The Republican Party Has Literally Become the Party of Stupid

tea-party-dummyWhile I’ve lived in Texas all my life, I’ve never seen Republicans behave how they have these last few years. After all, prior to George W. Bush becoming our governor in 1995, we had a female DemocratAnn Richards, as our governor. That was two decades ago, but it’s still shocking to think that Texas has gone from electing a female Democrat to the highest office in the state – to electing someone like Ted Cruz as one of our two senators.

I remember not too long ago when things like evolution and climate change weren’t “topics up for debate” and anyone suggesting they were was viewed as an imbecile.

What the hell has happened? 

In the last few years, the Republican party has literally become the party of stupid.

We’re battling people who look at 97 percent of the world’s scientists and say, “No thanks, I don’t believe your liberal lies about climate change. Besides, winter… duh!.” As if there’s some massive global conspiracy against the GOP’s propaganda. Not only that, but much of the “data” these fools on the right use to try to debunk climate change is paid for by big oil – an industry that stands to lose billions of dollars if we were to ever move away from fossil fuels.

Then there are those trying to get creationism put alongside evolution in biology textbooks. These people want the belief that the Earth is 6,000 years old, and that dinosaurs walked alongside humans, right alongside evolution – a theory that’s soundly supported by overwhelming scientific data.

Oh, and we can’t forget about gun nuts. You know, the people who literally claim that guns have nothing to do with gun violence; that somehow guns make us safer, except for the fact that we lead the modern world in gun violence while also having more guns than everyone else. If more guns really made us safer, then shouldn’t we be the safest country on the planet with the lowest rate of gun violence?

Then we can’t forget the religious folks who somehow believe that their freedoms are being trampled on because they’re being prevented from denying millions of Americans their Constitutional rights. No matter how hard I try, I still can’t wrap my mind around that ridiculous “logic.”

But then there’s always the economic theory pushed by the GOP that if we just make rich people richer, that somehow the rest of us will benefit. Meanwhile, not only are Republicans admitting that income inequality is a problemthey’re pushing for more of the same policies that made it a problem in the first place.

Then there are always my favorites: The people who rely on government programs, voting for people trying to cut and/or eliminate the programs they rely on to survive. Millions of people on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP and other government programs are voting for politicians who essentially refer to them as lazy moochers who just want the government to take care of them. When Mitt Romney talked about the 47 percent, those are the people to which he was referring – and millions of them voted for him anyway.

I could literally go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. This is a party that’s no longer being led by people such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight D. Eisenhower – instead, clowns like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the tea party Republicans who are calling the shots. It’s devolved into a party where the “icons” many look to for “insight and information” are knuckle-draggers such as Sarah Palin, Alex Jones, Sean Hanity, Ted Nugent and Mike Huckabee.

And there’s no “left” equivalent to these people. While the left is far from perfect, we’re not worshipping idiots like many of those on the right do. People like Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, John Oliver – they all went to prestigious universities. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are all college dropouts.

As much as I would love for us to be at a point in this country where we could come together to accomplish great things, we can never get to that point as long as Republicans continue to rush further and further to the right, seemingly proud to be the party of stupid.

We’re not even at a point anymore where we’re debating how to fix the problems that science, history, reality and math show us are real; instead, we’re still having to debate people who don’t even believe in science, history, reality or math.

To me, that’s just as terrifying as it is frustrating.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • wendy

    Its seriously time to end the 2 party system. The tic-tac-toe game is old and tired.

    • CartoonCoyote

      As long as there’s first-past-the-post voting, there’s no point in more than two parties.

    • bestfriend

      A one party system? Is that what you’re advocating?

      • Di Kelley

        Actually, I believe he’s advocating a *no* party system and you vote based on their records and stated policies.

      • angie497

        Which is a wonderful hypothetical but absolutely unattainable in the reality-based world. As soon as you had two or more people sharing similar beliefs, you’d end up with a coalition of people working to implement those beliefs – otherwise known now as a ‘party platform.’ Giving it a different name won’t change that reality.

