The Republican Party and the Rise of the “Christian” Sociopath

jesusphilosophyAs many of you might know, I live in Texas, a state which is part of what’s known as the “Bible Belt.” Needless to say, religion is a very big deal in most areas of the “Bible Belt.”  But growing up as a progressive in a very conservative part of the country has been amazing. It’s easy to be a progressive when you’re from a much more liberal part of the country, but I became one as a direct result of what I saw growing up around hypocritical and irrational conservatives.

Especially when it comes to Christianity.

See, I’m a Christian but I don’t subscribe to any organized religion. In fact, I believe organized religion is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to the human race. It’s human-made laws and rules exploiting faith as a means to control large groups of people.

But it always blows my mind to see Republicans go on and on about how they’re the “party for Christian values” considering the policies they support are those of some deranged, greedy sociopath.

Not only that, but many of these states in the so-called “Bible Belt” have supported atrocious events in our history. Many of these are the states that:

  • Started a war for the right to own other human beings as property.
  • Opposed giving women the right to vote.
  • Supported segregation.
  • Opposed legal interracial marriage.
  • Opposed the Civil Rights Act.

Can someone explain to me how being on that side of history is “Christ-like”? Furthermore, they often used religion to justify their ignorance and intolerance – just like you’re seeing today with gay marriage and their general disdain toward homosexuals.

If you get right down to the reality of the values for which Jesus Christ represents, they are love, acceptance, generosity and kindness toward the poor and needy. But when you get to the core of what the Republican party represents, it’s fear, judgement, greediness and a general disdain toward the poor and needy.

So how does one call themselves a Christian, while supporting policies that are almost the exact opposite of the values for which Jesus Christ represents?

Well, by being a sociopath. Not that every conservative is a sociopath, but they are following a political ideology that’s predicated upon sociopathic tendencies.

The GOP has managed to convince tens of millions of Americans that they’re following the teachings of Jesus Christ – by supporting politicians and policies that aren’t Christ-like at all. Millions of people who honestly believe that Jesus would be a gun-loving, anti-immigration conservative who would believe that a society is best served by giving the rich more money while cutting programs that feed millions of children living in poverty. That he would feel that health care should only be for those who can afford it.

And it’s an absolute joke for anyone who calls themselves a Christian to follow the GOP’s economic ideologies. They’re entirely predicated on feeding greed while condemning the poor. To them, a company like Walmart is to be looked upon with great admiration…while the full-time Walmart employee who relies on welfare to feed their children because Walmart pays such a lousy wage is to be vilified and condemned.

Heck, just look at how conservatives act about illegal immigration. Republicans talk about other human beings like they’re a disease they want eradicated. There’s no remorse or compassion about what we should do to deal with some of these people. It’s just vile, blinding hatred.

The Republican party has successfully managed to manipulate and con so many Americans into believing their nonsense that they’ve created what I refer to as “the rise of the Christian sociopath.” Millions of supposed “Christians” who’ve conned themselves into believing that they become closer to Jesus Christ – through greed, guns, hate, paranoia and a lack of remorse toward those they oppose.

In other words, many conservatives have somehow convinced themselves that they become more “Christ-like” – by acting nothing like him.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Doonerbandit

    100% agree that’s all I can say I wish could add something insightful and intelligent but you summed it up perfectly.

  • stephen ramsden


  • Nick Wride

    Excellent article.

  • Ellen Massie

    You are so very correct! I know exactly what you are saying is true. Love the well written article. It’s a keeper!

    • hereinthegreatstateoftexas

      it’s not accurate.

  • GenerallyConfused

    I have always said that if Jesus were to appear right now, there would be calls to put him in institution.

    • KMC528

      Republicans would denounce him as a homeless hippie.

      • GenerallyConfused

        That too

    • pennyroyal

      he’d be assassinated and “hands up, don’t shoot” wouldn’t have saved his life. Even just for dumping over the tables of the money-changers….the equivalent of Wall St. He’d be dead in 5 seconds.

