfit for military service because they are over nourished on highly processed junk food. Poverty is defined as ‘less that unlimited data minutes on my iPhone.’

        In the NAM’s (National Association of Manufacturers) most recent analysis, 85 percent of manufacturers surveyed said they would invest more in their businesses, both in their workers and in capital equipment, if their compliance costs could be lessened. 88% said compliance costs were their biggest challenge. You are the exception to the rule.

        What have pro-government Liberals done to make your life easier?

      • Rick Flash

        You are hilarious.

      • pennyroyal

        I’d say delusional.
        Jim, you are entitled to your opinion but not to your own facts. And your facts are cherry-picked to justify your conclusions.

      • Jillz

        Oh come on!!! You say “Trickle down HAS worked” because young people can afford processed food? You are aware of course that it is those who live in poverty who are more at risk of unhealthy diets (rich in processed food) right? And that processed food is all some families can afford?

        You must have been joking with that statement.

        Trickle down doesn’t work – Kansas is proof.

      • Jim Bean

        Some liberal said that to me a few weeks ago. Just so happened wife and I went shopping the next day. Healthy meat (chicken thighs) were $0.99 lb. Processed meat (hamburger was over $4.00 lb. Almost all fruits and vegetables were below $2.00/lb.

        I knew right then I’d been Grubered by a liberal,

        Kansas is not proof. It is an aberration. Texas, ND, WY, WV, OK, ID CO, UT, SD. That’s where they are tickled with the trickle.

      • congero

        can you name a republican president that hasn’t busted the budget with record deficits? trickle down isn’t working which is why we have the greatest income inequality since the gilded ages. oh and reread your pbs link on ss. it says they will be able to pay 75% of it’s benifits and i believe by increasing income cap it could be solvent to 2075.

        “But that does not seem to faze Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts Democrat has gotten a lot of attention for a speech defending Social Security that she delivered last month on the Senate floor.

        “With some modest adjustments, we can keep the system solvent for many more years, and we could even increase benefits,” Warren says.

        To finance that, Warren and some of her Democratic allies want to lift the cap on wages taxed for Social Security.

        Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin sponsored legislation that would gradually remove the cap that currently makes only the first $113,700 in wages subject to Social Security taxes. He says it’s the only fair thing to do.

        “If I make $50,000 a year, I pay Social Security taxes on every dime I make. If I make $500,000 a year, I only pay taxes on about the first 20 cents. After that, I don’t pay any more Social Security taxes. That’s regressive,” Harkin says. “You want to make it more progressive, raise the cap so everybody pays their share on every dollar they make.'”

      • Jim Bean

        If trickle down isn’t working, what would you replace it? And tell me why it will work.

      • congero


      • Jim Bean

        Haha, yourself.

      • tompaine99

        The economics of the 1950s for starters. This is what happened when the wealthy were taxed at between 70% and 90%: A booming middle class (which meant more consumers with disposable income), massive investment in infrastructure, and the rich still partied on. This is what has worked, not the trickle down BS of the last 30 years.

      • Jim Bean

        You’re going to confront the global economic challenges of today with the closed and insulated economy policies of 65 years ago? Enough said. I see where you are coming from.

      • tompaine99

        It’s old? Is that all you’ve got? I can see you waving your Ayn Rand banner from miles away. All regulations and taxes are bad. Let’s all bow down to the captains of industry. Kneel before your betters. Be grateful for the crumbs that trickle down. The one percent are raping the middle class, and people who think and vote as you do are guilty of holding it down while they do the deed.

      • Jim Bean

        No I’m not. Reason: when you come up with an idea that will actually transfer some of that money to the lower classes rather than drive even more of it to other countries, I’ll support you.

      • congero

        please provide the court ruling.”Conversely, the court ruled the BLM violated their constitutional rights and exceeded their authority by forcing them to stay in an area they set up and declared a ‘First Amendment Zone.”

      • Jonathan Blair

        Is English your second language? Not a crime, just asking.

      • Jonathan Blair

        Never end a sentence with a preposition, Willis. Unless you’re back home in Alabama.

      • Jim Bean

        I would add that you won’t get a single dollar invested in the US economy if you promise to take 70 to 90 cents of every dollar earned from the investor. Tompaine wouldn’t invest his money under those conditions either.

      • tompaine99

        And yet people did invest and the country as a whole did fabulously well, not just the wealthy. Go figure.