      • Simon Preston

        Sorry to disagree, it is possible. But there is only 1 way of doing it. Every adult should take part in a political lottery. That way ‘big money interests’ can take no part. If chosen, you have to serve for whatever the set time limit is. Party affiliations wouldn’t be relevant. I believe it’s called sortition. It was the basis of Athenian Democracy. Many countries (including my own, the UK) use it for choosing court juries, for instance. It’s far less open to corruption & requires a person to vote based on conscience, rather than political party doctrine. Even in modern ‘democracies’ it would be possible to set up. Although I have no data, to support it, I wouldn’t mind wagering that populations would be quite keen, to adopt it, if given the choice.

      • wendy

        A no party system is what I’m advocating.

      • bestfriend

        Thank you

      • Theresa Caviness

        So you want a monarchy…. or ANARCHY?

      • wendy

        Neither, just a government that doesn’t conflict on every given moment.

      • Theresa Caviness

        You realize you’re asking an impossibility. There will ALWAYS be a ‘strong man’ of some kind that will ‘lord it over’ every willingly or forcefully compliant citizenry.
        Whether there is one party or 100, there will always be strife, disagreement and conflict. One cannot get away from it, because there are as many opinions of what is good, fair and just as there are people in the world at any given time.
        Actually, in the history of the world there have been quite a few monarchies that have been extremely benevolent and just. There have been NO instances of parlamentarianism, totalitarianism and much less of anarchy when people have been even moderately content. Maybe that’s the reason the only system advocated in the bible, as in ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’ is that of a monarchy.

      • annbw

        Maybe if we could just get back our constitution… and divisions of power….. and checks and balances….. Pretty much undo everything since before Reagan. It would be nice if we could see some justice… The Bush-0bama twins should be hanged for treason.

      • Rezeya Montecore

        Um, I hate to be rude, but how many numbers do you know exactly? I didn’t have too much trouble coming up with alternatives besides “one” and “two”. ;p Umm, did you not know that most countries have dozens of political parties and they govern in a parliamentary coalition system?

      • bestfriend

        Uh, for hating to be rude you sure have a knack for it.

      • Theresa Caviness

        Hate to tell you, but NO, not ‘most countries’ have dozens of political parties… only some, mostly in Europe, and the politics there are chaotic, little gets done, and the deals, coalitions and alliances of convenience among the different ideologies and parties don’t produce any better results than the ones we get in the US with entrenched political elites whose only purpose is preserving their power and job.

      • HoneyThistle

        A Multi Party System. A system in which multiple political parties work for political positions of power. Get rid of the electoral college and let libertarians, socialists, and green party members enter into the dialogue.

      • bestfriend

        Seems like a reasonable idea.

      • Theresa Caviness

        Mmmm, not really. Then we will have a situation similar to the one that exists in ‘parlamentarian’ systems in Europe where a bunch of parties vie for votes, none gets a majority, then they have to make deals with the devil…. and the whole political scene is chaos. Not any better than the current situation in the US, which could be vastly improved if Americans thought with their head and fired ALL entrenched career political leeches, and soon thereafter instituted term limits!!

      • Basic

        “then they have to make deals” precisely… No one group is going to represent the exact position of any voter. Why is forcing mutually popular groups to work together a bad idea?

      • Bob Voegeli

        Term limits? Rookie lawmakers and professional lobbyists. Great idea…

      • annbw

        The 6 giant, international corporations that own the media, will never allow an honest politician to be seen or heard of. Made-in-China General Electric gave us 0bama… It doesn’t matter how many parties there are, when you only see and hear those who represent the interests of China and Disney and News Corp… etc.

  • mitch

    Honestly, I find the commentary of current republicans to be terrifying. I find it terrifying that ANYONE would put faith/religion before science/whats right. I find it scary that when they give examples for why their stupidity is “right”, they actually completely miss the point (defending the whole christian baker scenario with “would you make a kosher deli sell bacon?”).