  • Theresa Otto

    The GOP has been able to convince Christians to support them by focusing on abortion and homosexuality — easy ways to feel self-righteous and “Christlike.” It costs nothing to oppose and condemn these things. It’s much harder and messier to actually deal with imperfect beings in need. Cynical politicians understand this and shamelessly use it to their advantage.

    • JoeNCA

      Abortion and homosexuality… two things Christ never even mentioned, let alone focused on.

    • pennyroyal

      yes, and let’s keep women of childbearing age barefoot and pregnant. The GOP is in bed with the evangelicals and Catholic bishops, and both are in bed with the CEOs and corporations. Look all the proposed Rethug presidential candidates all but one are white men. Rick Santorum?? Rand Paul (whose idol is Ayn Rand), Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney….I’d be roaring at these idiots thinking they could possibly if I weren’t scared that one of them just might.

  • Griffin

    You write that many states have supported atrocious events in our history. This is undeniable, and I agree with this claim. However, it’s also undeniable that the god of the old testament supported or directly caused many atrocious events (slavery, murder, death for homosexuals, genocide, just to name a few). Jesus said ,“For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:18-19. Many Christians interpret this as Jesus fully agreeing with the teachings of the old testament. If true, then Jesus is endorsing all of the truly despicable things the god of the old testament supported or caused. Further, Jesus never specifically denounced many of the atrocious things taught in the old testament (slavery, death for homosexuals, genocide, etc. . . ), thereby tacitly endorsing these inhumane acts. My point is that relying on Jesus in general, and the Bible (particularly the OT) specifically, as your source for moral teachings is a very slippery slope. Unfortunately, there is plenty of biblical support for atrocious acts.

    • sherry06053

      They had pens back then?

      • Griffin

        Sherry, you make a great point. None of the books containing Jesus’ alleged words were written by eyewitnesses, nor were they written anytime close to when Jesus was alive. Instead, they were written many years later by people who had only heard the myths about Jesus. And yes, the original new testament manuscripts were written with what we would consider very crude pens.

      • Chris Alexander

        They may have had very fine writing instruments. Not, like, sharpies… but who knows. We assume things were crude so long ago, and many things were, but some things were done more beautifully than we know how to do. Many people were illiterate, but many were not. I imagine penmanship could get you dragooned in a burlap bag to a monastery.

      • angie497

        Yes. Writing systems of some variety or other – often cuneiform etched with a pen-like stylus – have been in use since at least 3500 BCE. The quill pen has been in use since at least 6 BCE.

  • sherry06053

    We need to eradicate the pollution known as Fox News. That would be a start. And take away the tax exempt status of churches endorsing any political candidate.

    • Hacksaw_Duck

      Yes, dissenting news outlets disloyal to the state must be crushed. Contrary opinions must not be allowed. (Cue the Soviet national anthem.)

      • sherry06053

        How about this: New programs are only allowed to tell the truth or they can’t be allowed to be called “news”. All of the cable “news” channels do it, just not as blatantly as Fox. I miss the days of real investigating reporters and when politicians make outrageous statements, reporters call them on it, with facts. I can’t get my news on TV any longer because I don’t know who to believe or what I am missing. That shouldn’t be the case. Not from a news program.

      • Hacksaw_Duck

        Does that also apply to MSNBC? And do you want the government to force such news outlets to stop calling themselves “news”? Why does the left favor government coercion to enforce its opinions?

      • sherry06053

        Yes, it would apply to ALL news programs. This doesn’t have anything to do with the left or the right. When I watch news, I want the truth. I don’t want they omitting important facts. How is the population supposed to make informed decision when we get biased reporting. Almost all media is owned by a select few very rich and powerful people. Those people should not be deciding what we hear as news. Deregulation is the cause of this. Deregulation is never good for the majority of the population.

      • Hacksaw_Duck

        Never? Government restrictions are always good?

      • sherry06053

        I can’t think of an instance where deregulation has helped us, the majority – can you? They only benefit the large corporations, who are the people pushing for deregulation of whatever issue they are working on at that moment. Look at Net Neutrality.

