Republican Rep. Bill Flores Blames Baltimore Riots On Gay Marriage

Bill Flores baltimore riots articleIf you give a right-wing lawmaker or pundit enough time, he or she can find a way to connect any natural or man-made disaster to either abortion or gay marriage. Whether it’s Michele Bachmann, Pat Robertson or any of the other grifters on the fringes of the conservative movement, their ability to blame anything on the wrath of god is almost remarkable. Now Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) has pinned the Baltimore riots not on police brutality or economic inequality and a lack of jobs, but – you guessed it – gay marriage.

Rep. Bill Flores is another far-right member of the Republican Party (as evidenced by his voting record) and represents the conservative and mostly rural 17th Congressional District in Texas which does include the cities of Waco and College Station. According to Right Wing Watch, Rep. Flores was on the ultra-conservative “Washington Watch” radio show on Tuesday, a program which is hosted by Tony Perkins. Tony Perkins is the head of the Family Research Council, a right-wing, anti-LGBT organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He’s also made claims such as my personal favorite, that homosexuals are “persecuting Christians” by posting any part of their life that he might find objectionable on social media.

Needless to say, Rep. Bill Flores’ statement was par for the course for the seething anti-LGBT agenda that is Tony Perkins’ radio program. Here’s his statement courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Let’s talk about poverty, for instance. The single best indicator of whether or not a child is going to be in poverty or not is whether or not they were raised by a two-parent household or a single parent household, so the breakdown of the family has contributed to poverty. Look at what is going on in Baltimore today, you see the issues that are raised there. Healthy marriages are the ones between a man and a woman because they can have a healthy family and they can raise children in a way that’s best for their future, not only socially but psychologically, economically, from a health perspective. There is nothing like traditional marriage that does that for a child. Each of us have a mother and a father and there is no way to get around that. (Source)

I guess you can say that this is outrageous, but as I said before, the far right can find a way to pin anything and everything that goes wrong in our country on either gay marriage or abortion. Whether or not Rep. Bill Flores actually believes that the Baltimore riots are the fault of gay marriage isn’t that important. What is important (and extremely frightening) is the fact that millions of Americans think this way, listen to pundits who say these things, and vote for politicians like Bill Flores.

Let’s say for a minute that a child is better off with two parents instead of just one. Does it matter that both of those parents are of the same gender or not? My cousin and his husband (named Adam and Steve, by the way) adopted and raised a child who previously only had one parent who had serious drug problems. That child was given a bright future and a loving family that many of the 500,000+ children currently in foster care may not get. Sadly, bigots like Rep. Bill Flores and the right-wing extremists who make the same idiotic statements think it is more important to deny equal rights (including adoption) under the law to same-sex couples based off their irrational hatred of the LGBT community.

What’s even worse is the fact that the people who believe these hateful statements get out and vote in every election. Do you?


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  • Knee jerkedness reminds me of the SNL Governor of New York skit always saying “New Jersey”…

  • bobmoon

    Your damned right this whole blowup in Baltimore is caused by Gay Marriage and anything that is NOT directly a fault to that is OBAM’S fault and the rest is because of BENGAZI…….. I wish that I didn’t have to say this but before I get flamed, my comment is meant purely as SNARK……

    • Randy Nichols

      Very cute…LOL…. funny how Manny gets the reaction out you people with his spin. The actual quote was quite reasonable. What the congressman said in a long round about way it is democrat policies that cause Baltimore.

      • iowasteve

        How about we identify which group of democrats ordered the cops around the country to start killing off black people. At that point, I don’t think there will be a single argument against getting rid of those democrats/liberals. To blame the actions of the police on liberal policies is about the most ignorant thing I have heard yet. And let’s also remember many police are getting scared of everyone suspicious because the REPUBLICANs insist that EVERYONE regardless of their mental stability should be allowed to own guns – and that’s a real fear. It’s the cause of Baltimore, but it’s another fact. It’s has gotten so bad in that direction, that in Iowa now, legally blind people are allowed to get CCW permits – AND – the republicans are eliminating background checks for those permits!! Stop blaming everything on democrats, when sometimes the root of the issue are things the stupid republicans have done.

      • Randy Nichols

        In a country of 400 million, the number of blacks or any race killed by cops could not be described as a national crisis. By the way since 2012 49% of those killed by police have been white 34% black.
        What is a crisis is over 5000 murders in Chicago alone since 2003, with 75% of the murdered being black, and 75% of murders committed by blacks.
        What does cops killing criminals that are resisting arrest have to do with law abiding citizens owning guns? How did that cause Baltimore? Freddie Gray has a rap sheet that is quite impressive, a witness in the van has stated that while in the van Gray started thrashing around as if trying to hurt himself, the witness was another person being taken to jail. The police force in Baltimore is majority black, the chief is black, the mayor is black, are you accusing them of being racist?