    So they don’t believe in equal rights. They don’t believe in religious freedom (or freedom from religion). They don’t believe in climate change, or our part in it.

    But they still believe that Obama isn’t a US Citizen.

    • shanepowell

      It is all about choice. Why would the gay couple want to buy from someone who hates them? Let the market decide. If you force someone to comply with your beliefs, you do not change them, but you do set up conditions where they will one day force you to comply with their beliefs.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        “why would the black couple want to buy from someone who hates them? let the market decide”

        well, when “the market” decides that one group of people is inferior to another, and “the market” happens to be a majority in one area… what you get isn’t any different than running people out of town. the truth is, “the market” doesn’t decide anything. people decide. and when people decide to exclude others from “the market” it illustrates how silly the “let the market decide” argument is for this situation. what we’re seeing here aren’t “market forces”, this is bigotry.

      • shanepowell

        black folks back in the 1900’s were routinely discriminated against. Was it People? yes, but there were also laws on the books that kept black folk relegated to 2nd class citizens. The integration of black men into the armed forces during WW2 did more for race relations in this country than any equality laws ever put on the books. Laws enforce bigotry, not the other way around. what is silly is that people think that by excluding (X) from their population that they make their society stronger. History has proven that this is not the case. There was a really interesting article by Issac Asmov concerning the development of the nuclear bomb. one of the main theories concerning fissionable material was put fort by a Jew, the situation in Germany became untenable so this person moved to the US. The Germans were working on a nuclear bomb, but since they never got the crucial bit of information on which substance was fissionable, they went in the wrong direction. Germany could have easily had The Bomb years before we did, if they had just treated their Jewish folk with respect. It’s a common scenario, when a polity decides that (X) is persona non grata, they suffer for it. In America the laws on the books create an tangled web of intolerance, fear, and enforced bigotry that at times make it look as though things are getting better, up until the same old problems rears it’s hear up again in a slightly different form. True change is only possible when we respect our neighbors choice, when we change ourselves and quit trying to change others at gun point.

      • Brian W

        Hundreds of thousands of people died for those laws that you scoff at. There’s a reason direct democracy isn’t the style of government in developed countries: it leaves everyone outside that majority group to the wayside. Relying on the market to protect minorities is to ignore that racism, homophobia, and sexism really exist.

      • shanepowell

        Im not relying on the market to protect minorities im relying on the fee market to punish those who would discriminate, which it does quite well. I dont understand, hundreds of thosands of people died for Jim Crowe laws? Or for laws that force me to fake nice and, at gun point, serve a group of people I hate? How fair is that to the minorities that buy from me? Their cash has just enriched someone who hates them. ( disclaimer: i hate no man,woman or child)

      • shanepowell

        Laws are meant to ensure equal treatment, Social justice laws do nothing but try to concentrate power into the hands of a tyrannical few.

  • Dan JS

    The republicans are so stupid? Let’s see. Democrats killed Detroit. Democrats mismanaged water in California to point of a crisis. Illinois, ran by democrats, has a 200 billion dollar pension hole. The list goes on and on. Oh hey and those dropouts that have tv shows on fox? Their ratings are four to five times as high as anything on msnbc. Democrats got spanked in 2014. Tell me how stupid these republicans are again.

    • Robert_Loblaw

      Republicans are so stupid they think ratings on fox determine quality.

      • Right.

        Democrats are so stupid they think dropouts in high school determine quality.

        -Tbh , don’t think that I’m Republic sweetie, but your comment brought me to say this about you.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        It’s ok, I’m neither a democrat or a believer in diploma mills. I’m hardly offended. still though, Fox is the worst of the outrage industry, and anyone who tries to defend their publications as quality by citing their ratings is an idiot.

      • Kip TW

        Conservatives think saying they’re not conservatives gives them more credibility. What does this tell us?

    • BHLaurie

      It is kind of stupid to think that trickle down economics is suddenly going to start working . . . and cutting taxes to the wealthy is going to help anyone but the wealthy.