      • Hacksaw_Duck

        Government getting involved in media. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Hacksaw_Duck

        Phone company dereg was good. We’d still be talking on brick cellphones (if any) were it not for that.

      • Hacksaw_Duck

        Here’s the thing about FOX and MSNBC: They feature news AND commentary. You guys point at the commentary part and say, “That’s not news!” Well, no kidding. Neither is the editorial page of the New York Times. So what? Does that means the NYT isn’t a legit media outlet??

      • Hacksaw_Duck

        Admit it: You tolerant lefties want to quash FOX News for one reason, and only one — it’s damaging to Lord Obama. And that won’t do.

      • sherry06053

        Oh, see? We were having a decent conversation and you had to lump me into a category and dismiss my opinion because I disagree with yours. Typical. Well, I am on my way out to hear some great live music, so hey! It’s been fun – until you started assuming…

      • Donovan

        Well, not exactly. It’s that Faux actually does make people more stupid. You’re better off watching no news than Faux news. But of course you couldn’t be bothered to believe that, it’s based on science, and that’s “socialist”, right? Or whatever your current default shout-of-outrage tagline is this week.

      • Jim Roberts

        Why don’t you take your cynical ass somewhere!

      • Donovan

        Well, being that I am somewhere, I guess I have answered your question. Now, how about your reply to the issue at hand, that Fox is toxic? Anything rattling upstairs today?

      • Guest

        How does that explain “lefties” opposition to Fox *before* Lord Obama?

      • Dennis Kozubal

        Actually I hate Fox News because it’s owned by a Saudi prince who produces oropaganda against America and feeds it to the American people and idiots believe that’s it’s true

      • sherry06053

        Like I said, I don’t get my news from TV any more. I don’t believe any of them. If they aren’t outright lies, they lies through omitting details or even stories. They all have their own slant.

      • sherry06053

        Cell phone use has nothing to do with deregulation. It was technology, and that was a different kind of deregulation. It broke up a monopoly, which was designed that way. Competition is good, but look what deregulation did to the media? There are only a couple of independent radio stations – the rest are owned by one of 6 conglomerates. The music is pre-programmed and there is no more spontaneity. You don’t know what is the truth and what are lies on news programs. We are all being fed propaganda – the kind depends on what channel it is.

      • pennyroyal

        absurd comment….and irrelevant

      • Donovan

        Completely false.

      • sherry06053

        As opposed to rich white men? At least the government’s objective is people, not profits for shareholders.

      • theyak47

        Really? As a Liberal I wish that was true, but don’t really believe it.

      • catbyte

        I really wish the government hadn’t altered their ban against foreign-owned media outlets. You are being fed crap at Fox-PAC daily from a network owned by an Australian megalomaniac and a Saudi prince. Congrats!

      • Donovan

        Quit being an obtuse instigator. If you are not aware of the blatant and outright lying that is a daily newscast for Faux, you’re falling for their crap, which, by who knows how, legitimately, they actually have a right to do and even fought in court to have this special privilege ( which is to straight up lie and call it news), so take your sociopathic apologizing ass elsewhere with your nonsense.

      • Spike Evans

        It’s not a matter of whether or not “dissenting news outlets” are disloyal to the state. If that’s all FoxNews did, I certainly wouldn’t have any problem with them. It’s that FoxNews is overtly loyal to the state only when Republicans are in power…and are a massive propaganda machine that acts as an apologist whenever any conservative politician opens their mouth.

      • seanhellier

        You aren’t going to win any arguments with this New York City gay liberal by suggesting that anyone be taken off the air or shut down or shouted down because what they say offends.

        I say let them rave on. Can’t you see that having these sleaziods on TV and cozyied up to right wing power only helps by repelling decent people?

        Besides, we didn’t go to the trouble of having a First Amendment to have it apply to only stuff we like.

        If you’re for liberty, you have to be for everybody’s liberty, even knuckle dragging sanctimonious swine like the Duggars and the Duck Dynasty cabal.