        I only know of a couple of states with Kansas being recent that passed constitutional carry without permits, gun owners though do undergo background checks when they purchase a gun, so don’t really see a problem there. If it makes you feel better I have my carry permit, and I did get background check to get one, but my state allows open carry which I guess would make you crap your pants. Still don’t see the connection to Baltimore, there no shooting going on there.

      • Gary Menten

        The US has noting like 400 million people. Are the rest o your numbers and facts as poorly researched as that one? Just curious.

      • Randy Nichols

        Officially 320 million, and with undocumented that puts it up there pretty close to 400 no way of knowing exact number. You are just trying not to get the point because it goes against your narrative. But look at great crisis in the History of the world this is not a crisis, this is not even close to crisis that blacks have endured in the history of this country.
        Chicago Democrat administration.. BIG gang and murder problem
        Detroit- generation of democrat rule, everyone knows what Detroit is like.
        Oakland- Democrat ruled for generation huge gang problems and poverty
        Baltimore- Dem for generation…we all just seen what is up there
        Cleveland- Dem for generation, poverty and massive urban decay
        On and on the Major Cities of this nation that have had generations of liberal democrat rule and the plight of blacks has been a life doomed to environmental rot, no jobs, and enslavement to government dependence. LBJ when trying to sell the civil rights act and great society to other democrat lawmakers said ” We will have the nigger vote for 200 years” the democrats created Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and they never got over thinking they are better. They built a dependent generation of blacks and like LBJ said, they are getting their votes… and they convinced good intention folks like yourself to go along… the road to the hell blacks live in is paved with good intentions.

      • iowasteve

        You are so full of shit you aren’t even funny. So, I can tell you that if you talk to the people in those areas you specifically mentioned, you will find those that live there aren’t as pessimistic as you are portraying them to be. My point was state wide, in general – not specific cities anyway.

        The states with the highest welfare and food stamps are the southern republican states. Why is that? Cleveland is in a republican state. Part of the problem in all of those states is the low employment opportunities. Republicans are against creating jobs (even though they claim to be experts at it), and they also want to eliminate the means for those who aren’t working to continue living. Poverty breeds poverty, which is true, but removing abortions due to rape and incest as well as removing birth control, surely isn’t helping that situation at all.

        Republicans don’t give a rats ass about the poor in this country and THIS is why you have the issues you are having in places like Baltimore and Chicago and Cleveland. They believe the Baltimore riots are because there are single parent families and gay marriage??? That’s an even bigger bullshit lie. Maybe if divorce wasn’t so widespread (against the bible, in case you forgot that), there would not be single parent homes. Just to note here, gay marriages very rarely end up in divorce.

        Part of the problem is also lack of education and concentration on changing education systems to conservative training and bible schools. Didn’t have this problem before when students were taught values and educated in areas that count and teach kids how to function in society. GOP is to blame for this change.

        Finally, you want proof and “facts”? Let’s see your facts – you started this discussion. Mine are easy to find. Can’t find much to prove anything you have been spouting. Other than right-wing sources – which we know are not very valid.

      • Randy Nichols

        OK dip shit, tell me exactly what government does to create jobs? Other than creating another bureaucracy the government does not create jobs you moron. What government does do is get in the way of job creation with excessive regulations, and taxes. The government also hampers small business with regulations that only large corporation can afford to comply with. I call total BULLSHIT on your generalized statements about welfare and southern states, you can’t give any examples or provide any numbers. I ran the numbers today and you are full of it.
        Cleveland is not run by republicans you cum stain the state is. With Republican governor Ohio was recently ranked number 2 state for best business climate in US, with a growing economy. Cleveland drags the rest of the state down.
        Conservatives don’t consider success by how many people get on the welfare rolls.. we consider success by how many people are able to get off. The only thing the democrats do is

      • iowasteve

        Why don’t you tell the rest of your conservative buddies what you just told me then because every one of them running in the past election stated very clearly that THEY would produce more jobs than Obama can. They also have from 2008 blamed the lack of jobs on Obama. The government CAN, in fact create jobs – STOP giving tax breaks to the rich corporations – this is how conservatives create jobs – remember?? They have said this over and over again. This country is in serious shape right now and it is mostly due to GOP policies.

        Funny that you claim conservatives don’t consider success by how many people get on welfare, when this has been a very large complaint from them since 2008. You can’t keep your answers straight – which is typical of GOP response to anything. More jibber jabber.