    • Enrique Lopez

      Uh…I live in California, our “mismanaged” water system came in the means of not shipping northern California water to L.A. this winter, we had less then two weeks of rain coming a day at a time. Look at the NASA projections. Some cities will run out of usable ground water by August.

      Democrats in California are turning out our public schools, have balanced our state budget to the point of a potential surplus for the first time since before Gray Davis was elected. My own city has seen a recovery since fileing bankruptcy under years of republican control. Our crime rates have dropped steadily as we struggle to get more cops back out on the streets.

      • Theresa Caviness

        Uh… I live in CA too and I have yet to see any of the ‘wonderful benefits’ you say the RATS have wrought upon this state.

        I saw downtown LA turn into another illegal-turned-merchant-seller of useless trinkets, as ugly as the mexican ‘ barrio de Tepito’, after the first RAT mayor was elected!

        I saw ‘the Miracle Mile’ of Wilshire Blvd. close down great stores like I Magnin, Bullocks, Cannell and Chaffin, the Sheraton West, etc, and turn into a series of strip malls full of taco shops and tamale vendors.

        I saw the green lawns and fountains of Lafayette and McArthur parks destroyed, and turned into chain-linked- fenced impromptu soccer fields, where squat brown men kick the dirt on weekends.

        I saw the residents of beautifu neighborhoods like Hancock Park, Cheviot Hills and Fairfax either forced to install bars on doors and windows of their houses, or move out to safer places due to the relentless rise of crime.

        I saw San Francisco turn from a sober and elegant city, into a cesspool, invaded by homeless, pick-pockets, and pants on the ground people. And just as much as LA, its once beautiful neighborhoods turned into an ugly mish mash of tattoo parlors, gay bars, pupusa dives and ‘medicinal pot’ dispensaries. All of this courtesy of democRAT policies.

        And what about the dustbowl than now is the San Joaquin Valley… where the wisdom of RATS like boxer, pelosi and Moonbeam brown dictates that an inocuous millimetric fish no one either knows or cares about should have more importance than watering the fields that would produce food and wealth for the entire state.

        What about the bankruptcy of cities like Santa Clara, Vallejo, Stockton, Riverside, etc. where fat bureaucrats retire at 55 while earning pensions in the six figures, as they work at other six figure jobs??

        What about the $198 BILLION in unfunded liabilities the state ‘enjoys’ while WE the taxpayers and business owners groan under the weight of levies that go toward subsidizing the unimaginable pensions of crooked bureaucrat drones, and to the unions that fund the election of democRATS who keep them in business??

        Ah, but the schools… yes, children’s education is now ranked 27th in the world since the RATS have been in power! Really, I could go on and on…but I get it enrique… you truly sound like a ‘genious’ compared to those evil and stupid Repubs who do not provide the entitlements that you love and keep you going…

      • Robert_Loblaw

        you forgot to mention benghazi.

      • Theresa Caviness

        Don’t feel deprived. For the moment I was concentrating on the creeping ‘Californicating decay’ and depredation caused by your RAT friends.
        If I got into a similar description of what they’ve wrougt at the national and international levels, I’d have to dedicate at minimum an entire evening.
        Further, I’m sure you don’t need me to rattle off every single event since you should have them memorized. They are part of the bucket list every crypto-communist and flat-out moron who voted for bathhouse barry carries on his shirt pocket

      • Kenji

        Do you kiss your mother with that mind?

      • Theresa Caviness

        Why do you ask…. are you jealous you were not blessed with equal mental wattage??

      • Kenji

        Yes, far from equal to your dysfunctional, America-hating brain—one which takes weeks to come up with a snappy comeback.

      • Theresa Caviness

        Yikes… you’re actually more of a moron than I had you pegged for from the beginning! So your assumption is that I did not snap to attention after your pithy and equally pathetic comment because I took me weeks to come up with a ‘snappy comeback’? What a magnificent clairvoyant you are! I suppose you have enough time to engage in the divining arts while you sit in your mother’s basement, tethered to your screen and game-controller while you wait for your monthly oVomit cash! I, on the other hand, have more noble pursuits… such as dealing personally with pleasant people.