    • Jim Roberts

      Amen Sherry!

    • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

      I agree with the sentiment, but I can’t support eliminating dissent. There are no shortcuts. Draconian solutions ALWAYS lead to tragedy. Fox News has a right to be lying hacks and we have the right to remind them of it constantly by countering with the truth and (of course!) tons of ridicule. The cure for bad speech is more speech.

  • JW

    From one Texan to another: THANK YOU!!!

  • Jim Burke

    Actually, Christianity is based on the principle that “it is for freedom that Christ has made us free” and any political party that seeks to control individual freedom is anti-Christian in its principles. Liberty and confiscation are incompatible. Liberty and intrusion are incompatible. Liberty and coersion are incompatible. Meanwhile, Mr. Clifton, you have one point wrong – it was southern Democrats primarily who opposed the Civil Right Act of 1964. And the Republican party was formed to oppose owning of human beings. But yes, any Christian who favors slavery or oppression of others is misguided. So is making false claims about people. The idea that Republicans were behind segregation, for example, is a lie. It took the hard work of Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen and Republican Whip Thomas Kuchel to pass the Civil Rights Act over the objection of 21 Democrat senators who opposed it. 40% of house Democrats opposed it while 80% of Republicans in the house supported it. Then there was George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Robert Byrd, and all the other Democrat segregationists. So really, this is a dishonest attempt to paint Republicans as segregationists when the opposite is true. More racial pot stirring, actually.

    • theyak47

      Jim, your quote above, who are you quoting? I believe the writer stated that opposition was from conservatives, not the GOP. The GOP has claimed the mantle of conservatism, and following the Civil Rights Act, most of the old Dixiecrats joined the GOP. Are you claiming that today’s parties are the same as they were in the 1960’s?

      • SeekerOfTruth

        The implication the author has made is that the Republican party agrees with or was complicit in the bulleted list presented. Jim is accurately correcting that by presenting the facts that the Democratic party was, in fact, who the author is writing about. This would be called revisionist history and propaganda.

      • pennyroyal

        I grew up in MA where Republicans were respectable. Like Mamie Eisenhower the women wore good cloth coats. Our Republican senators, Ed Brooke, the first Black senator Since reconstruction, was prochoice and moderate. Republicans were moderates now. This pack of hyenas now, they are so far away from the decency and integrity of Ike and Ed Brook and our Republican governors, that the difference is that of night and day. I voted for John Volpe and other Republican governors and we just voted in Republican Charlie Baker. But he’s a huge anomaly in being a manager in style, wanting to Get Things Done to help people, and avoids the toxic ideology of present day Republicans/Tea Party.

      • Jim Burke

        “Republican Party” is in the title of the article. You must have missed that.

      • theyak47

        Jim, as I said in my comment, the writer stated conservatives, not the GOP. Headlines are usually added by the Blog in order to grab attention, usually of the target base.

    • pennyroyal

      some of those democrats were Dixiecrats, democrats in name only who turned republican. Strom Thurmond being one.

      • Jim Burke

        Rather than smear Republicans with innuendo, how about telling us what the Republican party has ever done to promote discrimination, segregation, slavery, etc. Yes, the Democrat party replaced the racists and segregationists who would put minorities in bondage and replaced them with public assistance slave masters who enslave people to the bondage of handouts. Like that actually helps eliminate poverty. Opportunity to work, achieve, start businesses, and prosper is what poor people need, not more Democrat handouts. Freedom and opportunity are Christian values, not bondage to handouts.

      • Kevin Boyle

        I love how you ask people not to smear Republicans and then immediately smear Democrats.

  • Leaning Blue

    Sometime last month I watched a documentary about this very subject. I forgot the name of it but I do remember Mike Papantonio was in it. It was about a camp where children are “indoctrinated” into believing radical and extreme views. One child even said that God only existed in their church and that other churches (I’m assuming from other religions) were empty because God was not present in those. Pretty scary stuff.