      • davids64

        Jim Bean repeats common right-wing talking points when he says: “you won’t get a single dollar invested in the US economy if you promise to take 70 to 90 cents of every dollar earned from the investor”

        Once again, the righties try to invent their own reality.

        The TRUTH is that the USA has already lived under a system of 70%-90% taxation! It was the 1950s, and the economy was BOOMING! And the rich STILL invested.

        But that’s the right for you: NEVER letting the factual data get in the way of a favored ideological talking-point.

        (and you DARE quote us “rules” about liberals? What a joke!)

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        AGAIN with the liberal Myths. Only quote half truths or distort reality.

        They may have been taxed at 90% but paid much lower tax rates then that by tax deductions earned by reinvesting in the company. That’s why it it worked. Companies where able to compete globally by lowering their tax bracket and reinvest that money in its companies and employees. The left only sees “90%” but not the actual benefits that promoted a system that made it work. The left would love to tax corporations at 90% today but would NEVER consider giving the tax deductions that actually promoted economic growth.

      • mr.socialist

        the founders only taxed-corporations-via tarifs

        there was no income tax-because corporations paid-it all

        now let that sink in

      • MrLightRail

        Quit trying to compare 1790 economics to 2015. Different country, different needs. And, corporations as we know it did not exist then.

      • MrLightRail

        The deal is, would I rather give my money to the government, or invest it into my company? That’s how the high tax rates worked. It prevented hoarding of cash as we are seeing now.

      • Jim Bean

        Neither you, or I, or anyone else put our money into things that seem not to offer a favorable return. Obama has scared investors into sitting on their cash while awaiting more favorable conditions. You, I, and everyone else would do the same.

      • Jonathan Blair

        Neither you NOR I, Willis. Let me guess, you used to walk 4 miles to school in the snow without shoes, right? Then you dropped out in the 4th grade to help you dad with the chickens.

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        They may have been taxed at 90% but paid much lower tax rates then that by tax deductions earned by reinvesting in the company. That’s why it it worked. Companies where able to compete globally by lowering their tax bracket and reinvest that money in its companies and employees. The left only sees “90%” but not the actual benefits that promoted a system that made it work. The left would love to tax corporations at 90% today but would NEVER consider giving the tax deductions that actually promoted economic growth.

      • SBRon

        Why don’t you…genius?!?

      • Jim Bean

        If I could think of an alternative that would work, I would. But I can’t. Even though I’m too dumb to think of one, I’m not dumb enough to dismantle the vehicle that got me here until I’m sure I have something better to replace it with. That is one of the peculiarities that distinguishes me from Liberals.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        you did NOT answer his question……………..

      • Jonathan Blair

        I think I can help you. I’m an English teacher.

      • Jim Bean

        This isn’t an English composition exercise and you had a strong counterargument, you would have presented it rather than pivoting to minutia.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        ike,,,,,,,,,,the most recent GOOD GOP president,,,,,,,,,,, Reagan ETC are scum

      • Jillz

        Thank you for acknowledging that Kansas is an aberration (though I believe it is the politics, not the State or the people that are aberrations). It is, however, proof that the magical “trickle down” doesn’t work – business owners there didn’t create jobs with the tax breaks they received, they pocketed the money. What’s that about those good old corporations doing the right thing and creating jobs with tax breaks? Isn’t that the premise of trickle down economics? And if so, regardless of the aberration that resulted, Kansas is the poster child of trickle down economics.

        WV? The trickle of unfit drinking water? TX? The trickle of flames in the tap water? What’s more important – the economy or the land?

        As for the grocery list: go to the grocery store and do a weekly shop for a family of four with a budget of under a hundred dollars and see how much fresh food you get. It’s more expensive than KD, that’s for sure!

        PS I giggled at your use of “Gruber” as a verb – that was cute 🙂

      • Jim Bean

        My heart goes out to you if you’re trying to feed four on less than 100 bucks.

        What’s “KD?”

      • Jillz

        I am, fortunately, not in the position where I have to worry about where my next meal is coming from but I’m glad to hear that your heart goes out to people who do. That’s one of my ongoing frustrations with the right – I constantly see this heartless approach toward others, and then this ugly blame game where somehow the ‘moochers’ are CHOOSING to live in poverty.

        What do these people want? The poor to freeze or starve to death so they aren’t such an inconvenience? 🙁

        LOL KD = Kraft Dinner 🙂

      • MrLightRail

        Honestly, I can’t afford KD, I have to do with the crappy store brand if I want my food dollar to stretch. ecch.

