Republicans Really Needs to Stop Pretending That The Tea Party Isn’t Filled with Racists

tea-party-racism-bigotryI’ve said often that I don’t like talking about race much because it’s a conversation that rarely gets us anywhere.  No matter how many examples of racism I might point out within the Republican party, and conservatives in general, they’ll always simply dismiss those examples as “that’s the opinion of that person – not the whole party.”

And to a small extent, they’re right.  I don’t believe that all Republicans are racist.  Not at all.

Except, it’s clear that racism is driving their party.  Heck, look no further than Eric Cantor’s defeat.  It was the first time since 1899, when the position of House Majority Leader was created, that someone currently in that position lost in their primary election.

The first time ever.  

Is this because Cantor is a liberal-leaning Republican?  Heck no.  Liberals absolutely cannot stand Cantor.  But if you listen to tea party conservatives, Cantor was “too liberal” for them.

Why?  Essentially because he dared to speak out in favor of passing some kind of sensible immigration reform bill.

And you can’t be a conservative if you don’t have a deep hatred for immigrants.

So, let’s see.  The tea party just happened to get going right around the time our country elected its first African-American president, they’re extremely anti-Muslim (and anti anybody who isn’t Christian), anti-immigration, and the strongest conservative areas of this country are often the same areas of our country that opposed civil rights and desegregation.

But these people are trying to tell me that the party isn’t largely being driven by racism and bigotry?

If the Republicans who aren’t racist actually had any courage inside of them, they’d take a stand against the obvious racism that’s continuing to take over their party.  Because that’s what the tea part is mostly driven by – ignorance, racism and bigotry.

Just ask Eric Cantor.  A man who liberals can’t stand, and was about as Republican as a Republican can get, made history by losing his primary election as House Majority Leader mostly because he dared to not take a hard-line racist approach to immigration reform.

I’m just sick and tired of Republicans acting as if racism has nothing to do with what’s taking over their party in the form of “tea party conservatives.”

Because when you have a House Majority Leader lose his primary election to an economics professor who can’t even answer a simple question about the minimum wage, all because he didn’t take a hard-line stance against immigration reform (something the vast majority of Americans support), to me that shows how racism is driving these “tea party conservatives.”

But unfortunately those Republicans who aren’t racist seem too cowardly to stand up to these people because the truth of the matter is – they need them.

Because if they don’t pander to these racists, or if they dared to call them out on their racism, they’d face the same fate Eric Cantor did.  Losing a primary election to someone who did pander to their racism.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • The GOP is reaping the rewards of the Reagan ‘southern strategy’. When you sleep with the pigs you are bound to get dirty.

  • David Miller

    Just had a Tea Party friend tell me that racism doesn’t exist in the Tea Party and that all allegations of racism is how liberals avoid the real issues.
    It is hard to argue against that logic since it contains no logic.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Hows that plan to attract minorities to vote republican coming ?

  • Sandy Greer

    Obama presidency has shone a ‘light’ on the The Right today. I’m grateful the Ugly has swept out from beneath the rug – where all can see:

    Birthers. Haters. Bigots. Racists.

    Palin and Cruz rally the ‘crazies’ where it’s asserted Obama is a Muslim, Quran in hand, on his knees to Allah. We see Confed flags waved proudly, and Tshirts emblazoned – Put the ‘white’ back in the White House.

    Truth is – very few are right ENOUGH for The Right. Even Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship – afraid of what he unleashed.

    Boehner can’t find his balls. Those that do go down in defeat, accused of
    being RINOs.

    Moral Courage in GOP leadership to fight the Ugly is sorely lacking. It’s not Goldwater’s GOP anymore. Pity, that.

    Mine is only one vote, and normally, I consider third parties. But Nov 2014, I vote straight (D) ticket – for the first time in my life. A ‘reactionary’ vote against the Ugly that is The Right today. I’m just too repelled to do anything else.

    Regrets, third parties. It is what it is.

  • FiineTapestry

    Tea Party folk denying being a racist while being a racist can be really funny. Just like when they deny scientific facts and try to use their understanding of science to argue that their faith is factually more correct than an evidence-supported theory. They turn, look at the theory, and consider, not its validity, but if it feels right when they try it on their brains (kind of like with a pair of pants). If they don’t like it, like global warming, they say its not fact… ’cause it doesn’t feel right believing (having faith) in it. They, of course, don’t understand science.
    It’s the same with racism. They simply don’t understand what it is. They think they can still believe all mexicans are subhuman lazy criminals crossing the border to take our jobs, that all blacks are unemployed people who abort and have a genetic tendency towards criminality, and still call themselves “not racist”… Specially when they think the reason whites in America generally don’t have a such a bad time getting opportunities for life is because whites are naturally better at civilization. For Tea Partiers, white christian is neutral, everything else is a deviation.

    • Peg Johnson

      I’ll be using this statement “feels ‘right’ when they try it on their brains – kind of like a pair pf pants.

      It says it all.

  • Nick Wride

    Also, in regards to Cantor, he’s a Jew and Christian conseratives can’t stand nyone who’s not a Jesus frek.

    • I’ve never met anyone, Christian or otherwise, who has had a problem working with Jews.

      • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

        how about hamas?