    • Tee Dee

      Was it called “Jesus Camp?” If so, I’ve seen it and I thought it was more like child abuse. Those poor children are being indoctrinated like it was a cult–scary stuff, indeed.

      • pennyroyal

        truly horrible how children are treated by these zealots…

  • Tee Dee

    I agree totally with your view that Republicans are the least Christ-like people in the country (in my opinion, in the world). And though I’m no longer a Christian because there’s simply no evidence of his existence (The Romans and Egyptians kept meticulous records on every one and every thing and there is no mention of his life, works or death), I know, and have heavily studied the Bible as well as companion books. That said, I think it’s egregious in the extreme that Conservative Republicans including the tea party, don’t follow the passages where ‘Jesus’ commanded his followers to pray for and obey their government leaders (I Timothy and other NT books speak of this). Not only are they to pray for President Obama’s well-being every day, the must never, ever wish him harm. So if they think they’re practicing Christianity in any way, they are dead wrong.

  • greekdish

    So stupid. Democrats are the ones who opposed the Civil Rights Act. Republicans are the ones who went to war to FREE the slaves. Lincoln was a Republican. GOP opposed giving women right to vote? Any evidence of this? Of course not, more BS from left wing idiots.

    Nothing in your ignorant monologue above is true. Get an education.

    • pennyroyal

      that was 150 years ago. You can’t defend the Republican party just using Lincoln, not with the history of misogyny, racism, anti-immigrant, anti-gay scapegoating. Let’s face it. Republicans worship Mammon. The love of money is the root of all evil. From the Koch Brothers, to Sheldon Adelson, Republicans worship money and power. Worse yet, Democrats are copying them.

  • Carol Wright

    I agree with what you wrote…and would say that the sociopathic Christian is more of the evangelical slant…and the focus, at least in the music lyrics based on a few listens of one album, is that of salvation only gained through belief or faith…and if you sweat while you are proclaiming your Big Faith, so much the better. Who provides for the poor…NOT govts, and in the songs I listened to the poor were mentioned once only…giving praise to GOD for feeding the poor. Not any action they seemed inclined to take themselves, but as long as they throw credit to God to do this…well how come he isn’t DOING IT…Those who are poor must not be worthy of being fed then…God decides…

    You can probably find online the Conservative Bible, a rewriting of the book according to Conservative principles, which generally meant rephrasing anything that had to do with human kindness…

    So BIG THANKS AND PRAISE of Jesus who gave HIS life to save these sociopathics…and no inclination all to emulate Jesus and his example of forgiveness and compassion.

    All this is so obvious to me, and why don’t the Christians wake up and see what a racket this is…hopefully with much shame and a sense of making things right…I mean correct… I will not hold my breath.

  • Hacksaw_Duck

    This is abysmally shallow, like something you’d expect from a college freshman who just discovered there are, like, hungry people in the world. First, the left has this thing about political parties, always firing its main salvo at “Republicans,” not realizing that most conservatives are infinitely more interested in ideas and values than any organized party (which most conservatives have little enthusiasm for anyway).

    Second, Jesus enjoined giving one’s OWN money to help the poor, while our “progressive” friends teach government confiscation of other people’s money, and its subsequent redistribution in exchange for votes — a system that hasn’t helped lower the poverty level markedly even after a post-Great Society investment of $22 trillion. Show me the compassion in advocating programs that yield such miserable results. Besides that, a Pew Research study showed that self-described conservatives give much more of their own money, time and even blood to help charitable causes than self-described liberals. So you can take all your virtuous indignation about “greed” and shove it, sideways.

    And let’s set the record straight about the civil rights. You want to talk parties? Name the party of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Orville Faubus. The authors claim that the GOP singularly opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one of those lies that, if repeated long enough, becomes true. It was the Repubs who actually made passage of the bill possible, while many good ol’ boy Dems (who supported segregation and weren’t exactly fans of interracial marriage) stood in the door with ax handles. Only six Repub Senators opposed the Senate version of the bill, while 21 Dems opposed it. When the House voted on that bill, 35 Repubs (20 percent) opposed it compared to 91 Dems (37 percent). And from that, this partisan propagandist concludes that his cherished party was all on the side of goodness and light?? Seriously?