      • congero

        trickle down works? lol. you are such a clown.

      • congero

        so processed food and obese young people are your proof trickle down is working? the funny never stops with you. oh and your list of states. most on your list receive more in federal aid than they pay in taxes. just sayin’.

      • Jim Bean

        Some people won’t work no matter what. Two thirds of ones receiving the aid are voting Democrat.

      • congero

        Those were red states buddy or can’t you read?

      • Jim Bean

        Red states. Yes. That’s what we’re talking about.

      • congero

        red states are republican and vote republican. you are too funny.

      • lorencesing

        Citation required. State your source, please, otherwise your “statistic” is b.s.

      • BakariC

        That’s an absolutely ignorant, arrogant analysis. Most of the country works, from underpaid service workers, to salaried professionals, to one or more side hustles. Most people work. But capitalism couldn’t even provide full employment if every unemployed person lined up for a job tomorrow. And the greedy capitalists won’t pay people living wages. Most people work their entire lives with little to show for it. On the other hand, we could reduce the full- time work week, double the labor force, and have more time to really live and enjoy life. But that can’t be done under a corrupt, backwards capitalist market system, in which everything is privatized and marketed for profit.

      • Jim Bean

        Its interesting that there are still folks around who think like you. China used the socialist/communist model for ever and realized nothing from it other than misery and poverty. But when they finally gave capitalism a chance, their economy absolutely boomed and they grew into a major world economy in just a few decades.

        Its not that I wouldn’t embrace your $100K salary/20 hour work week lifestyle. Its just that it relies on someone else to produce the wealth to fund it and the guy willing to do that does not exist.

      • Jonathan Blair

        I bet 1000usd you’ve never been to China. I have. So why not go back to Alabama and hump your cousin?

      • Jonathan Blair

        Are your mom and dad brother and sister?

      • Jim Bean

        You – and your left-wing bigot friends – are the reason the electoral college is so critical.

      • MrLightRail

        I live in Oklahoma, and I can tell you that I am NOT impressed with Republican policies. Our feckless leaders just gave the OIl and Gas industries the biggest tax cut they have ever had, and it’s NOT trickling down to us who have to work part-time jobs with horrendous schedules that keep you from taking a second job. Oklahoma ranks at the bottom, or damn near the bottom in so many things, and you use THIS state as an example??

      • Jim Bean

        Oklahoma is on the list of top 10 fastest growing state economies. That would suggest the tax cuts had the desired effects. I’m sorry that you’re occupation wasn’t one of the beneficiaries but that alone does not a failure of the program make.

      • Rob Bailey

        Oil is down to $75 and conservation is working. Red State conservatives will gut infrastructure and education as tax revenues dry up. Result = Kansas.

      • MrLightRail

        If by cutting general education, thereby screwing our future generations, letting our roads and bridges crumble, and Oklahomans doing without health care coverage, just so the wealthy can have a tax cut, I would consider that a complete failure.

      • Jonathan Blair

        OMG! You’re such a wanna-be pundit. Don’t quit your day job, Willis.

      • Rob Bailey

        Jeebus. You saw some dated thighs and compared them to “processed” hamburger. Then you cite that amazing fact that states with oil production have been growing fast (oh, and btw, Kansas has it’s fair share of oil and the cons still effed it up).
        Your posts are SOOOOOO full of made-up, false crap. You should run for office…

      • Jonathan Blair

        He was an extra in the film, Deliverance.

      • MrLightRail

        OK has a 600 million deficit in their budget they have to fill, of course, it will be by screwing the education system and the poor, while giving oil and gas big tax breaks, while their vehicles destroy our roads. Trickle down doesn’t work ANYWHERE.

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        He is right. In almost ALL households who are considered in “poverty’ in this country has access to more food and food products in one month then most 3rd world children will see in five years. Almost ALL poverty income level households in this country have air conditioning, color TV, cable, cell phones, beds, and clothing, the poor in this country live like kings compared to others. Our poor even have a better standard of living then the middle class in Europe. So spare me the liberal bullshit. A family member of mine who receives Food stamps eats more steak and meat and higher end foods in one month then I can afford to feed my family in a year. You and the likes of you have made it “Ideal” to be in poverty in this country and that has stagnated our economic, scientific, and technical potential of our once great nation. Poverty should not be comfortable or rewarding.

