Republican Rep. Gets Owned Trying to Blame Media for Trump’s Attacks on Sessions (Video)

Because reality doesn’t often coincide with what Republicans want people to believe, the mainstream media has become one of their primary targets. In a classic tactic used by most conspiracy theorists, when facts don’t support what you want people to think is real, simply attack those reporting the facts as “part of the conspiracy against the truth.”

It really is Conspiracy Theory 101.

On Thursday, during an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) tried to blame the media for Donald Trump’s attacks on Jeff Sessions.

No, I’m not kidding.

“No one anticipated the 24/7 coverage on the Russia piece, and then Sessions recused himself there,” Brat stated. “Leaving himself with a deputy who called for a special counsel kind of hastily. The special counsel has some Democrat attorneys that worked for Clinton, etc. I mean, it’s just the whole conglomeration that’s happened since that.”

Actually, Sessions recused himself after the media exposed the fact that he lied under oath about several meetings he had with Russian officials during last year’s campaign. I know that’s a fact Brat probably doesn’t like hearing, but that’s just the truth. The reason why there’s so much “Russia coverage” is because, nearly every single week, there’s a new “Russia meeting” of some sort that the media is finding out about that Trump or his associates tried hiding — including Sessions.

Though Bolduan wasn’t having it.

“But is the president at fault for making the ‘beleaguered’ attorney general beleaguered?” Bolduan asked.

“No!” Brat responded. “The mainstream press has just been relentless.”

Once again, the media is “relentless” because they keep discovering more and more lies Trump and his associates have told about their connections with Russia.

That’s when Bolduan became somewhat agitated.

“No, no, no,” she interrupted. “No way is the media, as much as I would love more power, there is no way that the media is powerful enough to force a president to talk to the New York Times and say he regrets putting Jeff Sessions in that post, and that Jeff Sessions is weak. The media is not forcing the president to tweet his attacks.”

“I think you did,” Brat replied. “If you’ve got 24/7 coverage and he doesn’t have an A.G. in place to cover the most important issue that the media covers with 90 percent of your coverage.”

To summarize, Brat’s “logic” is that the mainstream media forced Trump to repeatedly bully and belittle Sessions — both during interviews and on Twitter — because they dared to report that he lied, under oath, about meetings he had with Russian officials, which is why he recused himself from the on-going Russia investigations.

What an absolute joke.

Trump’s upset because he’s realizing that the FBI’s investigation is getting closer to finding out facts about him he doesn’t want them discovering, special counselor Robert Mueller is bringing on a team of people who specialize in bringing down corrupt people like him, and he knows he’d be in a much better position to try to undermine all of this if Sessions would resign so he could replace him. Then they could make the crooked argument that the new attorney general is not recusing themselves from the Russia investigation, therefore there’s no need for a special counselor to oversee any of this — hence giving him an excuse to get rid of Mueller.

This is not about the media’s coverage of Trump. This is about Donald Trump acting like a criminal who’s desperate to do anything he can — even if that includes publicly attacking one of his most loyal supporters — hoping that he can prevent the FBI from exposing exactly what a crook, and possible traitor, he truly is.

Watch the exchange below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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