      • Kenji

        I shudder to think what your idea of pleasant might be, given your hatred for so many kinds of people and your blanket assumptions about everything. (There: 10 seconds out of my busy day.)

      • Kip TW

        “Blessed”! Okay, who’s really writing this? Jon Stewart?

      • knight4444

        I’m sure you didn’t think Hawaii was a state either, RIGHT? and you RIGHTIES can’t figure out why your pasty face saviors got their ASSSES kicked, remember mccain and that HELLBILLY MILF, ?? thy lost 364 to 162! HELLO

      • Howard Sands

        You are truly a brainwashed citizen if you think ANY of the above are the fault of Democrats. Similar to your ilk, you use a cutesy word to describe them. Also, as a woman, you are TOTALLY in bed with those who are against your best interests regarding health and equal pay.

      • Bob Voegeli

        Sometimes, racism isn’t as subtle as you try to make it appear. “Squat brown men kicking the dirt”? You are what’s wrong with us…

    • Kenji

      How many tours did you serve in Iraq under the brilliant George W. Bush?

  • John M Hulett

    People like Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, John Oliver – they all went to prestigious universities. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are all college dropouts – you say.

    I think you just made the point of how our “prestigious universities” loathe the values of the founding fathers. For the most part their professors and therefore students have become operatives who are tearing our country apart actualizing the hate they have learned. Rush, Glenn and Sean have the courage to counter what is wrong in our culture!. Had they gone to a prestigious university, perhaps Jon, Rachel, Bill and John would have no one to rail against.

    You have it wrong. Our forefathers and recent ones you mentioned would be appalled by what is happening in their country if they were alive today.

    • angie497

      Oh, they’d definitely be appalled, but not by the things that *you* seem to think are the problem.

    • Kenji

      Read a book, for Christ’s sake, or anyone’s. Your representation of the Founding Fathers sounds more like Louis Gohmert and Rick Santorum than Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. If they came back today and read comments like yours, they’d never stop throwing up. Or Laughing. Probably both.

      • Howard Sands

        They might laugh, and they might come back today, but after seeing the likes of Santorum, they won’t stay long.

    • Kip TW

      “Rush, Glenn and Sean have the courage…” to tell lies all day with a straight face in the service of cheap-labor conservatives who park their money offshore, lest it somehow help a poor person. They serve rich creeps who will spend $10,000 in order not to pay $1,000 in taxes, because they’re fighting for the principle, “MINE MINE MINE.”

    • Chicho Blanco

      You are the epitome of a low information voter. You are a moron.

    • knight4444

      You RIGHTIES are just so funny! you keep posting ignorant comments like that and we’ll keep laughing, DEAL?

      • Howard Sands

        Thy’re more scary than they are funny.

  • You folks just keep on rejecting getting God, celebrating perversion, murdering defenseless children, and giving away our money to criminal invaders, and you call Republicans “stupid”. I pray that God help you, but I’m afraid he’s about to judge you and unfortunately, the righteous among you will feel His wrath along with you.
    PRAY now for forgiveness and REPENT!!

    • Kenji

      How many tours did you serve in Iraq, o lover of life and all that is sacred?

    • wendy

      i nominate god for president

  • Merle Burbaugh Jr

    You can always tell when you find a totally ignorant liberal site. Sooooo funny and so sad they have no clue. poor deluded liberals are so scared of people who believe in the Constitution and blocking their failed socialist agendas. (Like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, and sooo many others.

  • Kevin

    How bout a no party system like the founders of our govt tried to create. They even warned that separating into parties would be our downfall. Everyone has their own opinion lets stick to that instead of trying to get certain individuals elected because they say I’m a Democrat or I’m a Republican.