      • Jillz

        You tell yourself all that if it helps you sleep at night. I’m very glad to know that the American poor have a better quality of life than most 3rd world children. Seems fitting considering if you keep electing Republicans, the USA will likely end up resembling a third world country.

        Liberal b.s; Republican hate. None of it is good.

      • MrLightRail

        Neither should inheriting your money from the hard work of your parents. The Paris Hiltons of the world do not contribute one iota to society.

      • congero

        What have pro-government Liberals done to make your life easier?

        my,my, how ss, medicare,8 hr work day, overtime pay, child labor laws, laws against work place discrimination,voting and civil rights act, womens right to privacy, womens right to vote, sick pay, paid vacations those are just off the top of my head and all the things republicans are trying to destroy.

        what did reagan do with debt/deficit? conservatives love him.

        NAM is your source. lol. NAM who hasn’t seen a regulation it likes. Compliance cost like making sure their workers are safe or that they don’t pollute our water?

        The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) “was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1895. The U.S. was in the midst of a deep recession and many of the nation’s manufacturers saw a strong need to export their products in other countries. One of the NAM’s earliest efforts was to call for the creation of the U.S. Department of Commerce”.The organization’s first president was Thomas Dolan of Philadelphia(not, as erroneously listed in some sources, Samuel P. Bush).

        The early history of NAM was marked by frank verbal attacks on labor. In 1903, then-president David MacLean Parry delivered a speech at its annual convention which argued that unions’ goals would result in “despotism, tyranny, and slavery.” Parry advocated the establishment of a great national anti-union federation under the control of the NAM, and the NAM responded by initiating such an effort.

        In an address at its 1911 convention, NAM president John Kirby, Jr. proclaimed, “The American Federation of Labor is engaged in an open warfare against Jesus Christ and his cause.”

        The NAM also encouraged the creation and propagation of a network of local anti-union organizations, many of which took the name Citizens’ Alliance.In October 1903 the local Citizens’ Alliance groups were united by a national called the Citizens’ Industrial Alliance of America.

        NAM, in the late 1930s, used one of the earliest versions of a modern multi-faceted public relations campaign to promote the benefits of capitalism and to combat the policies of President Roosevelt.NAM made efforts to undermine organized labor in the United States before the New Deal. NAM lobbied successfully for the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act to restrict unions’ power.

        The advent of commercial television led to the NAM’s own 15-minute television program, “Industry on Parade”, which aired from 1950–1960.


        If only they could just exploit their workers without those pesky regulations.

      • Jim Bean

        The Civil Rights Act – which covers many of equality issues you mentioned – received votes as follows.


        Yea: 155 Dems & 139 Pubs

        Nay: 95 Dems & 37 Pubs (Yes, nearly three times as many Dems opposed it.)


        Yea: 45 Dems & 27 Pubs

        Nay: 20 Dems & 7 Pubs (Yes (Yes, nearly three times as many Dems opposed it.)

      • congero

        Let me educate you once again my little Fox white supremacist talking point buddy. 1st you confuse democrat with liberal and republican with conservative. i’ll come back to that as tell you about dixie crat and the republican southern strategy. i’ll just point out once again that many of the things you enjoy from the relatively safe food you consume to your paid time off and ss were the results of liberals and progressives.

        By party and region

        Note: “Southern”, as used in this section, refers to members of Congress from the eleven states that made up the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War. “Northern” refers to members from the other 39 states, regardless of the geographic location of those states.

        The original House version:

        Southern Democrats: 7–87 (7–93%)

        Southern Republicans: 0–10 (0–100%)

        Northern Democrats: 145–9 (94–6%)

        Northern Republicans: 138–24 (85–15%)

        The Senate version:

        Southern Democrats: 1–20 (5–95%) (only Ralph Yarborough of Texas voted in favor)

        Southern Republicans: 0–1 (0–100%) (John Tower of Texas)

        Northern Democrats: 45–1 (98–2%) (only Robert Byrd of West Virginia voted against)

        Northern Republicans: 27–5 (84–16%)


        the vote mainly broke down according region with 10 southern house republicans joining with conservative southern house dixie-crats to vote no. in the north a greater % of house democrats voted yea than republicans 94% to 85%. the same is true in senate voting. tell the whole story and stop confusing democrat with liberal and republican with conservative. at one time there were liberal/progressive republicans. sadly they’ve been purged and have been replaced by bigots like you.yes at one time the racist south belonged to democrats but the passage of the cra and voting rights act changed that . they and the south are the republicans as they cater and groom the birthers and every crazy racist,xenophobic,male chauvinist fringe in the country.
        smell you later.