    Jesus did teach people to speak the truth and to shun self-righteousness. More than a few self-preening libs who feel SO good about themselves for advocating government seizure of other people’s wealth, and who spread factual horse manure for that lofty good of “my club is better than your club” … well, they could learn something from those teachings.

    • Angela Monger

      Yes and we also know that the people who were against the Civil Rights Act moved to the GOP.

    • angie497

      Jesus also called upon his followers to obey secular law and to ‘render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.’ Why is it that so many conservatives ignore those particular instructions?

  • eyecoin

    I can’t stand Republicans for a long list of reasons but most of the reasons stated in this article are opposite of the truth. Republicans give more to charity than Democrats. Republicans freed the slaves, Democrats were the the largest slave holding party. Women’s suffrage was backed by the Liberty party, the republicans of the day (until these parties disappeared and the majority of the members were more aligned with republicans as this party were hardcore abolitionists.) All of the hero’s of the prosgressives, almost without exception are hardcore bigost and racists, and advocate of eugenics. Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Dawkins, Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin, and even the progressives favorite economist John Maynard Keynes. Progressives favorite presidents like FDR were hardcore racists until Kennedy, who was the first one who seemed to have lost all of his fathers racism. Remember black americans were all republicans until Kennedy convinced MLK to be an advocate for the D party. Scum.

    • pennyroyal

      well, this is the biggest smear here. What are you, a Creationist bigot, who wants women not to have birth control. Face it, you just hate progressives. But do you have to lie to make your point.

      • eyecoin

        Very amusing. Do yourself a favor, take the name of each person I made a claim about and google them with the word “eugenics” and see the quote themselves (i.e. google “Bertrand Russell eugenics” etc… Also do you remember what president freed the slaves? Lincoln. Do you know what political party he was? Do you remember what President put American citizens in internment camps purely based on race? Your Progressive hero FDR. Most of this I learned in a book on epigenetics which is simply an epigenetics medical hstory book covering 4,000 years of medical history called: “epigenetics” which you can easily read, but most of the info is easily found with simple google searches.

  • Angela Monger

    I think one must wonder if these people really are religious or just use religion as a front. I imagine if they really feared the wrath of their god, they wouldn’t act like assholes. Food for thought. I am a hippie love peace and geese chick from the Lone Star state so I have seen my fair share of of fuckkery.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not hear with an agenda, but this writer is right. And I’ll tell you in three points (you won’t read further anyway, right?)

    1.) Jesus “forgives” people. The people that say this the most, steal, lie, cheat on their spouses, try to wrongfully imprison people – the most.

    2.) Republicans typically see conflict, and winning, as the name of the game. They do not understand the concept of humanity, or community. When people understand this, they will see why people like that need regulators on their ass.

    3.) Number 2 and Number 1 cater to sociopaths. When you combine literally “no boundaries” with “no holds barred” you get what you asked for.

    Now before some 40 something male or his wife gets on here and talks shit on this post, understand this – I’ve worked for the RNC, and served time in Afghanistan. I earned the right to say this shit, and it’s factual. We just have to decide if we want to keep going down this road as a country.

    Oh, and disagreeing with Fox doesn’t make someone a communist. Because then wtf is Germany or Israel – definetly not capitalist.

  • Jim Roberts

    I honestly don’t see reason for all the argument here. You all need to open your eyes to the corruption of both the Republican and Democratic parties and unite as a nation to do away with them both. This is the only thing that will help the United States of America to become the great country she was destined to be. Yes, folks we need a Revolution!

  • Keith

    Religion is the most destructive force in human history. The Republicans are using religion just like politicians have been using it for thousands of years, to get stupid superstitious people to do what they want them to do.

  • catbyte

    My favorite quote about religion comes from Anne Lamott: “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people that you do.”