  • detroitrockcity

    Like the historical fact that socialism has never worked.. In fact it’s always, without exception, failed..and that capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other system in the history of man. That kind of history that some people never seem to learn from. So just to get this straight.. The Republican party.. The party you claim is made up of rich fat cats, the captains of wealth and industry who the leaders of the free world…they’re the dumb low class uneducated ones? But the Democrats party a coalition of inner city welfare blacks, poor uneducated immigrants, and blue collar workers are t he geniuses? The top of the food chain (they’re just busy mopping the floors and emptying trash cans?) please! And your comment on Romneys 47 percent comment. He was referring to welfare blacks and Hispanics in the inner cities that will never vote for him anyhow.. Your saying that they voted for him anyhow!? Are you for real?! How many blacks and Latinos do you think voted for mitt Romney? You claim those 47 percenters voted for him anyhow!? Yeah. Right. Make up your mind.. Are we conservatives rich fat cat 1% who cheat on our taxes and get rich on the backs of others? Or poor uneducated rubes drinking mountain dew in our double wide (which is actually what 90% of Americans picture when they think Democrat or liberal) make up your mind.. (but be aware… The majority of Democrats work for Republicans in the real world. Republicans are management and leadership. The board members and ceos. Democrats are the blue collar workers.. The heavy lifters and manual laborers of the world.

    • Russ

      A, your right, socialism never worked which is technically correct. Given enough time nor has, republicanism, democracy, monarchy, oligarchy etc…. Given enough time every form of government thus far invented has failed so ahem…. What’s your point? B , I think the majority of intelligent people think that republicans make up the very top and the bottom. Aka the highest on the food chain convince the bottom to work against their own benefit, which is where you come in. So do the majority of republicans. C, racist/ xenophobic dribble not worth rebutting. D, as for your statement about uneducated rubes drinking mountain dew in a double wide being what 90%of the country thinks of when they think of democrats, 45% of the country identifies as democratic leaning. Did they teach math in the trailer you grew up and were educated in? Or were you just too busy banging the teacher to pay attention? (Since you probably don’t understand that I’m implying you were home schooled and having sex with your family members.) E, the majority of democrats work for republicans, lets say for the sake of argument without checking any facts you are 100% correct on this….. So would the majority of republicans.

      • detroitrockcity


      • Russ

        Did you have to make it an acronym cause you can’t spell the words?

  • knight4444

    I’ve studied the GOP for over 20 yrs, and they’re stupid for a whole slew of reasons but my top 5 reasons aew, WHITE privilege – FEAR- RACISM – media dominating the airwaves- and the religious FAKE christian cult!! thanks jerry falwell!! thanks reagan!

  • Debbie Stachowski

    One thing I feel is important is to always back your nominee for office. I have something to say to the Republicans that are snubbing thier nose to Mr. Trump. I for one will be voting against anyone who has not backed their nominee. I’m going to do my homework and find out who you are and run a campaign against them. I’m so insulated by these Senators that have tried so hard to go against him and embarrasse him. It is wrong. It makes me wonder why are you against a man who is for making a America better for American people. I say American people. Legal Americans. You better wake up because we are not stupid and we will vote everyone of you out of office. I promise you this.

  • annbw

    My Republican friends are truly brain washed. They don’t believe their own eyes. We can see with our own eyes that the population in the USA is having multiple health issues. The cancer epidemic is far too prevalent to be a result of aging. The autism and hyperactive, attention-deficit, defiant-behavior disorders of children rates are soaring in the USA. In the 1970s and 1980s, about one out of every 2,000 children had autism. Numbers for 2014: 1 in 45 US Children have autism. The stupid Republicans make the claim that our health problems are the result of being diagnosed better. A banker’s wife told me yesterday that her mother has dementia “because she is 94 years old.” Republican believe that age is synonymous with sickness. I think it’s more of a television / media brainwashing that is causing the population to be ignorant. Bill Clinton’s deregulation of banking contributed to the bailout. Bill Clinton’s deregulation of the media is likely to cause the demise of America, because a population this ignorant is not likely to survive. Wonder if Hillary will finish us off. I feel certain that Trump will finish us off faster than Hillary would. Really, the Democrats that adore 0bama are even dumber than the Republicans… We’re pretty much sunk.