      • davids64

        Jim Bean: Are you REALLY that f-ing dishonest? Haven’t you ever heard of the “Dixiecrats” before?

        WHAT IS IT about righties that lead them to LIE with such ease? To knowingly misrepresent the historical facts in order to sell their BS talking-point? It’s positively pathological!

      • congero

        “Jim Bean: Are you REALLY that f-ing dishonest? ”

        Yes he is. He crops quote just like the masters he parrots and don’t go on too long with him as he will flag your comments to get you blocked.

      • SBRon

        And/or “(too much) Jim Beam”!?!

      • davids64

        Reagan TRIPLED the national debt during his presidency. His vaunted “Recovery” was purchased on the national credit card! But, of course, the righties insist that deficits don’t matter – at least, when a Republican is in the White House they don’t.

        And real-wages for the common working-class man when DOWN even as the super-rich got even richer!

      • congero

        yes and he is a saint to the repugs. it is a myth that todays republicans don’t and didn’t spend. they spent just not on poor and working people.

      • davids64

        Exactly! The Republicans have PROVEN, when they are in power, that they have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with government over-spending. The DIFFERENCE is that while Democrats like to overspend on giving benefits to those who desperately NEED help, the Republicans like to overspend on giving benefits to those who are already flush and need no assistance!

        It is an existential distinction.

      • usorthem3

        Trickle down=Golden showers
        I have been pissed on buy the corporate BOUGHT GOP for the last 40 years. Endless wars so the GOP military contractors can make BILLIONS off the lives of soldiers for

        NOTHING but profits.

      • DesertSun59

        Amusing assertions. Trickle down is a lie.

      • davids64

        HOW can you possibly say that “trickle-down has worked”, when actually examining the DATA since 1980 we see that real wages for EVERYBODY except the super-rich have DECLINED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • Jim Bean

        There’s lots of reason’s they declined, and greed is high among them. But so is Obamacare. So is oppressive taxation. So is oppressive regulation.

        When you implement a way to take money away from them, they develop a way to take the money back from someone under them. And that someone is you.

        Yet no matter how many times you experience this irreversible cycle, you’re still want to believe that the next time you try, it will somehow turn out differently. Its an exercise of Einstein’s definition of insanity. Right now, they’re decreasing the amount of wage raises they’re giving, raising employee healthcare contributions, and reducing hours in response to Obamacare. But you just don’t get it. (Or else you do get it but prefer to blame others)

      • congero

        you are so full it. the policies of trickle down that you support are creating the inequality. they can do it because the rich have the power and wealth to write and create policy that robs workers in a Robin Hood in reverse scenario.. the insanity is thinking that if you give more to the rich and just allow them to do away with regulations that more will trickle down to poor and working people. that is the insanity.

        oppressive taxation. taxes are at the lowest in decades.

      • Dan Childers

        If the taxation and regulation is so oppressive, how are they pocketing even MORE billions?

      • Jonathan Blair

        “What have pro-government Liberals done to make your life easier?”

        Stupid question. Stupid person. Get back to Alabama, hick.

      • rossbro

        Blacky, this is exactly what President Bush thought and acted upon.

    • congero

      what a load of bs. how ironic that you admit these so called religious rich people feel no compulsion to share and like the true clown you are you blame their selfishness on liberals. do you clowns ever take responsibility for anything?

      (1) Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

      (10) Liberals never think what they are doing is wrong, they only think they haven’t done enough of it yet.

      “As for the religion element, the wealth was much more evenly distributed 30/40 years ago when religion was a much stronger social component.”

      and then we had reaganomics,and bush tax cuts and the creation of the biggest income inequality with ceo’s making up to 400 x’s more than their salaried employees and paying at a lower tax rate.

      projection much? lol. if only we had less regulation and what we need is less taxes on the rich or more trickle down and everything would be fine. quinn’s laws? you are too funny.

      • Jim Bean

        “. . . .religious rich people feel no compulsion to share.” Sorry son, the obvious escaped you. Truly religious people aren’t greedy although truly greedy people can pretend to be religious just like liberals can pretend to care about illegal immigrants.