        Yes, there was something – ONE TIME – where Ohio was voted a good state for business. Funny though, it did NOTHING to create more jobs at decent wages. So, to me that isn’t anything to be bragging about. Taxing the shit out of the workers and then giving huge tax breaks for businesses to move to the state, did that really help?? Just the rich business owners.

        Ohio Governor actually has done more harm to Ohio since he became governor than the previous governor did.

        Indiana governor is another example of the government in an effort to take the side of business has caused not only troubles for it’s REAL taxpayers, the residents, but has also be threatened by the loss of very large companies. GOP politics are not helping anyone! Especially the workers.

      • Gary Menten

        80 million undocumented aliens? Try twelve. Stop getting your facts from Rush Limbaugh.

      • iowasteve

        Republicans have never been good at math and numbers, Gary. As for my small rant on guns – no it didn’t have anything to do with Baltimore – OTHER than a rebuttal to you and other’s trying to CLAIM (again without facts) that the Baltimore situation is due to liberal democrats. You are full of shit on that one and my point was not directly aimed at guns, although what I said WAS accurate. What, I noticed, you didn’t respond to was the facts about the poor, welfare recipients, and police thugs in general in those republican states. The one thing the guns did have to do with was also a general statement about the nationwide assaults against blacks by police. It is possible that the police just expect everyone they get in connection with has a gun someplace – and this is a direct result of republican policies and the funding of those politicians by the crooked NRA. The majority of our problems in this country are the direct result of republican policies and has nothing to do with democratic policies even at state level. As for your statement about Baltimore’s police being mostly black so they can’t be racist? Why can’ they? And this guy died suspiciously while in police custody – do you not believe an investigation is in order??? Stop hiding behind your ignorant beliefs and start opening your mind to other smarter things in life. I’m not sure your statistics on kills by the police are totally accurate either. Well, they may be accurate, but there isn’t enough data to make them meaningful. Go back to those same stats and let’s break them down more to get real life numbers. How many unarmed blacks killed by police compared to unarmed whites killed by police? You will probably see some difference in the results there. Also, how about the kill of people of any color who were unarmed and/or not any direct threat to the officers who killed them? And then let’s get numbers on how many people were killed by the police via mistaken identity? Those numbers are not only higher than they should be but are increasing as well. How many kids killed by the police because they come in shooting and couldn’t his a target 10 feet in front of them? How many people killed over innocent traffic stops? How many people executed by the police for minor non-violent warrants when they decided to run for whatever reason? You mentioned this guys rap sheet. I wanna know what that has to do with the fact that he was already in custody? So, because you are not the best citizen in the world – you have the right to be abused until you die? He wasn’t resisting at that point, was he? I saw them put him into the van. I’m sure the “criminal witness” in the van with him was white too. How? Because they took his word for what happened in there. I also believe I saw the video of them strapping him down to the seat and handcuffed. Would be a little hard for him to have done anything to harm himself in that case. Or did that “witness” do it by order of the police??? Finally, no… absolutely no way, I believe those rioters are right in what they are doing – but let’s stop spewing political bullshit in this situation – it has nothing to do with political party and not a thing to do with gay marriage (that guy is a real nutcase who is trying to put this one in there). Partly it has to do with being uneducated – but that is the way the republicans like the US now – uneducated. If we are not smart, then we are easily swayed by them and Fox News who tell lies one after the other.

      • Randy Nichols

        I make it about a fourth of the way through your diatribe… paragraphs are your friend.. you might try using them. You or Gary neither one have presented one fact.. only platitudes, You don’t agree with my population figures.. so what, the exact number is unknown, but it is somewhere between 300 and 400 million. Now when you can provide some supporting data to back up your rhetoric and platitudes we can discuss that..

  • Randy Nichols

    He might be right if that is what he said. He didn’t say it like these mind numbed sheep in here are reacting too.

    • FD Brian

      He could have made his point without taking a jab at same sex marriage and his point would have been a valid one. The congressman overstepped.

      • Randy Nichols

        He did what politicians and spin masters do, they can take any subject and throw a jab at something whether related or not. Manny did that in his article. Both sides do it regularly, and the talking heads do it. Really, politics is a lot of spin, and its tiring to hear it, and to have to do it to debate an issue.

  • wendy

    So a miserable marriage between a man and a woman will produce functional, well adjusted kids, but a happy gay couple would automatically hurt them. Got it!

  • Flat Banana

    I don’t necessarily see it the way people are taking it. I think more so he is meaning that the kids involved in these riots are from one parent households and that is the issue.

    • Howard Sands

      No, he mentioned the riots and then immediately after that he mentioned traditional marriage. This is the quote, verbatim,

      Look at what is going on in Baltimore today, you see the issues that are raised there. Healthy marriages are the ones between a man and a woman because they can have a healthy family and they can raise children in a way that’s best ….