  • fel121

    The election of a black man made these people lose their minds, they are willing to see this country burn to the ground before ever allowing ni66ers to have a chance at a better life.

    • nomorewhiteguilt

      I’m going to keep following you around and showing your ignorance.
      We opposed him because of his take on what this nation should be. We opposed him for working to destroy freedom and liberty. We opposed him because he is a Leftist, a narcissist, an ideologue, an agitator and a filthy piece of crap. That’s the same reason we opposed Hillary, and the same reason we opposed Kaine. Trust me, I dislike everything about Obama’s policies and agendas. You mentally-ill Leftists think everything boils down to a person’s ethnicity. You Leftists are obsessed with it. Frankly, I’ve come to learn that Leftists are the most racist, bigoted, homophobic people in existence. Anyone with an ounce of intellectual integrity and sanity can see it’s true. If you don’t believe me take a trip through the Wikileaks emails and you’ll see examples of you Leftist politicians and leaders making racist comments. They’re hateful, evil, mentally ill people. Just like every Leftist.

      • fel121

        The only ting you are going show me following me around is that you have way too much time on your hands, let me guess, got “hurt” at work now living off disability, which means government handouts for beer and fast food while listening to hours of right wing moron radio.

      • nomorewhiteguilt

        HAHA, you have no idea who or what I am. I can see from here that you’re a fool and a Leftist and a whiny, wimpy mentally ill fool.

      • fel121

        You oppose thought and reason, you have a need to go back to a time when being a drunk white loser still gave you a life you didnt deserve, now that you have to compete with people who you think you are better then and, clearly aren’t, you lash out on internet comment boards looking for likes from like minded laborers who have lost their jobs to fence jumpers.
        There is nothing funnier then watching you cozy up to republicans thinking they are on your side, when in fact they see you as useful idiots whom they have no use for once they are elected, you truly are not bright enough to get out of your own way, if you lived in any other country on Earth you would have starved by now.

      • nomorewhiteguilt

        I derive great joy in life from antagonizing mentally ill Leftists. You, sir, are a racist. You are the personification of racism, hatred, low intelligence, lazy and worthless. You can’t spell. You have poor communication skills. And you have nothing else to bring to the party. You are a nasty little person. I so enjoy winding people like you up and watching you melt in your own little stew of self-loathing. You bring nothing of value to any discussion because when you’re proven to be what you are, you melt down into name calling and threats. Yeah, I know, you’re 6’10” and 560 lbs of man-crushing power. Whatever.
        Go back to school. Learn to spell. Learn how to diagram a sentence. Learn how to be a man.

  • malcolm secret

    Call your opponents stupid
    Wonder how you lost the election

  • james brill

    this current administration is why we have a 2nd amendment,dude.

  • TJ2000

    lol… Evolution and Climate Change set in stone…. “What the hell has happened?”

    “Stupid” people saw record low temperatures sweep the nation last year

    “Stupid” parents wondered why their religion is being taught as an entirely false scam in public education

    “Stupid” people deny that a person 100-meters across the park smoking a cigarette in a park one day isn’t gonna kill them. Because………. Obviously the tobacco cartel “brainwashed” them?

    “Stupid” Eskimos in Alaska won’t give up their guns and make piece with the grizzly bears.

    “Stupid” people think guns are the #1 deterrent of crime and have seen statistics that show the #1 death from guns is suicide.

    “Stupid” people think a murderer can murder other people without a gun – The “stupid” people think there’s a whole arena of ways to end life. How stupid, eh?

    “Stupid” people think America is about Individual freedoms instead of a place where “we could come together” and flush individualism in order “to accomplish” what popularity thinks “is great things” for us personally.

  • NoGodsForMe

    Laughing as Trump destroys the GOP. LOL