      • congero

        who said those who are hoarding their wealth whose policies you are defending pushing their trickle down bs were religious? once again like your trainers you crop my quote distorting the meaning and then you argue the distortion you made. too funny.

        the part you left out “…these so called religious rich…”

        i don’t believeYou or the ones you defend are religious at all. you are nothing but hypocrites using religion to try and justify your policy of trickle down which is nothing but greed and to your last sentence pffffffffffffff.

      • Jim Bean

        (You said)

        “what a load of bs. how ironic that you admit these so called religious rich people feel no compulsion to share and like the true clown you are you blame their selfishness on liberals. do you clowns ever take responsibility for anything?”

        (Then you said)

        “who said those who are hoarding their wealth whose policies you are defending pushing their trickle down bs were religious?”

      • congero

        yes and so where did i claim the greedy rich was religious?

      • Jillz

        “Truly religious people aren’t greedy although truly greedy people can pretend to be religious”

        Very true. And it’s why the truly religious (particularly Christians and Muslims right now) have to stand up against the extremists of their religions. It’s also why religion HAS to be kept out of politics – so the greedy politicians can’t use their fake religious beliefs to manipulate laws to control people (which Republicans are doing right now).

  • dsr3

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s
    oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior
    moral justification for selfishness.” John Kenneth Galbraith

  • pennyroyal

    Read Darrel Ray’s The God Virus to see how economics and religion work together to dominate and control whole populations, especially today’s more extremist Evangelicals have gone to bed with the Republican party.

  • pennyroyal

    mid-term elections bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party.

    Well, at least NH voted for a Democrat with integrity over that shill, Scott Brown. NH could tell he was pushing their further enslavement.
    I’m from MA and don’t even mind so much that Charlie Baker won because he ‘gets it’ in some ways and has the decency to have ‘butterflies in my stomach’ at the task before him. He’ll have to cooperate with Democrats to make progress. So unlike the Republicans dominating the senate and house. They don’t know how to govern and see cooperating and working together as a sell out of their bogus principles.

  • jqanderson1

    I was going to say “Greed” and “Greed.”

  • DesertSun59

    I assert that religion is far more destructive force than greed.

    • MJ Madrid

      I assert that greed spawned religion.

      • Concerned American

        Greed was spawned by human desires. Greed did not spawn religion. Unless it is a religion based on the principal of greed.

      • lindylou

        Greedy people funneled their money into religious right groups who used that power to spread their message of hate. I don’t think for one second that people like the Kochs care one bit about the people they control.

      • CherMoe

        i.e. Joel Osteen, the Bakkers, Pat Robertson, etc. etc.

      • Little Liberal Larry

        I agree.Religion was created to control the masses; to subjugate them

  • FaintCryofFreedom

    Until we can remedy the debacle that was the low voter-turnout in our most recent mid-term election, NOTHING WILL WORK. When we have millions of apathetic voters sitting on the sidelines and NOT doing their very least (going to the polls & filling in boxes, hello?) -nothing will change, nothing will work, we will continue to be at the mercy of those who are actively seeking to destroy our country. They don’t give a hoot about patriotism, how great America once was because they got theirs….and yours….and everyone else’s. And they’ll look you straight in the eyes & tell you to SUCK IT UP. They don’t care about you or anyone else because they got theirs.

    • Concerned American

      midterms are always historically a low voter turnout election period. nothing you can do about it. Just how its been for many years, only solution I see to it is improve schooling of people, have the kids actually learn rather than teaching for standardized tests. And More time in school is not the answer as for the last 10 years the amount of time a child has spent a year in school has increased by about 300 hours. They are lucky now if they get a full week for spring break. Thanksgiving is now just the day before, the day of and the day after. and the Christmas holiday (winter break or whatever the heck you want to call it. I will keep calling it the Christmas break) used to be 3 weeks long when I went through school now its barely even a week and a half.

      939 hours a year for elementary kids. only three other countries spend more time than the US, yet Japan is almost 200 hours less and they are out performing the US in almost ever academic field, and elementary is where kids spend the least amount of time in school as opposed to middle and high school. Clearly that is not working.

      If the kids actually were taught the material then the tests would come naturally. but teaching the test is just setting up for failure, One would find that when the education system is fixed (they had it going extremely well for them 50+ years ago. but kids now are ignorant in comparison to our grandparents. They landed on the moon in the 60’s with computers that aren’t even as powerful as the TI-83 calculator for crying out loud.) when that happens then they will in turn hit the poles as a more informed voter and would not be mindless pawns. (however Government does not like people who can think for themselves, they loose control and they are all about controlling your life in every detail)

      • CherMoe

        EXCELLENT comment.

    • CherMoe

      And with Republicans using a foreign enemy to hack the elections, along with all their other voter suppression tactics, gerrymandering, voting machine rigging, destruction of ballot applications, not allowing recounts of votes, voter purges, not counting provisional votes, etc., it is causing more and more people to feel hopeless, especially when we have an Electoral College that was literally GLEEFUL in saying they were “proud” to cast their votes for Trump. Those were a few of the responses I received to my emails to the electors.

      • FaintCryofFreedom

        Precisely. My comment was made 3 yrs ago, and I know that low voter turnout plays a smaller part when we’re up against all which you delineated in your comment. Did you watch Anna Langthorn on Rachel Maddow last night? When asked how she accomplished what she has so far (and I expect lots more from this young woman!) -she said, “Poor representation & leadership by do-nothing Republicans in Oklahoma has lead many people to question their support of that party & their candidates.” (paraphrased). And this should be our mantra until we turn the tide of the abusive GOPers, locally, Statewide, and in Congress. Maddow ran it all down last night (then had Elizabeth Warren on for an interview -great evening news segments!) and concluded after investigating that Republicans in Congress have accomplished bupkiss. Take a look at where Dems have been winning lately because GOPers seem more interested in controlling women’s bodies than governing. I suspect Kansas isn’t too far behind as Brownback has taken what was once a great example of a fiscally sound State into near-bankruptcy…..

  • Griff Manstrong

    As a practicing Catholic, all I can say is that I don’t know what brand of Christianity Republicans are promoting themselves as, but I certainly don’t recognize it. The big stuff like charity, mercy, and love for your fellow man seem to be distinctly absent from Republican politics. You’re vehemently pro-life… but also a war hawk, and pro-death penalty… What?
    Full disclosure, I don’t think I’ve ever voted for a republican candidate…

  • Domingo Soria

    I would say that Arrogance, Ignorance, Dishonesty, Greed and Fanatical Religiosity better describe 99.99% of Republicans and Teabaggers.

  • jim6661

    People who believe in “God” are simply stupid and should not be allowed to hold public office unless they can demonstrate they can separate their religions from their duties as a public official.

  • Eric Pepke

    Interesting article and typically confused by the Republican attitude. I wish that progressives would learn how the psychology really works. For a good start, google George Lakoff Moral Politics and watch the hour-long video.

  • NotLeftistSwine

    Enjoy reading the perspective of morons. Keep it the good work.

  • James Pennington

    Mixing economics, politics and religion is toxic!

  • Nathan VanHouten

    Religion is not the problem, but rather the party’s ignorance to how bad they are at following their own religion. Zealous ignorance to self righteousness, not the existence of religion, is the heart of the problem.

    • NotThatGreg

      But, how much does religion blind people to that distinction? Religion teaches people not to think too much, but just to listen to the people that preach to them, and to believe them.
      So, the solution to the problem is to teach people to think about what is really true; what the evidence really says. Which isn’t something that religions are about to do any time soon.

  • Robert Harvilla

    It’s all about the cheap labor. Every single thing the GOP does has to do with keeping wages low. Cuts to the safety net make workers more desperate and willing to work harder and harder for less and less. They want high unemployment to drive wages down. Abortion is the same thing. Desperate women and couples who are forced to have children they can’t take care of work cheap. Since the early 70s wages have remained flat while productivity has soared. That gap went straight into the pockets of the one percent. We have had to make up for the flat wages by going into deeper and deeper debt. Then they make it harder for people to declare bankruptcy so they are forced to work cheap. It’s all about the cheap labor. Until we get wages to match productivity, we will never be prosperous.

  • BakariC

    This article sums it up pretty well. There’s no way we should be allowing individuals and families billions in personal wealth. No one needs or deserves that much money. It’s insane. And the delusional religious beliefs mostly keep people docile and ignorant, while being led by a class and party of really weird, arrogant, haters. Not that the dems are that much better as politicians, but at least there enough intelligent ones that can be reasoned with.

  • John1966

    Wow, what incoherent nonsense. The guy thinks his own stupid, paranoid imagination is a source of information.